Super Island Lord Chapter 702

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Puchi, Zhang Heng was directly amused by Hong Qiuxia’s words. . With an indifferent expression on his face, he said, “Sister Qiu, I didn’t expect you to be such a person with great reputation and great fortune.”

Name and profit? Hong Qiuxia didn’t expect Zhang Heng to give him such an evaluation. At that time, he rolled his eyes at “unable to bear”. In this world, who can be indifferent to fame and fortune?

Zhang Heng said with a smile: “What a 300,000,000,000 director? That title is just to be hung up for people to hear, and it is also a business card. Why do our company want that business card? Can you eat it while hanging it? Say 1000 and 10000 It’s true that you can put the money in your pocket in the end. Is it shameful to make a small production? Only if you can use a small to expand, you can show your true ability.

It’s not that Zhang Heng can be indifferent to fame and fortune, but that he doesn’t value the name of the ‘300,000,000,000 director’ at all. Doesn’t he know how this title came about? “Empire of Beauties” can get such a lucrative box office, firstly, because the co-starring of several 1000000 million top actresses around the world has attracted global attention. The second reason is because Zhang Heng has a virtual network in his hands, so he can spare no effort to promote himself.

The figure of 300,000,000,000, changed to another person, and once again, no one can achieve this result!

Then again, what’s wrong with the small production, is it shameful for the small production? I’m also a global celebrity at any rate, the richest man in the world, the 300,000,000,000 director, Zhang Family’s Island Island Lord, etc. Together, these large and small titles can’t compare to a few stars in the entertainment industry?

even more how and my own son, starring together!

When the time comes, the box office is definitely not bad, New Century entertainment platform, virtual network world, and Zhang Family’s Island media group just formed by Zhang Family’s Island, which dare not to promote yourself?

As long as the movie looks good, money will definitely be made, which is a question of making more and less!

A’Dai has opened up the virtual theaters in the virtual network world to all film producers worldwide, but the screened movies are divided into 5% for new movies and 1/10000th for old movies. Basically all the big heads have been taken away by virtual companies, and those film companies have no place to reason!

It doesn’t matter whether you love to come or not, love to let go!

The ticket price of the virtual cinema is not fixed. Except for specially approved movies, the rest of the ticket price is between one and ten 5 USD, which is cheaper than the real cinema. There are too many people to stand up. There are more than 2 100000000 million virtual users in the world, basically all of the world’s middle and upper class with good money.

So even if the fare is one USD, if 200000000 million viewers enter to watch it, it can also create a value of 100000000 million.

How big will the investment be for movies with a price of one USD? 5%, which is 5,000,000. For some movies that only invest a few hundred thousand dollars, more than ten 10000 USD, it is already a big profit!

The virtual network company is not Orphanage, nor is it someone’s ATM. It is not a relative or a reason to give it to others. Why do you want to distribute money to others!

As for whether the other party is willing to cooperate, the virtual network company does not force it. You can’t accept this stuff, but he can’t accept it, but there are always people who are smart and acceptable.

As the first large-scale film and television company willing to cooperate with the virtual network company, Hollywood’s Shimen Films was also the first to taste the sweetness.

The company’s “The End of Black Clothed Person” is shown on the virtual theater, and the ticket price is set at 2 2 USD. The number of viewers exceeded 100000000 1 million.

The total box office in the virtual theater is as high as 20. 400000000% share, return more than 5 USD. This 200000000 million USD is worthless. In reality, the theaters still make money at the box office, and the final total box office is 200000000 USD. In one fell swoop, it became one of the most popular blockbusters in world movie history!

That’s right, this is the power of virtual cinema!

Zhang Heng asked A’Dai a little puzzledly, why did he set the price of the movie so low? Anyway, the people who can play virtual network now are basically rich or expensive, and no one is worse than the few 100 to 1000 USD. If the movie ticket is priced at 100 USD, for example, “The End of Black Clothed Person” operated by the division, you can earn 2 100 more than 100000000 million at a time. Put it in your pocket?

In the end, he was scolded by A’Dai, Boss is so stupid!

The angry Zhang Heng wanted to rush into the virtual network world immediately and ravage her to fiercely again.

A’Dai said: “Boss, do you think rich people are stupid? The price of a movie ticket is 100 USD and the price is ten USD. There is a big difference. Rich people sometimes calculate it. If one A movie ticket is a few USD, more than a dozen USD, and it is a small amount of money for them to buy 1000 tickets. If the price is 100 USD, the first time, the second time, or even the 2th time, they will pay easily Go to the cinema line to watch, but what if you watch all bad movies? Then 100st times, will they still go there? What we want is a sustainable surname, so that these rich people can develop a habit even if they don’t watch movies. I am happy to make a small contribution to the box office!”

In the virtual network world, there is a small secret door made by A’Dai, which can directly remind players in the world that a new movie is released, and tickets can be purchased remotely. After all, it is a virtual world, no matter how real it is, it is controlled by A’Dai, she is a god. In the virtual world, you can also pick up girls, and the movie theater is cheaper than going to a hotel!

In terms of making money alone, A’Dai’s ability is not comparable to 1000 Zhang Heng.

These players don’t care about a little money for coats. Anyway, they are little money, one hair from nine oxen, but if you want to treat someone as a rich handsome guy, others will definitely not do it. After all, no one is stupid. The rich people in the real world are often smart people, so it’s even harder to fool them!

“I also need a crew!” Zhang Heng said with a smile, which is also the purpose of coming to the film company today.

Hong Qiuxia smiled bitterly and said: “Ordinary crews are okay. The staff and so on are easy to handle, but if you want to be an elite, then I’m sorry. You didn’t tell me in advance. There are new actions recently. All I put in our company All of the top personnel of the company have been put into the crew of Zi understand!”

Zhang Heng smiled and said indifferently: “Ordinary members of the crew can do the job, but the photographer can choose a good one for me.” It doesn’t matter to Zhang Heng whether it is a top member or not. In terms of post-production, it is not What about A’Dai? Some places are slightly beautified, and everything can be said!

“No problem, I’ll tell someone to do it!” Hong Qiuxia nodded and said directly after listening. Then disabled to bear asked curiously: “Boss, what kind of movie you are making this time? Can you show me the script first?”

“Okay, look at it.” Zhang Heng has printed out the script of “Super Daddy”, which is an urban comedy with a bit of fantasy. It mainly tells a generation of Legendary dads who take their son Pudding into Jiang. Hu’s story, in which there are many brilliant paragraphs, can attract people laughed heartily.

About ten minutes later, Hong Qiuxia lifts the head and said with a smile: “It is indeed a good book!” While speaking, he was also calculating the cost of the play. Finally, I came to the conclusion that if the film is filmed according to the normal method, this movie simply won’t cost 40-50 million USD. If you don’t invite big stars to join, you will have 10,000,000 USD and you will have enough money. And when it comes out, the effect will never be bad.

After thinking about it, I asked: “In addition to the super dad played by the Boss and the little pudding played by the son, there are also several good roles in this drama. Who is the boss going to play? The heroine wants to understand. Acting?” In fact, she still prefers Zi Yan’er to act. After all, Zi Yan’er is very popular now. If she acts as the heroine, she can also add a lot to the show.

“10,000,000,000 USD, if he can pay this price, I will act!” Zi Yan’er faint smiled at Zhang Heng and said with a run.

10,000,000,000 USD? Hong Qiuxia was stunned, and then couldn’t help but shook the head with a wry smile. The price is too outrageous. Will the total box office of this “Super Daddy” exceed 10,000,000,000 USD? I am afraid that in the end, the entire box office won’t pay her for it!

Zhang Heng smiled and said: “I really can’t afford it, you, let’s go obediently and honestly to make your movie, my temple is too small for you, Bodhisattva!”

Zi Yan’er can’t hear what Zhang Heng meant when he laughed at himself, rolled the eyes irritably, and muttered panting with rage, “What are you proud of, huh, even if the box office of your movie is good? If you make more money, don’t you still have half of me?” Then he raised his head and sighed deliberately, “Hey, people with a lot of money don’t know how to spend it. You want to make money for me again. Tell me what to do!”

Lying in the trough!

Zhang Heng rolled the eyes, didn’t know whether to cry or laugh, this Zi Yan’er is quite an elephant. However, there is no denying that what the other party said is indeed the truth.

“Didn’t you always want to release this year’s new album? No problem, let’s go to the record company to record songs later!” Zhang Heng also not to be outdone. If you earn half of the money you make, that’s what you make. , And at least half of me is not. Let’s squeeze each other!

“No, my throat is uncomfortable recently!” Zi Yan’er said with a smile, looking at Zhang Heng’s face, what kind of great aunt you can look like!

Zhang Heng ignored her, turned his head and said to Hong Qiuxia, “I’m not going to invite who this time. Isn’t it just those roles? People in our company can do it. Let Liu Xuejing play the heroine. Female No. 2 Liu Meng, the remaining Sister Qiu you, plus Yao Lei, Liang Qiu and Liang Xia, Hong Tianjiao, they all came here to make friendly guest appearances, and looked back to find a few extras from the company. about there!”

“This is the second play of Boss?” Hong Qiuxia asked dumbfounded. Except for the handsome girl group, everyone else has no reputation in the entertainment industry. Even if the handsome girl group, they are also singers, and they are not side by side with movie stars!

“Yes, that’s the order!” Zhang Heng smiled nodded and ordered the actor’s facelift. (To be continued.)

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