Super Island Lord Chapter 704

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“The latest news, 300,000,000,000 directors are preparing to shoot a new movie!” For a while, the entire Internet was shocked by this news!

Let’s not mention the influence of “Empire of Beauties”. According to some well-known websites in Western countries, the number of people paying to watch Empire of Beauties in the world exceeds 1 billion. This is only for paying users. In the later period, pirated products have appeared in “Empire of Beauties”, which is inevitable.

With the long-form TV version of “Empire of Beauties”, Zhang Family’s Island TV station has a premium channel with 160 million users worldwide, and the Zhang Family’s Island public channel is spread across 129 countries around the world. The signal network can cover the entire Earth with almost no dead ends.

There are no less than 6 people who choose to watch on public channels every day, 100000000 million!

Therefore, some comments also pointed out that if no one can restrain the development of’Zhang Family’s Island TV Station’, then Zhang Family’s Island will become the world’s most promising development prospect in the future, covering the most extensive and well-known TV network of mankind, Zhang If Family’s Island Media chooses to go public, its market value will not be less than 500 billion USD!

Regardless of how the outside world commented, Zhang Family’s Island Media Group is now in charge of Xu Qing. Because of the language barrier, even Zhang Family’s Island public channel is divided into about 100 versions. These versions are generally the same, but they are detailed. , The difference is still very big.

Therefore, Xu Qing is going to use the language version as the channel, and to work steadily, first improve the quality of TV programs, and then work on the national draft competition.

As long as it is done step by step, there is no’**’, Zhang Family’s Island Media Group can do it. Newspapers, newspapers, television networks, and other multi-covered publicity functions. As for the network, Zhang Family’s Island has a special company for management, and Xu Qing also knows that she will definitely not be in charge of this aspect!

“This kid!” Xu Qing got the latest news from his hand, smiled bitterly and cursed. Throwing the information on the desk, rubbing his swollen forehead. It has been almost 2 years since she arrived on Zhang Family’s Island. For so long, she has only seen Zhang Heng on the 2nd side. The first side is far away. The 2nd is when the management committee announced her position.

Xu Qing is also very busy. In the past two years, it was like being separated by something. There was no chance to meet or talk. It can be said that there is no communication. She also tried her best to put her mind on the development of the company and not think about these things, but there are some things that you can’t just think about!

Zhang Heng is hiding from himself? I don’t know when, Xu Qing started to have this idea in his mind. Knowing that Zhang Heng, bastard is hiding from herself, what can she do.

The only improvement is that the family is not urging her to go on a blind date and get married.

A year ago, Xu Qing had a showdown with his family. He put Zhang Heng’s status and the status of the women on the table, and then expressed expressionless what he had now, including bank deposits, company positions, and share certificates. Also put them up. Finally, looking at Wei Shufen expressionlessly, Xu Zhengrong said: “This is all given by the man. If you agree, I will take the post. If you don’t agree, I will throw all of these away. You tell me what kind of man you can find me. , I will find someone who will marry for a lifetime, and then have a deadly relationship with this little bastard!”

A long time ago, Xu Zhengrong and Wei Shufen had already noticed that they had nodded, but they didn’t expect the man who their daughter provoked, so high-end last time.

Finally, Xu Zhengrong sighed and said with a wry smile: “You are no longer young, your own affairs, you can make your own decisions!”

Wei Shufen opened her mouth, but couldn’t say anything. What she said could not guarantee a woman’s lifelong happiness. In the end, let Xu Qing make his own decision. The meaning of the old man is no matter what you love. Go ahead. As long as there is no worries about food and clothes, only the daughter is happy, and it doesn’t matter if you get married.

Xu Qing bought a villa from the most luxurious district in Yunhai City, bought two cars for his parents, and then left Wei Shufen with a bank card of 2 rm**, and flew to Zhang Family’s from Yunhai City by special plane. Island. It is stabilizing the large rear base!

Zhang Heng and Zi Yan’er walked out of the film company arm in arm and looked at the reporters of the major radio and newspapers around. Zhang Heng smiled and waved!

As soon as the security let him go, the reporters all surrounded him. The long spear pointed at Zhang Heng and Zi Yan’er and asked, it’s messy, who said nothing, I didn’t understand a word!

“Be quiet, everyone!” Zhang Heng waved his hand to calm the scene. He smiled and said: “For the sake of everyone’s love and dedication, Yan’er and I can answer your 5 questions. Don’t mess up, raise your hand to answer, if it’s messy, then we’re all gone!”

“Excuse me, Mr. Zhang, are you dating Miss Zi Yan’er?” A female reporter from an Entertainment Weekly, the first to grab the right to ask questions, excitedly asked the first gossip question.

Zhang Heng smiled and shrugged, turned his head and looked towards Zi Yan’er and said, “I think you should answer this question.”

Zi Yan’er secretly crossed his eyes, turned his head and smiled and looked at the female reporter and replied: “Do you think my vision would be that bad? No, I have nothing to do with this man, we Just good friends, business partners!”

Obviously, this answer is very’commercial’. As for the reporter’s letter below, there is only a ghost understood. Regardless of whether it’s a fool’s answer, just answer it, and how to write it next is their business. The reporters of entertainment newspapers are best at this!

Zhang Heng didn’t know whether to cry or laugh, did the heart say that he was so bad? Women, they are really good at lying animals, in front of so many people, they didn’t even blush!

“Excuse me, Mr. Zhang, you have appeared again at Mengnan Film and Television Company this time. Is there any big move? At the press conference held by Young Master Yang Zhengyang’s acquisition of Jingma Film Company not long ago, he threatened to compare with you in the film field. Hi, are you responding to his Young Master Yang challenge today?” A reporter from a certain movie magazine asked excitedly.

Zhang Heng was stunned, and said with a smile: “Compete with me in the field of film? Just him? Think that he has the ability to compete with me by acquiring an established film company? Hehe, it’s a nasty sentence. At one point, is he worthy?”

Oh la la, the reporter below can explode, and ka ka ka flashes the camera at Zhang Heng. Yang Zhengyang invested a huge sum of money in one fell swoop. After the acquisition of Jingma Film Company, he is now a figure in the entertainment industry, but now in the eyes of Zhang Heng, he is criticized as worthless. Will the headlines of the newspapers come out tomorrow?

“Your question is not one!” Zhang Heng smiled and said again: “However, today I saw you are quite agreeable. I can answer your question. Come to the company today. There is indeed a new movie to be filmed. I am going to shoot. An urban comedy, the investment is not very big, but it should be good to watch. As for the challenge of that Young Master Yang, I didn’t pay attention to it anyway, but if he wants to play, then I should let him Everyone, please have a good time, how to play, he will decide!”

Waved, the third reporter was selected.

“Excuse me, Miss Zi Yan’er, will you still be the heroine in Director Zhang’s play?”

Zi Yan’er smiled and said, “No, I am going to direct and act in a’Science Fiction Martial Arts’ drama this time. The investment is not very big, 2 100000000 million USD!”

Several questions in a row are related to the private lives of Zhang Heng and Zi Yan’er. Because most of the reporters around are reporters from entertainment magazines and weekly magazines, they are not too close to them for serious questions.

“Mr. Zhang, I heard that you have been pleased with your son, who is your wife?”

“Madam?” Zhang Heng touched his nose and said with a smile: “Zhao Xue!” In fact, this question is no longer a secret to some special high-level people. Although Zhang Heng and Zhao Xue didn’t hold the wedding ceremony on business, in China, the two are already legal couples who have received Xiaohongbenben. Moreover, Zhao Xue is Xiao Tianbao’s mother, if Zhang Heng is unwilling to confirm her status, it would be so sad!

“Zhao Xue?” Many of the reporters present were not familiar with this name. This is also the first time Zhang Heng has admitted to the public that he has a wife. So everyone is more excited!

“Excuse me, Ms. Zhao Xue, is she doing and so on? Is she also a figure in the entertainment circle? Can you announce her specific identity?”

A reporter asked “unable to bear”.

Zhang Heng smiled and looked at the watch in his hand, and said, “It’s getting late now, and all the questions have been asked. Should everyone go away too?”

“Last question, if Director Zhang answers your wife’s career, we will be gone!” Some reporters yelled, don’t doubt the thickness of the face of these entertainment reporters, it must have been tried and tested, and there is nothing to doubt!

“Speaking counts?” Zhang Heng not at all angered.

“Count it!” 90% of the reporters present yelled.

Zhang Heng spread out his hands and pretended to be helpless and said, “Well, my wife should be very famous in the automotive field. You can think about it!”

Soon, someone from the reporter group called out Unable to Bear.

“I’m kao, is it the’Feiyi Queen’ Ms. Zhao Xue that Director Zhang said?”

Zhang Heng laughed not at all. What is the answer? Under the escort of the bodyguards, he got on the Zi Yan’er extended Rolls Royce and drove away. Sitting in the car, Zi Yan’er looked at the outside of the car, a little unhappy, not knowing what he was thinking.

“There are some things that you don’t want to admit, but you can’t rely on me!” Zhang Heng muttered to the side, what was thinking in the other side’s heart, he was like a mirror in his heart.

Zi Yan’er turned his head, glared at him, and hummed: “What if I admit it, can I make it bigger? Isn’t I going to be a Little Four little 5!” (To be continued.)

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