Super Island Lord Chapter 705

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Zhao Xue just attended a Feiyi Group’s new car launch event today. Before he got out of the venue, a dozen reporters ran over from the door with a long spear short cannon and moved towards her. .

“Queen Feiyi, do you intend to enter the entertainment industry?”

“May I ask your specific age and marital status, are you married? Do you have a son?”

“Are you ready to get married?”

“Combine with the entertainment tycoon, does your family know?”

When he asked, Zhao Xue was stunned. However, bodyguards followed her secretly, and these reporters were stopped when they were not at all too close to her.

Zhang Qi, the sales department director of Feiyi Group, followed Zhao Xue, watching the reporters rushing around, frowned Mao, could not help but scolded: “Are you all who? Are you sincere to make trouble?” Feiyi Group just broke into ordinary civilian cars Domain, it is not ruled out that some people want to put nails behind their backs, this is the capital city after all, not Yunhai City.

Zhao Xue came back to his senses, watching more and more reporters coming over here, curiously asked: “Hey, you all be quiet, each and everyone come to ask, what Fengzi got married? What is it about? ?”

“Just now the 300,000,000,000 director Zhang Heng said that he is married to you and has had a son. Is this true?” A reporter with a louder voice shouted and asked.

Zhao Xue laughed and said, “What should I do? Yes, I am a child mother. Does this have anything to do with you?”

After finishing speaking, raise your leg and walk out of the venue! But it can be seen from her face that Queen Feiyi is very happy today, not at all angry.

Zhang Qi followed behind with a dark complexion and walked out together. He knew about Zhao Xue, but there was still a faint feeling of bleeding in his heart!

After getting in the car, Zhao Xue thought for a while and said, “You go back to the hotel first!”

Little Chun Xiang received a call from Zhao Xue, she was taken aback, and then responded excitedly. After hanging up the phone, she ran out of the company and drove towards the place agreed with Zhao Xue!


“Hmph, dog eyes see people low!” Yang Zhengyang looked at the 1-Layer video material sent by his men, and said coldly snorted. After thinking about it, I called the secretary.

“Regarding the scripts, I’m not very satisfied with these. Are there any alternatives?” Yang Zhengyang threw a few scripts on the desk and asked calmly. Although he has already held a press conference and said that he will compete with Zhang Heng, a 1000 to 100000000 million director, in the film market, in fact, secretly, he is not sufficiently prepared.

As for Zhang Heng’s title of 1000, 100000000 million director, in Yang Zhengyang’s view, it is nothing more than an overstatement. At least 500 world-renowned actresses have appeared. With such a strong lineup, who is replaced, the box office will be lower? even more how there are virtual theaters that specialize in this movie. Of course, he wants to compare, but China box office. Although Yang Zhengyang is arrogant, he is not representative, but he is stupid. Knowing that in the virtual network, Jingma Film and Television will definitely not have the slightest advantage over the other party!

“Some or so, but for those scripts, the other party’s prices are very high, and they are not domestic screenwriters.” The secretary said hesitantly.

“The price doesn’t matter, as long as there is a good script, 10,000,000 USD, money is not a problem!” Yang Zhengyang nodded and said, waving the rest, the secretary should know what to do.

After the secretary went out, Azhu opened the door from outside and walked in. Frowning and reporting: “Master, the people in the villa have arrived. However, according to you, not at all, we have started to clear out those snipers in the dark. Since we have already understood the other party’s existence, why not eliminate the other party directly?”

Yang Zhengyang sneered and said, “Those people can’t move. In this way, you ask someone to send some gifts to Young Master Long. Didn’t he want to play, hehe, then let’s play with him! The No. 1 Young Master in Beijing? See how much energy he has!”

Azhu nodded, and whispered: “Where is Azi?” Although she looked at Azi quite uncomfortable, after all, the two grew up together, inevitably hope that her master can change his mind and take Azi’s task. Cancel, call back.

So far, Azi and Zhang Heng have not had much contact, and there is still a chance to look back.

“Let her continue the mission!” Yang Zhengyang glanced at A Zhu coldly, and said coldly snorted, “Didn’t I tell you, don’t I need to contact Azi privately?”

In Yang Zhengyang’s eyes, Azi is undoubtedly a trump card. It is used well. For a proud and proud person like Zhang Heng, it is more effective than any expert, but it is traumatic! As for beautiful women, as long as they have money in their hands, they can become the owner of Fortune Villa in the future. In the realm of able to move unhindered cultivator, there is no such thing as a woman. So in his heart, he is not very concerned about Azi. No matter how beautiful the beauty, through childhood, after so many years of watching it, you will experience visual fatigue!

“Yes, Azhu knows wrong!” Azhu lowered his head, and the emotion of “if the rabbit dies, the fox grieves” surged in his heart, but this thought was deeply hidden, and he did not dare to show it. !

“You call A Chou in, I have something to tell him!” Yang Zhengyang’s expression returned to calm, sitting on the big chair, watching A Zhu walking out, wondering what he was calculating!


“Little Sister Xue, are we really going to Superstar Zi Yan’er’s house?” When Chun Xiang drove, the disabled to bear tilted his head and looked at Zhao Xue.

Zhao Xue looked out the window of the car and cursed with a smile: “I am here, what are you afraid of.”

Chun Xiang spit out his little tongue and muttered in his heart, if you make things too much, when the time comes Brother Zhang Heng spanked you, I’m afraid Chiyu will be harmed! But even though I was scared in my heart, I didn’t dare to say it. When the time comes Brother Zhang Heng didn’t say anything. Little Sister Xue gave me a meal first. What a shame!

The current Chun Xiang is no longer the little silly girl who was’picked up’ by Zhao Xue a few years ago. He can be shrewd in his eyes, but he also knows who treats himself well.

Regarding her elder sister, she has been looking for it for so many years, but she has not found the slightest clue. Perhaps, there is no news, leave this World! !

“Are you sure it’s this villa?” Zhao Xue frowned, looking at the luxurious reading power villa in the suburbs.

A’Dai appeared in the car monitor with a pitiful look, and mumbled: “How can anyone dare to deceive the hostess. That’s right, A’Dai promises that this is Zi Yan’er’s home. Boss and her have just returned.” Soon, Young Master is now in this villa too!”

“Go ahead!” Zhao Xue said calmly.

“Oh!” Chun Xiang drove the car over, but the speed dropped. A’Dai whispered: “Hehe, this time the Boss can feel better!”

When the car not at all reached the entrance of the villa, it was stopped by the guards outside!

Zi Yan’er lowered the car window without being annoyed. He smiled and looked at the security guard outside and said, “Please ask Yan’er younger sister for instructions and say I’m here.”

Yan’er younger sister? Chun Xiang pursed his small mouth, squeezed a smile, but didn’t dare to laugh. It was obviously that Zi Yan’er was older.

“May I ask your last name?” The security guard did not dare to neglect, and asked very politely. The security guards on the surface here are all hired retired soldiers. As for the guards of Zhang Family’s Island in the dark, seeing Zhao Xue from a distance, he immediately hid, how can he show up! No one is stupid about everything in it!

“Zhao Xue!” Zhao Xue said calmly.

Zi Yan’er listened to the steward outside to report and said that there was a visitor. He was taken aback for a moment, then turned his head to sit on the sofa in the living room and looked at Zhang Heng, who was sitting on the sofa in the living room with Liu Xuejing’s handsome girl and their son playing with Zhang Heng, nodded and said: ” I understood.” After thinking about it, I turned around and walked out!

Zhao Xue came to the door, reasonable in every circumstance. It’s a kind of low-key to prepare to go out to meet you in person.

Zhang Heng sitting on the sofa, unable to bear bitterly laughed, with his ear power, when Zhao Xue outside talks with the security guard, he heard it, but he has been pretending not to know that’s all!

In fact, he also hopes that Zi Yan’er can lower his worth a bit, so that Zhao Xue has no reason to have an attack, but he can’t say so clearly, pretending to be stupid is undoubtedly the best way!

“You can go in!” The security guard received the instructions inside and let him go immediately. But to drive the car into the villa from here, you still need a 1-Layer distance!

In the car, you can see Zi Yan’er wearing a purple cheongsam from a distance, like a noble peony, standing outside smiling and waiting for something.

“Little Sister Xue, Superstar Zi Yan’er is here to pick you up!” Chun Xiang whispered with excitement. In fact, she is still a fan of Zi Yan’er, but in front of Zhao Xue, she kept saying that’s all sorry!

Zhao Xue tilted his mouth upwards, and said faintly: “It’s a courtesy to come out to meet us. If she can’t even do this, then why should I tolerate her!”

Regardless of whether she is inside or in person, Zhao Xue always stands on the righteousness. She has the initiative to prevent Zi Yan’er from’in the door’ to say something ugly, even if Zhang Heng and her quarrel are useless.

“Sister Little Sister Xue, welcome to the humble house. Why don’t you say hello before you come, so I can go out for 10 li to welcome my little girl!” Zi Yan’er waited for Zhao Xue and Chun Xiang to get out of the car, smiling He walked up and said with an affectionate expression. She was really good at seeing it. Since the face is saved, then the surname will be reduced to the end. Don’t you like elder sister to call your sister, well, let’s call it, Little Sister Xue, this title is not excessive, right?

Zhao Xue smiled and said, “Why, do I have to notify you when I’m here? Yan’er sister, you are too far-sighted. You have to have that heart. I have been in Beijing for 3 or 4 days, so I haven’t seen you. Go to visit the elder sister?”


Little Chun Xiang’s eyes rolled randomly, hiding behind him, Little Sister Xue was really powerful and domineering. She had actually heard Zhao Xue talk about the “great grievances” between Zi Yan’er and Zi Yan’er, but they were all “shock things” when they were young.

Zi Yan’er was annoyed, but with a smile on his face, he said, “The elder sister complains, hey, isn’t this younger sister not well informed? Just a few days ago, I went to Zhang Family’s Island to spend time with our Master. A few days off, it’s not just come back yesterday. I originally wanted to come to my house tomorrow to please the elder sister, but didn’t expect elder sister to come here early. Sin, sin!”

The needle is thorny, have hidden meaning! (To be continued.)

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