Super Island Lord Chapter 707

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“Boss, is there really no one left in Tianmu City?” Flower Demoness frowns and asked softly.

Zhang Heng smiled and said, “Tianmu City is here, and I can’t run. I’ve already sent Mengluo a message. She will send Legion’s men to garrison. You bring all the troops under your hands. Our purpose of going out this time. , Mainly to explore and collect some rare resources in this world!”

“En!” Flower Demoness nodded, not saying much.

Ice Soul hugged Zhang Heng’s arm and asked with a smile, “Big brother, where shall we go first?” As for whether Tianmu City will be captured by the monster, she doesn’t bother to care.

Zhang Heng thought for a while and said, “Let’s go to the stone forest cave that Little Bao said!” Although you may not be able to get more purple vines from the stone forest cave, it does not prevent you from seeing it, 10000 things. There was an accident. Something like Purple Devil Vine is naturally the more the better. You can barter without encountering an expert. No matter how bad it is, selling it to the’Chief God system’ is not a small income. Go and try one’s luck!

“There are zombies and skeletons in there!” Ice Soul murmured and reminded. Obviously, she didn’t want to go to that gloomy place.

Zhang Heng raised his hand and knocked on her head, and said with a smile, “Why, are you scared?”

Ice Soul stuck out his tongue and tilted his head up: “People are not afraid, huh, slap them all to fall apart!”

Zhang Heng smiled and ignored her, waited for Ice Soul, Little Bao, Flower Demoness, and Demon Ox King to put all the troops into the “sacred weapon talisman”, then stepped on the mount, Little Bao led the way, moved towards In the direction of the’stone forest cave’, he ran away. not at all waiting for Mengluo to send someone to hand over!

Out of Tianmu City, the breath of four people, the birds and beasts in the jungle fleeing from afar. There is no one who does not open his eyes to find awkwardness!

“Little Bao, how long does it take to get from Tianmu City to the’stone forest cave’ you mentioned?” Zhang Heng asked Little Bao who opened the road ahead.

“It will take almost 2 days!” Little Bao thought about replied. Even if a few people ride, they are not waiting, but there is a distance of 4 miles, the distance is not short!

Little Bao opened the way in the front, Flower Demoness and Bingpo, two girls, one left and the other accompanied by Zhang Heng, and Demon Ox King behind. But Ice Soul seemed to be bored. Gu lu rolled his eyes twice, leaped from the mount with a laugh, jumped onto Zhang Heng’s mount, and sat with Zhang Heng cheeky!

Little mouth muttered: “Aiya, my mount is panicking, my little pp is hurting, hehe, it’s still big brother, your mount is comfortable!”

Zhang Heng didn’t know whether to cry or laugh. As long as you are not a fool, you can hear it as an excuse, but it didn’t break. He hugged her waist and said, “Then you just sit down and don’t move! “

Guangyuan City, General’s Residence!

Mengluo sat in a chair and listened to report on the various situations of the Wolf Warriors Legion and the recent statistics on the number of resources collected. Originally had a relationship with the God’s Descendants Alliance, the two major Legions were about to work together to attack a large city. If it fell, the resources seized and the collected battle exploits were by no means small, but Zhang Heng, the Corps Head came back.

Mengluo sighed, maybe he had just responded to that sentence, right? It’s destined to be yours, others can’t take it, it’s destined not to be yours, no matter how hard you ask, you can’t get it!

She had seen it through, and she had cut off the ambition of self-reliance on the mountain in her heart, ready to safely assist Zhang Heng, the big boss, to be her first Corps Head.

“Corps Head, this time joining the God’s Descendants Alliance to attack Fire Cloud City is definitely a rare opportunity, why should we give up?” Someone in the deputy Corps Head frowned and asked inexplicably.

If Mengluo hadn’t returned home before Zhang Heng came back, perhaps she would join forces with God’s Descendants Alliance without the slightest hesitation, and the two major Legions would jointly surprise the’Fire Cloud City’ to obtain huge resources and wealth in one fell swoop.

Mengluo calmly shook his head and said: “In Fire Cloud City, the race is complex, the population is large, and expert as clouds, even if the Wolf Warrior Legion and God’s Descendants Alliance join forces, they may not be able to completely attack. As a result, Legion’s forces will be consumed by 90%, and the gain is not worth the loss!”

If you really join forces with God’s Descendants Alliance to attack Fire Cloud City, after the fight, the troops and players in Legion of the Wolf Warriors will not be dead, it will be almost the same. If Mengluo were to give up Legion the Wolf and leave with the supplies, that would be an excellent choice, but now she decides to stay at Legion the Wolf and won’t have any more hearts. Then how could she agree to this kind of expense!


“Nothing, the plan to attack Huoyun City was cancelled.” Mengluo glanced at the opponent expressionlessly, coldly interrupted the deputy Corps Head’s words, and stubbornly held it in his stomach!

“Heizi, I asked you to arrange a team to go back to Tianmu City. Have you set off?” Mengluo asked, turning his head to the first deputy Corps Head on the left.

“We left before dawn!”

“Wolf Legion will not start large-scale team battles from today.” Mengluo thought for a while, said solemnly.


“Big brother, when will you take me to the world where you live?” Ice Soul leaned in Zhang Heng’s arms and whispered.

It was dark, the sky above was very bright, and the weather tonight was good. Zhang Heng didn’t order a rest and hurried all night. With Ice Soul, Little Bao and their current physique, they didn’t sleep for two weeks, and they didn’t necessarily appear tired.

Zhang Heng was stunned, and said with a smile, “Do you want to go?”

“Yes!” Ice Soul bit his lip, nodded lightly.

Zhang Heng smiled and said, “Perhaps, after you go to that world, you won’t be able to come back!”

Ice Soul murmured: “So what? Do you really think you can’t see it, big brother, actually you don’t like it here, and you won’t stay in this World for a long time. You still like the world you used to live in? , So you will definitely go back, and will stay in that world longer than here, if I go back with you, I will often see you, don’t be like here, I can only wait for you stupidly! “

“Small Fox!” Zhang Heng laughed and cursed, thinking for a while and saying, “Wait, it’s not time to take you to my world. Wait until the mission world is over.”

“En!” Ice Soul is very clever and nodded, not at all insisting.

On the 2nd day, as it was approaching noon, a towering stone forest appeared in the distance. From a distance, it looked like an imposing manner, erected boulders, several dozen meters high, and several dozen meters high, with varying fat and thin. Looking from a distance, you can give people a shocking feeling! It is hard to imagine that this piece of stone forest has stood here for over 10,000 years, and no one knows how they came from!

“Boss, here it is!” Little Bao turned his head to remind Zhang Heng and said, “The ancient mine site is 100 miles deep in the stone forest!” (To be continued.)

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