Super Island Lord Chapter 708

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“It’s weird here!” Ice Soul leaned against Zhang Heng’s arms, and the two people rode on the same mount, muttering softly. .

The stone forest does give people a very strange feeling. Although these stones are not very regular in shape, they are all long strips without exception. It feels like being placed on the ground by a giant Heavenspan like a toy. The spacing is almost the same. If you can look down from the sky…

“Well, it’s really weird!” Zhang Heng nodded, almost unable to feel the breath of life in the stone forest.

Little Bao was the only one among the four generals who had been here. He explained: “The mine is in the middle of the stone forest, but you have to walk in for 4 miles to see it!”


From a distance, the irregular stone pillars are not big, but when you walk in, they look like high-rise buildings. The mounts of several people are several meters long, and they can walk into the stone forest gap, not at all, it feels crowded!

Zhang Heng felt that this piece of stone forest was definitely not formed naturally. Although I don’t know who put all these long boulders here to do anything, it is an extraordinary person who can produce such a’big’ handwriting! Little Bao said that the stone forest is about 200 miles in size.

“Stonehenge?” Zhang Heng suddenly remembered the famous’Stonehenge’ on Earth. I wonder if this stone forest has anything to do with Stonehenge!

The frivolous look on Ice Soul’s face gradually closed, and he said softly, “Big brother, this is a land of the most gloomy, I can feel something flowing underground!”

Is it a magnetic field?

Zhang Heng’s brows moved, and he could also feel that the surroundings were a little gloomy, but some aspects of intuition were still not as strong as Ice Soul!

Stonehenge within a few hundred miles is like a maze. If this is man-made and controlled by someone, it must be the Xeon Killing Formation. It may not be easy to get out.

“Is this huge stone forest culminating in some underground objects?” Flower Demoness suddenly said, looking thoughtful from the side.

Zhang Heng nodded and said, “Maybe it’s possible!” There are so many unknown things in this World. Even gods may exist. What else is impossible!

About half an hour, Little Bao took everyone turns left and right to the top of a small hill. There was an open space in front of the hill, which was 1-Layer away from the surrounding boulders.

“Boss, the abandoned mine is in front!” Little Bao grabbed the mount and said, pointing to the dark space under the hill in front.

The hole in the belly of the hill is not very big, 2 meters wide and about 3 meters high, which can only accommodate’people’ to walk in.

Zhang Heng jumped off the mount, put the mount into the’spell talisman’, and took the lead to walk towards the mine opening. Little Bao followed behind and explained: “Although the outside hole is not big, the place of charm and beauty inside is not small at all. Wait for the Boss to enter and understood!”

“What smell, it smells really unpleasant!” Bing Po muttered, clutching his little nose. Just approaching the mine, before stepping in, a rancid and pungent smell came from the surface, very pungent!

It’s all here, you can’t just hold back!

Zhang Heng exhorted: “Be careful, all!” took the lead and walked into the mine.

This mine didn’t know how long it had been abandoned. It was dark and damp. In addition to the smell of rotten corpses, there was also a trace of ancient atmosphere. Faintly feel, very ancient taste!

Little Bao doesn’t know how deep the mine is and how many branches are. The last time she came here to explore, she only stayed for half a day, not at all how deep she went inside. It’s better near the mine entrance. The more you go inside, the more skeletons, incomplete, or hidden in the ground, the more zombies will be drilled out. If you go in too far, maybe the way back will be densely packed by these zombies and skeletons who don’t know where they come from, there is no gap between them!

It’s huge, just like the entire belly of the mountain has been hollowed out. There are about 1000 square meters of space. The surrounding walls and bottom are all flattened by some tool. Going inside, there is a road leading to the underground. It’s about 2 300 metres to the bottom of the mine, which is a deep passage.

“That is the entrance to the main mine!” Little Bao pointed and said.

Zhang Heng nodded, strode forward, and just got down into the mine, a corpse stink came over, a pair of black and dry claws moved towards his forehead and grabbed it. A zombie, who didn’t know how long it had existed, had his clothes broken and hung on the pitch-black bones, about 2 meters away, and had no eyeballs in his left eye, leaped towards him!

Ka-cha !

With Tyrant Saber in hand, the knife went up and down, and the zombie was cut in half!

“Ding: 15 points increase in combat merit!”

Listening to the system’s prompt, Zhang Heng unable to bear was stunned. Didn’t expect that killing zombie would also give merit. According to estimation, the level of zombie It shouldn’t be is too high, it should be around Level 30 , Basically one can be solved with a single stroke, and it doesn’t cost much!

“There is also a golden key!” With a sharp eye, Ice Soul picked up a ten-centimeter long golden key from the zombie that was split into two halves. He didn’t know where it fell from the zombie’s body!

Lost treasure?

Zhang Heng muttered in his heart, secretly thought would not enter the’game mode’ again? Otherwise, how can you explode if you hit zombie!

It is a key made of ordinary gold. There is no special symbol on it, and there is no sign on it. I don’t know what to do for the time being. Zhang Heng took a look and threw it to Ice Soul for her to keep it, maybe it would be used in the mine. 5 people form a diamond shape and continue to walk towards the mine!

Little Bao is right. There are many skeletons and zombies. These undead creatures simply shouldn’t be all dead miners, and I don’t know where they came from.

It’s not difficult to kill, but it is endless!

However, in addition to the golden key that burst from the tall zombie at the beginning, the other zombie skeletons only exposed some gold coins, Silver Coin and so on, not at all, and then some special items. Because Little Bao, Flower Demoness, Ice Soul and Demon Ox King are all Zhang Heng’s Hero, so the merits are all counted on him. It didn’t take long for the merits to be collected to exceed 10000!

“Big brother, do you feel something wrong?” Ice Soul suddenly frowns asked.

“What’s wrong?” Zhang Heng was taken aback, shaking his head and said, “I don’t feel it, why, have you noticed something wrong?”

“Some zombies came out of the ground, so where did these skeletons come from? We killed a lot better, but they can’t stop our way, so why rush over and be killed by us?” Ice Soul wondered Said.

“Because they have no wisdom at all. It is because our flesh and blood attracts them. These zombie skeletons are here to eat your flesh and drink your blood!” Zhang Heng smashed a long spear skeleton and said with a smile.

“No!” Ice Soul shook the head and said with a straight face: “It’s not that simple. These zombies and skeletons may be driven by something. At the beginning, although these zombie skeletons also attacked us, they could not Unlike now, people who are quite far away will rush over!” (To be continued.)

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