Super Island Lord Chapter 709

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Far from the ancient mine, there are still creatures in the cave?

Zhang Heng looked at Ice Soul for a moment, but Ice Soul had a small face and blinked at him, looking funny. For a long time, Zhang Heng exhales one breath saying, and said with a wry smile: “Maybe, you can’t guess it!”

However, this is not necessarily impossible, maybe there is a big boss hidden in the depths of the mine, maybe!

“Boss, let’s not be afraid!” Flower Demoness smiled and took the conversation and said.

Zhang Heng nodded, laughed and said: “Don’t be afraid of us!” There is nothing to be afraid of, even if these zombies and skeletons are controlled by someone, what can they do? Anyway, they are all one sword at a time. Almost all five people are characters who step on this World pinnacle. Even if there is a boss in the mine, it is not wrong!

“Go inside!” Zhang Heng took the lead and went deep into the mine.

For 3 days, the zombie skeletons have hacked countless numbers, and the accumulated combat merits have broken through 10,000,000 points. As for the gold coins and common equipment that fell from the zombie skeletons, Zhang Heng and the four Generals under his team were too lazy to bend over to pick them up, too. It takes a lot of trouble, and gold coins are not’valuable’!

As for the purple magic vine Zhang Heng wanted, he didn’t even see a slag shadow.

“Big brother, it’s still boring!” Ice Soul mumbled her little mouth. She was so bored in this gloomy mine. Not to mention the gloomy, it is full of rancid smell, and it is dying to smell!

Although Little Bao and Flower Demoness didn’t say anything, from the look, they obviously didn’t want to stay in this area.

Except for the skeletons in the mine, there are zombies, and I simply haven’t encountered other special creatures in a few days. Zhang Heng estimated that at the speed of three people, he had already entered the deep area of ​​the mine.

“You said we should go inside or out?” Zhang Heng thought for a while and turned his head to move towards Flower Demoness and asked.

Flower Demoness frowned, looked into the depths of the mine, and whispered, “I always felt that this mine shouldn’t be that simple. Anyway, we have already gone so far. Why not go to the deepest part of the mine. Yeah!”

This is exactly what Zhang Heng thought. Nodded with a smile, he said: “Yes, I have come so far, and I always feel uncomfortable if I don’t see what happens. Let’s go faster, push into the depths of the mine, and reach the bottom. Let’s come back!”

“I’ll clear the way!” Demon Ox King held the giant axe and strode towards the depths of the mine!

Ice Soul and Little Bao heard Zhang Heng say so, so they didn’t say anything!

After another 4 days, Zhang Heng did not return to the real world and stayed in the mine all the time, cleaning up the skeleton zombie with Ice Soul, Little Bao, Flower Demoness.

At a speed of 5 people, I was afraid that I could not advance a few 4 miles in 100 days. I have reached a deep underground place, because the mine is on the floor, and each floor is an inclined downward slope. On each lower floor, the zombie and skeleton battle strengths in the mine have improved somewhat, but for Zhang Heng and his Four Great War Generals, they are basically dishes, one knife has never changed!

“Hey, big brother, it looks like there is a door in front of you!” Ice Soul suddenly called.

In 7 days, in the 18th Layer of the mine, 10000000 zombie skeletons were killed, and they traveled for 1000 miles. When I saw this door, I expected it to be in the bottom.

A door made of Black Iron, more than 4 meters high and more than 5 meters wide, gives people a very thick and ancient feeling!

Demon Ox King stepped forward and pushed, but the iron door did not move. With the strength of Demon Ox King, I was afraid that there would be no more than 10000 kilograms, and 10000 kilograms of force did not push the Black Iron door. The degree of solidity can be imagined!

“No, I can’t push it!” Demon Ox King retreated, shook the head in a low, muffled voice.

“Big stupid cow!” Ice Soul murmured, walked forward, took a little hand and clicked on the door, after thinking about it, he took out the golden key that was hit at the entrance of the mine and turned his head. Coming squinted Crescent Eyes, shook it towards several people, and said with a smile, “Don’t we have the key!”

Closely linked with one another, 4 words suddenly popped out of Zhang Heng’s head.

Could this be arranged by someone?

Chief God?

Is this’task space’ out of Chief God’s control? Zhang Heng frowned, this question, whatever he thinks, can’t understand it!

“You said, what will be in the door?” Ice Soul inserted the key into the Black Iron door and asked with a smile.

“Treasure!” Demon Ox King was quite cooperative and replied to her.

“Sticky, I guess, there must be an ancient Great Demon imprisoned inside… the ancient treasure is hidden on the guard, hehe!” Ice Soul said with a smile.

Little Bao and Flower Demoness are both impossible to bear rolled the eyes, my heart said, isn’t that a treasure!


Ice Soul turned the key for a full circle, and then, the door of Black Iron slowly opened amidst the muffled noise!


Ice Soul looked at the scene in the door, the boss who opened his small mouth, disabled to bear, then swished, jumped back to Zhang Heng’s side, and immediately hid!

Zhang Heng looked at the situation inside the door and immediately became alert!

At the door, there is a hole that I don’t know how deep, and I don’t know where it leads to the ground. The hole is very large. The entrance is about 1000 meters in size. In the middle of the entrance, there is a plant with a thick vine, a variant of purple, the main vine. The stalks are as thick as several dozen meters. Densely packed small vines grow on the main vines. Each small vine is as thick as Chengren’s arm and several hundred meters long.

These are not counted. The weird thing is that on the small vines, the dead bodies of animals or people, many, almost every small vine have them, as if they are full of fruit, and these branches The vines are floating and will move up and down by themselves, it looks like they are alive!

“It’s scary!” Ice Soul hid behind Zhang Heng, poked his head out, and muttered softly with a frightened expression on his face.

Flower Demoness walked to Zhang Heng’s side and whispered, “Those corpses seem to be the nutrients of this plant. Many corpses are fresh!”

Zhang Heng frowned, “You mean, this magical plant was raised here?”

Feeding human corpses? Looking at the corpses strung on the vines, I am afraid that there are more than ten thousand people. How many people have to be killed!

“Ding: I found the purple vines in growth, the value is extremely precious, I hope players will collect it!

The system suddenly prompts Zhang Heng, which makes Zhang Heng unable to bear again. Purple Demon Vine. Is this the fresh Purple Demon Vine? Damn it, the purple magic vine was originally fed with corpses to provide nutrients, but I want to use it to take a bath!

“Who fed such a terrifying plant?” This mine cave has existed since ancient times, at least for over 10,000 years. As for this purple devil vine, could it have grown over 10,000 years? Nothing? If this lives for so long, I am afraid it will become refined!

Ice Soul blinked and asked in a low voice, “Big brother, what shall we do now? Kill or retire?” (To be continued.)

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