Super Island Lord Chapter 710

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“Boss, I think this place seems to be an evil surname, it can arouse the bloodthirsty desire in my heart!” Little Bao tightly held the weapon in his hand, frowned and said softly. .

I finally got here, just go back? Zhang Heng is definitely not reconciled. Although he knows that the purple magic vine is raised on the corpse, he will definitely not eat it again, or use it for medicinal baths, but this does not hinder the value of the purple magic vine, after all, it is related to the soul. Locks have a great relationship, whether they are given away or bartered, they are all unique treasures!

The entire purple vine is not known how high it is. There are countless branches of vines alone. No wonder the system is rated as a top grade treasure, and its value is immeasurable!

“I feel it too!” Demon Ox King, who had been silent for a few moments, licked his chapped tongue and said in a low voice.

Zhang Heng froze, bloodthirsty desire w?

Indeed, since seeing this purple magic vine, the killing intent in my heart seems to be heavier.

“You can’t enter Debaoshan, go home empty-handed!” Zhang Heng muttered to himself. The eyes were staring at the purple devil vine towering in front of him, and the frenzied color of the eyes flashed by. Although the period of letting go, but with such a huge value of spiritual medicine, it is definitely reluctant to miss it. Regardless of whether the evil surname is evil, fuck’s, let’s look at it first.

No matter which world is always starving to death, the timid and brave!

“Yes, cut it!” Bing Po gritted his teeth and muttered, but then he muttered: “But where do we start?”

The entire purple magic vine, in the huge hole, does not know how much deep underground, how high it is, and the trunk that is tens of 100 meters thick is not so easy to cut! A single section of dry purple vine weighs more than ten kilograms, so can this fresh purple vine weigh less? If it weren’t for the Purple Devil Vine that was fed by the corpse, and the surname is too evil, Zhang Heng wouldn’t even want to put it in the hidden Heavenly Dragon beads and raise it!

Flower Demoness stood aside and reminded softly: “Since many of the corpses on the Purple Devil Vine are fresh, there may be unknown races who have been watching in the dark. Therefore, what we want should not be too much. Late. Start with those vines first, and if something happens, I won’t come back empty-handed!”

Zhang Heng thinks about it, no matter the main stem or the vine, it is the purple magic vine, a priceless thing, the medicine surnamed Gao is not important. Seeing the corpse hanging on it, Zhang Heng is not going to use it in the future!


The Four Great War Generals, including Zhang Heng, all took out their weapons and slashed at the Purple Demon Vine!


Surprisingly, those vines are like living creatures who know how to dodge themselves.

Zhang Heng’s eyes flashed cold light, coldly snorted and said, “Where to run!”

Domineering fast as lightning, making all-out ruthless shots, whether in the mission world or in the real world, there are not many people or things that Zhang Heng can do all-out against!

With a single knife, 4 vines as long as 5 meters were cut off, and the emerald ring flashed on his hand, and the fallen vines were collected.

whiz whiz whiz, the corpses of dozens of vines burst into blood mist. The thick and thin vines, like a toughened gun, poked towards Zhang Heng from all directions! To be poked, you have to be poked into chrysanthemums!

“Good coming!” Zhang Heng floated in the air, not at all, falling towards the entrance of the cave, sneering Tyrant Saber and turning sideways: “Total Annihilation!”

At this time, most of the dozens of vines of varying lengths were cut off, and there was no waste at all, and they were all put into the storage ring. Although this thing is very’dirty’, it is a sky-high price!

“Hamm!” the purple magic vine groaned! Secret a purple mist from the body…

“Ding: red warning, the purple mist is transformed by the blood of the purple magic vine. It can be demonized, corroded, and lost. The soul lock is invincible unless accidentally. This warning charges 800 diamond coins. Run away!”

The Chief God system’s prompt made Zhang Heng complexion greatly changed. At this time, I was not in the mood to pursue its independent fee deduction. He often retreated directly and yelled: “Flash, flash!”

The warning of 800 diamond coin, the system will definitely not crack a joke with himself, Zhang Heng does not want to crack a joke with himself or his 4 General leader!

Hearing Zhang Heng’s call, Flower Demoness, Little Bao, Demon Ox King, Ice Soul did not stop at all, and quickly withdrew back. However, there were gains except Zhang Heng!

Falling to the edge of the hole, Ice Soul looked at the huge plant emitting Purple Weapon from its body, and asked curiously: “Big brother, is this monster farting?”

In a word, Zhang Heng, who was almost funny, sprayed!

Little Bao rolled the eyes, whispered: “hmph, you know you are cute all day long!”

Zhang Heng shook the head and didn’t say anything. After thinking about it, summon brought out a flying warrior from the storage ring and ordered the other party to pounce on the purple vine, wanting to see how powerful the purple mist secreted by the other party is.

I don’t know how deep the dark cave is, and how many meters the purple magic vine is. The purple mist on the whole body varies from thin to thick, and the time is very short. When Zhang Heng and his subordinate Four Great War Generals arrived at the entrance of the cave, a thick purple mist had already poured over several people, and there was still a roar of certain creatures in the purple mist!


The flying unit sent out was set there as soon as it encountered the purple mist. The flesh and blood on the body quickly’flowed away’ at a speed visible to naked eye, turning into a skeleton, and then there was a little mist, as if it had penetrated into it. The skeleton is gone, and the skeleton gradually becomes purple.

“It’s amazing!” Ice Soul stared wide-eyed, and murmured “unable to bear”.

The flying units were gradually engulfed by the fog, but soon a flying skeleton with purple all over, moved towards 5 people returned.

After enchanting, a very powerful aura!

In terms of level analysis, these flying units have just been corrupted and demonized, and their level has at least 6 Level 10!

“Damn, let’s go!” No wonder Chief God system said that the creatures under the soul lock are invincible. Unless there is a special treasure in hand, otherwise the purple mist will rise, and they will not be able to compete with it! More importantly, after being corroded and demonized by the Purple Devil Vine Purple ** mist, the level of the creature will be greatly improved. If the skeleton or zombie in the entire mine is raised to the height of 6 Level 10, when the time comes though Can kill, it’s not a matter of one sword at a time. When the time comes, even if there is no threat of purple mist, only those monsters who have been promoted to skeleton warlords and Zombie Corpse Kings can kill a few people when they are tired. Drag to death!

Run! Don’t dare to stay at all!

Running wild for 3 days and 3 nights, Zhang Heng took the Four Great War Generals and ran out of the ancient mine cave!

The purple objects inside make the undead creatures in the entire mine grow up and up, although to the back, I don’t know if the purple fog has receded, but I can watch the densely packed purple from behind. Undead, Zhang Heng and the others dare not stay longer. Once 10000 is entangled by those undead, the trouble can be big!

All the undead creatures chased to the entrance of the mine, seeming to be restricted by some rules, not at all rush out!

“It’s very risky!” Ice Soul patted the little girl and turned to look at the mine entrance. Even if she is entangled by that many demonized High-Grade undead, she can kill her without seeing her 50000 Silver Dragon female guard!

“It is not advisable to stay here for a long time, go!” Zhang Heng had a lingering fear, Summon took out his mount and ran out of the stone forest with his men. He always felt that staying in this stone forest would still not be very safe!

Fortunately, after leaving the stone forest, not at all, what accident happened!

there is always someone stronger, if it wasn’t for the’Chief God system’ to take the initiative to remind you this time, maybe a few people would have accounted for it in this remote ancient mine.

That purple magic vine is also good, basically without other means, just the kind of purple mist secreted by the body is not something ordinary people can eat. It’s no wonder that I can live for 10000 years!

“I think the world is so big that you can go. Now that I think about it, it’s really a frog in well!” After leaving the stone forest, Zhang Heng turned his head and looked back, and said unable to bear mockingly.

On the 3rd floor of Gene Lock, Half Divinity Realm, he can’t guarantee that after walking into the purple mist, he will corrupt the flesh god and become an undead!

“Boss, look!” Flower Demoness frowned, and handed over the withered purple vines of 1-Layer.

After Zhang Heng took it and determined that it was the Purple Devil Vine, he asked in confusion, “How can it wither? When it is cut down, isn’t it all “fresh”?”

“I don’t know!” Flower Demoness shook the head, handing all the purple vines in his hand to Zhang Heng, cutting down more than 50 roots.

“Big brother, all the purple vines in my hand have withered and become dry!” Ice Soul on the side screamed, holding the 1-Layer purple vine in his hands.

Little Bao also said, “So does the one in my hand!”

Without exception, the purple vines that were chopped off by several people were all dry.

But the harvest is not cheap. A purple magic vine is about 500 kilograms. Five people got 5 purple magic vines. 300 kilograms of purple magic vines. Selling it is also a huge fortune!

“Haha, it’s a worthwhile trip!” Zhang Heng laughed. No wonder people say that how bold the heart is, the land will be more productive. The birth of these purple vines is enough to be worth a super treasure house.

Just a few 100 vines are worth 1000000 diamond coin. I don’t know how valuable the purple vine that grows for how many years should be?

Greedy, very greedy!

But Zhang Heng also knows that no matter how much money, there is still life to spend. Therefore, in a short time, Zhang Heng will never make the idea of ​​this purple magic vine again!

Originally Zhang Heng planned to go to the Magic Star Lake after exploring the ancient mine cave, and then to the Soul Lock Hall. Now it seems that the Magic Star Lake of the Holy Land of the Vampire family has the unknown Soul Lock Hall. I’m afraid it will not Simple! Counting the time, I haven’t shown up yet today, I guess you will be crazy to find yourself in reality!

Decide promptly and cancel the expedition plan. Although the treasure is good, the expedition is thrilling, but if it is not done, it will be fatal! The point is that Zhang Heng still trusts the’Chief God’ lord, is 10000 really lost after death? Whether it can be resurrected is all about 2!

“Back to Tianmu City!” (To be continued.)

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