Super Island Lord Chapter 713

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Flickering Lemon took Little Brat to the crew. .

The crew of “Super Daddy” was actually prepared long ago, but Zhang Heng, the’big director’, was missing. As for the actors, Secretary Yao Lei, Liang Family Sisters, Yi Ran and Yi Qing 2 sisters, plus Hong Tianjiao, so many top-notch beauty, enough!

“Ok, today is the boot!”

After Zhang Heng arrived, he called everyone from the crew over, and after a flurry of generous speeches, he waved his hand and didn’t have to do anything to worship God. Just turn on the phone. Anyway, it’s a small production of a few 10000000 million. , I don’t expect to make much money when I play the ticket surname.

Little Brat is in a very good mood today, I don’t know if I know that a camera is facing him, very expressive **, some shots are just once!

Hong Tianjiao is actually very reluctant to play a role in the movie, but Zhang Heng said this is an order and must be filmed. As the secretary of Mengnan Film and Television Company, I don’t have to do anything every day, with a luxury car and an annual salary of 1000000. Now it’s just for her to play a role. What’s unhappy?

In fact, Hong Tianjiao doesn’t care about the money given by Zhang Heng company. She dignified Hong Family Little Princess, of course, there is no shortage of this, but she really cares about Zhang Heng’s words!

Zhang Heng said, if you are willing to be a dry meal, you can do nothing. Anyway, you are a dignified Hong Family Miss, and others can’t do anything to you!

Ever since I was young, this Hong Family Miss has been a little bit extreme, and the most unbearable thing is this kind of agitation!

“Boss, why are you a director?” Yao Lei stood behind, pinched Zhang Heng’s shoulders, and asked curiously with a smile. Counting the time she knew Zhang Heng, it was not too short. She knew the virtues of her’Big Boss’ quite well in her heart, but didn’t that sentence say it? It’s not that this World keeps changing, then People must be changing all the time. Zhang Heng had already given her to the “diving” the last time I filmed “Empire of Beauties”.

After a woman and a man break through that relationship, they often have a thicker skin. The same is true for Yao Lei, a long-legged beauty. It doesn’t matter whether it is broken or broken, or that it is a good person to know the current affairs, it is all the same!

Zhang Heng looked into the distance, and the assistant director took the shot. Little Brat matched the look of Za Za hu hu and said with a smile: “Oh, do you feel surprised?”

“Boss, are you a creature on Earth?” Yao Lei had a thought in his heart with these words, and wanted to ask to understand. She is also the kind of person who can’t hold things back!

Zhang Heng rolled the eyes and said with a smile: “No, it’s Mars, why do you want to follow me back to Mars?”

Yao Lei chuckled and said: “No, I still have a father mother to feed on Earth. Actually, I guessed it a long time ago. How could Boss be a creature on Earth? It’s not like a human at all!”

“Then what do you say I look like?”

“Animal!” These two words were completely spoken by Yao Lei subconsciously, and after speaking, he quickly changed his words and said: “That, Deity, is definitely the God of Fire Alien.”

Zhang Heng didn’t bother to talk to her!

Are you very livestock? fuck, why don’t you think it yourself!


xg, one of the 4 small dragons in Asia!

Tsukino Mai was sitting on the deck and boarded the cruise ship to search for the bspecial agent. No one saw her. Her brain waves can already affect a long distance, as long as she wants, without moving and invisible, there are definitely few people on Earth who can see her existence.

After Goddess of Wisdom grows up, battle strength is absolutely terrifying. A little single thought power can determine his life and death!

Tsukino Mai didn’t want to do it. If she did it, the cruise would not be able to go ashore, and she would find it very troublesome if she could not. These special agents can’t see her!

In the territory of China, even if these people are in the middle of the world, they are still flinching. They dare not make much movement, otherwise Divine Immortal will not be able to save them!

The National Security Agency has actually received the news a long time ago, but it has been unsure what these Japanese special agents are looking for. As for the information on’Goddess of Wisdom’ Tsukino Mai, almost any country has a copy of the intelligence agency, of course, it is limited to countries where she exists.

A girl with a brain that no longer belongs to humans, her brain power can be compared to 1000 to 10000 scientists. Such a super talent will be discovered by any country and will not let it go!

After Goddess of Wisdom was discovered, there were only 2 ways to choose. The first is to be tightly protected, and the second is to be killed by a hostile country!

Give her time, who knows what amazing technology she can make!

If the human brain is a powerful computer in the country, then the technology on the world will reach an astonishing level. Perhaps, researching out medical technologies such as revival is not a fantasy story!

“Baka, how could there not be? The special agent who followed her on the cruise ship? What? Jumped into the sea and committed suicide? Baka, check, you must find out her whereabouts, I want to take her back to the Japanese Empire. She It is a Kuibao belonging to the Great Japan Empire and must serve our Great Japan Empire!”

The Chief of the Asian Intelligence Department, roared loudly. He happened to come to xg not long ago, so he was solely responsible for this’capture Goddess’ operation!

“Oh, old man, your words are so funny, the treasure of the Japanese Empire? Are you not trying to kill me? Hehe, when did I say that I will belong to you?” A sudden sound made the meeting Everyone, unable to bear is one of them.

In the conference room, I don’t know when, there was a girl wearing a sailor skirt with a small cap on her head and a lollipop in her mouth, and her big eyes scanned the people in the conference room curiously.

The Intelligence Department Chief-In-Charge of Asia, when he saw her, he was taken aback, and then happily said: “You, you are Tsukino Mai, Goddess of Wisdom Tsukino Mai?”

“Yes, Tsukino Mai is me, and I am Tsukino Mai.” Tsukino Mai blinked her long eyelashes, smiled and replied affirmatively!

“We never thought about hurting you. For this, I can swear to Great God Tian Zhao that you belong to our Great Japan Empire. You have the blood of the Empire. Come back to Japan with me. Let’s leave immediately. “The Intelligence Department Chief-In-Charge was ecstatic, and there were some incoherent words in the words. Obviously, Tsukino Mai’s appearance this time is definitely not going to let her run away!

“Japanese? Gluck!” Tsukino Mai smiled, but smiled coldly: “Who said I am Japanese? Old man, are you stupid? I am me, I will only live for myself, I know What are you thinking about, you want to use me, study me, then find someone to mate with me, and see if you can inherit my abilities, right?”

Speaking of this, Tsukino Mai shook the head and said: “Stupid pig, don’t have white dreams here, don’t forget how you treated me in the first place. Now if you still want to catch me, I will let you all die. .”

“You want the country? Betray our Japanese empire?” Intelligence Department Chief-In-Charge stared at Tsukino Mai.

“Damned old man, I am now a Zhang Family’s Island nationality. What is an empire? I have never joined your empire. Finally, if I get angry, not only will you It’s very miserable, and I will make your country very miserable!” Tsukino Mai finished speaking, turning around and walking outside!

“Grab her!” Before the Intelligence Department Chief-In-Charge’s words were finished, the heads of a dozen people in the conference room suddenly resembled a smashed watermelon. When they touched, they burst open. The entire conference room, except for Apart from that Chief-In-Charge, there is no one else to live. Tsukino Mai’s voice came in faintly: “old man, help me bring a message to your bird country. Just say that I have joined the Zhang Family’s Island nationality. Besides, I will not belong to any organization, I only Serve me, if you dare to come and bother me again, I will make you pay a very heavy price, very heavy, if you don’t believe it, you can experiment with fire, hehe!”

The Intelligence Department Chief-In-Charge is also an expert, but now, he is completely scared and stupefied there! What kind of terrifying strength does Goddess of Wisdom master!

This stronghold is very hidden. If Tsukino Mai hadn’t come back with the insiders, he would really not be able to find it for a while. But when she came out, all the people inside except the Intelligence Department Chief-In-Charge were turned into corpses. She must use practical actions to warn the other party.

Sitting in the airport terminal, Tsukino Mai is holding the laptop borrowed from the’handsome guy’ next to her in her arms. She is on it, and next to her sits a youngster who is very handsome but has very dull eyes. This will be in the dreamland, with one enemy ten, fighting against the female stars of the country. As a reward for borrowing the computer, Tsukino Mai doesn’t mind hypnotizing him and creating a very beautiful dream!

“Caterpillars, you have 1-Layer time, hehe, shouldn’t it be time to let you go out and show your face?” Tsukino Mai looked at the screen, the dark-green silkworm baby in the mulberry leaf, laughing to herself Uttered.

This silkworm baby is a smart virus program written by Tsukino Mai. It has not been a day or two days since it was created. She felt that it was time to let her’Little Darling’ go out and destroy it and try its power.

“Go, your goal is here. My requirements are not high. Let 100 out of 80 computers in this country be implanted with ert Trojan horse virus, and then listen to my orders!” Tsukino Mai smiled and fingers on the laptop screen Pointed, the target is the long strip of island country!

After receiving the order, the baby silkworm directly pierced a hole in the wall behind the screen and left very’violently’.

The virus implantation is only the 1st Step, and then Tsukino Mai will…

“Thank you, I wish you a happy dream, handsome guy.” Tsukino Mai returned the computer to the handsome guy sitting next to her. She should board the plane. As for the handsome guy, she still hasn’t woke up yet. I guess that even if I wake up, my pants will be soaked… (To be continued.)

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