Super Island Lord Chapter 715

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Don’t think about some things for the rest of your life, and some questions. If you don’t want to make yourself miserable, it’s best not to ask for a lifetime, don’t know, 10000000. Don’t be curious. To live, you need to be willing, and sometimes, you need to understand even more. stupid ‘4 words!

Zhang Heng looked at Ah Zi sitting opposite, still glamorous and charming, with long slender fingers, when he stirred the coffee with a spoon, he was very elegant, but there was a trace of sadness and a touch of sadness deep in his eyes!

“Beauty, do you have anything to worry about?” Zhang Heng unable to bear asked with a slightly puzzled smile. .This call was the first time she called herself recently, which was much later than she expected.

Upset? The corner of Azi’s mouth was slightly tilted and shook his head. Everyone would have something on their minds, but some could tell them, while others could only stay in their hearts, as a secret, not to share with others!

“The past few days, what are you doing? I thought you would call me!” There was a bit of coquetry and complaining in his voice.

Zhang Heng shrugged, smiled and didn’t say anything. The two people were just one side fate last time. They didn’t even know the details of each other. Why did they call? Of course, people are beauty, there is no need to pick the words so clearly, just be clear in their hearts, not to give people a little face!

“You, don’t think about it, I don’t mean anything else, just ask casually!” Azi lowered his head, with 2 blushes on his face!

Pretend, pretend to be tender, pretend to be pure!

“When you asked me out this time, wouldn’t it be just to thank me for’saving’ you last time?” Zhang Heng smiled and looked at her directly. I have to admit that this is indeed a purple poppy, which is very fascinating and addictive. Even the tried-and-tested, he has a slight heartbeat!

No matter how beautiful the flowers are, there is no fragrance of wild flowers!

Men will always be like this. It is not a question of who is the person, but the surname of the heaven, the surname of the mankind. It is often precious, and there is no rare one that has never been acquired!

“Just to thank you, or what do you think?” Azi lifts the head and moved towards Zhang Heng, blinking and asking.

Zhang Heng clicked his lips and said that he thought it was not the case, and he thought it was a bit passionate. I knew it was just drinking coffee and chatting, I might as well stay on the set, at least has beauty. After so long, A’Dai hasn’t found out her origins. Like that Young Master Yang, she seems to have popped out of a crack in the rock. As for the two people, the only connection is that the two people appeared before and after. The time difference is not a few days!

At this moment Zhang Heng is also thinking, should he pick his words clearly, or continue to accompany beauty? Finally, shook the head chose the former!

Potential enemies are everywhere, sometimes because of jealousy, sometimes because of other reasons, causing others to hate you. You can never know that others are very jealous and hate you. If you want to pinch you, you must first Put people out, right?

“It’s too early. If there is nothing else, I should go, thank you for the invitation of Beauty!” Zhang Heng looked at the watch on his wrist and got up from the chair. Nothing to say, turned around and walked out!

Azi looked at the man’s back and was stunned. Compared to the first time, the other party’s face looked like a pig brother. This time, it seems like a’gentleman’ a lot, but why didn’t he just come here for a while? Going, and still so decisive. After thinking about what I said just now, there seems to be nothing wrong with it?

Is it just wanting to catch it?

Regardless of takes part or not, it is hard to ask this man out once, and he must not be allowed to leave before his goal is achieved! The last time I met was to get acquainted, and this time I came out, Azi had already made a small sacrifice. It would be better to create a little friction and ambiguity, but he can’t get more. After all, 2 talents are the second. Meet again.

Gritting his teeth, leaving Qian to get up and chase after!

Zhang Heng’s pace is not fast, but not slow. When he opened the door and walked to the entrance of the cafe, the other party also opened the door and followed out!

Azi stretched out his hand to take Zhang Heng’s arm, blushing, and muttered softly, “Stingy man!”

“Why am I stingy again?” Zhang Heng smiled and asked curiously.

“I have not said two words, I have to leave, huh, you are not a stingy man, what is it? You don’t know, are you such a very ungentleman?” Azi pretended to be a little angry and blanked his eyes, muttering Say.

Zhang Heng laughed and said straightforwardly: “I like to go straight, I don’t like to go round and round. If you like it, you like it. Lieyan is Lieyan, beautiful women, everyone likes them, but not all of them. Beautiful women will love me. Since you just want me to come out for a cup of coffee, and you don’t have any special ideas, then stay, are we all wasting each other’s time?”

Azi rolled the eyes, cursing inwardly, fuck, do you think this is a pick-up in a bar, you just go straight and want to go? Sister, is this high-end woman the kind that can’get started’ by going straight?

He blinked, with a pure face, pretending to be a little confused and asked: “Could it be that we can’t be ordinary friends?”

Zhang Heng nodded with a smile said: “It’s okay, but I am busy with ordinary friends. You may or may not know. Actually, I am a bit fickle, and there are several women in my family. Everyone is a jealous jar. If we are really a bit of something, it’s fine if we are found out by them, but if we don’t have anything, and we are caught and scolded again, then it will be a bit of a loss, don’t you think?”

Azi stretched out his hand and hit him, blushing and cursed in a low voice, “It’s you, heresy, we, we, are ordinary friends, how can we misunderstand him!” Paused hugged Zhang Heng’s arm without letting go, humming Said: “I don’t care anyway, but I finally mustered up the courage to call you and ask you out. I will definitely not let you go so easily!”

Zhang Heng was amused, and walked over to the car next to him and said, “You can’t go, but if I stay, I can’t guarantee the’personal safety’ of your great beauty!”

“You, what are you doing?” Azi glare like a tiger watching his prey staring at him, pretending to be fiercely fiercely, and said: “Tell you, this Miss is not so messy!”

“Don’t rob money, as for sex, hehe…” Zhang Heng said with a rippling expression.

After getting in the car, looking at Ah Zi who was standing outside while biting her lip, Zhang Heng smiled and said: “You still have a choice now, no one will force you. But after you get in the car, , It’s hard to say what you will encounter. I will give you 3 seconds to think about it!”

3 seconds?

Azi rolled the eyes, I can think of you as a big ghost in 3 seconds. In fact, she is biased in her heart and leave immediately. This is undoubtedly the wisest choice, but Yang Zhengyang’s task is, hey, for Eldest Young Master, Not to mention sacrificing hue, it is her honor to be able to complete the task if people die!

Sadness is no greater than death, she has made a decision these days!

“Hmph, it will scare me, do you think I don’t know what you think in your heart, it’s nothing more than trying to scare me away, right? I don’t believe in this evil today!” After bulging little cheeks, Walked to the position of the co-pilot, opened the door, and gracefully stepped away from the calf, the little P-stock sat in!

Zhang Heng frowned, and a strange smile flashed at the corner of his mouth, Interesting. From his experience, it can be seen that this beauty shouldn’t be regarded as the kind of “random” person. If it was the quality of the bus surname, Zhang Heng would have no time to play with her. Because of’pure’, I played with her!

No matter how close you are, your ultimate goal will always be revealed.

After starting the car, both of them went into 2-Layer silence. Zhang Heng didn’t take the initiative to speak, and the other party didn’t make a sound except for taking a glance at Zhang Heng’s face from time to time!

“Have you thought about it?” Zhang Heng still smiled and asked after ten minutes.

“What?” Azi was stunned, then turned around and thought about it. Today, it seems that this man has been led by the nose. And sometimes, my head is fundamentally rhythmic, which is not good at all!

Zhang Heng said with a wicked smile at the corner of his mouth: “Of course it is do it quickly. Our time is precious, right? Go to your house or to the hotel**?”


Azi stared at Zhang Heng fiercely, desperately wanting to kick him out of the car, panting with rage cursed: “In your head, what are you thinking about every day? You, you, don’t think me If I can’t beat you, I can’t do anything with you. If you are like this, I, I, I will use anti-wolf spray!”

With that said, he really took out a bottle from his small bag.

Zhang Heng doesn’t care at all. This thing has a little effect on the ordinary person. For him, it is useless at all. It is a bluffing thing when it comes out.

“It’s all right, put it away quickly, you’ll be killing me in a moment.”

“Hmph, just be afraid!” Ah Zi is actually very guilty, knowing that this thing is useless, it is amused to take it out, but do you want to make a full set, even if you are pretending The outfit!

Zhang Heng thought for a while and said, “Then go to your house!” His tone was beyond doubt.

“You, how do you look like this? Let’s see 2nd now. Okay, you, you are too bad, dirty thinking, definitely among men, shameless model, commonly known as’**male’!” Azi gnashing said the teeth.

Zhang Heng rolled his eyes and said calmly: “Then you are still willing to get in my car. It’s still anxious to get down. No one can force you. At the intersection in front, I will stop and you can go down. If you can’t get down, go to the market. Buy some food, you are responsible for the cooking at noon.’Exercise’ is a waste of energy. You must replenish your energy!”

Azi turned his head to the car window and looked outside, muttering in her small mouth: “**male, **male, **male, you are a **male, thick-skinned and **…”

Seen from the back, little girl’s ears are red at the back of her neck, but she didn’t choose to get out of the car! (To be continued.)

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