Super Island Lord Chapter 716

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“I know I’m bastard, why choose to stay?” Zhang Heng asked with a puzzled face when he came out of the supermarket after shopping and returned to the car. .

A Zihong grunted, rolled his eyes, and murmured, “I’m willing, do you care?”

Zhang Heng showed a bitter smile, fuck, women, why can’t you just make sense. Don’t care, but you will suffer later, I can guarantee that it must be you!

“It’s the same place?” Zhang Heng remembered the address where she took her home last time, but it’s not her home. The rich may change their place of residence in one day. This is not unprecedented!

“En!” Azi answered, looking out the window of the car, the crowd passing by, not knowing what was thinking in her mind.

Mrs Yang sits alone in a western restaurant on the top floor of a building, looking down at the shuttle traffic under the 18th Layer, with a charming smile on his mouth.

How can you stay young forever? No matter how young and beautiful the body is, she also needs to appreciate the eyes. The shining red Guoguo eyes of the men around make her very satisfied. At least this proves that she is still as charming as before. The femininity has not changed at all!

“Interesting little man!” The corner of his mouth was turned up, and he muttered to himself. The moment his red lips touched the red wine glass, there were many men around who swallowed and vomited!


Beijing Auto Show!

This time Feiyi Queen Your Majesty, with a luxurious wind, launched 4 models in one fell swoop, which was extremely dazzling at the auto show. Starting from 1000000 SUVs, to the latest hybrid version and improved version of “Feiyi Show Off”, compared with those supercar groups in foreign countries, the imposing manner is not slightly worse!

“This is the flying car Feiyi shows off? Is it just so-so? It’s great if it can fly. The price starts at 120 million, why don’t they grab it!” A woman with an explosive body, nestled next to a youngster with a very ordinary appearance , Looking at the parked car, the sign starting at 120 million was quite dazzling, and the disabled to bear mumbled softly.

The youngster smiled and raised his hand and slapped her on her hips, “What do you know!” With the beauty beside him, walked towards the service staff of Feiyi Group!

“Sorry, this car is not for sale. The current car has already been sold out. We only accept reservations now! If several people want to buy, please go there and talk to our company sales staff. The reservation deposit needs to be paid 60 Million!” The Feiyi Group employee smiled and pointed to a service area behind him!

The Feiyi Group went north this time and gained a lot. From 4 new models to Feiyi showing off the improved version, the amount of the reservation fee alone has exceeded 100 100000000 million!

Although in China, Feiyi usually shows off and can only be used as a sports car and cannot be used for flying, but there are exceptions. It can’t be done in the big city of Beijing. It’s down there. Do people with energy still care? Not during the day, but at night. 10000000 Don’t underestimate the consumption power of the domestic rich. China’s number of 100000000 10000 rich, second only to the United States.

“Is there nothing to look good!” Zhang Heng lazily stretched his waist. The original plan was to take Ah Zi home directly to do some exercises. In the end, Zhang Heng had to accompany him. She came to see the auto show. This is a little bit different from what Zhang Heng thought!

“Beast!” Azi cursed in a low voice, and muttered extremely uncomfortably: “You are too skinless and faceless, this Miss made you stick to the’great bargain’, you are still screaming here It’s boring, do you have to push me so that you are willing? If you do this again, believing or not, I will curse?”

Zhang Heng touched his nose, but did not dare to say anything. Finding a beauty is okay and amusing. It’s also quite interesting. It’s a matter of eagerness to ignore yourself, it’s a bit too much for the loss, it’s better to take it easy!

The reason why I changed my mind to come and watch the auto show was not because of strong demands from Azi. Zhang Heng also has his own purpose. Today’s cars are mainly powered by gasoline, diesel, gas, and electricity. In fact, Zhang Family’s Island already has the strength to intervene in the global energy market.

In the hands of Zhang Family’s Island, the controller is an ultimate weapon, Flower of Energy!

Energy Crystal is a high-level energy source. A small piece of energy can be used for a car for 100 years. The companion organism of Flower of Energy can be directly used as fuel after water injection. If Zhang Family’s Island wants to enter the energy industry, it will definitely have an unexpectedly huge impact on those oil tycoons, energy tycoons, perhaps, it will destroy the surname!

But for the world, it is definitely popular to ease the price of oil and let ordinary persons get benefits. The cost of downgrading fuel is definitely popular!

“What are you thinking about?” Azi disabled to bear pushed the man next to him. He was frivolous just now. Why is he suddenly starting to stay away now!

Zhang Heng came back to his senses and said with a smile: “I’m thinking, if I change the structure of this World, I am afraid that in this World, the people on the top of the pyramid will want to kill me!”

A Zi was stunned, but didn’t understand what the man was talking about.

“If you are allowed to choose, are you willing to be a person who changes this World, a person with great influence in the ordinary person group, or you are willing to be an invisible super-rich, the ordinary person knows little about you, and the world People at the top and the top are afraid of you, and who are willing to cooperate with you?” Zhang Heng asked with a smile.

With a move of “unable to bear” in Azi’s heart, she raised her head and looked at the other party, thinking about it, and saying, “Is there any difference between the first one you mentioned and the second one?”

“Yes, the first one, although he can also become a super rich, but he put himself on the opposite side of many people in this world, because my appearance will definitely shake their status. Let them hate me to the bone. !”

“Then I think you should be a great person and meet all challenges. What’s the point of living without challenges, don’t you?” Azi tilted his head for a while and suddenly said seriously.

Zhang Heng looked at her, did not speak, turned his head, and looked towards the surrounding people, innumerable living beings, rich and poor, but for certain classes of people, these are ordinary persons. Mortals, even they Being rich can’t change the pattern of this World, nor can it affect the decisions of the smallest group of people on Earth!

“My way?” Zhang Heng muttered to himself.

Leisure, besides leisure, he is leisure. He spends his time leisurely. He has money, women, and power, but he feels that his life is not fulfilling at all. He always feels that there is a lack of busyness in his life. It seems to be mixed. Perhaps, in Zhang Heng’s eyes, he is already a bit out of tune with this World.

“A person with ability can change this World. Not everyone can make this World change. Rules are often set down. Even if the makers want to change, it will be very difficult. Man, I believe you Oh, if you can really become the maker of the new order and new rules of this World, then I am willing to follow you for life. I swear, say, do it!” Azi said suddenly frivolous.

After thinking about moving towards Zhang Heng, he blinked again and said, “But, before you formulate the new rules you want, you must not treat me badly, otherwise, huh, even the one who gets me will not get mine. Heart!”

Selling cute, pretending to be pure, taking out the exciting general, and using everything that can be used, as for whether it can achieve the goal, only God knows.

To be honest, Azi didn’t want to give her body to the other party now!

Drag it if you can!

“Okay, then I’ll listen to you.” Zhang Heng laughed up, and a trace of bright light flashed in his eyes. Zhang Family’s Island’s current power is enough to face any challenge.

Turn your head and walk outside!

It’s noon, Zhang Heng got into the car, looked at Azi and asked with a smile: “You don’t really need to be like this, your heart, whether I want it or not, you are the one who attracts me!”

“You’re a beast!” Azi rolled the eyes, losing to him!

At noon, I sent Ah Zi back. Zhang Heng not at all really went to be a beast. In his words, I can give you a few days to consider.

Looking at Zhang Heng who was driving away, Azi stood there, browsing tightly knit. Today’s meeting was neither good nor bad, similar to what I had expected. However, this man, who knew him a little more, had a very evil surname, and compared with his young master, he had so much more strange charm!

“Is this man not bad?”

A sudden voice came into Aziz’s ears, causing her to tremble. She turned her head to look at the man standing behind her, a little unbelievable, lowered her head and whispered: “Madam… why are you here too? “Very unexpected, quite unexpected, she didn’t expect, the young master actually invited Mrs Yang out!

“Come out to play, Zhuangzi is a little boring, hey, in the future, I will live with you for the time being, there is no problem? Come on, tell me about this little man!” Mrs Yang finished speaking and turned around Walk towards the district. There is no doubt in the tone, so Azi has no way to refute!


“A’Dai, I am going to enter the energy market. Do you have any good suggestions?” Zhang Heng called A’Dai out and asked calmly on the way back.

A’Dai shook his head and jokingly said, “No, but A’Dai also thinks it’s time for Boss to find something to do, and he can’t just sit idle like this. The energy market should be a fun place. .”

“Is it free?” Zhang Heng unable to bear gave a wry smile.

“Now Zhang Family’s Island New Energy Company is from Chief Manager Song. Should I say hello to her in advance?” A’Dai thought for a while and asked.

“No, I am going to register a new company. I will explain the matter here as soon as possible, and then…”

“By the way, Boss has one more thing, Tsukino Mai has arrived in the capital. Would you like me to send her your address?” A’Dai suddenly thought of something and said.

“Tsukino Mai?” Zhang Heng was stunned, then shook his head and said, “Don’t let her play, and it’s okay to ask me what to do!” (To be continued.)

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