Super Island Lord Chapter 719

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Huge consumption, manpower, material resources, crazy investment, and returns have doubled. .At this time, most players don’t take these assets to heart. The reason why they are so crazy is to return to the’Chief God World’ to get more combat merit.

Mengluo frowned slightly looking at the crazy people. She has received a call from Zhang Heng, but she is not ready to rush to’Tianmu City’ to meet Zhang Heng, because time is limited and it is too late!

“Wait!” Mengluo muttered to herself. After turning on the 3rd layer of Gene Lock, she is now a little bit distrustful of the existence of Chief God.

Think about those players who entered the Chief God space a few hundred years ahead of time and 100 years ago. Maybe others can’t guarantee it. However, players with a number less than 1000 can reach their current realm at least, right? No wonder they rarely see their silhouettes in Chief God World!

The life and death of others has nothing to do with her.

As for Legion of War Wolf, she can’t guarantee whether Legion of War Wolf will be saved after the mission is over. In the mission space, the time to stay is not long, and it is only 7 years old when it comes to full play. The overall loss of players will not exceed 50%.

She originally calculated that the shortest mission would last for 50 years or longer, for which she had already made a plan for long-term and sustained operations.

But now,’Chief God’ suddenly decided that the mission was over, and all players evacuated the mission space and returned to Chief God World, which made her a little confused!

Isn’t’World’s First Hegemony’ not just a task that simply tests players?

No matter what the players think, one thing is absolutely certain, that is, all players added together cannot be reversed to the wishes of the’Chief God’!

Looking at the crazy-looking members of Legion, Mengluo sighed in his heart. Everyone’s emotions seemed to have been mobilized by some medium, becoming mad and uncontrolled, willing to die. These players, in the end, can There are few people alive, right?

“Ding: The task countdown is 10,9,8, 1, 1,…”

Those who should come will always come, and whoever wants to leave, no one can stop them.

The final madness, not at all, was prevented by any accident, but there were few players who could hear the countdown to the final mission.

Fight to die!

It seems to have become the will of all players, laughing wildly at the enemy’s blade, letting time freeze! Including players, Hero, and various units, the final outcome is extremely bloody!

Whether it is a living player or a dead player, they are quickly broken down into granules in the task space, and then sucked into a specific Seven Colors Space.

Very slow, like closing your eyes, after several world cycles.

Very fast again!

One eye closed, one eye open.

Zhang Heng brought Ice Soul, Little Bao, Flower Demoness, and Demon Ox King 4 General, and returned to the big square when it was assembled, but compared to the original, the magnificent army with thousands of men and horses when he left, now The big square is very empty. Only a few scattered shadows stood there!

“Boss!” Mengluo woke up, and soon saw Zhang Heng and the others standing not far away. The joy in his eyes flashed, and he stepped forward, seemingly light, but at a speed like the wind. .

Zhang Heng smiled: “Miss Mengluo, I’m glad to see you again!”

not at all put a score in front of the other party, and did not claim to be a’Boss’. After all, people’s current abilities are directly proportional to their own. They are all three levels of gene lock. Nothing else, but the most basic respect is not for the other party!

What Zhang Heng needs are trusted allies, not slaves!

Mengluo chuckled. He was more or less unaccustomed to Zhang Heng’s politeness. Turning to look at all around, frowning and whispering: “It seems that there are not many people who come back alive!”

“This is not something we can consider now!” Zhang Heng shook the head. In front of Chief God’s Great World view, all players are small. They can’t change the destiny of others, but can only guarantee the greatest. I can live well. Entering Chief God World, perhaps, is not necessarily a lucky thing!

Stayed there for a while, not at all heard the Chief God system’s prompt, and saw no more players coming back.

Zhang Heng had a bitter smile, and there was an indescribable loss and uncomfortable feeling in his heart. Some of his own guesses may have been confirmed, but they are not complete! Regarding the reward of the’task’, the Chief God system did not give any hints, as if nothing had happened before.

“Let’s go, let’s go back first!” Zhang Heng turned his head to look at Mengluo and asked: “We are going back to Storm Soldier Valley, War Wolf City, where are you going?”

Mengluo thought for a while, and said calmly: “I will go back with you for now!”

Dream City is so close to the Bingbing Valley, but she always felt that being with Zhang Heng gave her a little more confidence. After all, this mission was over when it was over, and it was a little weird!

Great Shopkeeper Yu He looked at the few people who came out of Transmission Array. He was a little surprised and asked in surprise: “Boss, what, why are you guys back, how about the others?”

Both she and the County Lord Fragrant Orchid have received the news of the’mission end’. Not only them, but almost Chief God World, all the senior leaders, for example, Lord of the entire City, have received the “God’s Will”!

Foreign people will return to the world!

“Either dead, or rebirth, who knows!” Zhang Heng shrugged, with a relaxed smile on his face, regardless of others, at least they are still alive!

Both County Lord Fragrant Orchid and Great Shopkeeper Yu He are frowned, which seems to be very different from what they imagined.

“Let’s not talk about others, this time our’Mission Space’ trip, we received very rich goods!” Zhang Heng said with a smile. The diamond coins in his hand, plus the ones in Mengluo’s hands, have reached a total of 1000000, which is almost equivalent to the value of 100 War Wolf City. With such a huge wealth, whether it is the reality of Earth or Chief God World, what can’t you do?

The Chief God World is a place where money can make ghosts grind. Perhaps, if you can take out enough diamond coins, even the “Chief God” will compromise. Who can say that?

What special changes are not at all in Wolf Warriors? The missions for players have not had any impact on the aboriginal inhabitants of Chief God World. All the orders and rules are running in an orderly manner.

“Ding: World’s First, the hegemony is officially over!”

After Zhang Heng and the others returned to War Wolf City, after half a day, the expectant reminder finally sounded. It feels to Zhang Heng that the Chief God system is converting the player’s combat merits for a half-day delay!

Whether it’s true or false, why is it slow? I’m no longer a player at the level of Zhang Heng. I can guess, or rather, I can figure it out!

“Ding: All players, during the’rebirth’, all players return to Chief God World. It is estimated that it will take 6 hours…”

“Ding: After 6 hours, the mission reward will be announced!”

“Ding: Chief God reminder, congratulations to all players who have survived the mission. You will have the opportunity to explore a deeper level!”

The last hint is very intriguing!

To explore a deeper level? What is a deeper level, and what do we need these surviving players to explore? From the genetic lock level to the soul lock level?

Great Shopkeeper Yu He soon received a report from his subordinates, saying that there are new alien players who have entered the city of Wolf Warriors. As time goes by, more and more players have entered the city of Wolf Warriors!

Zhang Heng took Mengluo and stood on the streets of War Wolf, watching the players passing by with expressions of joy and excitement on their faces. There were still many doubts in his heart.

These dead players in the mission space, are they really the players who went to the mission space from Chief God World?

“Anyway, we are back alive, haven’t we!” Mengluo seemed to have guessed what Zhang Heng was thinking, and said softly!

“En!” Zhang Heng nodded! Quietly asked: “Next, do you have any plans, or do you want to focus on Chief God World?”

Mengluo pondered for a while, then nodded and said, “Yes, the Chief God space is still the largest dimension world relative to the world I live in. In my eyes, this place has become my main dimension. There may have been limitations before, but now , I can decide where I will settle down for a long time!”

The voice paused slightly, and curiously asked: “Boss, what about you? Do you still want to take the world you live in as the main face?”

Zhang Heng thought for a while, nodded with a smile and said: “Yes, the world I live in has too many things that I can’t give up. No matter how huge this World is, I will not change my positioning pattern!”

A strange color flashed in Mengluo’s eyes, and after thinking about it, he said, “Then, I can follow the boss and go to the world where you are, and see?”

“Yes, but not now!” Zhang Heng smiled and said nodded first, then shook his head.

6 hours later…

“Ding: List of official mission rewards. The players who won the 1st place are… the top ten Legion players have… the players less than 1000… the players less than hundreds thousand…”

“Ding: All rewards can be cashed out!”

Mission 1st place, not Zhang Heng, this time the system only announces the player’s name, not at all announces the number. The top ten Legion does not have the name of the Wolf Warrior Legion!

In the ranking of the men in the battle list, Zhang Heng ranked 100th 80th in the single player ranking as the Wolf Warrior Legion Corps Head. It is impressively within 1000. In addition, Mengluo’s combat merits are also quite high, ranking in the 200th and 9th place!

Wolf Warriors Legion ranks 13th on the Legion Merit List!

All the rewards are not bad, but compared to the goods Zhang Heng received from the mission space, these rewards are nothing at all!

Zhang Heng and Mengluo looked at each other and smiled, neither of them paid attention to the so-called’World’s First’! Whoever achieved’World’s First’ has nothing to do with them.

“This is over?” Mengluo asked suddenly.

Zhang Heng nodded, smiled and said: “Yes, it’s over!” (To be continued.)

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