Super Island Lord Chapter 720

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“Ding: Chief God World will expand the number of players. This expansion will randomly select 3000 lucky players from the 30,000,000,000-face Universe World to join the’Chief God World’!”


30,000,000,000 plus 3,000,000,000 plus 300 digits, the total is…

Hearing the system’s prompt, Zhang Heng’s face didn’t look strange. In Mengluo’s words,’Chief God World’ has passed the test and the partial test phase. It is time to invite the public test. .A few 100 100000000 million players are not a huge number for the huge Chief God World!

Zhang Heng called the Great Shopkeeper Yu He and the County Lord Fragrant Orchid over, stayed warm, and explained the task. Develop a violent army valley, build walls high, accumulate grain, and slowly become king!

“Boss, now Wolffighter City has developed into a bottleneck, the direction in which the Storm Soldier Valley can develop, not much!” Great Shopkeeper Yu He lay in Zhang Heng’s arms, sighed, and muttered slightly. After 8 years of development, Baobing Valley has gradually improved its facilities, just like a piece of drawing paper. The place to be painted is almost done, and the rest is just the corners!

“There is no place at home, then invest outside!”

“Go outside to invest? Where do you go!” Great Shopkeeper Yu He was taken aback, lifts the head and asked.

Zhang Heng smiled and said: “Why not? Now we have a lot of diamond coins in our hands. Even if another 30,000,000,000 players enter this World, the number in this World is just one hair from nine oxen. Large cities , Super-large cities, capitals, imperial cities, buying shops, speculating real estate, and operating businesses. Can’t all these be invested!”

Speaking of which, Zhang Heng has never been to the super-large city of the “imperial city” grade!

I have the liquid assets of 1000000 diamond coins in my hand. I can’t make a sound anywhere. Now the Great Shopkeeper Yu He and County Lord Fragrant Orchid are also stuck on the bottleneck. There is no breakthrough. No matter how much I want, I don’t want to make a noise. It’s better to change direction. Great Shopkeeper Yu He is good at business, and County Lord Fragrant Orchid is good at controlling. Zhang Heng is ready to let them move unhindered in business, one can train and conquer 2 parties!

Zhang Heng didn’t know how much impact this mission had on other players, but it didn’t have much impact on him, and even after the freshness at the beginning, he couldn’t feel the significance!

Back to the real world!

It’s noon. There is no one in Zi Yan’er’s villa. Everyone should be out busy.

Lying in **, Zhang Heng raised his head and looked at the ceiling, relaxed, regardless of whether the’World’s First Battle for Hegemony’ mission had anything to do with him, but it was still over.

What will happen next, he doesn’t know, but there will definitely not be any major missions recently, 30,000,000,000 new players, hehe, and Chief God World will probably become more and more interesting.

He always felt that in the mission space, the dead players, not at all, really came back to life…

In the next few days, Zhang Heng went to the studio to take a walk around, and he was very happy.

Super Energy Group, registered capital of 1 billion USD.

A’Dai has registered the company and its headquarters is not in Zhang Family’s Island, but in Yunhai City. But so far, Super Energy has only an empty shell!

Putting the company headquarters in Yunhai City means Zhang Heng, don’t let one’s own fertile water flow into others’ field. The good thing is, of course, to cheapen his own people first. He is planning to do a pilot in China first and put biofuel in Domestic promotion, as to whether it will have any impact on heavy oil and heavy petrochemical companies, then he does not care.

If biofuels can be promoted, then domestic oil prices can definitely drop significantly.

However, before leaving the capital and returning to Yunhai City, Zhang Heng is going to take care of the grievances and grievances in the capital first. After all, the feeling of being remembered by others will not be much better!

Bihua Group headquarters.

“Who is Mr. looking for?” The receptionist of the company stopped Zhang Heng with a smile.

“I, I’m looking for you Mr. Li!” Zhang Heng touched his chin and said with a smile.

“Mr. Li? Is it Mr. Li from the sales department or Mr. Li from the after-sales department? Or…” Bihua Group is now a large company with a market value of more than 100 to 100000000 million. of! Therefore, there are a lot more of this chief and that chief!

Zhang Heng moved towards beauty blinked his eyes, smiled bitterly, and said: “You are called President Li so many, I’m looking for you Li Qian, President Li!”

“You’re looking for Boss?” The receptionist at Unable to Bear looked at Zhang Heng a few more times, froze, and said with a smile: “Do you have an appointment, then?”

“No… forget it, let me call her myself!” Zhang Heng shook the head with a wry smile, took out his phone, and called Li Qian!

Li Qian is having a meeting in the conference room, discussing the general direction of Bihua Group’s next development with a group of department managers and consultants. However, as a Boss, the largest Boss in the company, there is no need to shut down during the meeting, but in order to respect others, She turned her phone into silent mode!

Seeing the phone screen flickering on the table, Li Qian picked it up and looked at it, with a smile on the corner of his mouth, and said to everyone: “Go on!” He took the phone and walked out!

“My dear, why do you think of calling someone today, do you have any orders?” Li Qian asked with a smile, looking like a little woman.

Zhang Heng rolled the eyes: “It’s okay, can’t I call you?”

“Yes, my great Lord, don’t be angry, people’s carefulness will be frightened by you!”

Listening to Li Qian’s babbling voice, Zhang Heng’s goose bumps almost didn’t come out, Damn, it’s getting more and more enchanting! With a wry smile, he said, “What are you doing?”

“Me, it’s a meeting!” Li Qian likes talking to Zhang Heng like this, remembering that when the two of them first got together, she was the way she is now. She would act like a baby and be cute!

“Since I’m busy, I’ll go now.”

“Where are you?”

“Under your company!”

“You didn’t lie to me?” “If you don’t believe me, you’re busy, I’ll go now, I’ll see you later!” Then, Zhang Heng wanted to hang up the phone. He actually didn’t at all. Look at Li Qian!

“Don’t, my good Lord, wait, won’t someone come down and pick you up in person right now!” He said, walking towards the elevator quickly!

Zhang Heng took the phone, shook it towards the receptionist, smiled and said, “Your boss came to pick me up in person!”

People secretly rolled his eyes, I’m afraid it’s almost the same if they don’t treat him as a mental illness.

It didn’t take long to wait, Li Qian walked out of the elevator, smiled and walked over, took Zhang Heng’s arm, looked at him and asked, “Isn’t you angry?”

Zhang Heng unable to bear was happy, touched his nose and said, “I’m not a 3-year-old child. How can I be so angry? Just make a phone call and run down by myself!”

Li Qian blanked his eyes: “Isn’t you afraid of you getting angry!” Turning his head to face the receptionist with a smile: “This is my boyfriend. He is here in the future. Just let him go up directly.” Holding Zhang Heng’s arm walked towards the elevator!

2 receptionists, Xiaozui Unable to bear Zhang’s boss, boyfriend? Looks like it’s very hungry…

“What to drink?” Li Qian asked with a smile.

“Not thirsty!” Zhang Heng shook his head, sat on the sofa with Li Qian in his arms, put his chin on her shoulder, and asked softly: “I have been in Beijing for so long, and I haven’t called you, send messages, are you jealous? What?”

Li Qian pouted and snorted, “Yes!” But the more she said that, the more Zhang Heng knew, she must have never been angry!


Li Qian blushed, tidying up his messy clothes, Zhang Heng, with a smirk on his face, bowed his head and held a tissue, and wiped off the shiny things on the table!

“How long do you want to stay in Beijing this time?” Li Qian sat down in Zhang Heng’s arms again and asked softly, holding his neck.

Zhang Heng shook his head and said, “I will be back to Yunhai in a few days. Why, is there any’strong’ request? Hehe, if you have, you can go to Yunhai. There are many flights now!”

“It’s not serious!” Li Qian squatted him, thought for a while and said, “By the way, today, our Academy has a classmate gathering. The initiator is the president of our student union. Are you going?”

classmate reunion party?

Zhang Heng has studied in Beijing for 4 years. Although it is not a good university, it is also a two-college university. Otherwise, there would be no such “monstrous talent level” as Li Qian.

“I remember the president of my student union, he seems to be called Chen Long, right?” Zhang Heng asked with a smile.

“Yes!” Li Qian nodded.

“I chased you for a long time?” Zhang Heng faint smiled.

Li Qian smiled and leaned in his arms, muttering: “You are so true. Didn’t they ruin you in your hands in the end? You are still eating others’ jealousy!”

“I’m not jealous!” Zhang Heng shook his head and said with a smile: “I’m just curious, why did you choose not to be rich and handsome, but to be a poor man?”

“Aren’t you also rich and handsome now!” Li Qian smiled without answering.

“What if I still have nothing?” Zhang Heng reached out and touched his cheek.

Li Qian shook his head and said, “Impossible, you are the protagonist, so you are the best.”

Zhang Heng smiled and didn’t say anything. It’s a past tense to say that it hurts the feelings too much. What’s the use of those who said that it is no better than nothing better now and in the future!

“Then you go?” Zhang Heng turned the topic to the classmate reunion party again.

“I listen to you!” Li Qian said with a gentle smile. She knows men and what men like to listen to. As a smart woman, she won’t touch a man’s scales.

“If I didn’t know any classmate reunion party, would you go?” Zhang Heng asked with a smile.

Li Qian thought for a while, lowered his head and said softly, “There are several classmates who get along well, and they all invited me!”

The underlying meaning in the words is to say that even if Zhang Heng doesn’t know, she should go there too. After all, everyone has 1-Layer time for graduation. It’s not easy to get together and reminisce about the time in youth and university. !

“Well, since you are all there, then I will also join in the fun, when the time comes… greedy them!” Zhang Heng said with a wicked smile. (To be continued.)

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