Super Island Lord Chapter 722

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Zhang Heng did it deliberately, for no other reason. This long-legged beauty mother is too’tasteful’ in appearance. From the outside, she looks like a charming young woman in her early 30s. Upon closer inspection, she finds that she is only 20. Every move has the mature taste that a little girl has never experienced.

Beautiful women have no age, and men will like them. However, this woman has a dangerous aura that makes people wary!

“Hey, little brother can really talk!” Mrs Yang covered his mouth and smiled, without the slightest anger on his face.

Zhang Heng hit the snake with the stick, and said with a smile: “Is it right? The elder sister is so young, how could it be Ah Zi’s mother? Even if you two take to the street, I am afraid that 2% of the people will make mistakes. Think you are mother and daughter? Hehe, I’m just speaking frankly that’s all!”

“This is what the elder sister likes to listen to.” Mrs Yang obviously didn’t care about Zhang Heng’s mouth full of flowers. Which woman does not like to be in the eyes of others, can be younger!

For two people, Azijiao stomped her feet. She was the only one who was a little dissatisfied. Even if she was acting, she was able to perform well. After all, one is her friend and the other is her nominal mother. Can you confuse seniority? The little mouth murmured and became tall, and said unhappily, “How can you two be like this, mother, you are too bad, what elder sister, this is someone’s friend, is your Junior good?”

“My dear baby, don’t you be angry, isn’t it because the mother is wrong, but your friend is really interesting!” Mrs Yang said with a smile while holding Ah Zi.

The affectionate appearance made Ah Zi feel a little uncomfortable on her face, and the goose bumps under her clothes appeared. But in front of the shrewd man on the opposite side, he knew that he would never show his feet.

“Aunt is right. We are all different. Are you angry, right? Aunt elder sister?” Zhang Heng followed, but he blinked at Azi mother secretly.

Azi grumbled her little mouth, fiercely poked his eyes, and panting with rage didn’t want to ignore him!

“Zhang Heng, right? From now on, Aunt will call you Little Heng. You and Azi will sit down for a while, and I will help you wash the fruits.” Saying Mrs Yang, he turned and walked towards the kitchen, his hips twisted innocently. Knowing it was intentional or innate.

“Aunt, you don’t have to be busy!” Zhang Heng said politely, put the things he bought in the living room, sat on the sofa, took Azi’s attention, pulled her into his arms and laughed wickedly. He said: “Your mother is so beautiful, it’s worse than you!”

Twisted twice in Zhang Heng’s arms, Azi snorted fiercely at him and said in a low voice: “I can warn you, you, if you dare to hit my mother’s attention, I will kill you. believing or not?”

“Believe!” Zhang Heng nodded, raised his hand, slapped her, and said with a smirk: “I just don’t know where you want to speak?”

“Beat you to death!” Azi was not polite, and hit him with his fist raised.

Zhang Heng stopped Ah Zi’s hand and suddenly asked curiously, “Are you really mother and daughter?”

Recalling the old things made Azi’s heart stunned. In fact, she should have thought of it a long time ago. Mrs Yang said that the two were mothers and daughters. This man is so shrewd and has many minds. It is strange to believe.

Mind 100 times, just at this time, Mrs Yang’s footsteps came out, A Zi pretended to be shy, and hurriedly stood up from Zhang Heng’s arms, stared at him, and revealed the topic, not at all answering !

“Come, Little Heng eat fruit!” Mrs Yang smiled and put the fruit down.

“Thank you Aunt!” Zhang Heng smiled politely, pretend to be polite.

After the three people sat down, Mrs Yang smiled and asked, “Little Heng, where is your home? How old is this year? Do you have a girlfriend? Are you planning to settle in Beijing?”

Mother-in-law’s questioning, I almost didn’t say directly, are you interested in my daughter? Do you want to marry her?

As a mother, this kind of questioning is very suitable for Mrs Yang’s identity at this time, making people feel no doubt, and at the same time, it will not block the goodwill that breeds. It seems that this mature woman is also such an expert!

A Zi’s face flushed, and he stomped his feet and screamed coquettishly at Mrs Yang.

Zhang Heng smiled bitterly. He didn’t want to answer the hukou-style questioning, but…

“My family belongs to the sea of ​​clouds. This time I come to the capital, I am not planning to stay longer. I will leave when the matter at hand is resolved. As for my girlfriend, hehe, I already have one, and Azi has also seen it. “Zhang Heng said with a smile, not at all to hide something. However, the last time the long-legged beauty saw Li Meng, not Zhao Xue!

Mrs Yang was stunned, turned her head and glanced at A Zi. It gave people the feeling that she had misunderstood the relationship between the two, and thought Zhang Heng and her daughter were boy and girl friends!

Azi blushed, wrinkled Xiaoqiong’s nose, and whispered: “What do you think of me? I haven’t said anything to do with him. We are ordinary friends. You have to ask more.”

“Is it just an ordinary friend?” Mrs Yang smiled bitterly and turned his head to look at Zhang Heng again, shaking his head and muttering to himself: “Hey, I really don’t know what your youngsters are doing now. Forget it, I I don’t want to care about the affairs between you, anyway, you just have to decide!”

Zhang Heng touched his nose and didn’t answer anything. However, his doubts were still heavy. Are these two really mother and daughter? Those who don’t have age don’t say it first, but how can there be similarities between mother and daughter? But in Zhang Heng’s eyes, the two of them are not alike at all in terms of appearance or appearance.

I don’t know why, in Zhang Heng’s mind, Yang Zhengyang’s somewhat arrogant face suddenly jumped out, letting him and Mrs Yang’s looks merge together, until they have a similarity!

Could it be that this mature beauty has several points of relationship with that Young Master Yang?

Although Zhang Heng and A Zi are not boyfriends and girlfriends, Mrs Yang still keeps Zhang Heng behind, and the lunch is very rich. From the demeanor of the other person’s words, it is not difficult to see that Zhang Heng seems to have a good impression of him, and I really want to match the two people together!

For such a’good thing’, Zhang Heng naturally would not pretend to be a gentleman. He pushed it out, half-pushed and hummed, but he didn’t lose money anyway.

During the meal, the three drank some wine. After the meal, Mrs Yang said that he has always had the habit of taking a nap, go back to his room for a little sleep, and let Zhang Heng be free at home, don’t be polite, and told Ah Zi to accompany Zhang Heng.

Azi looked at the other person’s faint smile, and his face was a little red at the time. In my heart, he scolded Mrs Yang again. If you said you want to play, do you want to play with him? Why do you have to accompany him? Is it really annoying to be someone? She feels deeply about this man’s’badness’, she can’t say that her reputation and integrity will be ruined by him!

But I also know that this is the task assigned by the wife, even if she is dissatisfied in her heart, she cannot tolerate her rejection. In front of the wife and the young master, she is a little maid, how can she have the slightest human rights at all!

“Beauty, would you like to take me to visit your boudoir?” Zhang Heng smiled as he looked at A Zi and said in a low voice.

Azi blushed, wrinkled her nose, coldly snorted and said, “You are so beautiful, no, you can’t go there, you can only stay in the living room.”

“Before your mother went to take a nap just now, you had to explain to you that you want to accompany me. Is that how you treat the guests?” Zhang Heng sullen his face and stared at her angrily. This house is not very big. It has 3 bedrooms and 2 halls. Except for the one Mrs Yang lives in, there must be Azi in the remaining 2 rooms. Even if she doesn’t say which one is, Zhang Heng can still find it. Won’t it come out?

“Che, you are less proud, that is to say polite to you, do you really think of yourself as a distinguished guest?” Azi didn’t care. Xin said that there is no insurance in the living room. If you go to the bedroom, the danger is a bit more dangerous. Don’t think that there is a’Mrs Yang’ at home, that can scare this bad embryo!

Zhang Heng turned his head and walked towards the room by himself, muttering to himself: “Do you think that if you don’t say it, I won’t find it by myself, that’s stupid!”

A Zi was anxious, jumped up from the sofa and shouted, “Hey, how can you be like this!”

“What’s your name, don’t you know if your’mother’ is resting in the room? Call me again, Laozi will leave immediately, you will be the bird in the future!” Zhang Heng turned her head and blanked her eyes. Then he opened the door of the room and walked over. He knows that this long-legged beauty has a purpose for himself and would not easily cast aside all considerations for face with himself!

Therefore, all the initiative is not in the hands of the other party!

“You…pervert, bastard, tortoise bastard, you come out for me.” As Zhang Heng thought, Azi really didn’t dare to cast aside all considerations for face. If you want to, the pavement made by the previous meetings , Isn’t it in vain? Yang Zhengyang won’t let her do that, now Mrs Yang is here again, and he won’t let her do that either.

If you really turned your face with Zhang Heng, Mrs Yang would definitely blame her!

Zhang Heng is certain that this room belongs to Ah Zi, and the layout is very similar to her surname. When Zi came in, he was already lying on the bed with his head up, his face a little intoxicated, and his eyes closed.

“The fragrance of purple is your body fragrance, right?” Zhang Heng muttered to himself. Hearing Azi’s ears, she trembled because of the impossible to bear.

I scolded the man all over.

“How can you be like this? Hurry up and be seen by my mother. You, do you want me to explain it!” Azi stood at the door with a grumbling expression. The’mother’ from the previous page was sacrificed, hoping to achieve some effect!

Zhang Heng eyes opened, smiled and shook his head and said, “Don’t scare me, come over, close the door and talk to me!” He said, hooked her finger at her! (To be continued.)

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