Super Island Lord Chapter 723

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Zhang Heng looked at Azi standing there, gave himself a blank look, smiled without getting angry, and slept under her quilt, and said softly: “I can believe it now. You and the lady outside are definitely not a mother-daughter relationship. Hehe, do you know why I am so sure? Come here, I’ll tell you!”

Azi was dumbfounded, and subconsciously muttered: “How did you see it?”

Zhang Heng patted the bed and smiled without answering. .

After thinking about it, A Zi bit her lip and walked over, staring at Zhang Heng and asked curiously: “How do you see that we are not mother and daughter?”

“Guess!” Zhang Heng chuckled said.

“Cut!” A Zi glanced at him, thought about it, and whispered: “I tell you, you are not allowed to talk nonsense about this kind of thing, and between me and my mother, it’s not what you think!”

Anyway, insisting that he and Mrs Yang are mothers and daughters, this man will not believe it, so he can only change the breakthrough. Isn’t it just making up stories? This is definitely a woman’s strength.

“Then tell me what the hell is going on?” Zhang Heng asked with a smile. He hugged her restlessly, but that was all, not at all, what other excessive behavior!

Zi broke free, and saw Zhang Heng not moving, so she didn’t say anything. Muttered softly: “Actually, she is my adoptive mother. Who is my biological mother? I don’t even know. You can see that her skill is of common origins with me. We mother and daughter 2 The charming technique of people has no effect on you. I really don’t know what kind of rare beast you are. Otherwise…”

Zhang Heng smiled and said, “Otherwise, I would have been tossed to death by you, right?”

Azi ignored him and said to himself: “Actually, although she is not my biological mother, in my heart, she is my mother, my relative. Don’t guess about this kind of thing, and you will not be allowed in the future. Nonsense. By the way, how do you see that we are not our biological mother and daughter? Don’t fool me, I want to hear the truth!”

She absolutely does not believe that Zhang Heng guessed, there is no such accurate thing in the world, there are reasons for 10000 things!

“My method is inherited from the ancestors. It is not difficult to pass on males but not females. It is not difficult if you want to know, but I need to have a son before I can tell you!” Zhang Heng said nonsense with a smile.

Foster mother? This explanation has several points of credibility!

Since Zhang Heng didn’t want to say it, Azi didn’t have to force him. He turned the subject and asked in a low voice, “You have a girlfriend, and you come to provoke me. What do you want to do in the future?”

“Keep it!” Zhang Heng smiled so much that he didn’t care much, and said, “It seems that you took the initiative to hook me up. Even if something happens in the future, you will be responsible for most of the responsibility!”

“Then can I let you break up with your girlfriend?” Azi turned her head and looked at him quietly and asked.

Zhang Heng shook his head decisively and said, “You don’t have to think about this. For you, let me give up the entire forest. That is definitely not my last name!”


“What are you talking about?” Zhang Heng glared at her, slapped fiercely, and said: “10000000 don’t challenge me, otherwise, the consequences will be very serious, do you know?”

“You, you are necrotic, hit someone so hard!” Azi touched the place where he was hit, and stared at him fiercely.


Yang Zhengyang already knew that Zhang Heng was making a new movie, and even spent a lot of money to buy some insiders to monitor “Super Daddy” day and night! As for taking revenge on Long Haitao, he has never found a suitable opportunity, because the Long Family is by no means easy to provoke!

Although he is a dragon, he is not stupid. After all, the capital is the capital, not a place where anyone can do anything wrong! What happened last time was because the other party was not prepared. If one after another is threatening the other party with the safety of his family members, do you think they will let him do what he wants?

Since yin is not good, you can only use yang!

“How are the people I asked you to contact?” Yang Zhengyang sat calmly in his chair, looked down at some information, and asked Azhu who was standing by.

He intends to use his voice to suppress people. Zhang Heng’s current fame is true, but he is not bad, and there are many so-called artists and celebrities in the cultural world who are famous for humiliating celebrities and stepping on other people’s heads to make money. It was these so-called’celebrities’ that he asked Azi to contact.

In this world, if you want others to hate you, the most direct way is to let them have a direct relationship with you.

There are some things Mengnan Film and Television Company disdains to do, but he has no scruples. Apart from this, he secretly bought a gossip weekly and contacted some tabloid newspapers. Now 1st Step, he has to find a way to do it first. Director Zhang Da’s name stinks!

There are many ways to touch black people, planting blame and inverting black and white. Are these all things that can create topics? Besides, this legendary’Director Zhang’** is not necessarily so clean. I dare not say anything else, at least he and Zi Yan’er have an affair, many people know!

The characters in the upper class know, but the ordinary person doesn’t know it. If you explode the information, then everyone can understand it? Since Zi Yan’er is from Zhang Heng, what does it matter if he insults in the magazine!

The matter is already being planned. Money makes a way for people. It is related. Isn’t the rest the matter of where water flows, a canal is formed!

“Master, we have already contacted. The other party agreed to help with a’voice’!” Azhu lowered his head and said respectfully. Regarding what the young master did, she only dared to be angry, not to speak. After so many years, the habit developed in Fortune Villa naturally understands respect and respect, and dare not intervene in the affairs of the young master!

“You did good, go on!” After Yang Zhengyang waited for Azi to quit, he lifted the head, with a hint of a smile flashed from the corner of his mouth, picked up the phone from the desk, and dialed: “Old Ma, You can do it!”

Zhang Heng was having an affair with Long-legged Beauty, but he didn’t know that the lace news about him has been flying all over the sky.

“Director Zhang Heng unwritten rules Zi Yan’er, the queen of entertainment circles, enter and exit Zi Yan’er villa day and night!”

“According to reliable sources, Zhang Heng used to be in Zi Yan’er Villa for 3 days and 3 nights, and neither of them went out!”

“A big sister in the entertainment industry who is not far from being named, once admitted that Zi Yan’er’s overnight fee is 10000000 million. If you want to kiss Fangze, you can directly make an appointment with a company. In addition, other actresses of a company , As long as you can afford it, you can take it out for’dining’!”

“Big news, the entertainment queen Zi Yan’er is Zhang Heng**, and the two are close!”

“Is it dating, or unwritten rules, or money transaction?”

For a while, Internet, reality, and various media suddenly broke out about the scandal between director Zhang Heng and Zi Yan’er. Because there is A’Dai on the Internet, after filtering through layers, Zhang Heng’s face is rarely seen on the Internet. Therefore, everyone only knows that there is such a great character in the entertainment industry, but I don’t know what he is. Who.

The 300,000,000,000 super director Zhang Heng, compared with Zi Yan’er, on the contrary, is not as famous as the entertainer Letian, Zi Yan’er. How popular is Zi Yan’er right now? For example, in China, at least 8 out of ten people know Zi Yan’er more or less, whether it is often or occasionally, anyway, I have heard of it. The songs she sang, or the film and television works she has acted.

Among these 8 people, at least 5 people have seen Zi Yan’er look like they know her look. Then choose from these 5 people, at least 4 are people who like her, and among these 4 people who like her, there will be 2 hardcore fans. This is the audience and influence of Zi Yan’er!

In the past, Zi Yan’er always appeared in a pure image in front of symbiosis. She also cherished her reputation very much, so she rarely heard negative news about her!

Red and purple, and has a strong appeal in the international arena. Among domestic actresses, Zi Yan’er can be ranked first, no one can beat!

Originally, if the male is unmarried and the female is unmarried, it’s okay if any scandal comes out. However, this big exposure was premeditated and targeted at the last name!

First of all, first put Zi Yan’er on the list of ‘10000000’ actresses who can provide certain services, so that people have a feeling of being pure on the surface, it is all pretend!

After all, nowadays any celebrity is not reliable, good men on the screen, drug addicts, sex, playing small 3, etc. are common.

To say that the entertainment industry is just a big dyeing vat, and even the purest people can be dyed yellow. The public will certainly not object. However, Zi Yan’er is a super queen after all, with a large group of hardcore fans behind it. And more people can’t eat grapes and say grapes are sour, and if they can’t get started, then they will scold it as ***, why not do it.

Then, the shady scene of Mengnan Film and Television Company will be revealed. Although the tabloids may not be true, but who cares if you are true or false, anyway, if someone says it, some people can believe it.

The rest is a group of’celebrities’ who jumped out and directly accused them of righteousness.

Finally, the yellow mud on the crotch, even if it is not shit, is shit!

As for Zhang Heng, he is Zhang Family’s Island Island Lord, 300,000,000,000 super director. He is a man, fickle lustful, and relatively low-level man. This can be seen in the movie “Empire of Beauties”, where the top 1000 beauty joined. The director Zhang Heng in the tabloid is a strong, aloof and remote, forcing people to do something big bastard who doesn’t like doing things.

Although Zi Yan’er is impure and not a good thing, he is also a weak person. It is a beauty, and he has been given a “hidden” rule by this great director of 1000 to 100000000 million.

Anyway, in many gossip news, basically this is the central idea, Zi Yan’er is the victim, and this super director is the man who made the black hand.

The beauty god who was in the mind of everyone was torn to pieces and ravaged by his kind of filthy child!

For a while, the entertainment industry is surging, some are happy, some are worried… (To be continued.)

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