Super Island Lord Chapter 724

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Deliberately, artificially, fabricated, plus a lot of facts, the’Zi Yan’er’ was’submerged’ incident. It was useless for a few hours. It was in the reality of the network and spread madly. No matter when, will not lack of people watching the excitement. .There are a lot of people, everyday all do nothing…

When Hong Qiuxia received the report from his subordinates, the reporters in the entertainment circle had already heard the wind and came to the door.

“What the hell is going on?” Hong Qiuxia said with a cold face and angrily dropped her cup. The company has developed to the point where it is now, and few people see her getting angry like this.

The people below lowered their heads, not daring to stand up and touch Sister Qiu’s brows.

Hong Qiuxia took a deep breath, frowning deep, she should have thought that Zhang Heng and Zi Yan’er 2 were mixed together, and something would happen sooner or later. But what can she do? One is a 300,000,000,000 director, the other is a superstar who is popular all over the world, the most important, these two are her parents, Big Boss!

“Sister Qiu, many reporters outside have come to ask if the company has rules for letting its artists accompany wine and dinner, and the prices are clearly marked!”

“…Fart!” Hong Qiuxia has grown up so big that she still hasn’t scolded a few times. This time she was really mad. Didn’t those tabloid reporters make up their minds? Will the 100 assets on film and television be used to make money by selling stars? The artists under your own banner are not those 100000000rd-rate goods, who are casually endorsing an advertisement, I am afraid it is more than a few 3 million?

“Check, I’m going to see if it is who dares to target us so blatantly!” Hong Qiuxia said with a cold face and gloomy.

When Zhang Heng received the call, he was having a heart-to-heart talk with Azi. If you want to subdue the other party, you must first have a certain understanding of others. Although what you say to yourself may not necessarily be true, it will not be all. Fake, human, it’s all like this, if you want the other party to believe it is true, when speaking, it must be half true half false!

A Zi and Mrs Yang are definitely not mother and daughter. As for whether they are adoptive mothers, Zhang Heng can’t guarantee that. However, Zi said she was an orphan, and It shouldn’t be a lie to herself. The rest, make up stories, listen to stories.

“Sister Qiu, what’s the matter?” Zhang Heng took out the phone and saw that it was Sister Qiu’s. He answered without saying anything. If nothing happened, she wouldn’t call herself.

Hong Qiuxia was silent for a while. Suddenly he didn’t know what was wrong, and he wanted to smile wryly. Listening to the tone of this’Big Boss’**, I’m afraid I still know what he is doing?

“Boss, you are red now, and many people in the capital are looking for you. What do you want to do with passion in the future? First of all, you must pay attention and don’t get caught by anyone.” Hong Qiuxia smiled bitterly. .


Zhang Heng was taken aback for a moment, but he didn’t understand what Sister Qiu was saying!

“Two hours ago, Jingma Film and Television Entertainment Company made a sudden move and exposed a large number of scandals between you and Miss Zi, the boss… Well, you are forcing, Miss Zi is the victim, and you are still going to us. I splashed a lot of dirty water on my body, saying that all of our actresses are clearly priced and can accompany wine. Anyway, not only are they going to be online, but in reality, they are almost noisy!” Hong Qiuxia sighed inwardly .

Gossip? Jingma Entertainment?

Zhang Heng frowned, sat up from the ***, listening to Sister Qiu’s words, it is not difficult to hear the serious situation. Just ordinary gossip gossip, I won’t call myself.

Holding the mobile phone, he glanced at Azi who was lying next to him, who was also staring at her with her ears erected.

“By the way, Boss, you’d better call Miss Zi first. I didn’t contact her just now. I should be busy filming, but I have already sent someone to inform.” Hong Qiuxia hung up the phone after speaking. , Not at all Explain what Zhang Heng should do. He is okay. He doesn’t show up much, and the reporter doesn’t necessarily know him. Besides, they are Boss, what should be done, what should not be done, do you still have to teach yourself!

Azi watched Zhang Heng hang up, her face was a little ugly, unable to bear curiously asked: “What’s wrong?”

Zhang Heng looked at her and said: “There is a bastard named Yang Zhengyang who wants to courting death, so he dared to expose my little gossip, huh, when I look back, Laozi will post his photos and let him try deal with a man as he deals with you.” At this point, paused, a weird smile suddenly appeared on the corner of her mouth, and she reached out to get a bite in some place of her, and asked softly: “Between you and that young master Yang, Doesn’t it matter?”

What a high level of alertness, Ah Zi called “unable to bear” in his heart, knowing that she had never mentioned anything about Yang Shao in front of this man, but he could still smell that she and Yang Zhengyangzhi There is a certain connection between, since he asked this way, he must not be the result of a momentary guess in his heart.

How can he deal with this man?

In A Zi’s mind, two words “willing to” popped up suddenly. She used to rely on tactics to eat, but now, if she wants to count others, it’s impossible not to give them’sweetness’. This man is too shrewd. After meeting 2 times, she also came to a conclusion that the other party is not the owner of don’t act without some incentive!

Give yourself to him, use gentleness to resolve his psychological doubts, and let him gradually indulge in his land of warmth and tenderness. This should be the fastest and the shortest way.

But will he addicted to himself?

“Young Master Yang, I don’t even know it!” Azi blinked at Zhang Heng, as if he didn’t even know what he was talking about. The expression is seamless, and he kicked him away with a blushing face, and said in a low voice: “You guy, why do you always do this, if you move your hands and feet to me, believing or not I kicked your balls?”

Zhang Heng had a chill. It would be scary if he was anxious about it!

“Okay, isn’t it okay to stay still?” Zhang Heng sat up with a wry smile, and didn’t mention Yang Zhengyang’s stubbornness. Just a few words is enough, and it’s useless to say more!

“What are you going to do?” Zi suddenly stretched out his hand to grab Zhang Heng, and asked with a small mouth.

Zhang Heng shook the mobile phone in his hand and said, “Did you not hear what was said on the phone? Now my enemy is looking for awkwardness. I will repair him in the past.”

A Zi glanced at him, bowed his head and blushed and mumbled: “But, do you have to go now? You, why don’t you allow me to come to my house once, so you can’t stay and stay with me for a while?”

Zhang Heng looked at her with a faint smile and said, “Well, don’t you really fall in love with me?”


The long-legged beauty lowered his head, but didn’t even refute.

“Really in love?” I am puzzled when I come back to Zhang Heng. Could it be that I have grown so much that I have become a super invincible man that everyone loves? Cao, if you say this, he will feel a little blush!

“Yes, I like you. I like you to look bad and incongruous. I just like it. Hmph, this Miss grows up like this, and has always teased others. Others listen to me. I have never seen you like this. As for the man who dares to move his hands and feet to me, I think you are different, so I want to conquer you!” Azi suddenly lifts the head and stares directly at Zhang Heng, said with a smile.

Zhang Heng touched his nose, didn’t know whether to cry or laugh rolled the eyes, impossible to bear and cursed: “Are you a legendary, owe a dry girl?”

Isn’t this?

Azi blushed, panting with rage and waved his powder fist; “You are what you are, stinky thing, you are talking about me like this, Believing or not, Believing or not me…” “Believe! My eggs are precious. Yes.” Zhang Heng took her voice before she finished speaking! After thinking for a while, he lay back and said curiously: “However, this doesn’t seem to be very scientific. Is it because I dare to be scornful of you, always behave on you, always think about you, what? Are you in love with me? Your love, is it too…well, a little too serious?”

“You are not serious!” Azi blushed, thought about it, and muttered in a low voice: “What do you think, I know, but what do I think, do you know?”

Zhang Heng stared at her, staring at her, and suddenly yelled: “You don’t want to be caught by me, do you?’

A Zi blushed, his eyes were white, but he didn’t say anything to refute. It seems to agree with Zhang Heng’s conclusion, which not only makes Zhang Heng a little unbearable, he wants to move his index finger!

“What are you doing!” Azi hid in the bed in fright, staring at him guardingly and asked.

Zhang Heng chuckled and said: “Since you want to do it too, what are we waiting for, come on, do it quickly, the big brother will have something to do soon!”

“Fuck you, the ghost will do it quickly with you!”

“Didn’t you say that you wanted to…” Zhang Heng looked at her dumbfounded.

Azi blushed and said: “hmph, I want to think, do or do, two things are good. I said I like you, but I didn’t say I have to and so on with you. Besides, my mother is still at home, OK? Okay, you, you have to be shameless. People know that you have a big face, even if you are shameless, can they follow you and let it go?”

Zhang Heng smiled and said: “Typically want to be a ** and want to set up an archway!”

“Bastard, you are…”

Now that the relationship has been broken, Zhang Heng naturally doesn’t have to worry about anything. Even if he can’t start the real thing, it’s okay to take advantage of it!


Zi Yan’er has recently been very concerned about his first movie that reads and produced handhelds, so he almost ignores things outside the window and concentrates on only shooting movies. She doesn’t even know about the gossip of the outside world, and she usually turns off her mobile phone when she arrives on the set and concentrates on the movie, so it is difficult for people outside to contact her.

As for the group of reporters who heard about the wind, they were all blocked out. The set will not let these reporters in at will, but everything is still in huge fermentation, and there is a trend of intensification… (To be continued.)

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