Super Island Lord Chapter 725

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“Director, it’s not good. Many reporters came outside, yelling to interview you!” The assistant ran over in a panic and whispered. .

Zi Yan’er let go of his work, frowned, and asked with some doubts: “Interview me, why are you interviewing me? Don’t you know I’m busy now? No, no one, no media interviews, let the security guard In the past, ask them to leave and don’t disturb our work!”

“But…” The assistant opened his mouth, his face hesitant to speak.

Zi Yan’er rolled the eyes, and said angrily: “But what? Just say something.” I don’t know if this is the problem. Anyway, since I became a director, my temper has gradually increased!

At this time, no one told her that rumors, scandals and lace news about her were already flying in the sky.

“Sister Yan’er, it seems something is wrong!” Liu Xuejing and Li Meng walked over. Liu Xuejing looked outside and said with some confusion: “The reporters outside seem to have been injected with chicken blood. What happened? Can you let them do this? Or, I’ll call and ask the company!”

With that said, when he took out the phone and wanted to contact Hong Qiuxia, the person Hong Qiuxia sent to send the message had already arrived!

“Pre-rules?” Zi Yan’er was stunned, and was immediately amused by the news. He grinned indifferently and laughed, saying something arrogant. With her current identity, the wealth she holds is now on the world again. How many people dared to apply the pre-rules to her. The question is, what kind of “hidden” should be used?

power? Or money?

For those things, does she still lack Zi Yan’er?

Zi Yan’er calmed down when he saw the newspaper saying about the relationship between himself and Zhang Heng, and saw the wildly fabricated gossip, laughed disdainfully and said: “10,000,000 I want this Miss to recruit The price is too low, and the people who make up the topic are also lacking in standard.”

It is indeed inconsistent with her worth!

I thought about it and said solemnly again: “How the outside world likes to comment, then how to comment. When you come back, you can bring a message to Sister Qiu to ask her to find a lawyer, and send these tabloid newspapers that dare to blatantly spread rumors and slander me to court. , I’m not used to them.” Zi Yan’er greeted the actors again and got busy.

“That’s it?” Liu Xuejing followed Zi Yan’er ** and asked eagerly.

Zi Yan’er glanced at her, smiled and said, “No, what else do you want? Go out and have a fight with others?” Let alone who wins and who loses, as long as Zi Yan’er appears to refute, those gossips The reporter has written it. Besides, people say that Zhang Heng bastard gave himself the “pre-rule” and stayed in his villa for 3 days and 3 nights. Isn’t this true? The reason why you are not angry is because there is nothing to be angry about!

No matter how fierce the noise outside is, what does it have to do with her? Whatever others like to say, just talk about it. Zi Yan’er now wants money and money, and wants to be famous, so he doesn’t need to care about slander from the outside world. Of course, it’s not that you can just let those tabloid reporters talk nonsense if you don’t care!

Mengn Television has its own team of lawyers. Whoever talks nonsense will have to pay the price. Zi Yan’er’s reputation is very valuable. It is useless to apologize at that time!

As long as you don’t get messed up here, any storm outside will not be a threat to Zi Yan’er. Bad reputation? Zi Yan’er doesn’t care about those people anymore. If the outside world can really move Zhang Heng and make him feel bad, then Zi Yan’er can’t pay back and thank him for it!

It’s already 3 o’clock in the afternoon when I left Zi Family!

Seeing Azi’s faintly resentful face, Zhang Heng just wanted to laugh, but he didn’t do anything. It was you who took the initiative to provoke yourself, but in the end it seemed that you had suffered a lot!

Zhang Heng did not go to the studio, but drove directly to Mengn Television!

At 2 o’clock in the afternoon, Mengn Film and Television Company had already held a press conference, but the party involved, Zi Yan’er, and Sister Qiu and the others not at all were present. Only a high-level Chief-In-Charge in the Mengn Film and Television Company came forward and said that as an internationally renowned entertainment company, any person or organization that slandered and seriously injured the company’s artists will be punished by law. Meng N Television does not rule out the use of legal weapons to defend the dignity of its artists.

Hong Qiuxia looked at Zhang Heng who came into his office leisurely, and was amused by the unable to bear. He smiled bitterly and shook his head and said: “It’s really the emperor who is not in a hurry for Court Eunuch. My Mr. Big Boss, are you just the slightest? Don’t you take the rumors from the outside world to your heart? You know, this will do a lot of damage to the reputation of you and Miss Zi Yan’er!”

Zhang Heng sat on the sofa, and moved towards Hong Qiuxia snapped his fingers and said, “Give me a glass of red wine, I’m a little thirsty!” Watching Hong Qiuxia rolled the eyes towards himself and walked towards the wine cabinet, he smiled again. Said: “Is anxious, what’s the use of being anxious? Is it possible to plug everyone’s mouth in anxiousness? I am anxious to get angry, and Yang Zhengyang’s bastard will definitely be happy. For the enemy, why should I make him happy! “

“Will lost self-control continue to develop like this?” Hong Qiuxia walked over with two red wine glasses and asked back.

Zhang Heng smiled and took it, leaning on the sofa and said, “Didn’t you already let the lawyer go out. This matter is set aside, anyway, not many people know me, Zi Yan’er is now a Little Rich again Lady, even if she isn’t a star, she can still be a director. Being a Boss, she doesn’t die just by leaving the entertainment industry.”

Hong Qiuxia understands that, in front of the most important things in the circle, his two young Big Boss don’t care at all, and their confidence is money!

2 If you have enough money in your hand, if you have enough money, you can despise everything!

“By the way, I have something to tell you!” Zhang Heng said suddenly.

“Oh? What’s the matter, please tell the boss!” Hong Qiuxia smiled wryly.

Zhang Heng thought for a while and said, “Now, there are already many music download platforms on the Internet. I think our company is a bit single, so I want to build an online music original platform!”

Hong Qiuxia was stunned. There are already 3 medium-sized record companies under the Meng N Entertainment Company. Now they are not only involved in the film and television industry, but are also gradually expanding into the record industry. even more how Zhang Heng and Zi Yan’er also have a starlight record company in their hands, which is a first-class company in the industry!

“Music original platform?”

Zhang Heng nodded said: “Yes, music original platform, I hope to build this platform into an open, shareable, and win-win platform! In other words, anyone, as long as they do not violate the regulations, can use Put your own original music on our platform. Our platform can be downloaded to network users. Then we form a share contract with the singer. Broadly speaking, the singer uploads the original song, and our platform is responsible for promotion. And users need to pay to download!” (To be continued.)

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