Super Island Lord Chapter 726

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“Will anyone buy it?” Hong Qiuxia asked a very serious question. .Original music platform, let’s be a station terminal, fans as a paying group, original singers upload songs, and then the station is divided into original singers. It seems to be a perfect cycle, but the key is whether there will be fans buying your account. ?

The reason why selling songs on the New Century entertainment platform works is firstly because the New Century entertainment platform has enough users around the world, and the other is the copyright system and currency system of the New Century entertainment platform, etc. Even so, Not all singers can sell their songs on entertainment platforms. This is still for well-known singers!

Zhang Heng was stunned. To be honest, he hadn’t considered this issue. But Hong Qiuxia’s not at all is wrong, why would the fans meet you?

In China, if you want to completely prohibit piracy, it is almost impossible. Even with Dream Technology’s technology, it is extremely difficult to prevent piracy, because the piracy of Old Ancestor comes from China, imitation technology, The world is incomparable, from flying to running, from jelly beans to Fight the Landlord, what you say is not imitation!

The virtual network technology of Zhang Family’s Island is temporarily because no one has studied it and understood it, and the others have done it, so imitation you are still correct!

Watching Zhang Heng staring at herself, Hong Qiuxia smiled slightly and said flatly: “Actually, the Boss is right. The original music platform is indeed a good proposal…”

Zhang Heng rolled the eyes, interrupting her words, and said angrily: “You are suspicious of my eyes.” Looking at Hong Qiuxia, he said nothing. paused and said solemnly: “We do not have a complete platform for publishing original music systems in China. If you buy it or not, put it aside. The audience can be cultivated. Now the entertainment industry is so developed, especially for fans on the Internet. If we can feed a group of people, why can’t it? What we need to do is to cultivate this group of consumers.”

Hong Qiuxia looked at Zhang Heng who was talking freely. Unable to bear attacked: “Can you mention on equal terms with Net Literature and Net Songs? Road novels use 3 words, while original songs? It’s only 5,000,000 minutes. In such a short time, what can you do? Let the audience buy it? In the meaning of Boss, the main publishing users of the original music platform are all newcomers in the music industry. These people are not well-known, 3 have no experience, and 5 don’t necessarily understand music. Let fans pay to listen to them. Song, do you think it’s possible?”

“Maybe, why is impossible!” Zhang Heng said affirmatively: “What has not been done, never think it is impossible, in this world. It is often impossible to make it possible, and such people. They often eat crabs. people.”

Hong Qiuxia shook the head with a wry smile: “I can’t tell you, anyway, you are the Boss. The money in the company is yours. You can do what you want to do!”

Zhang Heng laughed, holding a red wine glass, looking at Hong Qiuxia playfully and said, “Sister Qiu, how about we make a bet?”

“Bet? What to bet on?” Hong Qiuxia froze, and then asked involuntarily.

“Just bet on the’original music platform’ I said. If you do what I said, it will succeed. If you lose, if you don’t succeed, you will win. How about?” Zhang Heng smiled.

Hong Qiuxia is not so easy to be fooled by him. She knows that her little Boss, regardless of his age, is a ghostly person, and rarely makes a bad business!

“What about the time? There is always a time limit. If you get a ten or eight-year period, then who is right, you win or I win!”

“For 3 years, let’s take 3 years as the standard. If within 3 years, the market value of the company’s original music platform exceeds 100 to 100000000 million, even if I win, it’s super, even if you win!” Zhang Heng thought for a while and said.

“The initial investment should not exceed 200000000 million rnb!” Hong Qiuxia looked at Zhang Heng. Although she didn’t know what medicine he sold in the bones, she still felt that she had a better chance of winning!


“What about the bet?” Hong Qiuxia asked with a smile.

Zhang Heng also smiled and said: “You, if you lose, you will be mine in the future. What do you mean, you know?”

Hong Qiuxia was stunned, then fiercely, who was very coquettish, dug his eyes and cursed in a low voice. There was no seriousness all day.

Zhang Heng ignored her, and then smiled and said, “If I lose, then this music original platform will be given to you!” Hong Qiuxia also knows that even if it fails to develop, after 3 years of cultivation in Meng N Entertainment, this The value of the original music platform will not be less than a few 100000000 million!


“Mengn Entertainment Company, what’s the reaction!” Yang Zhengyang looked at the news, with a smug smile on his lips, and asked Ah Zhu who knocked on the door to come in. After two days of deliberation, Zhang Heng, the 2 director, and Zi Yan’er can be regarded as hot again, but relatively speaking, this fire can make Zhang Heng’s name stink, and Zi Yan’er Yan’er’s pure image was also destroyed!

These are what Yang First Young Master wanted to see. After spending a lot of money, he bought newspapers and was looking for the navy. Not for Zhang Heng and his magnificent entertainment and Zi Yan. ‘er is it dark.

“On the entertainment side, I asked a lawyer to sue several tabloids. As for Zhang Heng, Zi Yan’er and the others, not at all, come out to clarify something, it seems, there is not much movement!” Azhu lowered Head, speak softly. During this period of time, she didn’t know why, she felt more and more that she didn’t want to see her young master, she always felt that he was a little disgusting to herself!

“En?” Yang Zhengyang frowned, then sneered and muttered: “hmph, I’m going to see how long you can hide.” After thinking about it, he asked, “How’s the movie going?”

Rich and not stupid, Yang Zhengyang would naturally not be so stupid. He went to the point of making a movie by himself. As an actor, he had made a living, but being a director is really blind and waxing. In name, he is a director, but the company The deputy director I found here is a well-known leading director in China, so that you can guarantee that the film will not go too badly.

“It is proceeding step by step, but tomorrow you will have your role in the young master!” Azhu lowered his head and said.

“Understood, you turn around and remind him to shoot quickly, let’s try to get ahead of Mengn Entertainment!” Yang Zhengyang nodded and said.


“Tell the company’s Public Relations Department, go ahead, don’t be afraid of litigation, anyway, it’s all ridicule, the longer it will be! I want Zhang Heng and Zi Yan’er and their bird company to be ruined!” Yang Zhengyang smiled gloomily.


In the past few days, Zhang Heng spent the night at Li Qian. Now outside the Zi Yan’er villa, there is no idea how many paparazzi are lying in ambush. No matter who goes, there are people watching. Although I don’t care about them, it is quite annoying, and it is impossible to take a walk outside the villa!

Except for Zhang Heng, the others have not returned the past few days!

However, Zi Yan’er’s mentality is very good. It seems that he has not been disturbed by the outside gossip news. He is still making his own movies wholeheartedly, and handing over everything to the company to the company and let Zhang Heng gave a sigh of relief. She was going to make a fuss, but she really made the dog behind her watch less fun!

“Husband, do you think I can buy a yard in Beijing?” Zhang Heng received a call from Zhao Xue. There was no anger or jealousy in his tone. I’m afraid the little girl would also look away. Anyway, he knows his own man. Virtue, you can’t control it even if you want to.

Listening to Zhao Xue’s coquettish tone, Zhang Heng was stunned, and said with a smile: “Okay, you can buy it if you want.”

In fact, if Zhao Family Big Miss wants to find a place to live, she needs to buy it. The elders of her Uncle Uncle’s family are all powerful figures in the capital. Isn’t it a matter of words?

“But people don’t have money, what do you say, husband?” Zhao Xue said with a smile.

On the other side of the phone, Zhang Heng unable to bear shook the head with a wry smile. I don’t know what’s wrong today. He is acting cute and cute. “What kind of yard do you want to buy and how much does it cost?”

“Just buy a small yard, it’s not too expensive, about 2 billion or so, you think, we may come to Beijing often in the future, as a family, there is always a place to stay!” Zhao Xue laughed Talking.

Zhang Heng was stunned, and asked with a wry smile: “2 billion? My great aunt, what kind of yard is so expensive? I need 2 billion to buy it? The price is about to catch up with the property on Zhang Family’s Island!”

“Actually 2 billion is not too expensive!” Zhao Xue seemed to be on the phone and was arguing with Little Chun Xiang, hehe haha, he was very happy today, and then said: “It is a yard with 3 inputs and 3 outputs. It used to be the house of a certain prince, but it turned out to be private property in the hands of other people. Doesn’t it seem to have encountered an economic crisis and want to cash in for money?”

“The prince’s house?” Zhang Heng understood. The good area of ​​the 4th courtyard in the capital is about 80000 per level. If you want to buy the former prince’s house, this 2 billion is really indispensable.

“My good husband, did you just buy it, at worst, if someone asks you to mess around a bit outside, isn’t it OK?” Zhao Xue smiled and acted like a baby at Zhang Heng.

Zhang Heng rolled the eyes, can this kind of thing be a bargaining chip? But I didn’t compare it to her, even if I didn’t pay her, would she not be able to afford it with her current status as Queen Feiyi?

“Okay, buy if you like it!” Zhang Heng agreed!

“I know that my husband is the best, then I will register the real estate directly under our son’s name!” Zhao Xue grinned and said, “Hurry up and send the money to my account!” “

Holding the hung up phone, Zhang Heng smiled silently. It seemed that Zhao Xue was not for himself, but for his son’s assets in advance!

Li Qian leaned in from the side, put his arms around Zhang Heng’s neck, and muttered: “I, I want a baby too!”. )

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