Super Island Lord Chapter 727

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In the capital, Yang Zhengyang bought a very luxurious villa. A child like him who grew up with a golden key in his hand, is not used to the hard times!

In the evening, I found 2 big girls from the company and hugged them back. There is no shortage of beauty in the entertainment industry. .

When I turned on the light and saw Zhang Heng sitting on the sofa in the living room, the whole person was stunned. Then pat the two women next to him, and signal them to go upstairs first!

“The wine is not bad!” Zhang Heng said with a smile while shaking the red wine glass in his hand. Probably it was used to load coins. The collector’s edition of Lafite Manor, A’Dai said that the price was about 200,000 USD, so Master Zhang was not polite, and opened it without the owner’s permission!

The corner of Yang Zhengyang’s mouth twitched, and the very ruthless in his eyes flashed past, and he walked over with a smile on his face, and asked curiously: “Young Master Zhang, why are you interested in coming to sit with me today?”

This is his territory, so the self-recognizing Master is in his own hands, and Zhang Heng is not afraid to come to him!

What can he do to himself?

“It’s okay, just take a stroll!” Zhang Heng smiled and looked up at him and said, “Young Shao has done a bit too much recently. Can you still have fun?”

“Can you still have fun?” Yang Zhengyang was taken aback when he heard it, and there was a strange feeling in his heart!

His eyes flickered, and he smiled and said, “Why, my gameplay has broken the rules of Young Master Zhang? I use all the methods allowed within the rules, isn’t it?”

Zhang Heng nodded, there is no objection to this point. He smiled and said: “Foul to no foul, but the trick is a bit too low, which makes me feel a little uncomfortable!”

“Unhappy?” Yang Zhengyang smiled triumphantly. But in the next second, there will be no laughter!


A slap in the face interrupted Yang Zhengyang’s laughter, which made a sound.

“Do you dare to hit me?” Yang Zhengyang stared at Zhang Heng angrily. He didn’t know if his face was angry, or the hair stands up in anger, it was red and red!

How did he even Zhang Heng shoot. Did not see clearly. The action is too fast, it has completely exceeded his imagination!

“What can I do if I hit you?” Zhang Heng couldn’t help laughing while sitting on the sofa. Rolled the eyes and said, “Who told you to make me upset? Slap you in the face is the lightest punishment. Believing or not. Some parts of your body have been cut off?”

Fuck your mother !

Yang Zhengyang was almost mad. This bastard not only dared to slap himself in the face, he even dared to be more arrogant and domineering than himself, and wanted to slap him to death immediately.

“What do you want?” Yang Zhengyang asked gnashing teeth.

Zhang Heng smiled and shrugged indifferently. Said: “I don’t want to do anything, I’m here to tell you today, have a good time, don’t be okay to raise the sand, be careful of you!”

Yang Zhengyang’s mouth twitched, just about to say a few hard words, Zhang Heng and Ben didn’t give him a chance, and then interrupted him by talking: “Also, your subordinates are not bad, they are all quite capable, I watched. I like it. Without your permission, I just used them as’landlords’ to mine in Africa. You have no opinion?”

“Africa mining? You killed them?” Yang Zhengyang’s face was not only embarrassed, but also incredibly shocked. You know, ugliness and the others, but he specially mobilized experts from the Fortune Villa. How could it be folded into the opponent’s hands silently!

“No, no, I’m not as bloody as Shao Yang, I kill people at every turn.” Zhang Heng shook the head finger, stood up from the sofa, smiled and said, “I don’t want to talk about it, I am dispatched to Africa went to the local master to mine, hehe, if Shao Yang likes it, you can also play 2 laps in Africa. By the way, take a look at your subordinates. When the time comes, I will be responsible for finding some beauty for you to wait on!”

Walking to Yang Zhengyang’s side, Zhang Heng raised his hand, patted his face twice, and warned in a low voice: “Tomorrow, all the negative news about Zi Yan’er, I hope to disappear completely, otherwise , You Young Master Yang must make plans to go to Africa. If you make me unhappy again, think about the consequences for yourself!”

After speaking, Zhang Heng calmly walked outside regardless of Yang Zhengyang’s face.

In the face of absolute strength, you, an Eldest Young Master holding a golden key and making a sound, count as a ball of yarn! Playing with you is based on you, making you unhappy, fan you did not discuss!

Ah… This night, it is estimated that everything that can be thrown in this luxurious villa is broken!

Zhang Heng came to fan him today, shit, I gave you a bit of color, and the dyeing workshop is really open, and the tabloids in reality are no more. I dare to talk nonsense about him. Isn’t he taking Master Heng seriously? opponent? Zhang Heng has never regarded this kind of stuff at all. He has been an opponent before. Keeping him is a fun. Watching a clown is a matter of minutes!

“Keep this kid on!” Zhang Heng came out of the villa, the smile on his face disappeared, and he ordered the shadow guard hidden in the dark.

Zhang Heng naturally has a back hand, and he will not let Yang Zhengyang wantonly revenge. The dog jumped over the wall in a hurry, and the rabbit bites people in a hurry. Even more how is a powerful young man!


The phone rang, it was late, who would call himself at this time? Looking at the unfamiliar number on the phone, Zhang Heng said, “A’Dai, help me find out who owns this phone number!”

Not many people know their mobile number!

“Okay!” A’Dai’s voice came into Zhang Heng’s ears, A’Dai little Goddess, always there!

In 3 seconds, a video window popped up on the phone screen. At the other end of the window was a bed. On the bed was a glamorous woman in a blue silk pajamas!

Zhang Heng was stunned, frowning, and muttering to herself: “Why does this woman think of calling herself?”

It’s almost two o’clock midnight now! Could it be said that it is a long night, sleepless, and want to discuss the philosophy of life with yourself? Zhang Heng is thinking about it!

“Hey, who!” Zhang Heng thought for a while, picked up the phone and answered it!

“Is it Little Heng?” The voice was sullen, with a hint of being, which made people subconsciously think of the other party, that little pink mouth.

“Yes, you are?” Zhang Heng asked curiously as if he didn’t know who the other party was.

“Hey, I’m you Yang Aunt.” Yang Rui smiled, lying on the bed, the corners of her mouth tilted up uncontrollably, she didn’t believe that this little bastard could escape her palm!

“Yang Aunt? Oh, oh, you are Azi’s mother, hehe, Yang Aunt. Good evening, why? Call me so late, is there anything urgent?” Zhang Heng asked with a smile.

“It’s okay!” Yang Rui said with a smile, “I just want to try and see if your number can get through. Heck, have you called us Azi recently?”

Zhang Heng touched his nose, as if it had only been two days? Why is Azi, the godmother, so passionate about herself? Wouldn’t it be a legendary’mother-in-law sees son-in-law’, right?

“Ah, you often call, don’t you know that she is annoying me now, hehe!” Zhang Heng said nonchalantly.

“How come, I know that girl’s temper and duplicity, but in fact always talk about you in front of me, so, do you have time at noon tomorrow? Come home for dinner!” Yang Rui asked with a smile.

Then he asked himself to go to her house for dinner at noon, Zhang Heng not only smirked in his heart, I am afraid that after eating a few more times, if you do a daughter, I will eat even the bones!

“Tomorrow? It doesn’t seem to work tomorrow. I have a classmate reunion party at noon. I don’t know how long I will play.” Zhang Heng thought for a while, shaking his head and refused. Li Qian had made an appointment with himself a long time ago, and it is definitely impossible not to go. One side can barely be regarded as a’new love’, while the other side is an old love. He can still tell which side is lighter and which side is heavy!

“Well, then at night, or Houtian/day after tomorrow noon, giggles, as for the specific time, you can choose by yourself, and just call the elder sister back!” Yang Rui said with a smile, she was not at all on the phone He claims to be an elder, but instead claims to be an elder sister, so that he has a great appetite for Zhang Heng.

At the same time it makes him a little itchy!


After hanging up the phone, Zhang Heng became disabled to bear first.

“Boss seems to be very proud of one’s success lately!” A’Dai burst out laughing, and winked at him.

Sitting in the car, Zhang Heng couldn’t even hear the little girl have hidden meaning. He rolled her eyes irritably and asked: “Original music platform station, how is it doing?”

“What platform? I don’t know!” A’Dai stared wide-eyed, as if you hadn’t told you.

Zhang Heng thought for a while, and she did not tell her to make a stand for herself, but will it not be able to hear the conversation between herself and Hong Qiuxia?

“Angry me, go back into the virtual road and clean up you!” Zhang Heng glared at her irritably, and said, “How long will it take to make me an’original music station’ template?”

On the screen, A’Dai squeezed the corners of his clothes and said in a low voice, “I am very busy!”

“Really busy?” Zhang Heng laughed suddenly, staring at her and asked.

A’Dai mumbled a little mouth, lifts the head, wrinkled his little nose and said unhappily: “Smelly Boss, how can you be like you, let people work and threaten them, even if I’m not busy, I won’t help you!”

“I dare to lose my temper, okay, hehe!” Zhang Heng smiled, and didn’t care about A’Dai’s temper, thought for a while and said: “The’template’ of the original music station must be done well, virtual network For the time being, it is still a high-end product, and it will not be popular in the world for a while. At least for a few years, it will still be interconnected. So, you know. In addition, this station, it is better to be able to connect with virtual networks in the future!”

“There is no need!” A’Dai shook his head and retorted: “The virtual network and the existing network on Earth will coexist for at least 3 50 years. The virtual network is a city. Virtual reality. When it comes to the network, You can browse existing networks, you know!”

Zhang Heng rolled the eyes: “Lord, I don’t understand!”. )

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