Super Island Lord Chapter 728

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In the morning, Zhang Heng was woken up by Li Qian pinching his nose. It was crazy all night, and I went to bed shortly before dawn. I was obviously exhausted. There were only a few small things, and it became so energetic. Sometimes, Zhang Heng is also feeling that women are too terrifying. If God hadn’t set them to automatically drop a monthly blood system, I am afraid that this universe would be dominated by them!

“What time is it!” Zhang Heng rolled the eyes, raised his hand and slapped her on the body.

Li Qian smiled and didn’t care. Instead, he kept getting tired of Zhang Heng, either pinching his nose or ears. Anyway, he would not let him sleep anymore!

Helpless, Zhang Heng had to open his eyes again!

“Beauty, what are you doing!” Zhang Heng gave her an expression that didn’t know whether to cry or laugh.

“Hey, why don’t you do it, it’s dawn!” Li Qian smiled and blinked at her, lowered his head and leaned in his arms, closed his eyes again, and muttered, “Actually, I really want to , Can always lie in your arms like this, never, never eyes opened!”

Zhang Heng was angry at her, and muttered: “Then you just lie down and I didn’t stop you!”

“But, you are not completely mine anymore. I dominate you every day, and there will be many people who are unhappy!” Li Qian shook the head upwards.

Zhang Heng raised his hand and patted his forehead. In this woman’s mind, she was thinking about shit every day!

“By the way, today classmate reunion party, you are not allowed to lose your temper, you have to listen to me. Do you know!” Li Qian suddenly lifted the head, looked at Zhang Heng, and said with a smile!

“Well, listen to you, when you go to school, who doesn’t know that your flower is stuck in cow dung. Today, I will accompany you to be cow dung. Isn’t it okay!” Zhang Heng nodded with a smile .

“Hey, isn’t it?” After speaking, Li Qian got up from her sex, put on her pajamas, and walked out of the bedroom.

Zhang Heng was taken aback for a moment, and then he reacted. Unable to bear rolled his eyes and smiled and cursed, cow dung? Yes, cow dung is cow dung, now a good mound of cow dung is not so easy to form!

The cows are no longer eating grass!

At ten o’clock in the morning, Li Qian made breakfast.

Zhang Heng took a shower, sat there, eating breakfast and asked curiously: “Did Zhao Xue know that I am here with you?” Zhao Xue took his son and didn’t even make a phone call in the past 2 days, except with himself Apart from asking for money to buy a yard, I didn’t even ask where I was staying overnight. It was a bit abnormal!

Li Qian nodded with a smile, calmly said: “Well, sister Little Xue and I have already spoken on the phone. She said you are with me, she is more at ease!”

Among so many women, Li Qian is Zhao Xue the only one who is willing to be called elder sister!

“You guys, am I like such an unreliable man?” Zhang Heng shook with a wry smile.

Li Qian said in deadly earnest: “You are much more unreliable than in the like. Although as the saying goes, men get worse when they have money, but since you have money, they have become more unreliable than ordinary men. It’s worse!”

Zhang Heng rolled the eyes, muttering to himself: “Bad man is cute!”

For classmate reunion party time, it is 1:1 noon.

Destination: Langsha Club!

For Langsha, Zhang Heng is familiar. Mu Guyan has signed half of Langsha Club’s shares under the name of Zhang Heng. In fact, Langsha Club is equivalent to his Zhang Heng’s property!

However, Zhang Heng will play Luye today.

Li Qian 1000 Ding 10000, talk less, don’t fight, laugh more, don’t pretend to be x. And Zhang Heng summed it up for her, that is, he can’t fight back with his curse today, and can’t fight back…but, fuck, that’s not our Master Heng’s surname!

“Hey, husband, today you will be a little wronged, remember, we are all old classmates, when the time comes, we met, no matter what the other party said, you must not be angry!” Li Qian hugged Zhang Heng Before getting into the car, Xiaoxiao said comfortingly.

Zhang Heng shrugged and said with a smile: “What am I mad at? With my current identity…I should go and see some funny things!”

Li Qian smiled and did not refute, nodded said: “Then let’s go!”

Today I drove Li Qian’s Porsche. She drove and Zhang Heng was the co-pilot. She was not dressed so well. She wears a casual sportswear of 1000 to 800 yuan from head to toe, which is not eye-catching at all. Counting it all up, in fact, the clothes are in line with Zhang Heng’s last name. In his eyes, it doesn’t matter what you wear.

There is a saying, right? When you have no money, you wear it to others, but if you have money, even if you wear a torn jacket, it is a new fashion, high-end atmosphere!

Chen Long, the chairman of the student union, graduated for 4 years and now works in a Transnational Enterprise. He has just been promoted to the Asian region this year. He is a General Manager assistant with an annual salary of several hundred thousand. He has a house and a car. He has entered the golden collar family! Among the classmates, it is also considered a representative of successful career. In addition, his family originally had a certain influence in the capital!

Today, he ordered the Langsha Club, and he and a few good classmates who are “mixed” are responsible for all the consumption today.

Seeing many of the classmates who went in, Chen Long would personally step forward and make a few polite words, which made people feel very easy-going. However, his eyes have been staring towards the door, because today’s heroine has not arrived yet!

At the same time in the capital, Chen Long has also heard of Li Qian’s status in the capital and his wealth. He has been obsessed with this school flower in his heart.

This is also the biggest motivation for him today!

“Idea, happy!” Before getting off the car, Li Qian didn’t forget to warned repeatedly. What kind of virtue Zhang Heng is. After so many years, she knows better than anyone!

Zhang Heng nodded with a smile, said: “understood!”

Opened the car door, then walked around quickly, smiled and helped Li Qian open the door, and exchanged a look with Li Qian, as if to say, tonight you are a safflower, the little one is willing to be a green leaf!

“Really good!” Li Qian didn’t mean anything, and gave him an admiring look. Take Zhang Heng’s arm and walk towards Langsha’s door!

In fact, as soon as Li Qian and Zhang Heng got out of the car, they were seen by the classmates who gathered at the door. There was no way. Who called Li Qian was too cool and too dazzling!

When Chen Long saw Li Qian, the corners of his mouth curled up, but when he saw Zhang Heng next to Li Qian, he felt like eating shit in his heart.

There was a big gloom deep in the eyes, and it flashed past!

“Look, isn’t that Li Qian, the school flower?”

“Yeah, I haven’t seen each other in a few years. Our college flowers are getting mature and beautiful.”

“Ah? Who is the man next to Li Qian? Why do you look familiar?”

“Damn, isn’t that Zhang Heng? That kid is still with Li Qian?”

The classmates swept their gazes around the door, and looked at the two people who were approaching. Unable to bear whispered in private.

At the beginning, how Li Qian and Zhang Heng got together was a mystery. Some people said that Zhang Heng used some despicable means to get Li Qian into his hands. Others said that Li Qian likes this kind of hanging silk goods. People truly love each other, as for true love or conspiracy, no one has ever figured out!

However, Li Qian and Zhang Heng were on campus at the time, but they were representative of flowers and cow dung. Basically, all men have hated Zhang Heng’s cow dung either openly or secretly because of Li Qian!

“Hi, good noon everyone!” Zhang Heng walked to the door, and before Li Qian could speak, he smiled and greeted the classmates standing at the door.

Li Qian stretched his hand to the back and pinched him to remind him not to mess around. The theme song of today’s classmate reunion party is “Friendship 10000 Years Old”, not for trampling people!

“Student Zhang Heng, hehe, long time no see!” Chen Long smiled and walked over, first nodded towards Zhang Heng, then turned his head and looked towards Li Qian gently, and said with a smile: “You can count, our old classmates , But I’m waiting for you.” Even in the presence of Zhang Heng, he did not hide his friendship with Li Qian!

Zhang Heng rolled the eyes, fuck, just hang on if you are rich and handsome?

“Thank you, since everyone is here, let’s go in!” Li Qian said with a smile, holding Zhang Heng’s arm, not at all let go!

Chen Long made a very gentle gesture of please, and glanced at Zhang Heng again seemingly like nothing!

“This place is really luxurious, Qianqian, why haven’t you brought me here before?” Zhang Heng deliberately chuckled and kissed Li Qian on the face. However, from the tone of his speech, it is easy to misunderstand people. Some are pretty boys. Questioned!

Li Qian secretly felt funny in her heart, she was so old, that many women behind her would still eat her own vinegar. With a smile on his face, he accompanied him and said, “It’s not good that there are not many places like this. You can just clean up the house at home if you have nothing to do. I haven’t been here a few times, so I’m not allowed to talk anymore. The classmates of the province laughed. !”

Li Qian’s voice was not loud, but the few students who had moved in from the surrounding area still heard it, with a face suddenly realized. It turned out to be the plaything of the school flower’**’!

The students all smile.

Now it doesn’t matter whether the school flowers are school flowers or not. Everyone is an adult, so everyone knows how to adjust them. To relieve stress, Goddess also needs to eat, drink, and sleep. People also need it. Even if it was the crafty plots and machinations used by Zhang Heng who got Li Qian, but now, he is the’plaything’ kept by Goddess!

I don’t know why, whether it’s a man or a woman, if you think about it this way, your heart will feel much smoother!

The doubt in Chen Long’s eyes flashed, and he even thought that Li Qian and Zhang Heng weren’t at all at all. The country bumpkin of Zhang Heng was flat 3, and it was not enough to be a shield for Li Qian.

“Let’s go, the private room inside has already been arranged, and today we are open to play, everyone is not drunk or home!” Chen Long smiled and greeted everyone!

Zhang Heng faint smiled at Li Qian and said nothing. He followed Li Qian with a smile and walked in!

With Chen Long’s identity, it’s not enough to do this in Langsha Club. He uses his father’s Membership Card. Langsha Club also needs to make money. Therefore, for some people with identity and wealth, they also accept this kind of careful private gathering. . This does not conflict with the business philosophy. After all, the area of ​​Langsha Club is not small, and there are also 100 private rooms!

Mu Guyan’s business acumen is quite out of the ordinary! (To be continued.)

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