Super Island Lord Chapter 731

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On the morning of 2nd day, Zhang Heng received a call from Mu Guyan. “Gluck…”

Zhang Heng rolled the eyes, looked at Li Qian with a faint smile next to him, and asked: “beauty, just let it be said if you have something, don’t you laugh so awkwardly, can you get up early!”

Mu Guyan smiled unchanged, and said with a sweet smile: “She told me what you said to Avon last night. Young Master Zhang, did you do something a little bit innocent? Langsha gave you half of his shares, how can you even dig your own corner?”

“I’ve heard of it, right? Zhou Yafang’s ability is pretty good. I feel a little bit awkward when Langsha is the manager. If you follow me, I can give her a bigger stage!” Zhang Heng’s face is thick enough , So I didn’t care about Mu Guyan’s questioning at all. On the contrary, the people I valued would not run away!

Mu Guyan smiled and said, “Young Master Zhang, are you sure you are interested in Avon’s abilities, not her?” This is the point of inquiry!

Zhang Heng did not answer her, but instead smiled and asked, “Then what do you mean?” Is there any big difference between seeing this person and seeing her ability?

Follow the people who do things by your side, especially women. If there are too many, Master Zhang Heng has almost become a habit. Anyway, if there are too many lice, don’t bite. What happened!

“I mean to ask Young Master Zhang what he can give us, a formal and clear answer!” Mu Guyan put away his smile and asked seriously! !

Zhang Heng immediately found the problem in her words. We, not asking for Zhou Yafang? Zhang Heng unable to bear happily said with a smile: “If you can come and help me too, that would be great. Let me put it this way. After ten years, maybe it won’t take ten years. Among the rich in China, There is no one who can compare with you anymore. What about the existence, identity, and status of the richest man who despises the world?”

“Okay, giggle, but Boss seems to be the richest man in the world now, right? Can we really contempt your existence?” Mu Guyan asked with a smile again.

Zhang Heng rolled the eyes and said: “Clean up, and I will take you back to Yunhai in 2 days!” He hung up the call after he finished speaking!

Li Qian turned over and lay on Zhang Heng, looked at him and asked with a smile: “Why don’t I go and fuck with you? You see, I am exhausted now, I can’t make a lot of money in a year, I also want ten Years later, you can despise the richest man in the world!”

Zhang Heng knew that Li Qian was amused by himself. He smiled and raised his hand to hit her on her hips, saying, “You are stupid, they work part-time, you are a’Lady Boss’, can you have the same identity? If you don’t want to manage the company, just give it to someone else. Anyway, we don’t have a small amount of money. Even if you don’t make money, wouldn’t your man still be able to support you?”

“I don’t want it!” Li Qian shook the head, sat up from the head, and said with a smile: “The economic power is better in your own hands, even more how you will use money in the future, so you can’t follow it all the time. Do you want it? And, I have to think ahead of time for my child, yours, there are that many people behind, mine, I will only give my own child in the future!”

Zhang Heng was stunned, and then shook the head with a wry smile. I have to say that Li Qian is far more profound than he thought.

Originally, Zhang Heng wanted to take someone back to Yunhai City, but before leaving, he received a call from Azi’s mother, Yang Rui, asking him to eat at home!

Zhang Heng felt more and more that Yang Rui had more flavor than Azi’s long-legged beauty. After thinking about it, anyway, I’m not in a hurry on this day, I’m trying to seduce and confuse myself again and again. No, I will accept it before I leave. When I’m saving it, I’ll be itchy in my heart. As for whether I will meet again in the future. Who knows the opportunity?

“Okay, I will definitely go at noon!” After a little thought, Zhang Heng agreed. As for the itinerary, let’s drag it for a day!

Zhang Heng feels that he is becoming more and more uncontrollable!

As for Zhao Xue, I am afraid that I don’t want to care about myself anymore. He has a son. After the husband, he is the eldest son. At the film company, Hong Qiuxia is watching. A’Dai is in charge of the original music platform. As for how to promote and operate Zhang Heng, she also discussed with Sister Qiu, she just can do it!

In the future, Zhang Heng will focus his energy on the global energy market!

At noon, when Zhang Heng opened the Zi Family door, it was almost 2 noon. Coming by stepping on time, it feels like eating is coming!

“Chuck, A’Heng is here!” Yang Ruimei smiled and greeted Zhang Heng, secretly she seemed to cast a wink, a little bit of scent!

As for Ah Zi, Zhang Heng gave Zhang Heng a blank look, as if he was blaming him for not contacting him in the past few days and didn’t give him a good face. Zhang Heng is not angry either!

Came empty-handed, as Zhang Heng said, they are all a family, you are welcome!

“By the way, I will be back to Yunhai City in a few days!” Zhang Heng said suddenly while sitting at the dinner table. The lunch was very rich, 3 people, a large table of dishes, and they were all cooked by 2 people. The taste was good, Zhang Heng tried it all.

“Back to Yunhai City?” Mrs Yang and A Zi were stunned at the same time, and looked at each other. A Zi turned his head, frowns asked: “Why are you going back to Yunhai City, and how long will you go back?”

Zhang Heng was eating vegetables while he smiled and said, “I should live in Yunhai City. My home is in Yunhai City. As for Beijing, this is not my home!”

“But…” A Zi opened his mouth, and was interrupted by Mrs Yang just as he wanted to say something. Yang Rui smiled and asked, “Isn’t the conditions in the capital much better than Yunhai City? Why don’t you move to the capital? If you know our family, Azi, but you are…” I didn’t say anything further!

Zhang Heng smiled and shook his head, and said: “The conditions in the capital are better than Yunhai City, but other places are better, and it won’t be better than home!”

“Are you sure you want to go back?” Azi’s voice seemed a little bit unwilling, and it seemed to be certain!

“Yes!” Zhang Heng thought for a while and said with a smile: “However, Beijing is not far from Yunhai. The plane can be there in a few hours. It is very convenient to travel. You are welcome to visit Yunhai when the time comes. I will be responsible when the time comes. Entertain you!”

Secretly, Yang Rui winked at A Zi.

Azi lowered his head and asked in a low voice, “For me, can’t you stay?”

Zhang Heng looked at her for a while before shook his head plainly and said, “Some things must be done by someone, and some people are destined to be willing, don’t be too persistent. In fact, it’s not easy for a person to live a lifetime, but at least, Don’t let him be too sad, his life is his own, anyone can live for himself!”

A Zi froze, she didn’t know if Zhang Heng’s words meant something, or she just said it casually!

“Also, Yunhai City is also a very nice place!” Mrs Yang interjected in with a smile, and gave Zhang Heng a piece of ribs and asked him to eat more! After thinking for a while, he said, “Since A’Heng is going back to the sea of ​​clouds, or else, shall we have a bar at noon?”

drink? Zhang Heng has no problem. You must know that wine has been a color medium since ancient times.

There is only red wine at home, Zhang Heng can drink anything, but I want to get him drunk, so fiercely has worked hard. 2 bottles of red wine, drank it in more than half an hour!

Mrs Yang’s expression was blushing with 2 camels, and his eyes were a bit blurred. As for Ah Zi, he kept his head down and was drinking too much. He looked very worried, and he didn’t know if it was because Zhang Heng was leaving or what.

“There’s no wine, Azi, you go downstairs and buy a few bottles of wine back!” Yang Rui said suddenly. The tone of command cannot be rejected!

“Oh!” When Azi stood up, he glanced at Zhang Heng with some profound meaning. Zhang Heng didn’t understand what it meant.

Zhang Heng thought for a while, then stood up, smiled and said, “I’ll go buy it with Azi!”

“No, let her go by herself. Sit down. Elder sister has something to tell you!” Yang Rui shook the head. She didn’t know if she drank too much or made a mistake, the elder sister came out!

Something flashed in Ah Zi’s eyes, and she said softly, “Just stay at home and chat with your mother for a while. I’ll just buy it myself!”

He glanced at Zhang Heng, put on his coat, turned and walked outside!

“Sit down!” After Azi left, Yang Ruijiao smiled. That’s what she thought in her heart. It’s so hard to come out once. You can relax. You can’t go back empty-handed. Since this Little Brat is the enemy of her son and is destined to die, why not “use waste”, before he is dying, Let him be a ghost again, and this way he has no worries.

Besides, this man is pleasing to the eye, not disgusting!

Zhang Heng rolled his eyes and said with a smile: “Azi goes out to buy wine, and has to wait for 1-Layer time to come back. Sister Yang, let’s sit on the sofa and wait for Azi to come back and drink together?”

Yang Rui was quite satisfied with Zhang Heng’s “On the Dao”. She was worried just now, how should she fuck her. If Zhang Heng doesn’t say she wants to leave, she won’t start so early. After all, she can play a minor tune, but if Zhang Heng is really let go, it will be dragon returning to the sea. If you want to catch it again, it will cost you money!

“Okay!” Yang Rui stood up from the chair, twisted her waist, and when she walked to Zhang Heng’s side, her feet were soft and leaned towards Zhang Heng. Zhang Heng reached out and helped her!

Yang Rui rubbed her head and muttered, “Hey, my head seems to hurt a bit, or else, you can help me go to the bedroom to rest for a while!”

“it is good!”

Zhang Heng naturally wouldn’t object anymore. After helping Yang Rui walk into the bedroom, he closed the door easily, and after a while, Azi came back to see him!

“Or, let me press my shoulders for Sister Yang, so I can relieve the fatigue!” Zhang Heng said with a smile after letting Yang Rui lie down.

Yang Rui raised her head and looked at him with blurred eyes, and asked with a chuckle, “It’s good, but you bastard, won’t you take advantage of the elder sister?”

“No, no, definitely not! Hehe, Sister Yang, go on your stomach, I’ll put a pillow for you!” Zhang Heng smiled and shook his head, both of them tacitly! (To be continued.)

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