Super Island Lord Chapter 733

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Back to Yunhai City!

Zhang Heng bought a 28-floor building directly from the most golden location in the city center. .It cost 8.9100000000 rm. The building was purchased from a real estate company under the Xuelong Group. Because it is a father-in-law property, it is more convenient to trade. Zhao Yunlong listened to his son-in-law, even if he was unhappy, Give him that building with his nose!

On June 6th, xv new energy company was officially established!

Zhang Heng privately injects 6 1.8 billion USD, a wholly-owned holding company, and a completely privately owned group company.

Within ten days, Yunhai City and surrounding counties and cities suddenly appeared like bamboo shoots, with 100 new energy gas stations marked by xv. Most of these gas stations are at a premium by XV, which was purchased from private hands. This expenditure alone exceeds 300000000 million USD!

“Boss, are you sure you haven’t cracked a joke?” Zhou Yafang looked at Zhang Heng with some surprise. It’s only a few days. Only the senior management of xv new energy knows how much money Boss has spent. Various procedures, company buildings, subordinate new energy sites, etc., all cost has exceeded ten 100000000 million, and it is USD!

Zhang Heng looked at Zhou Yafang, said in a tranquil voice: “Sister Yatang, we are not at all for a long time, to deploy, to wait for customer response, what I need is the response of xv new energy in the world to those energy giants Before I came here, I seized the mayor in one fell swoop, and then started a’war’ with them. My goal is to rule the mechanical fuel market, do you understand?”

Dominate the global fuel market? Zhou Yafang unable to bear took a breath. nodded said: “I know, but, but, how much money is needed for the initial preparation?”

With a domineering smile at the corner of his mouth, Zhang Heng said, “You can rest assured, I have prepared 1000 100000000 million USD. Money is not a problem. What I want is the battle. If you don’t speak, amaze the world with a single brilliant feat, understand?”

100,000,000,000 USD? Zhou Yafang smiled bitterly and nodded, and at the same time, the flame that once extinguished in the bones seemed to have been lit by something again!

…United States, Washington White House, Office of the President!

Obama asked his assistants: “Is there any special news about Zhang Family’s Island from the Intelligence Bureau recently?” It seems that during this period of time, the kid who likes to’trick or treat’ suddenly emerged is very quiet!

“There is not much movement, but economic experts say that if Zhang Family’s Island grows, it will definitely become a major hidden danger in our country. The Zhang Family’s Island economy has already possessed considerable strength, and it has already been faintly There is a trend of minions, especially the “Zhang Family’s Island virtual network” company. If it is allowed to develop, the value it creates in the future will be equivalent to the sum of the entire U.S. economy!” The assistant took a piece of information, Expressionless handed it to President Obama.

President Obama shook the head with a wry smile, and asked: “If he is not allowed to develop, can anyone have a good way? War? People are not afraid of war. The other party has the ability to attack the United States directly. If they drop, other people’s missiles may blow up the White House, and we will all be blown into the sky!”

The rise of Zhang Family’s Island is already an unstoppable fact. Not only does it have strong economic strength, it also has terrifying high-tech means as a military force threat. The United States leads the world in science and technology by many countries, and that is the case. He understands the ferocity behind that island!

It must be impossible to force it. In fact, not only the United States is afraid of the rise of Zhang Family’s Island, but the world superpower is also afraid, and they are all thinking of suppressing Zhang Family’s Island!

A series of plans for Zhang Heng’s use of sexual entrapment, internal sex, elite training, etc., have been implemented for a long time, but if you want to achieve results, it has not been more than ten years, or even several decades, the power is invisible!

When all countries in the world are paying attention to Zhang Family’s Island, few people would have thought that an xv new energy company suddenly appeared in China!

At the beginning, xv was only around Yunhai City. Tiannan Province acquired more than 100 gas stations. The awareness of xv new energy is very low, and few customers will visit xv’s gas stations because xv provides a It is not oil, but a new type of fuel. Who knows what problems will happen if it is put into the engine!

Xv New Energy doesn’t do much publicity. If you come to refuel, it will be given to you. The price of new fuel is half cheaper than ordinary oil. Of course, the gas station advertisement says that it is a trial period, so the price is cheap. After experimenting with a driver, he felt that the new fuel is more economical than the previous oil. One tank of fuel can match the previous 3 tanks, not at all damage to the machine, but the price is twice as low as before!

Several 100 xv new energy gas stations have risen quietly. They do not advertise, rely on the effect of human-to-human transmission, and have gradually gained recognition from many old drivers. With the spread from person to person, the reputation is getting better and better, xv’s new fuel has gradually entered the public’s field of vision, and gradually, some media began to interview xv new energy.

However, this is already 2 months from now!

In the past two months, Zhou Yafang, Mu Guyan, Yao Lei, and other generals attacked in 2 places. They did not hesitate to buy many gas companies in Asia at double the price. The whole Asia has secretly changed its name and belongs to xv. There are already more than 4 gas stations for new energy companies.

Among them, Japan has the most, followed by South Korea, Xin+Slope, Taiwan, and Didi. In two months, the total investment exceeds 2 200 million USD!

On August 8th, the new energy conference held by xv new energy was held in Yunhai City. xv new energy group sent out invitations to almost all major energy companies in the world and the news media.

“This will be a revolution. The new fuel will replace the previous oil. Our new fuel is cheaper and more practical. It can be used in any engine. Welcome to the xv new energy conference!”

“Xv New Energy will shock the world!”

Many big oil companies, energy companies, not at all put Asia China, a small and reptile-like xv new energy company, in their eyes. A joke, a new energy source that replaces oil? is it possible? How many forces, organizations, and high-tech companies in the world are studying this topic, but have you heard of that company succeeded? “That xv new energy company is a clown, a clown who wants to gain fame in the world, unless it is a fool, who would believe it?” This is a comment published by a Patriarch streaming media in the United States.

Newspapers, magazines, and media that ridiculed xv New Energy Group like this are everywhere in the world. Anyway, people have not been optimistic about xv’s new energy!

The day of the conference!

“Sister Yatang, are you ready?” Zhang Heng asked with a smile while sitting on his big desk.

Zhou Yafang nodded, after a few months, as he learned more about xv new energy, his face became more and more confident. She was in charge of this press conference. As for Mu Guyan, he went to the United States, and Yao Lei went to Europe. Anyway, the company’s talents are all around the world, carrying out Zhang Heng’s huge layout.

Zhang Heng’s requirement is to spend 100,000,000,000 USD within a year to acquire at least 2 10000 to 3 Wan Family, physical gas stations worldwide, so that xv new energy sales network can be spread all over the world.

10:00, the xv new energy group press conference officially begins!

Zhou Yafang stood on the stage and looked at the stadium. There were at least 10000 people. Unable to bear took a deep breath. Such a big scene, if you are not excited, it must be a lie.

“First of all, welcome friends from all over the world, and welcome you to the xv group press conference. This will be a world-renowned revolution that will change the existing energy market!”

“Cut!” Many reporters and representatives of other companies on the stage boasted. Can you change if you say change? If a new type of energy that has more economic value than oil emerges in the world, how many people will be unemployed in the world, and how many people will become richer and poorer!

Zhou Yafang looked around all around, smiled at the corner of his mouth and didn’t care about these inverted colors. The strength of xv group, only those who have seen its core will know how powerful it is!

“Whatever I say, I can’t represent the facts. In this case, let’s speak with the facts!” Zhou Yafang waved his hand, and a huge electronic screen 15 meters high and nearly 20 meters wide was gradually raised.

The new fuel is named “xv green light”, and the models range from ti to t9 (additional moisture does not vary in content), from the most basic, motorcycles, ordinary cars, urban SUVs, sports cars, and sports cars, all the way to airplanes and tanks. , And even for this reason, the xv group used xv green light as energy, launched a rocket, and the data obtained, as well as the inspection reports of the world’s major authoritative companies, are all displayed one after another on the big screen video, totaling 10000 People watching.

“Our xv Group’s new energy can be tested by any country and company. At the same time, our xv New Energy Group has reached a comprehensive strategic cooperation with Zhang Family’s Island commercial economy. Our company’s various models of green light energy will It will be fully guaranteed by Zhang Family’s Island Insurance Group, and we will also hire Zhang Family’s Island Special Team to perform various guarding tasks for our company.”

xv New Energy Group joined forces with Zhang Family’s Island economy?

The reporters present and representatives of other energy companies were all taken aback, and the video just now gave them a huge shock.

If xv new energy really has such a powerful ability as the video says, it can completely destroy the oil market!

“May I ask Ms. Zhou Yafang, are you xv new energy preparing to win products alone, or will you choose partners for a win-win situation?” Someone suddenly stood up and asked.

Zhou Yafang held the microphone and smiled and said: “We at xv New Energy Group, there are nearly 3 Wan Family sales points around the world, that is, gas stations. At the same time, it will be expanded to ten Wan Family within 3 years. Of course, if there are any Merchants hope to achieve a win-win situation and represent our xv Group’s new fuel, and we xv Group welcome it with all hands!” (To be continued.)

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