Super Slaughter System Chapter 1000


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“You really can count on me!”

“If I didn’t guess wrong, what you are displaying is the unspoken mystery of the Nether Hall, twelve Asura evil ghosts!”

“It is rumored that the twelve Asura evil ghosts, if all the casters are nine-star realm, even a Martial God can kill!”

“Hehe! Those who can cultivation the twelve Asura ghosts are called the Twelve Asura protectors in the Nether Hall!”

“So and so, you have to kill your mouth when you come up, and you have to maintain the secrets. It really makes me more and more curious!”

Fang Yu smiled indifferently in the face of the twelve Asura guardians of the Nether Hall, and on top of his body, there was a roaring red flame burning.

In an instant.

Red Flame Battle Armor, Red Fire Divine Sword, all emerged.

hong long long!

The earth broke and the sky trembled.

This moment.

Behind Fang Yu, there is a ten thousand zhang, a towering, black and red throne of terror standing.

Now, it has become the sin throne of Fang Yu Emperor’s origin, and it has also appeared.

Faced with this cultivation realm, he was already far superior to his own Twelve Asura protectors, Fang Yu didn’t dare to give a little bit of support, and all his hole cards were displayed.

Divine Grade set!

And the Throne of Sin!

This is one of Fang Yu’s big hole cards!

Of course, Fang Yu said that the reason why he dared to fight with the twelve Asura protectors was the true confidence that he inherited from the sword dao.

Sword God King’s Peak sword dao!

Strong sword dao above everything else!

“My sword can open up the sky, cut the earth, cut the gods, and punish all enemies!”

At this moment, on the lofty Throne of Sin, Fang Yu walked slowly, holding a sword in his hand, and above his body, a horrible sword intent of cutting Exterminating Heaven and Earth rose up.

Sword God King’s Sword Dao Magical Powers, with Fang Yu’s cultivation base, naturally there is no possibility of showing it at all.

But King Sword God, when he was in the emperor realm, Fang Yu had the strongest sword that he could comprehend, but Fang Yu was qualified to use it.

Normally, this sword used to kill a Martial God realm when King Sword God was in the realm of Emperor Zun!

At this moment, Fang Yu is using the one-star Emperor’s cultivation base, not to kill the Martial God, but to be able to slash the twelve guardian emperors.

“So sharp and unparalleled sword energy!”


“It’s just a pity. You are just a little Emperor. If you are stronger, you will be in the same realm as the seven-star emperor of the twelve people like me. Maybe you really have the possibility to break the sword. Cut out the magnificent record of my 12 Asura protectors!”

The twelve Asura protectors, at this moment, they all show abusive expressions, and they all have laughed heartily.

In this statement, most of the meaning of playful abuse!

For the little Emperor realm in front of them, their twelve Asura protectors actually didn’t care about it at all.

Know that their 12 Asura protectors, at this moment, the battle strength is fully open, even the Peak Nine-Star Emperor can kill them.

The nine-star emperor, that is the pinnacle of the three Great Divine Ability realm.

This little Emperor, the nine-star emperor is more than vast distance away, so they naturally don’t take Fang Yu in their eyes!


At this moment.

Heaven and Earth, in the deepest depths, I perceive Fang Yu’s body of this terrifying sword dao aura that belongs exclusively to the Sword God King. In that portal, the Nether Sword God’s face has changed wildly, and he is extremely frightened.

“no! ”

“This sword dao is…”

“How is it possible!”

“1.2 million years ago, the old man watched him in Heaven Realm with his own eyes, walked into the realm within the realm, and never came out again…”

“How could he… still appear within the realm? Only because of his inheritance, he can’t display the breath of sword dao that is almost the same root with different branches!”


Heaven and Earth in the deepest part.

The door burst open, an old and withered, thin like a bamboo pole, but eyes like an old man with a sharp blade. At this moment, he walked out slowly.


Just now, the old man was still outside this portal. Next moment, the old man’s figure appeared in front of the twelve Asura guardians and the terrifying sword that Fang Yu had cut.

“Get down!”

“He has a connection with the Sword God King!”

“Although you wait for the twelve people to be the emperor, but also not his opponent with this sword, let alone his opponent with this sword! Don’t retreat!”

The old man shouted sharply.

The twelve Asura protector, hearing this, did not see who the person came, and heard such humiliating words, the instinct was rage.


Soon, they saw clearly the identity of the person who came, and it was their Master, the Ancestral Master of the Nether Palace!

Nether Hall, the root cause of the twelve overlord Martial God power, the eight-star Martial God realm, the Nether Blade God!

They Old Ancestor!

Twelve Asura protectors, panicked, and hurriedly stepped back.


Next moment, Fang Yu slashed out, and the sword with an Exterminating Heaven and Earth, terrifying aura, like a great sun changhong, penetrated Heaven and Earth, and came.

This sword is terrifying to the extreme, and wherever it goes, it is like a ghost qi battlefield like Sealing Heaven Locking Earth, and it shatters in an instant.

The twelve bodies of Asura evil spirits with nine heads and 36 arms, touched the slightest prestige of this sword, all turned into black smoke and vanished in a flash.


Just when this sword was about to slash the old man.


The old man shot.

I saw that the divine light in Divine Eyes of this ghost sword skyrocketed, and the horrible aura of the knife way rose up, and the shadow of a towering giant sword formed in a flash, facing this sword fiercely.


heaven falls and earth rends.

At this moment, the aftermath of the sword strike escaped, and the twelve nine-headed 36-armed Asura evil spirit bodies were all blasted to pieces.

The old man is unscathed! Behind the body, the illusory shadow of the terrifying giant knife was only slightly dim.

As for the terrifying sword of Exterminating Heaven and Earth that Fang Yu slashed, it was fragmented, and the force of the counter shock blasted Fang Yu out.

Even the Throne of Sin, which carried Fang Yu, was trembling violently and crashed into the ground of the Nether Hell.

“pu! ”

Fang Yu spurt a mouthful of blood, embarrassedly drilling out of the soil of the collapsed mountain, even the blood on the corners of his mouth could not be wiped off.

“really strong!”

“This blade’s divine might really strong!”

“Your Excellency, it is the cultivation base of the eight-star Martial God realm. When that one was just used, why not use the power of the cultivation base.”

“If you use the power of the cultivation base, at that moment, with the faint cultivation base of my Emperor, I am afraid that the soul will be flew away and scattered by you on the spot, and it will die on the spot!”

Fang Yu looked at this one Nether Blade God coldly, and spoke slowly.

At that moment, it was indeed a line of life and death! As long as this ghost sword god has the slightest intention to kill, Fang Yu should die.

It’s strange that the old man didn’t inject any cultivation base into the collision between the horror sword and the illusory shadow just now.

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