Super Slaughter System Chapter 1001


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Being alone facing an eight-star Martial God realm, this was something that Fang Yu absolutely did not expect when he came.

In Fang Yu’s view.

This Netherworld Prison, even though it is the first of the five upper sects in the northern realm, is only an emperor-level force that’s all, and the strongest is one or two emperor-level forces.


A Martial God realm appeared here! And it’s also an Old Ancestor of the overlord Martial God force, a few 100,000 years ago, it became famous in the eight-star Martial God realm!

“You are not him!”

“The god almost thought that the terrifying, arrogant Sword God King of Heaven and Earth has once again returned from Human World.”

“It turns out that you are not him, but his chosen heir that’s all!”

“Unfortunately, it made the old man happy…”

This old man with a withered face, as thin as a bamboo pole, recalled the horror of the sword just now, shaking his head and sighing, his face was full of expression of loss.

Nether Sword God!

This one, the Nether Blade God, was born only a few 100,000 years ago, became famous, and began to spread across the Martial God powerhouse of Human World?

Why look at him, as if he knew the horrible King Sword God from the Lower Realm 1.2 million years ago?

Fang Yu was hearing this, feeling strange.

But before he had time to think about it, Fang Yu began to plan, and the next way out!

An eight-star Martial God realm, or a terrifying Martial God like the Nether Sword God! Even in Heavenly Palace inherited memories, there are many records about this one Old Senior’s impressive record.

This one Old Senior can’t be regarded as an ordinary eight-star Martial God realm, at least it is a Peak nine-star Martial God battle strength person!

Although it hasn’t reached the level of the three strongest Martial Gods, the strongest sword clan Old Ancestor, and the mysterious sword Martial God, it should not be overlooked.

It can be said.

If this one Nether Sword God makes a move, waiting for the nine-star Martial God realm, he won’t be able to walk thirty rounds in his hands!


Below Fang Yu’s sleeves, Qiyun glaze crystals emerged.

Turning around!

Able to swallow Fang Yu’s luck at any time, and then borrow strength from the past and the future to fight against this one terrifying ghost sword god!


next moment.

The void collapsed and three portals emerged.

Thunderbolt, Blizzard, and Youfeng, the three great wars are all coming, and the terrifying atmosphere of Martial God almost swept the entire hell of Heaven and Earth!

“The three Martial God realms, are all Martial God real powerhouses of extremely high grade?”

“How is it possible!”

“Why in Human World, I have never heard of these three Martial God realms. They are so eye-catching, as if they popped out of thin air.”

Twelve Asura protectors, standing aside, looking at the thunderbolt and other three Martial God fighters that suddenly came, all of them were complexion greatly changed, and I felt a pang of anxiety.

Could it be that their plan for the Ancient God Crystal in the Nether Palace was exposed? The other twelve overlord Martial God forces, already known?

What scared them the most was that this mysterious wind domain was the territory of the sword clan! The sword clan, the strongest Old Ancestor, is known as the most powerful house in the Human World and the closest to the existence of the Spiritual God three realms.

If the Old Ancestor of the sword clan is attracted, there is no place in Ancient God Crystal about his Nether Palace.

“My lord, are you all right!”

The three war generals, with fierce eyes, glanced at everyone present, and let the twelve Asura guardians in the Nether Palace shiver coldly.

Finally, he passed the Netherworld Blade God, and then came to Fang Yu’s body, his eyes filled with expressions of concern.


“These three high-grade Martial God realms actually call this kid an ant as the master? What is the origin of this kid…”

“The Lord of Heaven Realm, is the illegal child of Human World?”

Twelve Asura protectors, turned pale with fright for a while, looking at this ant boy who they didn’t look at, but his eyes were full of awe.

Even the Nether Blade God on the side looked sideways and looked interested.


“These three high-level Martial God realms are also one of the inheritances left to you by King Sword God? However, this is not quite like the style of King Sword God.”

Netherworld Blade God, hehe sneered.

Also in this brief moment.

Fang Yu gave a startled glance, always staring at this one Nether Blade God, but he peeped over his soul, as if there was a shallow mark.

This imprint, Fang Yu, who merged with the memory of King Sword God, can be said to be familiar.

This is impressively 1.2 million years ago, the Sword God king of the Three Realms of Cholera, conquering the Quartet, enslaving hundreds of millions of ancient territory powerhouse, left behind as a slave mark.

Every defeated person, soul, and body under the hands of King Sword God will leave this mark of slavery! Represents the identity of their defeated slaves!

“The loser’s slave mark?”

“Netherworld Blade God, what is your identity! Are you not the Martial God who was born three 500,000 years ago?”

“Why do the souls retain the defeated slave mark used by King Sword God 1.2 million years ago when he conquered the Quartet and enslaved the native creatures in the ancient territory…”

Fang Yu’s expression changed, and he asked aloud.

At this moment.

Under the sleeves, in Fang Yu’s hand, the Qi Luck Glazed Crystal suddenly clenched tightly. Today, he might be desperate to use the ancient treasure of Fang’s evil years!

The ancient treasure of the years and the lucky glass crystal, the user has no good end.

This is the case with the spirit of the lord of the previous Heavenly Palace.

In Heavenly Palace inherited memories, generations of users have all died miserably and the evening scene is extremely bleak!

At the time of Aolong Martial City, Fang Yu used the Qi Luck Glass Crystal, still relying on the Golden Dragon which is twice the size of the Qi Luck Golden Dragon within the body, as well as the props from the treasure chest, the Ten Times Luck Increase Card, Only barely offset the side effects brought by the Qi Luck Glass Crystal.

This time, if you use the Qiyun Glass Crystal again, Fang Yu doesn’t have the Tenfold Qi Fortune Amplification Card in his hand, and the Qiyun Golden Dragon to offset it.

“But the night scene is bleak and tragic, it’s better than falling on the spot!”

Fang Yu was cruel in his heart.

At this moment, the Netherworld Sword God, Ling Ling’s blade-like eyes, looked towards Fang Yu, as if he could see through all his secrets at this moment.


“Sword God is a descendant of the descendant of the King of Sword God, you must not have learned the breath of sword dao! So the same root with different branches, almost like him, presumably you inherited part of his memory. “

“In that case, why didn’t you recognize the original god?”

“I don’t believe this god, the god is just a nobody-like character in his memory! You know, he killed the god 13 times…”

Speaking of King Sword God, Nether Sword God has a complex expression on his face. There is hope, fear, and admiration, but there is no hatred.

Thirteen consecutive kills?

Sword God Wang Zhengzhan Ancient Territory throughout his life in the Three Realms, is there such a person?

Fang Yu was taken aback and thought about it carefully, but still didn’t think of this one Nether Sword God, 1.2 million years ago, the identity of that era.

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