Super Slaughter System Chapter 1002


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Above the sky.

Netherworld Sword God, above the haggard face, a little disbelief appeared faintly, he stared at Fang Yu in a daze, and said in a staggered way.

“Isn’t there in the memory of King Sword God’s life fighting and killing, there is no name of my night king? 1.2 million years ago, the god regarded him as a lifelong enemy!”

“In his eyes, is this god a nobody?”

Nether Sword God, his face was incredulous.

Immediately, his body trembled, and the complex emotions such as looking up, fear, and admiration in his eyes disappeared, replaced by fury and biting killing intent.

Netherworld sword god, fly into a rage out of humiliation!

“The God regards him as a life-long enemy, fought and killed him thirteen times, admired him, feared him, looked up to him, but he didn’t even remember who he was?”

Seeing the Nether Sword God, the Ancestral Master of this one Nether Palace was about to lose control, and under Fang Yu’s sleeve, he immediately pinched the Qi Luck Glass Crystal.

Thunderbolt War will be waiting for the three Martial God Realms, but also full of jealousy, guarding Fang Yu’s body, coldly staring at the Nether Sword God, and waiting!

At this time, Fang Yu finally asked that sentence.

“Netherworld Senior, I dare to ask 1.2 million years ago, what is your relationship with the Sword God King? Thirteen consecutive killings. In the memory of the Sword God King Zheng Zhan in the ancient territory, you do not exist. p>

“Are there any misunderstandings in this?”

Fang Yu said slowly.

At this moment, Fang Yu was extremely nervous, and his Qi Luck Glass Crystal could be used at any time! At any time, he can cross the long river of years and borrow the power of the future cultivation base.

With the strength of the Martial God Realm of the Three Great Wars, even if he can’t match the Nether Sword God, he can delay enough time to let Fang Yu use his Qi Luck Glass Crystal to work hard!


“Sure enough.”

“The arrogant king Sword God, I really don’t remember the original god! In other words, the original god unilaterally regarded him as a lifelong enemy, but he only regarded the original god as a nobody…”

Nether Blade God, roaring furiously.


The twelve Asura protectors of the Nether Palace, with a panic face, moved towards Nether Sword God to kneel down.

For so many years.

It was the first time they saw their Old Ancestor so angry, so lost self-control! If this continues, I’m afraid Old Ancestor will kill.

Unfortunately, they can’t stop Old Ancestor at all, and they don’t even understand the Sword God king or the rival of his life!

After all, Fang Yu and the Nether Sword God are talking about people and matters 1.2 million years ago!

“This god will tell you today, who is this god!”

“The terrifying sword you just used, the King Sword God killed a three-star Peak Martial God Realm when he was in the realm.”

“The three-star Peak Martial God Realm is an incarnation of the old man in the human world, and it is also the first time that it was beheaded by the Sword God!”

“Also, 1.2 million years ago, the second of the three realms of ancient territory, the lord of the human realm at that time, and the lord of the Heaven Realm were also the incarnation of the old man!”

Hearing this, Fang Yu was already full of shocked expressions, looking at a withered figure, like a ghost sword god with a bamboo pole, in astonishment. He couldn’t say a word.

Because he faintly guessed that this one, the Nether Sword God, had an identity 1.2 million years ago.

“If it really exists, I am afraid that the Thunderbolt War, Blizzard, and Yufeng, their three Martial God Realm are all in Peak state, and they are not the opponent of this guy at all!”

“Xuanjian Martial God is here, so I can almost confront this one Nether Sword God in front of me! I’m so stupid, how can I anger this guy…”

Fang Yu only felt his scalp numb, without any hesitation, the strength of the cultivation base was injected into the glass crystal of Qi Luck, and he used it instantly.

Netherworld Blade God, 1.2 million years ago, that Supreme God only, I am afraid that the three Martial God Realm warriors, the state at this moment can not stop him for a moment!

“Qing Luck Glass Crystal!”

“All fortunes are given to you, give me the strongest cultivation base power I can borrow!”

Fang Yu roared in his heart at this moment.

At this moment.

It can be said that after he descended on the ancient territory world, he encountered the greatest life and death crisis in the nine territories of the world.

All of this, above the sky, the Nether Sword God was watching, but he didn’t mean to stop it at all.

He mockingly looked at the Qi Luck Glass Crystal in Fang Yu’s hand, and apparently recognized this one Heavenly Palace’s Divine Grade years ancient treasure.

But even so, he still didn’t stop it!

Because in his eyes, no matter how tough Fang Yu is, he can’t reach the upper limit of the human world, and he is still the ant that he can pinch to death by raising his hand.

Netherworld Sword God, the voice slowly, still telling his last identity.


“The last battle between the God and King Sword God was 1.2 million years ago, the gods within the realm who were in the Peak.”

“On that day, the Sword God king swept all the way, and his soldiers swept across the two realms of heaven and man. The deity descended on God World and fought the God World ten Supreme Gods at that time!”

Speaking of this, the sound of the myth of the Nether Sword paused, looking at Fang Yu, who was taking advantage of the ancient treasure of the years, the lucky glaze crystal, and the rising cultivation base, slowly bursting out his name.

“This god was the only one of the top ten Supreme Gods in God World at that time. Now he has been removed from his name. He was most likely to succeed the Divine King and take charge of the Lord of the Three Realms.”

Netherworld Blade God, sneered.

These words heard Fang Yu’s ears, and his scalp was numb, and he was extremely frightened.

It really is him!

1.2 million years ago, one of the two kings vying for the power of the Divine King! Night King! At that time, the Sword God King, who had not yet become the King of God World, had the title of Sword King!

When you become the uncrowned king of God World, the power of the Divine King will come automatically. After that, this one Martial Emperor, the lower bound sword, will become the King of Sword God!

“It turned out to be you!”

“Sword God Wang Zun, who was in God World at that time, was the enemy of his life! A life and death battle between two kings, one move!”

“To this day, in the memory of the Sword God Wangzun’s inheritance, are the night kings still unforgettable?!”

“You turned out to be the Divine King of the night! That quasi Divine King? How could it be!”

Fang Yu surprised and angry roar.

Such remarks are completely made up by Fang Yu. What is the enemy of his life, what is unforgettable, is all false!

This night king, if it weren’t for Fang Yu to take the initiative to recall, this person would simply not be found in the memory of the inherited Sword God King.

This can be seen.

In the heart of King Sword God, who was stunned by hatred in the past years, just thinking of killing all the creatures of the Three Realms, this Night King is not much different from the ordinary a nobody.

Fang Yu said this deliberately, but deliberately to cater to the terrifying ghost sword god that’s all! After all, if you really want to do it, he may not have beaten the Nether Sword God.

Even if Liulijing took out the coming years, the same result!

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