Super Slaughter System Chapter 1003


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“The enemy of life!”


“In the memory of King Sword God, does he really remember his original god?!”

Netherworld Sword God, with a haggard figure, and skinny as a firewood. Hearing what Fang Yu said at this moment, the pupil light suddenly shined, bursting with unprecedented splendor.

At this moment.

Qiyun glass crystal, the power of the cultivation base borrowed from it, has reached its limit!

The realm of Martial God!

It can reach the realm of Martial God that’s all.

I want to move towards higher realm again, to reach the mid-grade Martial God Realm, and even the high-grade Martial God Realm, but there seems to be something so bright, the boundless bonder is one of the cultivation bases that come across. force.

This kind of cultivation base, I am afraid that Fang Yu’s battle strength erupts, it is not as good as Thunderbolt War will this one nine-star Martial God Realm!

Where can I be the opponent of the Nether Blade God! I’m afraid that before Fang Yu can go up, Nether Sword God can send him to Yellow Springs with a backhand.


“This is naturally true!”

“In the past, the battle of God World, the two kings contended for the throne, it can be regarded as the most thrilling and peak battle of Sword God Wang Zun’s life.”

“Sword God King, would you not remember you? How could you be a nobody…”

In front of the Nether Sword God, Fang Yu eagerly thought about the way to break the game, but he still brace oneself, deliberately catered to the Nether Sword God, and lied.

Not far away.

The twelve Asura guardians of the Nether Palace, looking at them this one because of the so-called Sword God King’s senses, constantly losing self-control Old Ancestor, all revealing embarrassing expressions.

This is the first time they have seen Old Ancestor look like this! Under these circumstances, their heads were low and they had to pretend that they hadn’t seen anything.

For fear of waiting for Old Ancestor to come back to his senses and kill them!

These things, bloodthirsty Old Ancestor, might actually be able to do it.


“Boy, listening to you say that, the god is in a much better mood now! Think about it, what an identity is the god, but he was one of the two kings who competed with him for the power of the Divine King!”

“At that time, this god had already accepted the authority of the two realms of heaven and man. Just by tangling the authority of God World, he could become the second Divine King! How could the Sword God King not remember me?

On the sky, the Nether Blade God, laughed.


Just as Fang Yu secretly breathed out in his heart, feeling that his life was saved, the Nether Sword God suddenly looked cold and stared straight at him.

“No way!”

“The memory of King Sword God, I can only feel relieved by seeing it with my own eyes! Speaking of which, I am really curious, how did he fall?”

“1.2 million years ago, he obviously inherited the power of the Divine King, his soldiers swept across the three realms, and all the creatures of the ancient territory were taken into servants.”

“Why did he suddenly disappear!”


Hearing this, Fang Yuru was bitten by thunder, his scalp was numb, and he was extremely frightened.

Just now, what he said was all false, and none of it was true. His Night King was in the memory of King Sword God, and he was not bullshit.

If this ghost sword god sees these memories and feels humiliation, I am afraid that this former night king will lose his reason on the spot and madly tear him to pieces.

Also, the memory of King Sword God is merged with his Fang Yu soul! If it’s for people to read, where is Fang Yu’s life still alive?


“Netherworld Sword God, I respect you as Senior who was the same generation as Sword God Wang Zun in the past, so I have to bear with you more!”

“Don’t you want to be unsatisfied, otherwise, don’t blame me the sword in Fang Yu’s hand! You are welcome!”

“Thunder! Blizzard! Youfeng! Get started!”

At this moment, Fang Yu’s prestige was thunderous, roared out, and the red fire Divine Sword in his hand exploded with extreme brilliance.

In my memory, the inheritance from the sword dao of the Sword God King was exemplified by Fang Yu. That sword can cut the seven stars Martial God Realm!

At this moment, Fang Yu, as a cultivation base, reached the Martial God Realm realm by virtue of the power borrowed from the glaze crystal.

On the side, there are the three high-level Martial God Realm powerhouses of Thunder, and facing this scorching Nether Blade God, it is not without a fight!

Together with Fang Yu, plus three generals, together with the silhouettes of four Martial God Realm powerhouses, moved towards Nether Sword God suppressed.

If I change to another eight-star Martial God Realm, I am afraid that I will be extremely jealous at this moment, and I will take the initiative to avoid and leave!

But now, Fang Yu and the others are facing the Nether Sword God!

This one eight-star Martial God Realm, became famous several 100,000 years ago, and 1.2 million years ago, the reincarnation of a quasi Divine King.


“You can’t wait for the ants that’s all, but also match the gods? Thunder, Blizzard, and Youfeng, even if you three righteous gods have not before death, in front of my night king, you can only kneel to acknowledge allegiance! “

“The three of you have now been refined into Martial God Realm dharmakaya, and are you paired with baring fangs and brandishing claws? Go back!”

Netherworld Blade God, said coldly.


next moment.

Behind the withered body of the Nether Sword God, there is an illusory shadow capable to support both heaven and earth, an illusory shadow of a terrifying giant sword that is as high as absolutely ten feet.


At this moment, Heaven and Earth fell silent.

After that, at the next moment, the power of the entire Heaven and Earth seemed to be under this blade and was cut in half.


Blood splattered!

The Thunderbolt War, the Blizzard, and even the Yufeng, their three high-level Martial God Realm, all flew upside down like a kite with a broken line.

As for Fang Yu’s descendant of the one Sword God king, he did not have the main strength to resist the shadow of the illusory giant sword, but he was also shocked by the aftermath of his lungs, sprayed with blood, and fell from the sky.

It’s not Fang Yu, together with the three war generals too weak! It was because this one Nether Blade God in front of him was too strong.

This one Nether Sword God, is like a full-scale tycoon of God World, a full-scale trumpet opened in the human world.

In this nine realms of the world, the ones who can fight the Nether Sword God are probably the Sword Ancestor of the Sword Clan, and the two strongest Martial Gods of Haoyang Hanyue with the true soul within the body, and the Sword God King Martial God, the mysterious sword of inheritance.

No matter how strong Fang Yu is, he can only rule the roost in front of the ordinary overlord Martial God Realm! Facing the Nether Sword God, Senior who was millions years ago, he still lacked a lot of weight.

“Netherworld Sword God! I advise you, if you read the memory of King Sword God, you will definitely regret it! You will definitely…”

Wipe off the blood from the corners of his mouth, Fang Yu stared at the Nether Sword God, and said coldly.

The night king is very concerned about the view of the terrifying evildoer that the Sword God king this one defeated him! Unfortunately, he was destined to disappoint, even crazy about it.

Because, in the eyes of King Sword God, his Night King is nothing, that is a nobody! After killing him thirteen times, King Sword God didn’t remember him.


Netherworld Sword God, stepped forward, and instantly came to Fang Yu’s side.

With just one sentence, terrifying pressure struck, Fang Yu’s soul was hit hard and fell into a coma instantly.

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