Super Slaughter System Chapter 1009


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The Sword Clan!

Sword Ancestor Sword Ancestor!

In the human world, the terrifying existence that claims to be closest to the gods! Even the Profound Sword Martial God, as well as 100,000 years ago, the three most powerful Martial Gods, will be eclipsed in front of him.

Since the collapse of God World, the Sword Ancestor Sword Ancestor has appeared, walking around the world, sweeping all over the world, no one can be an opponent.

In the eyes of the twelve overlord Martial God forces, the strong and terrifying Sword Sky Mark is the closest cultivator to the Spiritual God three realms!


In the eyes of the Nether Sword God, Prison God, Blood God, and even Hanyue and Haoyang, this Sword Ancestor is actually simply the Spiritual God 1st Realm powerhouse of genuine.

Spiritual God 1st Realm’s Body-Refining Cultivator!

Spiritual God Body-Refining Cultivator fleshy body of this level, looking at the entire ancient territory, is rare in the Three Realms, and only a madman like the Peak Body-Refining Cultivator who has set foot in Supreme God, can do it Out.

So Sword Ancestor is actually an old acquaintance, so mad!

This point, Nether Blade God and the others know.

When the sword sky mark aura appeared in the place of the five upper sect gates, the Nether Sword God, the Prison God, and the Blood God all stopped fighting.

Across the barriers of Heaven and Earth, they stared at each other, with expressions of fear in their eyes.

Even at Peak, no matter how strong, no matter how strong the other Supreme God is, they can’t perform many divine might methods of the past.

In front of such a Spiritual God Realm Body-Refining Cultivator, such a Spiritual God Realm Body-Refining Cultivator, their Martial God Realm cultivation base is naturally short!

“You can divide up the nine Divine Crystals, yes, the old man doesn’t have the slightest opinion! However, I want to take away the descendants of the gods…”

The place of the gate of the Nether Hell.

Sword Ancestor, slowly speaking, the voice tape is full of indisputable majesty.


next moment.

Sword Ancestor broke through the air and intervened in the battle between the Hell God, the Blood God, and even the Nether Sword God! In an instant, the silhouettes of their three Martial God Realm giants, like a kite with a broken line, flew upside down.

As soon as the Spiritual God level Body-Refining Cultivator debuts, the strength is immediately the crushing level, and it is easy to crush the three Martial God Realm giants!

At this time, the Sword Ancestor Jian Tianhen was just like the ghost sword god just now, just like chopping vegetables and melons, and easily wounded Fang Yu’s three great generals.

The place of great hall.

Fang Yu killed twelve Asura bodies with a single sword!

The twelve Asura guardians of the Nether Hall, half kneeling on the ground, bleeding from the seven orifices, and the vitality is constantly dissipating.

Twelve Asura Dharmakayas, and their twelve guardians of the emperor’s life fellowship!

It can be said.

Fang Yu slashed the twelve Asura bodies with a single sword, which is equivalent to slaying their twelve guardians.

“Really…really strong!”

“This sword really reached its peak, far exceeding the overwhelming majority Sword God realm in the human world!”

“Being defeated by… this sword, I won’t be injustice until we fall…”

After finishing speaking, the twelve Asura protectors sprayed a mouthful of blood, and a blood stain escaped from the center of the eyebrows of everyone, and then fell down the center of the eyebrows, and the whole person was chopped in half.

At this time, the Sword Ancestor Sword Ancestor, who had arrived, also saw such a scene, and a gloomy expression that was difficult to see appeared in his eyes.

“What’s the matter with this kid?”

“Why grow so fast, first got the imprint of the gods, messed up the remains of the Heavenly Palace, and made the gods of Haoyang suffer under his hands.”

“Then, I got the second piece of the God Slaughter Sword in the hands of God Mingzun! I also obtained three high-grade Martial God Realm Dharmakayas inexplicably!”

“Before the old man had finished digesting the news, this kid got the inheritance of King Sword God, so that Martial God of the mysterious sword broke free from my control…”

“Is this the man with the peculiar fate like the King Sword God and the King-like of the slaughter in the past!”

Sword Tianhen, complexion is gloomy, faintly feel that this kid in the lower realm is growing too fast, and he is a little out of his control.

Originally, even if Fang Yu was the Inheritor of the Sword Ancestor, he, the Sword Ancestor, didn’t take it seriously, but regarded it as a chess piece temporarily holding the Sword Ancestor fragment!

From beginning to end, Fang Yu was under the gaze of this one Sword Ancestor.

A few months ago.

Together with Fang Yu, a total of ten lower realm cultivators have descended to the northern border of the mysterious wind region! At that time, he woke up Old Ancestor, the strongest sword clan!

This mysterious wind domain, after all, is the site of his Sword Ancestor, and he can’t hide the slightest movement.

Among this batch of nether cultivators, two of them caused him strong anxiety!

One of them is a body with two souls, one is the soul of the Martial Emperor of the lower realm, and the other is just the soul of the Martial Venerable Realm, but within the body contains a golden ancient bell.

This golden ancient bell, named Profound Nether Bell, is the only Supreme Treasure that can only be born in the Nether!

The reason why this person of one Spiritual God Realm Body-Refining Cultivator can arouse his anxiety is because of the Supreme Treasure.

Sword Ancestor quickly took control of this person and sealed him in the invincible abyss of the Sword Clan. Day and night, he explored the means to strip out the Supreme Treasure!

As for the second person who caused his Sword Ancestor’s anxiety, it was Fang Yu in front of him!

This person within the body has no Supreme Treasure.

However, in Jian Tianhen’s eyes, the level of attention is far above Lin Tian’s Martial Emperor, Xuan Ming Zun, and the Supreme Treasure!

Because this person’s fate is too strange!

In the memory of Jian Tianhen, he also only saw two people with such a fateful personality, and those two people finally took the power of the king of the gods one after another.

Sword God King!

And the King of Slaughter!

“Boy, come with me!”

“Inheritance of the power of the King of Slaughter in you, and the Supreme sword dao of King Sword God, the old man wants…”

Sword Ancestor Sword Ancestor, eye shows the ominous light, step by step moved towards Fang Yu, step by step, Suppressing the Heavens and Earth, so that Fang Yu can’t move half a point.

Although this was the first encounter between Fang Yu and Old Ancestor, the strongest sword clan of this one, Fang Yu recognized the identity of this person only at this glance.

The supreme ruler of mysterious wind domain!

At the same time, he is also the master of the sword clan!

Not long ago, this person also ordered the entire sword clan Martial God Realm Old Ancestor to move around and search for his whereabouts!

Xuanjian Martial God, also met Fang Yu at that time.


“I will go with you!”

Fang Yu looked like he had accepted his fate.

Suddenly, this was the defeated Hell God on the side of the radical, as well as the Blood God, and the two of them were also the Supreme God peeping at the authority of the Divine King.


“Very crazy, your appetite is too big, right.”

“Eating my own meat is full of oily mouth, do you want me to wait and watch! Your thoughts are too ridiculous.”

“The power of the Divine King is now condensed into its essence. No matter who collects the Slayer Sword intact, he can become the new King of Slaying!”

“This child, you can’t take it away!”

Prison god, blood god speaks furiously.

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