Super Slaughter System Chapter 1010


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Blood gods and prison gods have shot one after another, summon has produced a terrifying god illusory shadow, blocking the path of Jian Tianhen.


Netherworld sword god, withered body, also leap thousands zhang distance, coming quickly, the body rises up with a giant sword, coldly staring at the sword sky mark.

“Very crazy!”

“This child, can’t you take it away!”

“The god has not read the memory of King Sword God! Today, even if the King of Slaughter comes alive, he cannot stop this kid from taking away.”

Following Fang Yu’s words about confessing his fate and planning to leave with Man Kuangzun, the three gods suddenly became angry and blocked Jian Tianhen.

At this moment.

The three gods who had just beaten and killed for nine Divine Crystals, but didn’t even look at the Divine Crystal for half an eye, all of the contradictions were placed on Jian Tianhen’s body.

Jian Tianhen, faintly felt the blue veins on his forehead violently, and there was a faint feeling of irritability in my heart that could not be suppressed!

In order to stabilize the three Supreme Gods, he deliberately gave up all the nine Divine Crystals, including the one that was transformed by his fallen god.

More than that.

He also showed off his strength deliberately, crushing the three gods, and frightening them to act blindly without thinking! In order to be able to safely take Fang Yu away!

But who would have thought that this situation could not be avoided.

“That’s why…old man hates it, everything that is out of control! 1.2 million years ago, that Sword God king was a variable out of control of ancient territory Heaven and Earth.”

“One hundred 10,000 years ago, the king of slaughter, this damn kid is the same!”

“You! More so!”

“The old man refined his body, but Rebirth from a drop of Blood, broken limbs and rejuvenated, almost Undying and Inextinguishable! But when you encounter these variables, the layout is repeatedly disrupted and changed It’s a mess!”

Jian Tianhen, extremely lost self-control, looking at Fang Yu who is out of control, his expression is extremely cold.

Few people know.

1.2 million years ago, the head of the ten strongest gods was not the one night king, but his barbaric king!

Before the rise of the Sword God King, at that time, God World actually had two half-step kings who were expected to encroach on the power of the Divine King.

Sword God King Armament The Three Realms of Cholera!

The Lord of the Night, has successively lost the authority of the Lord of the Earth Realm and the Lord of Heaven Realm! But it can still securely occupy the title of Wang Zun, quasi God King Level.

The one who loses the power of the king and the qualification of the quasi-Divine King is his barbarous king! He has hidden the King’s strength for many years, in order to be able to give a fatal blow to the Night King when he is really fighting for the power of the Divine King…


I haven’t waited for the day when the two kings compete for throne!

The King of Sword God rose from the Lower Realm. In order to take revenge on the Three Realms of Cholera, he sent the entire ancient territory Heaven and Earth to the miasma.

Only above the Supreme God, under the authority of the Divine King.

Ancient territory Heaven and Earth, there can only be two kings! The King of Sword God rises from the Lower Realm, the Three Realms of Cholera, Heaven Warping Genius, and God World naturally have one person who wants to fall into power.

He was this one Barbaric King, who had never been in the world before, and then he fell into authority so quietly and became the genuine Barbaric Venerable.

One hundred 10,000 years ago, the same was true when the King of Slaughter rose! He has lasted for 200,000 years, and has just recovered his personality as the King of Man, and he hasn’t waited to encroach on Divine King’s authority.

The King of Slaughter rises!

The power of the Divine King, once born, all kings will disappear!

He became a madman again!

“Today, no one can save you! In order to avoid the two tragedies of the past, they will happen again! The old man takes away the slaughter fragments of your within the body and the memory of the Sword God king, and lets you the soul flew away and scattered .”

Sword Tianhen, coldly speaking, killing intent on his face.


At this moment, Jian Tianhen stepped forward, moved towards the three Martial God Realm giants, and turned the fingers into a sword, and the terrifying sword energy of Exterminating Heaven and Earth burst out.

These sword dao accomplishments, and terrifying aura of Exterminating Heaven and Earth, and Sword God king sword dao inherited by Fang Yu, are almost the same root with different branches, exactly similar!

“Sword God’s sword dao, why are you too?”

Netherworld Sword God, looking at the fresh Blood Sword mark cut out in his palm, he frowns asked sternly.

“Why does old man do too?”


Jian Tianhen laughed wanton, his face was full of madness.

“There is a younger generation in the old man family. By coincidence, he obtained part of the memory inheritance of King Sword God. These sword dao were all stolen from him by the old man.”

“Netherworld old thief, how about this sword? You fell under this sword in the past years!”

Jian Tianhen, laughing wildly.

Nether Sword God is not an enemy of Jian Tianhen! Prison gods and blood gods are naturally more impossible opponents.

As the former Supreme God, they naturally have a way to use the power above Martial God Realm! However, that is a fight hole card.

For Fang Yu’s performance, it’s not worth it!

Seeing that the Three Gods were about to lose again, Fang Yu finally broke free from the pressure of Jian Tianhen.

There is no hesitation!

In Fang Yu’s hand, Divine Sword of Red Fire was tightly held in his hand, and the terrifying sword of Exterminating Heaven and Earth burst out again.

It’s just that the place where you cut is not the place where Jian Tianhen stands, but the great hall of the dark prison behind you!

“God bless!”

“Catch everything in one net to the high-level powerhouse of the imperial realm that was still alive in the nether hell! Map tasks, must judge me to complete.”

“Otherwise, there is no such big treasure chest. I want to break free from the dead end of this time. It can be said that it is extremely difficult…”

Fang Yu’s sword is enough to cut Exterminating Heaven and Earth, and it is stronger than the Twelve Emperor Guardians of the Nether Palace. They have displayed the strongest means, and they must drink hatred on the spot under this sword.

even more how.

This little banned great hall, and in the great hall, in the nether prison, the strongest is a powerhouse of the nine Great Emperor Realm realm!

“What does he want to do?”

“Kill me and wait?!”

“He lost his mind! I waited for the tortoise to hide in the great hall of the underworld, and didn’t provoke him. The one who wanted to kill him is the Sword Ancestor of the Sword clan!”

“What is he waiting for to kill me?!”

People are sitting at home, murderous intention is outside the hall!

At this moment, in the great hall, the nine standing imperial realm silhouettes were originally watching the terrifying battle outside, but when Fang Yu was killed with a sword, they were all scared to the soul flew away and scattered.

Nether Palace, twelve Asura protectors, with all their strength, even the nine-star emperor can be killed alive!

The twelve Asura protectors, all under Fang Yu’s sword, turned into solitary souls, unbound ghosts, even more how their nine ordinary emperor realms!

“Old Ancestor, help!”

Along with the desperate cry, and the collapse of this banned great hall, it was razed to the ground under a sword.

Fang Yu’s ear, the long-lost system voice finally rang.

“Congratulations to the host for completing the killing treasure chest, map mission, and obtaining the super treasure chest!”

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