Super Slaughter System Chapter 1011


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With the sound of the system sound, in front of Fang Yu’s eyes, there was a big treasure chest shining with colorful divine light, floating in the air.

Map missions, super treasure chests!

“It’s done!”


“Today, whether this catastrophe can survive this catastrophe safely depends on the fact that this super-quality treasure chest is not strong enough!”

Fang Yu smiled at the corner of his mouth, but he couldn’t hide the tension in his heart at this moment.

In that forbidden great hall, in addition to the powerhouse of the Nether Prison Emperor Realm, there is also the son of the Nether Sword God, the master of the Nether Prison!

Fang Yu’s sword killed the powerhouse in the underworld! Inevitably, this one Nether Sword God’s son was also killed!

The son was killed by Fang Yu!

No matter if you are really angry, or for the so-called face, this ghost sword god must make a response, fiercely hit back.

On the battlefield of fighting, the three gods joined forces before they were able to reluctantly compete with the body-refining cultivator deity walking in the human world.

The Nether Sword God, the strongest among the three gods, was offended, and the cooperation of the three gods was shattered, and Jian Tianhen must be no one to heal.

At that time, if the Big Treasure Box of Super Grade can’t be powerful, Fang Yu will definitely end in a miserable situation.

“The treasures that came out must be props! Just like the special cards in Lingyun Heaven and Earth, otherwise I will die…”

“system, you shouldn’t want my fall!”

“A great treasure chest of super products!”

“open for me!”

Fang Yu gritted his teeth, the hairs on his body exploded. At this moment, he even felt the fury from the Nether Sword God. He suddenly moved his palm, and quickly opened the super treasure chest.

If the action is later, I am afraid that Fang Yu will lose even the opportunity to open the super treasure chest.

A horror giant of Peak Martial God Realm, if you want to obliterate a little Emperor Realm, it is not easy.

in a flash.

Fang Yu was enveloped by the colorful divine light that only he could see, and then several things appeared in front of him.

At the same time.

In this brief moment, the Nether Blade God, Hell God Venerable, Blood God Venerable, as well as the Sword Sky Mark, all involuntarily stopped fighting!

Especially the Priest God and the Blood God. They both looked at the great hall of the nether hell that was razed to the ground by Fang Yu’s sword. They seemed a little not knowing what to do.

What’s the situation?

This Fang Yu has lost his heart and is crazy!

Nether Sword God, but he is working hard to stop Old Ancestor of the sword clan for him! As a result, this Fang Yu backhand was a sword, in front of the Nether Sword God, beheading his son?

Be aware that when the Netherworld Sword God was still the Lord of the Night, 1.2 million years ago, he wanted to give birth to an heir, but he couldn’t ask for it.

Finally, after Divine Destruction, I got such a son of the Nether Prisoner! Nether Sword God, can be described as extremely loving.

The only aunt, the most beloved aunt, just died! He died in front of him, in Fang Yu’s hands.

You can imagine.

How angry the Nether Blade God will be!

Unreasonable anger!

Don’t say that they Two Great Divine Venerables, even when the sword clan Old Ancestor Jian Tianhen took a fight, they deliberately avoided the great hall for fear of hurting the nether prisoner, for fear of angering the netherworld. The sword god, with irreconcilable hatred.

This is good for Fang Yu! Take the initiative to die! One sword killed them Two Great Divine Venerables, as well as the son of the Nether Sword God who was unwilling to harm Jian Tianhen.

“He is… crazy, right?”

Rao is Jian Tianhen, and his expression is a little sluggish at the moment, and he still can’t understand why Fang Yu killed the nine Nether Prison Emperor powerhouse.

Even if Jian Tianhen’s mind has been immersed in conspiracy all year round, at this moment, I don’t even understand what benefits Fang Yu can get by doing this!

“My son… is dead?”

“Fang Yu! Ahhhh! You beast, what do you want to do? How dare to kill the only son of the god in front of the god?”

“Are you crazy, or did Divine Eyes spend it?”

“My God is now protecting you!”

“Damn it! Beast! My God must have killed you!”

The nether knife divine fruit became furious unexpectedly, he was madly roaring, and lost all his sanity, even leaving Fang Yu’s life in order to read the memory.

At this moment.

This one The night king of the past, in his mind, there is only a single thought! That is to kill Fang Yu, exhausting torture, and acting on his soul.

The figure is like electricity!

One step ten thousand zhang away!

In a flash of kung fu, the Nether Sword God has already come to Fang Yu’s, and there is an extra vicissitudes of life around the ancient rune in his hand.


Ancient blade fiercely cut out!

The terrifying roar, where Heaven and Earth exploded, bringing an endless billowing natural phenomenon, as well as a terrifying vast divine might.

As this blade is cut out, there is another party as high as ten thousand zhang, and the full body of the terrifying giant sword shadow emerges, fiercely moved towards Fang Yu.

Previously, in the fierce battle with Two Great Divine Venerables, the Nether Blade God did not draw his sword! Just now the three gods fought the sword Tianhen, the Nether Sword God still did not draw his sword!

Now, Fang Yu killed his aunt, the only aunt, and the unreasonable Nether Sword God drew his sword!

It can be seen how important this one is to Nether Sword God!

“Slashing God Blade?!”

“Back then, when the Sword King swept the Heaven Realm and was about to board the front of God World, the Slashing God Blade that the Night King tried to break the sword dao of the Destruction Sword King?”


“This kid is dead!”

“Such a knife, I am afraid that Yewangzun is the pinnacle battle strength and pinnacle method that can erupt as the ghost sword god at this moment.”

“Even if he is a Spiritual God Body-Refining Cultivator, stealing the sword dao of the Sword God king, I dare not take such a crazy knife from the Nether Sword God at this moment! This kid will undoubtedly die, in the world In Jiuyu, no one can block this blade for him……”

Blood God Venerable, Prison God Venerable’s face changed wildly, and he spoke in succession.

Not only their Two Great Divine Venerables, but also the strongest sword sky mark among the four gods, the sword sky mark that walks the world in the body of a Spiritual God. At this time, his pupils are shrinking slightly, and there is a flash of fright in his eyes. Expression of fear.

Faced with this blade, Jian Tianhen couldn’t stop it! This blade is the strongest blade in the world.

With a single cut, even 100,000 years ago, the three most powerful Martial Gods in Peak state will fall and be cut to death!


“old man…As long as this kid within the body’s two pieces of slaughter, as for his life and death, the old man is not interested!”

“Netherworld Blade God, if you want to take it away, just do it at will! The old man does not stop it.”

Jian Tianhen did not intervene, but instead watched from the sidelines, sneering at the scene where Fang Yu was about to fall.

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