Super Slaughter System Chapter 1012


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This blade is so amazing, no one can stop it! Even if Jian Tianhen encountered it, his scalp would feel numb and he would be 30% afraid!

After all, his Body-Refining Cultivator fleshy body comparable to Spiritual God is just comparable to Spiritual God 1st Realm level that’s all.

And the Peak of the Nether Blade God can kill the Spiritual God 1st Realm and hurt the Spiritual God Second Stage level.

“Fang Yu is dead. Although he has no God Slaughter Mark, it is tricky to inherit the two Divine Slaughter Shards in his hands! But it’s just tricky that’s all.”

Jian Tianhen looked at this scene with a smile, wanting to sit and watch the ancient territory of Fang Yu, the third person who had a strange life.

It’s a pity.

Just in this brief moment.

Up to ten thousand zhang, Fang Yu raised his head suddenly under the solid shadow of the terrifying giant knife, and a smile of contempt and disdain appeared at the corner of his mouth.

This scornful smile is not only directed at the Nether Sabre God, but also with the Jian Tianhen, as well as the Blood God Venerable and the Four Gods of Hell God!


“Perhaps before that, I will face you and waiting for the four gods, who are trivial ant creatures. You can kill me by raising your hand. I can only shiver coldly and try to escape…”

“It’s different now!”

“Now you are waiting for the four gods to be in front of me, nothing shit! My Fang Yu raises his hand to let you wait for the soul flew away and scattered.”

At this moment.

Fang Yu’s voice is extraordinarily indifferent, as if he had changed.


The scene shakes.

Blood God Venerable, Prison God Venerable, and Jian Tianhen all heard Fang Yu’s insulting and contemptuous words.

They are all angry.

A trifling ant, even daring to ignore the strong and weak, the stern hierarchy, moved towards their three old ancient territory master dogs barking?

It’s too act recklessly!

“Death is approaching, and I am starting to talk crazy!”

“This kid has nothing to do with Great Accomplishment. I really don’t know why his fate is so peculiar, comparable to the King of Sword God and the King of God Slaughter…”

Jian Tianhen regained his peace, and kept sneering in his heart. There was no anger at Fang Yu, only endless mockery.

If these lower realm ants hadn’t had a peculiar life, they had collected two slaughter fragments, I’m afraid they simply wouldn’t have the right to let him look at them!

“Where is there so much shit!”

“Death to this god!”

Netherworld Sword God, with the ancient blade in his hand pressed down horizontally, the ten thousand zhang sword with a terrifying oppression force also fell in a blast.

At this moment, the world of Netherworld, shattered and plunged into endless void turbulence.

Under this blade, this World Space, which was originally fragmented, could no longer be sustained and was completely destroyed!

It is also this time.


A violent, terrifying, hideous, blood-like murderous aura rose above Fang Yu’s body.

The occasion seems to be looming.

Above Fang Yu’s body, one party rose up, dressed in a white robe, full of black and white hair, cold eyes, and a silhouette of blood-colored baleful qi all over!

“The King of Slaughter!”

Netherworld Sword God, the hideous face, and the tyrannical killing intent in his eyes, when he saw the silhouette of this Dao Void man with black and white hair, he stiffened.

“I said, you are all avalanche dogs, do you think I am wrong?”

“Night King, come and talk…”

“Is this king wrong?”

Fang Yu said slowly, his eyes were cold, and his body was covered with the power of the terrifying Spiritual God that was sticky like blood.

This is above all rules and belongs to the ancient territory world, the power of the king of every generation of gods!

Divine King authority!

The power of the Divine King!


In this brief moment, when Fang Yu’s voice was over, Fang Yu stretched out his palm, not seeing any extra moves.

In an instant.

The weather has changed.

The fragmented world, encountered a mighty force in the dark, and was forcibly pieced together.

At the same time.

In the world full of cracks, the ten thousand zhang is extremely terrifying. It can easily kill the existence of the Spiritual God 1st Realm. It can be called the strongest blade of the human world, in this brief moment. Into the crush.

Countless fragments, rolled up backwards, with the mighty power in the dark, fiercely’s moved towards Nether Sword God slammed away.

More than that.

Netherworld Sword God, the ancient blade in his hand that had accompanied him for millions of years, also broke apart in this brief moment.

“no! ”

“Spare me!”

“Master God, please forgive my sins, I am willing to repent, I am willing to never be your enemy forever, and your Inheritor!”

“Please, please spare me this time!”

Netherworld sword god, standing on the sky, facing Fang Yu who is like the king of slaughter at this moment, the soul flew away and scattered with fear, and his guts are splitting.

At this moment.

Such a night king of the Sword God era, like a wild dog on the street, knelt down on the sky, constantly moved towards Fang Yu, begging for mercy, not even a bit of face.

In the past one hundred 10,000 years ago, the King of the Night also faced this one King of the Slaughter and wanted to take back the Divine Crystal in his hands and return to the King’s Peak status.

At that time, the King of Divine Slaughter had not yet held the power of the Divine King, and had not become the Divine King of the ancient territory!

At that time, the King of God Slaughter was nothing but the righteous God of the Second Stage among the three Spiritual God realms, that’s all of the god level.

At that time, in the Heaven Realm, the Night King of Divinity Venerable Level slammed his hand at the King of Slaughter and wanted to kill him.

As a result, the King of Slaughter only made one sword! He slayed Blood Fiendish Qi arbitrarily, polluted the foundation of his night king, and knocked him from the Supreme God level to the mortal dust.

At that time, the Lord of the Night, in order to live his life, was like a wild dog kneeling down and begging for mercy, begging the Lord of Gods to forgive his sins!

Every word, begging for mercy, is exactly the same!

This scene is particularly ridiculous in Fang Yu’s eyes.


Fang Yu sneered, the illusory shadow of the king of slaughter above his body stretched out his palm, and fiercely’s moved towards Nether Sword God pressed away.

“In the past, Heaven Realm, the land of the sea, didn’t you also like what I promised? As a result, didn’t you betray the oath you made?”

“How can I forgive you?!”

Fang Yu’s voice is low, cold and indifferent, full of aloof and remote.

The prestige is thunderous, and it is rolling endlessly.

“The King of Slaughter!”

“If you don’t forgive me, don’t blame the god for coming back in the future and looking for the trouble of your descendants! The god does not believe, the means you left behind can protect him forever!”

Netherworld sword god, roar in horror.

After that, in this brief moment, under Fang Yu’s divine might, the Nether Blade God leaped up, tearing apart the broken world, and turned around and wanted to move towards ancient territory to escape.

Netherworld Sabre God, scared to his guts, and even scared by the breath of the King of Slaughter, so scared to make another shot.

At this moment, he just wants to escape!

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