Super Slaughter System Chapter 1013


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At this moment.

The Nether Sword God is terrified, constantly madly burning God’s Force, and even the power of the soul, just to escape back to the nine realms of the world!

However, all his struggles are extremely ridiculous.

“Can you escape?”

“In front of me, you are a humble Spiritual God who begged for mercy twice in succession, also worthy of calling yourself the original god?”

“It’s so ridiculous!”

“The Night King! Today, you will fall here!”

Fang Yu slowly said, his voice was cold as ice, and his eyes were cold, as if with a little mockery, looking down at the Nether Sword God who was fleeing wildly.

Previously, aloof and remote, the nether sword god, could easily control Fang Yu’s life and death, treating Fang Yu like a cat and mouse!

temperamental! Perverse temperament! Fang Yu was so frightened that he had to serve carefully and tightly.

But now.

This powerful and powerful Nether sword god, in Fang Yu’s hands, has become like a humble ant, whose life and death are all within his thoughts.

At this moment, Fang Yu made a move!

Fang Yu stretched out his palm, and then moved towards the direction in which the Nether Sword God flees frantically, fiercely’s grip.

Then, in the sky, the terrifying mighty power in the sky, in this brief moment burst out, and the void portal exploded to pieces.


Above the sky, blood mist exploded!

A powerful force in the underworld covers this world, and fiercely’s moved towards Netherworld Blade God crushes away.

Then, Nether Blade God, his broken body fell from the sky.

Divine Soul is gone!

As the king of the past, the first of the top ten Supreme Gods, now the Nether Blade God is completely gone, and there is no chance of reincarnation.

This is the second Supreme God that destroys both body and soul after the god Mingzun, and has completely disappeared from the ancient territory of the Supreme God!

“How is it possible?”

“Netherworld Blade God, he really fell! He is the Yewangzun of the past. He has been recuperating for more than one million years, and he has not participated in the battle of God World’s siege of the King of Slaughter!”

“Normally, even if it is a real Second Stage Spiritual God, other Peak gods in Divine Grade, there is no way to take the life of the Nether Sword God.”

Not far away.

I witnessed all the sword sky marks, as well as the blood gods, and the prison gods. They all took a breath of cold air, the scalp was numb, and the eyes were full of panic.

Among them, Jian Tianhen is the most important one. He is the God Slaughter Envoy in charge of the third Slaughter Fragment.

It can be said.

In these millions of years, he has always wanted to plot the power of the Slaughter King. He is the one who has studied the Slaughter Sword the most!

However, even if he studied so deeply, he knew that the Divine King’s authority that’s all contained in the Slayer Sword.

There is no memory of the King of Slaughter inheritance, Martial Dao inheritance, and the mighty power of the Divine King who can bless the Inheritor!

The Slaughter Sword is just an extremely high-level magic weapon. The special place is the Divine King authority it carries.

There is no Cannian, the King of Slaughter, and divine force and backhands remain in it. This is also the fundamental reason why many fallen gods in the human world dare to plot the Slaughter Sword and Fang Yu started.


All this has been subverted today!

Fang Yu, I don’t know where he borrowed the power of the Divine King from the Slaughter King! with no difficulty, it crushes the Nether Sword God to pieces.

This is incredible!

“It is indeed the breath of the king of the gods! But shouldn’t he have fallen? He has fallen outside the Twilight Temple.”

“Eight 100,000 years ago, when Heaven Realm was not closed, I went to the God World Hall and saw the corpse of the King of Slaughter from a distance…”

“Heart Demon is entangled, self-destroying soul, died during meditation outside the temple! He chose to die himself, how could there be Remnant Soul in the world?”

Blood gods, prison gods, shouting in horror, and then their bodies turned into streamers, and they wanted to escape.

The king of the slaughter, the name is too big!

And, in the battle of God World Peak a hundred 10,000 years ago, the shadow that the King of Slaughter gave them to these fallen gods was too deep.

Have not dispersed yet!

At this moment, the Blood God Venerable and the Prison God Venerable even wondered in their hearts whether Fang Yu was the reincarnation of the King of Slaughter.

Otherwise, where did he come from the divine force of the King of Slaughter?

“Don’t be fooled by him!”

“The King of Divine Slaughter has fallen! Moreover, the power of the Divine King has been vacated. How could he have the possibility of reincarnation?”

“Fang Yu must be using other methods to provoke him, so I want to frighten me and wait for me to escape!”

“Everyone, follow me! Kill this Fang Yu, his power will never last, and it is not the divine force of the King of Slaughter…”

Jian Tianhen, in this brief moment, stood up, raised his arms and shouted, encouraging the Blood God, the Hell God to join hands with him.


The king of the slaughter, flew away and scattered them one hundred 10,000 years ago, and has not recovered yet.

There is also the Nether Sword God, this burst of dazzling Peak battle strength, Fang Yu, who is also full of the breath of the King of Slaughter, can easily be wiped out!

Blood God Venerable, Prison God Venerable, where would you dare to stay here, let alone fight with Fang Yu, the King of Divine Force.

“Shoot with you?”


“Quite Kuangzun, you want me to wait and die with you! To you, you want to die, stay and die by yourself! Don’t want to pull us.”

Two Great Divine Venerables scolded savagely, without looking back, Tearing the Void, and left without looking back.

About this.

Fang Yu also not at all.

Seeing Two Great Divine Venerables escaped, Jian Tianhen’s face also grew gloomy, but he didn’t at all followed and left, instead staying in this world.

“You did not prevent the departure of Two Great Divine Venerables. It is simply a stubborn stubborn, a paper tiger that’s all.”

“Look at today, you and I are here, whoever consumes more energy!”

Jian Tianhen, staring at Fang Yu coldly, distanced himself from Fang Yu, calmed his mind, and wanted to spend his time with Fang Yu here.

The temptation of the two pieces of the Slaughter Sword is too big! When Jian Tianhen risks the mortal danger, he is not willing to miss this opportunity.

As long as Fang Yu’s Imprint of Slaughter and the two Fragments of Slaughter Sword are taken away, the fourth Fragment of Slaughter Sword will automatically fly over.

when the time comes.

He can then proceed to inherit the Divine King authority!

With the Body-Refining Cultivator of his Spiritual God 1st Realm, even if it is not the only realm of Supreme God, as long as he refining the power of this one, he can become the gods above all the three realms of Spiritual God. s King.

The king of slaughter, this authority left behind is extremely special, no matter who it is, as long as it is on top of Martial God Realm and refining the complete slaughter sword, he can inherit all of his and become the second Lord of the gods!

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