Super Slaughter System Chapter 1014


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In the face of the power of the gods, the so-called Spiritual God three-level penance is not necessary at all.

even more how.

Now, God World is shattered, Heaven Realm is blocked, and among the nine realms of the world, even the birth of Martial God Realm, Spiritual God 1st Realm powerhouse is extremely difficult.

Not to mention, go to the cultivation of the Spiritual God Three Realms and set foot in the Divinity Venerable Realm!

“Very crazy?”

“no! ”

“Perhaps it is more appropriate to call you Barbarian King!”

“Against me, are you qualified? One hundred 10,000 years ago, he wanted to steal the king’s personality and encroach on the power of the Divine King. They are not my opponent, even more how now.”

Fang Yu’s voice is extremely indifferent, and he is dressed in a blood robe like thick blood. He raises his hands, and speaks like the king of gods.

In a trance.

Facing Fang Yu, Jian Tianhen’s heart was shaken as well. He actually had a feeling that the King of Slaughter was alive and right in front of him!

“Damn it!”

“How could I have such thoughts! The King of Slaughter has long since fallen! destroy both body and soul, died during meditation!”


“You fake king of slaughter, fall for me!”

Man Kuangzun’s mind is furious, because Fang Yu’s Man Wangzun once again evoked his peculiar killing intent for Fang Yu’s fate.

He himself is Heaven Warping Genius. If he hadn’t played with those crafty plots and machinations in the past, how could he be so miserable that he is an ancient territory world, millions of years, and the second Supreme God is only the result. But no one knew.

Even those guys who are also the only nine Supreme Gods do not know that the Man Kuang Zun was once the Man King Zun, but the second quasi Divine King occupying the status of the King!

“die for me!”

“I will kill you!”

Sword Tianhen, at this moment it is no longer Jian Tianhen, but rather mad! He stepped forward, his robe agitated, full of deep and deep terrifying pressure.

At this moment.

He is using the strongest sword of the Sword God King that he has stolen from Martial God, the Divine King sword!

As his Body-Refining Cultivator, to cast the sword dao Supreme Rule level Divine King sword, obviously a bit nondescript.

Xuanyuan mountain range, turbulent wind and cloud, Azure Dragon, all kinds of natural phenomena out of the ordinary heaven and earth, in this brief moment, have penetrated the heaven and earth barriers and penetrated into the heaven and earth of the ancient territory.

The entire ancient territory, billions of absolutely creatures, countless terrifying powerhouses, and in this brief moment I also noticed the breath of two Divine Kings.

The breath of sword dao of the King Sword God!

And the king of slaughter, terrifying aura of blood killing!



The entire ancient territory world is boiling.

In this brief moment, even if it is a force as strong as the twelve overlord Martial God standing proudly on the top of the human world, it can only tremble constantly, just like an ant afraid of being affected.

“The breath of two Divine Kings?”

“Damn! What the hell is happening! Why do I wait for the Martial God ancestor, the twelve overlord of the ancient territory, the Martial God force, so I don’t even know the slightest…”

“Oh my God! Didn’t the two Divine Kings fall one after another million years ago? Why in that position, such a mellow Divine King breath was born? Could it be that the descendants of the two Divine Kings were fighting. ……”

“That’s not right! What’s wrong! Why… The two Divine King inheritance who are fighting the law, the cultivation base breath is Spiritual God level!!!”

In the nine realms of the world, billions of absolutely creatures trembled with fear.

Even Martial God Realm, after waking up, stood on the top of the sky, looking at the direction of the mountain range of Xuanyuan, there was a panic, as if a disaster was imminent.

The battle between the two Spiritual Gods is an unparalleled disaster for the human world! even more how, they are not ordinary Spiritual God Realm.

It is the descendant of the two Divine Kings, and the cultivation is the way the two Divine Kings walked! Supreme Divine King sword dao! And Supreme Dao of Slaughter!

Many Martial God Realms, even the places close to the two Spiritual God battles, dare not approach them! Because it will die…

The human world, the limit of martial arts, is Martial God Realm!

Upward, at most, it is infinitely close to the Martial God level that’s all of the Spiritual God three realms! In the human world, Spiritual God cannot be born at all.

And Martial God Realm is equivalent to Demi-God that’s all.

In the face of the two genuine Spiritual Gods and the descendants of the Divine King, a little aftermath will be able to destroy all Demi-Gods in the world!

The forces of the twelve overlords Martial God, the gate of the temple resident, the blood god, and the prison god fled back embarrassedly, moving towards Xuanyuan mountain range with eyes full of horror.


“How dare he challenge the mortal King of Slaughter?”

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