Super Slaughter System Chapter 1016


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Even if the Sword God King is in front of the white clothed Divine King Jiang Taixu, he doesn’t mean anything to do it! The white clothed Divine King, long before the Sword God, existed in the ancient altar of gods and demons.

Obviously, the white clothed Divine King defeated by this one King of Slaughter is one of many Divine King leaders in the ancient altar of gods and demons.

The King of Divine Slaughter, able to fight back the white clothed Divine King Jiang Taixu with a severely wounded body, is definitely an unparalleled feat!

At least, King Sword God can never do this.

Especially at the moment when Fang Yu used the Supreme Dao of Slaughter, after the explosion of the sword, he recalled the inheritance since the complete destruction of the Divine King sword in the memory of King Sword God, and he can better understand the power of the sword. Powerful.

In the Peak state, if the King of Sword God meets the King of Sword God, the King of Sword God will definitely win!


“It’s so funny!”

“You ant-like thing, the Divine King who knows a fart! How can the Dao of Slaughter of the King of Slaughter compare with the sword dao of the King of Sword God?”

“The ancient territory of the Three Realms, endless years, gave birth to a total of three Divine Kings! The ancient Divine King lived millions and millions of years, went to the ancient territory and died! The Sword God King, the soldiers of the Three Realms of Cholera, after the Divine King, Nowhere, but it must be the place where the ancient gods and demons went to the altar.”

“In comparison, the last Divine King, the king of slaughter, is far inferior! It was the only Divine King who was seriously wounded and killed!”

When it comes to the king of the slaughter, Barbaric Zun is full of mockery. He highly respects the king of the Sword God. He is particularly disdainful of this one, the king of the slaughter, who has also contributed to the fall of their nine gods.

In the distant ancient territory, in the chaos and darkness, there are two silhouettes exuding the divine glory of the sun and the moon in the ancient gods and demons altar. In this brief moment, I opened my eyes slowly.

These two are the white clothed Divine King Jiang Taixu, and the ancient territory Tiandi, the Sword God King!

“Ancient territory three within the realm, I seem to hear someone telling you about your name and the name of the Divine King in the past?”

The white clothed Divine King Jiang Taixu still smiles, making it hard to see what he is thinking about.

Every name is spoken by the deity!

The usual Spiritual God Realm is like this.

even more how.

An ancient altar of gods and demons, this one is in charge of the Divine King, and here in Primal Chaos Heaven are the powerful Sword God kings of the Divine King.

The ancient territory world, the words of madness, king Sword God also heard.

At this moment.

In the eyes of this one, Ancient Territory Heaven and Earth, the strongest Sword God King among the three Deity Kings, has a flushed face and can’t say anything.

Long time.

Sword God Wang just suffocated a sentence.

“White clothed Divine King Jiang Taixu, the ancient gods and demons altar, the second powerhouse on the Divine King list! You were repelled by the king of the gods 10,000 years ago…”

“My this one can’t do three tricks under your hand, and the Sword God king, who ranks only 20th, can be compared to the king of the gods.”

The ancient gods and demons altar, this Divine King list, records the ten directions of the Great World, and all the born Divine King rankings.

The Divine King ranked first. It was a hundred 10,000 years ago. The nine Supreme Gods only fell, and he died during meditation as the King of Gods in the God World at dusk.

“Divine King ranks first, kill Divine King!”

“If it weren’t for Little Brat, it was the Inheritor who was expected to inherit the power and power of the Divine King. In this god and devil altar, why would Jiang Taixu personally meet him and explain to him the Primal Chaos Heaven Everything…”

Jiang Taixu, speaking slowly, the smile on his face gradually disappeared, and replaced by unparalleled solemnity.

this one is the most powerhouse of the ancient gods and demon altars, the white clothed Divine King Jiang Taixu, looking straight beyond the altar, the silhouette of a ten thousand zhang high god and demon walking in the Primal Chaos Heaven, It took a long time to sigh.

“Ten Fang Great World, it is so necessary for the birth of the second king of slaughter! Otherwise, once the defensive line of the altar of gods and demons is breached, all the small world of creatures will be swallowed by this group of gods and demons…”

“Hope this kid can inherit most of the power of the King of the Slaughter when he is in charge of the King of Slaughter!”

“Back then, this one killed the Divine King. If he could guard the ancient altar of gods and demons, he would definitely become the powerhouse of Primal Chaos Heaven.”

“Even with his potential, even the Spiritual God Celestial Emperor that can only be born in Chaos, even if it is moved towards the Divine King authority, is eligible to attack!”

white clothed Divine King sighed slowly.

At this moment.

The altar of gods and demons, more than one hundred Divine Kings, all were silent for a while, they looked straight at Primal Chaos Heaven, the silhouette of the horrible gods and demons, their expressions were also indifferent.

One hundred 10,000 years ago.

Shifang Great World gave birth to a superb Divine King, that is, the King of Divine Slaughter!

It’s a pity.

The king of the slaughter, never descended on the altar of the gods and demons until his death, in the defense line of Primal Chaos Heaven, he showed his terrifying divine might.

Such a great Divine King, but in the ancient territory world, he chose died during meditation, how sad, how sigh!


Ancient territory world, chaos and darkness.

Man Kuangzun was still laughing wildly, Fang Yu didn’t say a word about it, but the pity in his eyes was even worse.


The chaos and darkness are shaking.

At this moment, the Divine King sword shuddered violently, and the sword of slaughter seemed to be torn apart.

Suddenly, this made Man Kuangzun even more proud.

“Just say the deity.”

“How can a fallen Divine King’s Dao be able to catch up, the Supreme sword dao of that enchanting Sword God King?”

“The Supreme sword dao of King Sword God is really the strongest! It is not in vain, the deity has kept the Martial God of the profound sword that rebellious for so many years, just to steal the inheritance of King Sword God from him.”

Pretty mad, extremely proud, and the laughter became louder and louder.


The next scene is incredibly incredible, making this madman who was still proud of just now, his expression has changed wildly, and his fear is extreme.


The Divine King Sword that was supposed to be fragmented, in this brief moment, swallowed the entire Divine King Sword.

At this moment.

In the chaotic and dark world, the only thing that blooms with brilliance is the shadow of a scarlet giant sword!


This scarlet giant sword silhouette, a terrifying sword of the gods, cuts through the darkness of chaos, and rushed towards the man.

“How is this possible?”

“The King of Divine Slaughter, he is a Fallen Divine King that’s all, how can he beat the way of the Sword God King!”

“This is fundamentally impossible! Fake! It must be fake, Sword God King’s Supreme sword dao is the strongest, how could it fail!”

Very mad, roar is crazy, don’t believe everything in front of me is real!


Regardless of whether you believe it or not, the sword of God Slaughter has already struck, and moved towards him severely chopped down.

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