Super Slaughter System Chapter 1017


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Before death, the king of slaughter, he still showed kindness, otherwise, these top ten Supreme Gods would not be the end of their bodies!

It should have been the soul flew away and scattered a long time ago.

At this moment.

Fang Yu, who was watching this scene, also had a clear comprehension in his heart. In retrospect, he had just set foot in the ancient territory and received the ten-party slaughter order.

The most important thing is the crazy murderous silhouette that I saw in the mysterious space of the Shifang Slaughter Order!

At this moment, Fang Yu finally understood.

“In the Ten Directions Slaughter Order, the silhouette of the mad God Slaughter King sealed up is the killing thought cut down by the Slaughter King himself.”

“Supreme Dao of Slaughter, without the paranoid madness to kill, didn’t expect is actually stronger!”

“I was immersed in the Dao of Slaughter, and then surpassed above the Dao of Slaughter. I truly deserve to be the King of Slaughter! Unfortunately, I only inherited the inherited memories of the King of Sword God, and failed to peek into the King of Slaughter. The opportunity to repair Slaughtering Dao.”

Fang Yu spoke slowly in the chaos and darkness, and then let out a faint sigh.


On the other side, that terrifying scarlet giant sword finally came, and fiercely stood on the body of Kuangzun.

“no! ”

“Don’t kill me!”

“Kill this deity! This deity must be frantically seeking revenge for you! Fang Yu, you ants of the lower realm, don’t be irreconcilable with me!”

“You absolutely cannot afford the consequences!”

The mad respected desperate roar, and at the same time looked at Fang Yu fiercely, full of icy threats.

About this.

Fang Yu didn’t give the slightest answer.

Under this slaughter sword, no matter how strong the inner strength restored by Man Kuangzun is, there is absolutely no reason to escape.

The soul flew away and scattered, destroy both body and soul, this mad master has moved towards him and Fang Yu to take revenge!

Crazy talk!

Extremely ridiculous!


With a huge roar of sword dao, the body of Kuangzun was chopped into flying ashes, and no ashes remained under this sword.

More than that.

Even, even this endless darkness and chaos was seen by the mighty power of God Slaughter One Sword, which cut a crack!

This rift connects the ancient territory world of the Xuanyuan mountain range, and the green and verdant hundred thousand li mountain range is close to Fang Yu’s eyes.

And the breath of the sword of the gods, also in this brief moment, made the endless creatures of Xuanyuan mountain range tremble, and immediately there were countless demonic beasts turning into frenzy, moving towards Sifang madly and fleeing.

About this.

Fang Yu didn’t care.

Slowly stepped, restored the cultivation base of his Emperor realm, and calmly returned to the ancient territory world from this chaotic darkness.

The divine force of the King of Slaughter is exhausted!

In this chaotic darkness, Fang Yu is still wondering how, with his cultivation base, he can dare to leave before the turbulent void and chaos swallows.

didn’t expect.

After the sword of the gods ran out of power, it returned him to the ancient territory world.


“Live it!”

The figure fell from the sky, Fang Yu stepped on the soil of Xuanyuan mountain range, feeling the long-lost warm sunshine, lightly sighed in relief.

And this moment.

In Fang Yu’s hand, there was a card engraved with God World in the dusk, and the Divine King silhouette that ended, sitting cross-legged, slowly turned into ashes.

One of the props of the super treasure chest!

The Killing Treasure Box produced by system did not disappoint Fang Yu after all. At the crucial moment, the Super Product Treasure Box still opened something that could save lives.

Special identity cards! Kill the Divine King!

In one day, you can use Divine King’s divine force to your heart’s content! Of course, the Divine King divine force blessed is only the level of Spiritual God 1st Realm, but this is enough for Fang Yu.

As long as the divine force is not exhausted, even in the world of the underworld, for a day, following the guerrilla of the Spiritual God 1st Realm, he can kill him!

Fang Yu was very happy at first! What can make Fang Yu feel a little speechless is that this party’s special identity card has also been imposed a restriction.

That is about the divine force of killing the Divine King, which can only be used passively.

Only take the initiative!

At that time, when I looked at this restriction, I almost scared Fang Yu to death! When is this, there is even this restriction.

If it weren’t for restrictions, I’m afraid that the four gods who appeared in the world of Netherworld Hell could kill him!

This is also why Fang Yu was indifferent to the escape of the two weakest deities, the Prison God and the Blood God.

It’s not that I don’t want to shoot, but I can’t shoot!

“Netherworld Prison, the four gods are the Night King, the Barbarian King, the Prison God, and the Blood God! The two great kings have fallen one after another. Such a record is not bad.”

“The ten great gods, three and a half have fallen in my hands! The gods, the night king, and the barbarian king, they count as three. As for the two souls of the great evil Heavenly Demon Venerable, they are It can only be regarded as half.”

Such a record is enough to satisfy Fang Yu.

Blood God, Hell God, this battle was almost terrified, thinking that he was the reincarnation of the King of Slaughter!

Under normal circumstances, I won’t dare to do anything with him anymore.


“Almost forgot.”

“There are also nine Divine Crystals that are not collected in the chaos and darkness! That is the top Divine Crystal that the nine Supreme Gods have only fallen.”

Fang Yu was in a big rush, and his figure flew up, moving towards the sky above his head, rushing away from the permanent cracked passage.

If you don’t take it away at this time, in the future, other Martial God Realm will have enough courage to come here to explore, they will definitely get it!

It’s a pity.

On the side of the crack, nine top Divine Crystals shine like stars, and at this moment, the turbulence of nothingness has been covered.

Also, there is Chaos Beast living in the chaos and darkness, sniffing the breath of the nine top Divine Crystals, and greedily rushing over.

Destroying Small World will be swallowed by the darkness of chaos. In this darkness of chaos, there are two dangers that can kill people.

One of them is the Void Turbulence, and only Martial God Realm can surely overcome it! If the nine-star emperor respects dare to rush into, it will almost certainly end in death.

Secondly, this is Chaos Beast! Inhabiting the chaos and darkness, Chaos Beast is extremely powerful on each side. The weaker ones are comparable to the seven-star Martial God Realm, and the stronger ones even some Spiritual Gods have to evade.

“Damn it!”

“Want to encroach on my Divine Crystal?”

“It’s true that Fang Yu is muddled. Without the blessing of Divine Force, the King of Slaughter, I can’t deal with you anymore, right!”

Looking at the Chaos Beast converging and coming across the void, Fang Yu’s anger suddenly rose.

The Spiritual God Realm aura left by him and the Barbaric Venerable, can shock the many Martial God Realm in the nine realms of the world.

However, these Chaos Beasts cannot be shocked.

The powerful Chaos Beast can be qualified to hunt Spiritual God! Chaos Beast is also on the opposite side of Spiritual God. They are the same origin camp as the gods and demons of Primal Chaos Heaven.

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