Super Slaughter System Chapter 1020


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“Tsk tut!”

“In the nether prison, after confronting the four gods, I am a little aiming too high! Only the little Emperor, the ant-like cultivation base of the ancient territory, dare to imagine what happened after taking the power of the Divine King Up.”

Fang Yu laughed dumbly, then shook his head slightly, his figure soaring to the sky, and moved towards the extreme depths of the mountain range of Xuanyuan, where the four upper sects were gone.

1 billion Xuan Jing!

The four upper sects of the Northern Territory want to leave the mountain range of Xuanyuan alive without giving Fang Yu a confession. How can this work!

If Xuan Jing is not able to handle 1 billion, Fang Yu is still in the Emperor state.

This is not what Fang Yu wants to see!

After all, Fang Yu’s main purpose for this trip to the Xuanyuan mountain range is for the 1 billion Xuanjing, a super treasure chest.

The nine top Supreme God crystals, slaying the Double Kings, and scaring off Two Great Divine Venerables and so on, have become incidental!

The big treasure chests of super products are already in hand! It can almost be said that the road for Fang Yu to set foot on the Nine Stars Great Emperor and even hit the Martial God Realm was paved.

How can Fang Yu step on the path of Martial God get stuck with this trifling 1 billion Xuan Jing! The four upper sects of the Northern Territory must take on these 1 billion profound crystals.

Who let the five upper sect Elders of the Northern Territory in the Great Cold King’s Capital, almost united and put Fang Yu to death!

“Like the remaining four upper sects, luck is better! Otherwise, among them, one of the sects is bound to replace the Nether Hell and be slaughtered by me!”

“For this, they should be deeply grateful.”

Fang Yu thought slowly.

It’s a pity.

The four upper sects of the Northern Territory do not look like deeply grateful at all. They are even more in the Small World in the depths of the mountain range of the Xuanyuan Mountain Range under the battle between the two Spiritual God Realms. Thousands of 1 billion profound crystal matters have been left behind.

At this moment.

Xuanyuan mountain range, the five upper sect mountain gate residences, and the four upper sect imperial powerhouses that are still alive, are all gathered in the nether hell mountain gate at this moment.

This batch of imperial powerhouses, the strongest is only the cultivation base of the three Peak imperial monarchs. They eagerly looked at the Nether Prison Sect households, eager to find some Spiritual God Realm powerhouse left behind Traces, or relics.

Nothing but.

At this moment.

They didn’t dare to step inside, they still had the awe of the two Spiritual God powerhouses whose breath had disappeared!

At this time, a Heavenly Blade Sect’s Shoushan Emperor Realm powerhouse, a little worried moved towards the Peak Emperor Realm ancestor of their sect said.

“Heavenly blade ancestor, that horrible monster Emperor, but asked me to wait for the four upper sects to pay all the profound crystals!”

“Our sects are gathered here, don’t collect the profound crystals, and wait for the arrival of the terrifying Emperor, what if you anger him!”

As soon as this remark came out, the remaining Great Sect powerhouses of the Shoushan Emperor Realm were also panicked, and they all spoke out.


“The legacy of the Spiritual God Realm, and even the inheritance, is a bit too unrealistic! I am waiting for the five upper sects, but they are just the ordinary imperial realm forces that’s all.”

“I’m afraid I can get this ore opportunity, but I can’t keep it! On the contrary, it is the terrifying Emperor. If it provokes anger, I and the Four Great Sects must all be in danger of destruction.”

Whenever I think of Fang Yu suppressing and killing the peerless emperor ghost, there is also a majestic style of killing the prison Elder, this powerhouse guarding the mountain emperor realm feels extremely frightened.

They witnessed Fang Yu’s power with their own eyes, so they were terrified of Fang Yu, but the rest of the powerhouse of Zongmen imperial realm was disapproving.

Among them, the ancestor of heavenly blade has an incomparable mocking expression on his face, looking straight at the four scared guarding powerhouses, and talking jokingly.

“You are so timid!”

“I wait for the Four Great Sects powerhouses to gather here, can’t I still deal with a small Emperor cultivator?”

“If it is really because of the threat of an Emperor, I wait for the four upper sects to pay all the mysterious crystals, that would be a ridiculous and humiliating scandal!”

“That kid, even if he was not buried in the Nether Hell, in the confrontation between the two Spiritual God Realm powerhouses, I waited for so many powerhouses here, it would be enough to kill him.”

The four upper sect imperial powerhouses are all ridiculing the timidity of these powerhouses.

And these Shoushan powerhouses were trembling with anger, cupped the hands with a sneer, and left with their sleeves.

“You are looking for death, I won’t wait for you!”

“Leave here!”


After finishing speaking, these three Emperors and one Peak Great Saint, they all flung their sleeves, threw all the profound crystals on their bodies to the ground, and left.

What they did, suddenly drew even greater laughter and a little disdain.

“Four rat generations, go away!”


“Come here, divide these mysterious crystals! After today, I will pass a book to the mysterious wind domain to drive these four rat generations out of the door wall of the four upper sects, and make them timid as rats. Promote it well…”

“What the hell! Fear of a little Emperor state. At this level, they have lived as a dog at an age.”

Just when the ridicule is getting stronger.

On this sky, a young man wearing a black jacket cloak, with a gloomy face and extremely murderous intention in his eyes, slowly descended!

This person is Fang Yu!

Fang Yu has been here for a while. The performance of these four upper sect imperial powerhouse executives are all in sight.

What made Fang Yu feel sincerely angry is that this group of four upper sects died on the verge of death, without realizing it, they didn’t even prepare for the mysterious crystal, and they are still waiting here to carve up the spiritual God that may exist in the nether prison Legacy, or even inheritance?


“Really ridiculous!”

“I knew this before, so I should destroy these four upper sects first, and kill the four weak Small Sects like stinky fish, rotten shrimps, and then face the Nether Sword God with the super treasure chest. When waiting for the four gods, I can also be more calm.”

Fang Yu said coldly, he didn’t have any patience for these four upper sects.

Since he gave these four upper sects a chance to survive, these so-called high-ranking emperors, I don’t know how to cherish them.

Then don’t blame him for being ruthless and slaughtering!

1 billion Xuan Jing!

He Fang Yu will get it by himself!

It’s just that, this time I stretched out my hand to fetch it, I’m afraid it will be covered with blood on the 1 billion profound crystal!

In this ancient territory world, there is no moral standard, only fist sized, strong and weak!

Powerhouse, no matter what you do, it should be done and it makes sense! This is the three realms of ancient territory, an extremely cruel truth.

I don’t know the ancient territory of the Three Realms, no matter where it is, the fundamental rules are actually that weak are prey to the strong!

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