Super Slaughter System Chapter 994


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The fall of a high-grade Martial God realm caused the fragmented Heaven and Earth to tremble violently, and an extraordinary mutation occurred.

Heaven and Earth, greedily devours divine blood, and the escaped God’s Force!

The mountain is ablaze!

Strains of precious medicines burning with sacred fire are born slowly!

There is also an ignorant Fire Attribute Demonic beast, who was born as the Great Lord, the Great Saint Realm, the realm of the Great Emperor, roaring out of the mountain of flames.

This place, which had been cut off from its vitality and fragmented, is now rejuvenated with the fall of the Scarlet Fire Sword God!

In time, this place will inevitably become a flame, Holy Land!

“Is this God’s Fall?”

“Martial God has fallen, leaving all directions!”

“tsk tsk tsk!”

“This scene, like a new Heaven and Earth, and the birth of all living creatures, is really majestic!”

Fang Yu sighed with emotion.

Above the sky, breaking free from the shackles set by the Old Ancestor of the sword clan, the three souls returned, and regained their own profound sword Martial God. At this moment, slowly moved towards Fang Yu.

“Are you the Inheritor selected by King Sword God?”

Xuanjian Martial God, with sharp eyes like a sword, as if looking at Fang Yu.

About this.

Fang Yu is not afraid, staring at him, calmly nodded.


“As you said, Martial Emperor, God World Sword God, he chose me and gave me the memories of his life!”

The scene fell silent.

Xuanjian Martial God, frowns, never spoke.

In his opinion.

Fang Yu is not as good as him, not as good as him anywhere! But since he was a child, he admired the King Sword God, but he did not choose him as his true heir.

Instead, he chose this little Emperor Realm named Fang Yu as his descendant!

Where is he worthy?

Is it because he was born as a cultivator of the lower realm with the Sword God King Master, so he was recognized as a direct line by the Sword God King Master!

At this moment.

Xuanjian Martial God is full of jealousy, and even has a plan to kill Fang Yu, refine his soul, and capture the inherited memories of the Sword God King.

Not far away.

The three warlords of Youfeng, Blizzard, and Thunderbolt also seemed to perceive the malice in Divine Heart of Xuanjianwu. They struggled to get up, moved towards here, and held in front of Fang Yu.

“My lord, be careful, this person is an enemy and not a friend, he wants to kill you!”

The three Martial God realm warriors watched the profound sword Martial God vigilantly.

The Martial God realm law body has absolute loyalty to the master. At this moment, if the mysterious sword Martial God wants to do it, the three major battles will inevitably resist.

It’s a pity.

Xuanjian Martial God is too strong.

Nine-star Martial God realm!

Also obtained part of the inheritance of Sword God King!

It can be said that in the world, the huge Human World, this one Martial God, is extremely close to the three strong Martial Gods of 100,000 years ago.

If it can be ranked, I am afraid this one Martial God, the mysterious sword in front of us, can be replaced by the name, named as the sky, and become the fourth strongest Martial God in Human World!


“Same sect slaughter one another as the descendant of the Sword God king, how can you think of the Martial God of the mysterious sword as who, how can the person approved by the Sword God king be so mean?”

Fang Yu stepped out and snapped.

Xuanjian Martial God, after his rise, he will be invincible all his life, and he will not hide his thoughts at all.

Just now, Fang Yu’s killing intent and jealousy were not only noticed by the Three Great Wars, but also by Fang Yu himself.

Even so, Fang Yu sternly retreated the three generals, and quickly walked to the front of Xuanjian Martial God, holding his hands, and slowly speaking with sincere eyes.

“Under the Sword God King Sect, you and I are both senior and junior brothers, how can you kill each other? The Senior Brother is the first to get started, and save my life under the Red Fire Sword God.”

“Junior Brother was very grateful, but the guards under the door recklessly misunderstood and almost broke the friendship between our senior and junior brothers!”

“Junior Brother is terrified and really doesn’t know how to repay Senior Brother’s kindness. If Senior Brother wants something, even if Junior Brother cedes the inheritance left by Sword God Wang Zun, Junior Brother is willing to give it.”

The God Slaughter Sword changes.

Fang Yu has integrated the memory of the previous generation of Sword God from the power of God World, and it is a coincidence that he has synthesized the heir of Sword God.

From my memory, Fang Yu is very clear about the inheritance of King Sword God and will never allow each other to slaughter the same sect.

For this reason, when King Sword God was still alive, he did not hesitate to set a ban in the inheritance rules he left behind!

The Martial God of the Profound Sword cannot kill Fang Yu, nor can it harm Fang Yu. In order to win the favor of Martial God of the Profound Sword, Fang Yu also made a special scene.

Long time.

After the silence.

Profound Sword Martial God sighed, and the Profound Iron Sword in his hand returned to his back, and the jealousy in his eyes disappeared.

“that’s all!”

“Sword God Lord Wang, since you have chosen you as the heir, naturally there are reasons to choose you! Hurry up and leave!”

“Sword Ancestor old thief, it’s not so easy to deal with, you are still too weak now.”

Xuanjian Martial God gave Fang Yu a complicated look, then turned around and left the country that was almost reduced to flames.


At this time, Fang Yu was also lightly sighed in relief. After all, facing the terrifying existence of Martial God, the mysterious sword, he felt uncomfortable.

The power of the cultivation base, the gap is too big!

In front of the Xuanjian Martial God, he is simply an ant, and his life and death are all within the thought of Xuanjian Martial God.

“The Emperor Realm is still a bit weak.”

“You must find ways to increase cultivation base realm faster! The search for 1 billion Xuanjing and Divine Crystal should also be on the agenda…”

When it comes to Divine Crystal, Fang Yu has a headache.

I am afraid that it is difficult to find a Divine Crystal in the nine realms in the world. How does this make him break through the realm?

“Let’s take one step and see one step.”

“Now, let’s get the 1 billion Xuan Jing first and set foot on the Emperor Realm Peak! Wait for me to go to the north to seek revenge.”

Fang Yu said slowly.

Then, looking at the three warriors who were all covered in bruises, they did not want to stay here for a while, and moved towards the five upper sects of the northern border of mysterious wind without stopping.

Be aware.

Fang Yu’s hands, but there is still a map task, which is not finished yet!

Map missions, but reward one party with a large treasure chest!

At this moment, with the help of three Martial God realms, the map mission of this killing chest is not that difficult for Fang Yu.

That is the strongest Old Ancestor of the Sword Clan, Sword Ancestor, I am afraid that if you intervene, it will be extremely dangerous!

Other than that, as long as the sword clan Sword Ancestor is not triggered, the so-called five upper sects in the north, but that’s all of them.

Even Fang Yu alone can deal with it easily, complete map tasks, and take away the super treasure chest!

“Ask for the emperor’s realm, and even the opportunity for me to set foot in the Martial God realm, are now all on top of this super treasure chest.”

“I hope this time map mission, the super treasure chest that can be opened, don’t let me down!”

Fang Yu murmured, and soon disappeared from the Three Great Wars.

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