Super Slaughter System Chapter 995


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Aolong Martial City, almost reduced to ruins.

In the City Lord Mansion, there is a slender silhouette of a woman standing. She is standing here, and the breath that escapes is directly frozen here!

If you can watch carefully, you can also find that this woman’s silhouette is actually a solid body of a true soul.

“God Mingzun!”

“You are really reckless.”

“Back then, at the end of the battle of God World at dusk, you were the first one of the nine gods to fall.”

“Now, the first person to flew away and scattered in the hands of the Inheritor, forever unable to reincarnate, is still you…”

The cold moon god, in a place where the ancient palace was broken, took out the Remnant Soul fragments left by the god Mingzun, and sighed intricately.

After leaving Netherworld Hell, the Hanyue god seems to have forgotten the promise of the Haoyang god thoroughly.

He didn’t chase Fang Yu at all. It was obvious that in the mysterious wind domain, Fang Yu made several shots, and the disturbances became bigger and bigger each time!

At this moment.

Outside the frozen Aolong Martial City, there is a silhouette of an old man in sackcloth, with steady steps, moving towards here step by step.

His figure is like an unsheathed sword, and his eyes are full of terrifying divine light, and the whole person has the terrifying power that can shatter the sky!

The sword clan, the strongest Old Ancestor!

It is also 100,000 years ago, the ruler of the third slaughter fragment!

It’s okay to say that it’s the messenger of the gods!

It’s a rebel who usurped a quarter of God World’s authority!

He is Jian Tianhen, one of the nine gods in the past, who served as the king of the slaughter, and served as a minister with the two gods of Haoyang Hanyue.

“Netherworld Hell!”

“Since you can come out of the Netherworld Hell, if you want to be in it, Haoyang God has also done a lot.”

“The gods fell, the Divine Kingdom of the highest death turned into the Netherworld Hell, but it made the Heavenly Demon Venerable two Remnant Souls to seal your two statues for 100,000 years. It’s really fortune plays with people, who I didn’t expect it either.”

Jian Tianhen, slowly speaking.

His arrival disturbed the peace of heaven and earth frozen here.

The god of Hanyue appeared on the wall at this moment, looking at this old old man, the enemy now, and said lightly.

“I trust you have been well since we last met!”

“I don’t even know what to call you now! The sword clan, the strongest Old Ancestor, Jian Tianhen?”

“It is still one of the God World, one of the nine Supreme Gods in the past, the Shinto Peak Realm body refinement master, very arrogant?”

The cold moon god, slowly speaking, his eyes full of coldness.

While speaking, the steps are moving, and the whole body is like a cold moon rising slowly, descending slowly, moving towards the strongest Old Ancestor of the sword clan, this one, crushing away.

I came here badly!

The two Supreme Gods from the past, now that they meet each other, they want to fight each other and decide a life or death victory.

Calculate carefully.

Now, this Sword Ancestor, who is also in charge of the third Sword Ancestor fragment, is also one of the nine gods.

If you add the second god slaughter sword fragment, and watch the first god slaughter sword fragment, Haoyang in the ancestral land of Heavenly Palace, and Hanyue God.

So count it.

Heavenly Demon Venerable, Very Mad Venerable, as well as the two Gods of Hanyue and Haoyang, and the Heavenly Demon Venerable Remnant Soul who is watching Haoyang Hanyue.


The nine gods of God World appeared in front of Fang Yu, as many as five, even more than half.

It’s incredible.


“Let’s call it old man Jiantianhen!”

“In the past, the gods Peak body refinement priest, one of the nine gods! Has been slain by the god of death within the realm together with the soul.”


“Like the Lord Hanyue, the little old man also came for the authority of God World. As the messenger of the gods, this old man of the gods sword is still qualified to compete.”

Jian Tianhen, slowly speaking, stepped into the frozen world of Aolong Martial City, and said with a smile moved towards the cold moon god.

At this moment, the atmosphere between the two suddenly became with swords drawn and bows bent.

“Just because you are worthy to fight with me?”

“Why do you rely on this ordinary Spiritual God-level body refinement body that you hid in this Human World early in the past years?”

The cold moon god, with a mocking expression on his face.

This one in front of me is the strongest Old Ancestor of the sword clan, Jian Tianhen! 100,000 years ago, when the cold moon god was still the Black Tortoise god of the sky, they crossed over.

They can be said to know the foundation and the foundation, they are old acquaintances!


“Naturally more than this!”

“The Sword God king’s heir is in my sword clan.”

“Is this enough?”

Jian Tianhen finished speaking with a sneer, and on the other side, Hanyue god had already changed his face.

Sword God King!

this one The name of the king of gods is not weaker than the king of gods!

Is this Jian Tianhen talking about Martial God of Xuanjian, he broke through Zhihao and became the descendant of King Sword God?

Speaking of this, it is really a dispute over God World’s authority.

However, at this moment, Hanyue’s true soul did not discover it, the sword sky mark, this one, the strongest Sword Ancestor complexion greatly changed, moved towards the north, and the depths of the eyes contained surprised and angry divine light.

“How is it possible~!”

“That guy… unexpectedly broke through the seal I planted within the body. He regained his three souls and self…”

Sword Tianhen, complexion is gloomy, did not speak, even the cold moon god could not take care of it, turned around and left here.

He went to the northern realm, first looked for the trail of the God Slaughter Sword, and when the God Slaughter Sword was in his hand, he would capture the damn Profound Sword Martial God and kill him!

“Can’t you follow my plan well? This damn evil barrier shouldn’t have kept his life back then!”

this one Sword Ancestor scolded, his eyes were more brutal than ever.

At the same time.

The far north.

Five upper sects. Before the mountain gate, Fang Yu finally appeared here with three Martial God realm warriors.

Five upper sects in the north, Xuanjian Mountain, Scarlet Snow Sect, Hate Heaven Pavilion, Heavenly Blade Sect, Nether Hell!

Among them, Nether Prison is the strongest. It is said that the first generation Nether Prison Lord is the son of the Old Ancestor of the Overlord Martial God Realm Nether Hall!

No one knows whether this one, the first generation ghost prison master, is still alive, and what level of cultivation realm is.

The weakest one belongs to Xuanjian Mountain. The only one in the gate, Old Ancestor, is now even more unknown to life and death, and rumors of died during meditation emerged in the mysterious wind domain.

“According to my previous thoughts, it must be the persimmon biting softly! But now, my cultivation base has set foot in the imperial realm, and I haven’t had a combative battle yet.”

“Why, choose Netherworld as a stepping stone!”

Fang Yu said slowly.

This Fang Yu quest on this map can be called Fang Yu’s white picking, there is not much difficulty! In addition, in the killing treasure chest, there is actually a Gold Treasure Chest representing the Chixiao Martial Emperor that has not yet been harvested.

However, the Martial Emperor of Chixiao, who is in the sword clan, with Fang Yu’s current trump card, he dare not trespass into the dragon’s pool and tiger’s den!

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