Super Slaughter System Chapter 996

Suddenly revealed the silhouette of the powerhouse guarding the mountain under the mountain peak. He is not a human race at all, but a Three Heads Six Arms, a hideous and terrifying hunted zhang evil spirit.

This hunted zhang evil ghost is indeed the cultivation base of the emperor realm. It is surrounded by hundreds of chains, pierced through its flesh and blood, and fiercely nailed it to this square mountain gate The earth, let it go nowhere, it can only guard the mountain for the nether prison here!

“A evil ghost of the emperor level came to guard the mountain for the Nether Prison. It really deserves to be the style of purgatory exorcism in the Nether Prison!”

“he he he!”

“I don’t know how to kill this one, how does Ghost Emperor feel? It can hold me for several rounds of fights.”

Fang Yu said, step by step, he moved towards the hunted zhang of Three Heads Six Arms, and his face was be eager to have a try.

Evil Ghost in the Emperor Realm!

Now, the chain of the seal, with the collapse of the mountain, all kinds of Magic Talisman texts are almost destroyed by Fang Yu.

Now, this evil spirit can exert Peak’s battle strength!

hundred zhang, the evil ghost showed a grinning expression, it looked mockingly at the human ant who had lifted its seal.

One-star Emperor that’s all.

In front of its four-star emperor realm, it is indeed much stronger than the ants of the Peak Great Saint realm, but that’s all.

“You are done!”


“Release the noble Gayaro, this will be the worst nightmare of your life! I will bring you despair…”

This hunted zhang evil spirit, Gayaro grinned grimly, and broke the chains on his body one by one, and then moved towards Fang Yu and walked away.

Every time it takes a step, the breath on its body will rise by one point!

When it walked in front of Fang Yu, the hideous wounds on its body that were pierced by the chain were all restored, and its battle strength was restored to Peak.

Such a big movement occurred at the gate of the Nether Prison! The mountain gates of the other four upper sects were not far away, and they naturally noticed them and rushed over.

Suddenly, they saw the Hundred Zhang evil spirit released by this one, and they all took a breath of cold air.

“The powerhouse of the Shoushan Emperor in the Nether Hell, I thought it was a peer of the Emperor, didn’t expect it to be this bloodthirsty monster…”

“Gayaro! It was born more than a thousand years ago, swallowing tens of millions of creatures and three peerless ghosts in the same level emperor realm!”

“Who released it, if this guy escapes, the entire northern border of the mysterious wind region will be disturbed.”

Hate Heaven Pavilion, Scarlet Snow Sect, Heavenly Blade Sect, the four upper sect powerhouses, all exist at the Emperor level.

As for the weakest Xuanjian Mountain, it is extremely unbearable. It is the only upper sect that guards the mountain with the Peak Great Saint.

It’s extremely shabby!

These four powerhouses of upper sect, in front of this one terrifying emperor realm evil spirit, are all shiver coldly and extremely frightened.

After all, if this murderous ghost gets out of control, he can eat them all in his stomach!

They are not opponents at all.

With the lineup of Guardian Mountain alone, this Nether Hell is far superior to the other four upper sects. I am afraid that among Sect Heaven and Earth, it should also be the powerhouse as clouds in the Empire!

“Are you strong?”

Seeing the reaction of the other four upper sect powerhouses, Fang Yu was a little puzzled. He didn’t at all feel what dangerous Death Aura from this one peerless evil spirit.


This sentence came out.

Gayaro felt that it was deliberately humiliated by Fang Yu, and suddenly it became angry. The ghost qi around him was cold, covering Heaven and Earth, and his body flew up heavily, moved towards Fang Yu strikes and go with.

“Is it strong or not! Don’t you know after the last game?”

“You damn Emperor boy!”

“See how I shatter you!”

Gayaro roar.


It simply can’t even touch Fang Yu.

After Fang Yu set foot in the emperor realm, the battle strength cultivation base once again climbed to a new level, and the sin throne, which is the origin of the saint, has undergone a new transformation.

ten thousand zhang high! A layer of divine force is faintly shrouded in glory!


The Throne of Sin, rushing, fiercely moved towards the peerless evil spirit in the mouth of the four upper sect powerhouse of that side.


Blood splattered!

The Throne of Sin, with the power of suppress and kill, Gayaro is like a small ant mantis trying to stop a chariot, his body exploded, all split up and in pieces.

Gayaro, fell!

Under Fang Yu’s Throne of Sin, the dignified four-star emperor realm, the peerless evil spirit to rebuke Heaven and Earth thousands of years ago, was like an ant, and those with no difficulty were crushed by the Throne of Sin.

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