Super Slaughter System Chapter 997


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“That’s Gayaro!”

“Is this down?”

“How is it possible…”

The four upper sect powerhouses present all had their eyes dull, rubbing their eyes in disbelief, and couldn’t believe that the scene before them was true!

That was a terrifying evil spirit who swept the northern border of the mysterious wind domain more than a thousand years ago, fighting for the existence of the three emperors and monarchs.

This one horrible murderer, was slaughtered in such a simple way?

It’s incredible.

“Emperor Realm, fight the Emperor Realm, still so with no difficulty!”

“Who is this kid? He doesn’t seem to be too old! At most, he is in his twenties.”

“Why such a young emperor, why has never heard of him in the mysterious wind domain, is he not a final disciple in the Martial God realm?”

“Wait! This kid looks familiar, I think of it, he is one of the lower realms that slaughtered our five upper sect elders!”

The powerhouse of Emperor Chixuezong guarding the mountain, complexion greatly changed, suddenly remembered Fang Yu’s identity, and said anxiously.

This statement came out.

The other three upper sect powerhouses are also remembered.

The capital of the Great Cold King.

The 20-30 Elders of the Great Sovereign Realm all fell into the hands of several Xiu of the Lower Realm, which caused the wrath of the five upper sects!

If it weren’t for the Sword Clan, many Great Saints came to the Great Cold King Capital, I am afraid that their five upper sects would have killed the Great Cold King Capital long ago to find Fang Yu and other lower realms to restore their enemies.

“How can this be possible.”

“In terms of intelligence, some of their cultivators in the lower realm. A few months ago, when the Great Cold King appeared, the cultivation base was not the Peak that’s all.”

“This kid, how in an instant, he became an Emperor, and he can easily suppress and kill the Emperor of the peerless evil spirit…”

The four upper sect powerhouses are a little panicked.

Such a cultivation speed is simply appalling, even in the nine realms of this world.

Ancient Territory Human World, the young emperor realm powerhouse, every ten thousand years, a few of the twelve overlord Martial God forces can appear.

Yes, within a few months, from the Venerable Realm to the Emperor Realm, this is unheard-of, and the overlord Martial God forces have never seen such enchanting pride.

“Are you talking about me?”

At this moment, a deep voice sounded behind them.


Look carefully again, ten thousand zhang, the Throne of Sin, and Fang Yu’s figure disappeared into the battlefield at some point.

Turning around suddenly, as expected, Fang Yu was right behind them.


“My lord, please forgive me!”

“I’m waiting for my wish to come, cultivation is not easy, don’t kill me and wait!”

The four upper sect powerhouses were all terrified by the terrifying formidable power of the sin throne just now. At this moment, when I saw Fang Yu, I hurried to kneel for mercy.

About this.

Fang Yu patted their shoulders very gently, speaking slowly, without any intimidation, and discussed with them.

“Go back and tell your respective Sect Masters! If you want all of Sect to survive, quickly prepare all the profound crystals in the treasure house of Sect…”

“Leave half of it for myself, I will kill your entire family! Of course, you can also flee from the sect before I come out of the Slaughter Nether Hell, and you have to escape if you can.”

The five upper sects of this trip are, on the one hand, to complete the map task, destroy one of the five upper sects, and obtain the big treasure chest of that side!

In addition, it is to raise 1 billion profound crystals to exchange for the cultivation base.

Aolong Martial City, the eight Great Influence, all have the imperial powerhouse! Although not as big as the five upper sects, they are not small.

The total of their eight Great Influences is less than 100 million profound crystals! To destroy a side of the Netherworld alone, I am afraid that it will not raise 1 billion profound crystals.

So Fang Yu put the other four upper sect ideas on!

The three war generals, even if they are wounded, are what these imperial ants can do! The other four upper sects have no way to escape Fang Yu’s palm.

“Yes yes yes!”

“I’ll go back and report when I wait!”

The four upper sects, Shoushan Powerhouse, climbed up and down, and left here one after another.


next moment.

When Fang Yu returned to the gate of the Nether Hell and wanted to blast open the portal of that side of sect Heaven and Earth, the Nether Hell sect opened from the inside.

Obviously, the Peak powerhouse of the Nether Hell is also aware of the fall of the monarch realm who guards this one.

“he he he!”

“I thought someone was so arrogant, it turned out to be you brat.”

“Slaying the Nether Hell, as well as the other four upper sects in the north, provide you brat with life-saving mysterious crystal? You brat is really crazy!”

“Who do you think you are? The master of the mysterious wind domain, the sword clan! If you change to the domain controlled by my Nether Hall, you are already dead now!”

The one who first walked out of Sect Heaven and Earth was not the Nether Prisoner Fang Yu had expected, the son of the Old Ancestor in the Nether Hall.

And is a Fang Yu’s Old Acquaintance!

Half a month ago, came to the Great Cold King’s Capital, and almost strangled Fang Yu with Xiao Wuxuan’s Nether Palace powerhouse!

That prison Elder!

At this moment, the prison Elder saw that the offender was Fang Yu, and the contempt in his eyes suddenly became extremely strong.

He sneered.

“Who am I?”

“For a long time, isn’t this the Great Saint that was played between the applause of the old man and Xiao Wuxuan in the Capital of the Great Cold?”

“Not bad!”

“Are you in the Emperor realm now?’

“It seems that you gained a lot from the secret realm of the Heavenly Palace ruins at the beginning! After Xiao Wuxuan was punished by the Jian clan, the sky and the earth were looking for you.”

“It seems that you are good luck, you haven’t been run into by Xiao Wuxuan! Otherwise, the one standing here should be a dead body.”

Prison Elder, with a sneer expression on his face.


Fang Yu’s face turned weird after hearing this.

Xiao Wuxuan?

Who said he didn’t meet Xiao Wuxuan.

When he set foot in the Emperor realm, Xiao Wuxuan found him and wanted to kill him, but it was a pity that he killed him!

Xiao Wuxuan of the five-star emperor realm was all beheaded by Fang Yu!

The battle strength in front of him is not as good as Xiao Wuxuan’s prison Elder, and Fang Yu naturally doesn’t take it anymore. He is a clown.

Know it.

Fang Yu has three major Martial God realms, and they are all high-grade seven-star Martial God realms, eight-star Martial God realms, and nine-star Martial God realms.

It can be said.

In this huge Human World, even if it is the twelve overlord Martial God forces, as long as it is not the top three, inheritance million years of the underworld, the sword clan, and the sanctuary.

The other overlord Martial God forces, like the Nether Palace, have only a few 100,000 years of foundation, and Fang Yu doesn’t need to be afraid.

“Make way!”

“Otherwise you will die!”

Fang Yu spoke indifferently. He didn’t pay attention to this prison Elder at all. I said a few more words to him at this moment, but it was because this prison Elder blocked his way to sweep the Nether Hell that’s all.

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