Super Slaughter System Chapter 998


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Such threatening words, heard in the ears of prison Elder, but became a big joke, making him laugh.


“It’s so funny!”

“You only killed a ghost monarch who was imprisoned for a thousand years and no longer peaked, so you thought you could really wrestle with the powerhouse of the monarch realm?’

Prison Elder, laughed loudly, never saw Fang Yu in his eyes.

Anyone can see the mocking expression on his face.

About this.

Fang Yu didn’t say a word, extended the hand, red flames rose instantly in the palm, and then a Divine Sword burning with a raging fire appeared in Fang Yu’s hand.

Red Fire Divine Sword!

“Say it again.”

“Get out of the way! Otherwise you die!”

Fang Yu’s voice is as cold as ice, and his eyes are sharp like a sword. At this moment, it seems that Fang Yu has become the Martial Emperor of incarnation a hundred 10,000 years ago.

That sword dao swept across the four directions, the lower bound sword Martial Emperor matchedless in the world!


“Little Emperor, are you worthy to threaten this seat?”

“This seat is standing here, but I have to take a look, you little Emperor, how to kill me, the great emperor!”

Prison Elder, sneaked.


In an instant.

The ghost mist rises, soaring up to thousands of feet, permeating Heaven and Earth.

The shadow of a towering Ghost God rises from the ascent of the body of the prison Elder. At this moment, the prison Elder’s prestige has risen to the level of the six-star emperor.

“The King of the Great Cold, failed to catch you back, the military leader of the palace was furious and almost imprisoned this seat in the Shifang Ghost Domain where never seen the daylight!”

“Fortunately, this seat has a big blessing and a big life, because of a blessing in disguise, I refining a seven-star emperor-level ghost into the body!”

“Now I can be said to be the First Level powerhouse under the Seven-Star Emperor! Boy, come and die!”

Prison Elder fierce roar.

On top of the body, the shadow of Ghost God of a thousand feet also roared, reaching out the moved towards Fang Yu of the palm fiercely and crushed away.

The shadow of Ghost God, wherever it passes, the void bursts and explodes.

There was terrifying pressure, and the whistling came, sealed off the entire Heaven and Earth, and cut off Fang Yu’s escape from the Void!

“Are you scared?”

“Seeing that this seat is so powerful, I am so scared that I can’t say a word? He he he, it’s really interesting, didn’t you just show off one’s military strength.”

Prison Elder, grinned out loud.


next moment.

Fang Yu moved, and the Divine Sword in this brief moment was raised high in his hand, and the sharp and unparalleled breath of horror sword dao burst out in the deep stream in this brief moment.

“I only have one sword. If you can stop it, then I will spare your life today!”

Fang Yu spoke slowly.

Fang Yu only used one sword to kill Xiao Wuxuan!


Facing this one’s soaring strength, Elder, Fang Yu still only uses one sword!

With his inheritance from the sword dao of the King of Sword God, to kill the powerhouse of the little emperor, even if it is the emperor, a sword is enough.


Prison Elder smiled coldly, but the gloomy color in his eyes became more intense.

“See if you can continue to be so arrogant when you wait for the fall! The immensity of heaven and earth kid.”


At this moment, the shadow of Ghost God exploded with all its power.

Heaven and Earth both trembled at this brief moment.


It’s not because of the shadow of Ghost God on Elder’s body, but because of the terrifying sword that Fang Yu slashed!


The sneer on Elder’s face suddenly stiffened.


Heaven and Earth trembled.

Before the sword was out, the sky was cut in half by the sword intent attached to the long sword!

Such a majestic prestige changed the color of Elder.

“Sword God realm accomplishments?”

“This is impossible!”

“You are only a little Emperor, how can you have the accomplishments of the Sword God realm? What did you get in the remains of the Heavenly Palace?”

Prison Elder roar.

At this moment, he finally panicked, he wanted to escape, but now under the lock of Fang Yu’s horrible sword, how could he escape?


The sword in Fang Yu’s hand was finally cut down.

In an instant.

The shadow of Ghost God was fragmented, and the robe of Elder in the prison was crushed to pieces by the unparalleled sword energy in this brief moment.


Blood splattered.

A miserable silhouette flew upside down, crashing deeply into one mountain after another, not knowing the life or death.

Prison Elder is defeated!

There is no suspense of losing!

As for Fang Yu, he didn’t even glance at Elder of Prison, and walked towards sect Heaven and Earth. He never put this one Elder in his eyes.


“Sword God realm indeed.”

“This kid is really terrifying!”

“Unfortunately, it happened at this time. This child came to pick up the Nether Prison Gate, I am afraid there will be a good show! Old Ancestor is waiting here…waiting for the Divine Crystal sealed here Ah…”

Prison Elder, with a strange laugh, crawling out of the mountain in embarrassment, blood is constantly flowing down the corner of his mouth, and his breath is constantly weakening.

Long time.

Prison Elder can’t speak.

His body stood on the spot, his body quickly dispersed, and he turned into a corpse unconsciously.

On his body, a sword mark emerged, along the center of his eyebrows, straight down, as if chopped him in half, but no blood flowed.

Fang Yu cut off all the vitality and soul of the prison Elder with a single sword!

One more thing, Prison Elder was wrong.

That is, the memory of King Sword God is inherited. Fang Yu’s current sword dao attainments are not a Sword God realm! And is a sword dao God King Level don’t.

Even, they are far above the sword dao Supreme Rule.

The king of the gods was originally superior to the Supreme God, but a hundred 10,000 years ago, the sword dao of the Sword God king, naturally, he surpassed the Supreme Rule of the sword dao.



Just when the Elder of the prison fell, and Fang Yu set foot on Heaven and Earth in the Nether Hell, in the deepest part of Sect Heaven and Earth, there was a portal door with twelve silhouettes sitting crossly.

At this moment, the twelve silhouettes all opened their eyes.

They are all in the emperor state!

The power of the overlord Martial God, the twelve guardians of the Nether Palace, that is, the 12 great emperors standing here!

“The original god came to the mysterious wind domain. If this matter is known to the Old Monster of the sword clan, it will inevitably cause disputes…”

“Uninvited Guest!”

“Behead him and throw the corpse out!”

“Don’t make too much noise, the Ancient God Crystal sealed by Heaven and Earth will come out soon. Remember do it quickly.”

In that portal, there was an old man’s voice, slowly sounding, full of incomparable majesty.

If the sword clan cultivator is here, you must be able to hear it. This is the Ancestral Master of the Nether Hall. The Old Ancestor has lived for several 100,000 years and created the eight-star Martial God realm of the Nether Hall, the Nether Sword God. !

“As you bid!”

The twelve silhouettes took their orders, all of them turned into streamers at this moment, rushing out of the ghost prison, moved towards Fang Yu.

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