Super Slaughter System Chapter 999


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Heaven and Earth, Fang Yu just stepped in, he clearly noticed something wrong! It’s too quiet here.

Although the vegetation is lush and full of vitality, there is no sound of insects, noises and bird cries, as if no one is dead.

“It’s weird!”

“The emperor ghost guarding the mountain, as well as the Elder of the Nether Palace, fell one after another! But half of the Nether Palace powerhouse came to chase me.”

“Nether Prison, but the first of the five upper sects in the North, it is rumored that there are many powerhouses in the emperor state. The guards are all emperor ghosts, how can it be weak?”

Fang Yu sensed something was wrong, looking at the deadly and weird Hell Heaven and Earth, he took out an ancient formation from his arms.

The Chronicle of Heaven!

Heavenly Palace, one of the three holy treasures!

Previously, in Aolong Martial City, the second piece of the Slaughter Sword was obtained, and most of the credit was due to it, Deducing Heaven’s Mystery.

“Tell me, how good is this going?”

Speaking, Fang Yu took out a massive amount of profound crystals from the system space, and dumped them on the celestial array disk.


200,000 Xuan Jing!

700,000 Xuan Jing!

1,000,000 Xuan Jing!

3,000,000 Xuan Jing!

The celestial chart is blooming with terrifying brilliance, reaching the sky as high as several thousand feet, swallowing almost 3,000,000 profound crystals, and just beginning to slowly calculate.

If Fang Yu hadn’t ransacked Aolong Martial City before, I’m afraid I wouldn’t be able to produce so many profound crystals!

“3,000,000 Xuan Jing?”

“Why do you want so much!”

“The previous exercise performed by Aolong Martial City gave me the second piece of the Slaughter Sword, and my fortune was restored to the same level as before, but it only asked me for 700,000 profound crystals that’s all.”

Fang Yu frowned, but it was just a deduction that that’s all the bad luck of the journey to the underworld, it was incredible that so many profound crystals were required.

In the Nether Hell, apart from the Nether Hell Lord and the original powerhouse, are there other forces that have come down?

Fang Yu believes that even if it is a Martial God Overlord Influence who can be able to swallow such a huge amount of profound crystals in the celestial chart, Fang Yu also believes it.


The aura is bright.

On the celestial chart, after swallowing 3,000,000 profound crystals, a line of handwriting was finally revealed slowly.

“Here is a big evil, but also a good luck!”

“Whether the body disappears or soars into the sky, it all depends on today!”


This time, the calculation result of the celestial chart is exceptionally concise. It is not like the last trip to the Aolong Martial City, and the danger contained in the sword clan was also specifically marked.

In the memory of Heavenly Palace inherited by Fang Yu, there are not at all records of the celestial chart. This is the first time that the celestial chart is like this.

“It seems that this Nether Hell is extremely dangerous, and there are great opportunities hidden!”

Fang Yu coldly smiled.


next moment.

Strong winds are raging.

He leaped into the sky and rushed straight into the sky. Wherever he walked, the violent wind raged like the sky, revealing his out of the ordinary divine might.

At this moment, Fang Yu moved towards Nether Prison deeper, no matter where it is, the powerhouse of Nether Prison can clearly see Fang Yu’s silhouette!

“What a arrogant guy!”

“So swaggering, without concealing his traces, he is just a little Emperor that’s all, where did he get such courage?”


“Prison Military leader, please also give an order to let his subordinates go and kill this damn madman! He has stepped on the head of our ghost prison.”

In the great hall banned by one party, there are nine powerhouses in the Nether Hell, a total of nine powerhouses, all standing here, and they moved angrily towards the prisoner roar sitting high.

The entire great hall is extremely sensational, filled with ghost qi.

Here, an emperor realm!

Emperor Realm, three!

Peak Emperor realm, five!

Unfortunately, in today’s Nether Hell, they can’t be the master at all! The real master of Small World in this side has become the Ancestral Master of the Nether Hall, the Nether Sword God.


“At this moment, Old Ancestor will naturally handle it!”

“Wait for you to scream again, don’t blame this seat for being merciless, and pulling you out as the nourishment for the birth of the blood sacrifice Divine Crystal…”

Nether Prisoner, let out a cold voice.

In an instant.

great hall is a quiet place.

Besides this great hall, there is a sea of ​​dead mountains and blood, ruined walls, and a tragic appearance of the Asura field! The corpse here is all the discipline of the Nether Hell, and Elder.

Go down to the handyman of the ordinary Great Martial Master Realm world, and go up to the nether hell core Elder of the Peak Great Saint realm. At this moment, all have become the nourishment for the birth of the blood sacrifice Divine Crystal.

Just now.

The violent Azure Dragon that Fang Yu turned into also arrived at the place of the Nether Hell sect in this brief moment. He clearly saw this Asura field.

Fang Yu stopped.

“What’s the matter?”

“Before I came, the Nether Hell had been given to Sect extermination? The number of the Nether Hell disciplines that fell here is only 108,000.”

At this moment, Fang Yu recalled the deduction result of the celestial chart, browse tightly frowns.


At this time.

Twelve long rainbow threads, cut through the sky, galloping from the deep depths of Heaven and Earth, it is the twelve guardians of the Nether Hall.

12 Emperor Zun, the cultivation base is all seven-star Emperor Zun level!

That’s so, an unspeakable sense of pressure hit Fang Yu, as if he wanted to crush Fang Yu’s soul directly.

Fang Yu is not interested in these 12 emperors. What he is interested in is who slaughtered the Nether Prison and laid such a large blood sacrifice array.

Here, sect, under the corpse mountain and the sea of ​​blood, a path of array inscription is particularly dazzling, absorbing the breath of this hideous blood corpse.

“Boy, blame your bad life!”

“I saw something I shouldn’t see, and came here when I shouldn’t have come, and disturbed my plan of waiting!”

“Old Ancestor, I told you to die! Here, no one dares to let you live! Save your life.”

12 The protector of the emperor, roared, and then boldly shot, and between the waves is the terrifying Great Divine Ability that covers the sky and the sun.

At this moment.

The sky, which was originally clear, instantly became gloomy, with billowing black mist gathering, covering the sky and obscuring the sun, blocking the Heaven and Earth in the dark hell, preventing Fang Yu from leaving easily.


The twelve ten thousand zhang high horror evil ghosts are formed in a flash, all of which are nine 36 arms, surrounded by a path of the silhouette of the terror magic wheel.

These twelve horrible evil spirits, each of them can easily tear apart the seven-star emperor realm when they are released alone, and can be compared with the eight-star emperor realm!

The twelve evil spirits are shot together, standing in the near-blocked battlefield Heaven and Earth, even the nine-star emperor can easily be killed.

Faced with Fang Yu’s existence in the small Emperor Realm, the twelve Asura guardians of the Nether Palace have come up with such a lineup. It is really a lion fighting a rabbit, leaving no spare energy!

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