Superhero Comic – Overlord’s Path Chapter 774

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Batman on the operating table turned his head and spit out a mouthful of cold blood. In the eyes of bystanders, the blood has turned into dark black. Mixed with a strand of cold frost, it means that Bruce's body has suffered terrifying damage and needs immediate surgery.

Fortunately, in this base where technology is at least 30 years ahead of the current era, such injuries can be recovered in a short time.

When Bruce was sent to the treatment cabin, several other people were already sitting in the Conference Hall next to him.

"He is very strong, stronger than all the opponents we have faced before!"

Super-man Clark holds a pack of ice cubes in his hand, on the burn on his cheek Caress, every time he touches it, he can't help but gnaw his teeth, which obviously hurts.

While enduring the humiliation of pain and failure, he said to his companions who rushed over from all over the world:

"Before I received Bruce’s distress signal and rushed away, The city of Gotham is over...a mountain rises in the center of the city, at least has 4000 meters, and around that mountain, the whole city is turned into a circular shape."

A gleam of pain flashed in Clark’s eyes:

"The people were displaced. Although the demon didn't kill them, he must be indifferent to these weak prey."

" What do you mean? Clark?"

The Wonder Woman in this timeline was sitting on one side, she looked at the treatment cabin on the other side of the heavy glass with some concern. Bruce's injury obviously affected all the members of the Justice League. Heart.

Faced with Wonder Woman’s question, Super-man whispered:

"Bruce and I saw everything with our own eyes. He summoned out a dark Legion and asked for it. The unknown Knights conquered the nine kingdoms and hells for him. He said that he wanted to reshape his invincible Legion... And, I don’t know if it was an illusion..."

Super- Man’s eyes are a bit dim:

"He is familiar with us, Diana, he is familiar with Bruce, he is familiar with me... He can even name those hidden in the world that we don’t even know The name of the heroes, his evaluation of this world is weak, and from his words, I seem to see a civilization that is very different from our world..."

"You mean, he From another universe?"

Red lightning appeared in the Conference Hall, and the Flash wearing red battle clothes leaned against the wall of the Conference Hall. He looked at Super-man:

"Or another timeline? What is he doing here? Conquer or destroy?"


Clark said a lot of The words that appeared in Cyber’s words for the second time, he looked at the friends in front of him, and he said solemnly:

"He wants to transform our world according to his own ideas!"


The door of the Conference Hall was pushed open, with a pale face, Batman, who had just walked out of the treatment cabin, sat weakly on the chair and whispered:

" He wants to establish a powerful rule, all powers are integrated, and a highly aggregated aggressive civilization... He told me personally, and he also said that in his world, it is us... All of us did it with him. All of this, as for the purpose of his coming here."

Bruce lifts the head, with rays of light beating in his eyes:

"Clark, I wonder if you noticed The last words he said... he said that in this game, he must master the power to take the initiative when he can face all situations, the game... he sees it as a game!"


Wonder Woman's fist hit the table: "It's so arrogant... regard our world as a game that can be changed!"

"And you, Diana..."

Batman looked a little worried and filled with outrage. Wonder Woman, he hesitated and said:

"I suspect that in Naha’s world, you may be his wife or lover... Several times he talked about you When naming it, I saw tenderness in his eyes...If possible, you'd better not appear in front of him alone. "

"Enough! "

The Wonder Woman in this timeline is obviously more impulsive. It is probably the reason why she has not experienced the Battle of Paradise Island. In her heart at this time, her love for Trevor is still sacred, although That soldier has been dead for a long time.

"I'm fed up with this disgusting lunatic! "

Diana shouted: "Let us unite and defeat him!" "

"Wait! Don't be impulsive, Diana, the power of the Overlord is beyond your imagination...We still need more allies. "

Bruce rubbed his forehead and looked all around, his brows circulated:

"Where is Hal?" "

"Hal went to the green light Legion's base camp. It is said that their monitors found some bad signs. "

The Flash Barry replied, "What's the matter?" Does this matter have anything to do with Hal? "

"Yes! "

Super-man said loudly: "The king also has a light ring in his hand!" "

"Huh? "

The Flash's eyes widened: "He is also the Green Lantern?" "

"no! Not just a green light..."

Bruce closed his eyes and recalled the process of communicating with the Overlord. When recalling the rings on his fingers, Bruce felt a little unbelievable, but in the end, he still said:

"I'm sure I read it right, I clearly saw...9 light rings! "

"What? ! ! ! "

"Hey! Guys, come and see this! "

I did not appear in another timeline, but in this timeline, it is the steel frame of a member of the Justice League, Victor Stone. Most of the body is made of silver white metal. Cyborg, sitting in front of a computer connected to a cosmic monitor, he moved towards his friends loudly and shouted:

"On the edge of the solar system, I found something you might be interested in ! "

"Turn it to the big screen, Victor! "

The Flash glanced at Bruce, who looked terrible, and said, "We have patients!" "

"Good! Hold on! "


The blue projection appeared on the large projection screen in front of the Conference Hall. The battlefield has been changed.

The halo enveloped between the stars, the aftermath of the battle, the stability of the shatter space, every moment there is a black space storm beating back and forth.

blue and black The silhouettes shuttle back and forth in it. Every time they collide, the energy aftermath brought by them is enough to destroy nearby planets. They use close combat, long-range energy projection, and some special battle methods that the Justice League has not touched. Combat is like a fight between the Spiritual God among two stars. Every aftermath it sets off can make the onlookers stunned.

"That's him! Overlord! "

Bruce pointed to the black silhouette and shouted: "The opponent"

"Manhattan Academician! "

Steel Bone turned his head and said: "That is a Frankenstein. It is said that he lost his shape in a nuclear test and lived in the form of pure material thinking. He once helped the US government to fight against the Soviet Union. The nuclear crisis set off, according to my father, this guy has lost all of his humanity and is observing the changes in the world and civilization with an absolutely sensible attitude. As long as he moves his mind, he can easily erase a city on Earth! "

"It's probably the strongest person in this world, except for the Supreme Master Ancient One who fell a year ago. "

The explanation of the steel bone made everyone understand the power of this blue Nether Soul, but in fact, he has been crushed and beaten by the black Cyber ​​in this battle.

His body of material thinking was shattered by the sharp blade of black at least 7 times... Faced with the power of the black lamp with the ultimate symbol of death, as long as Manhattan is still in a "alive" state, every time the sharp blade increases In his body, he will suffer a near-death attack. Although he can resist by means of energy defense, even the powerful Harmanton Academician, the energy in his body is not endless.

And the most terrible The thing is, even the extreme manipulation time has no effect on Cyber.

Chu Deng Huo Rong just held 7 rings in his hand and got almost infinite life, and now Cyber ​​holds 9 rings, His life force has been connected with the single universe. The emotional spectrum is immortal, and he will not die. In the face of such a symbol of life, time has lost its meaning.

Of course, the universe is still It can easily kill Cyber's existence, but it will definitely not be Manhattan.

"Quantum Oblivion! "

Manhattan's body is reorganized again. He extends the hand, referring to the formation of a huge quantum collapsed black hole behind Cyber's body, but the green rays of light behind Cyber's body are beating to form six pairs of bat wings. Between the slaps, he easily broke free from the gravitational pull of the black hole. The red rays of light flowed on his body, and the blessing from anger made his power extremely improved.

Although there is no exponential strength of the power gem Ascension is so overbearing, but for Manhattan, who is not known for its strength, it is enough to form a crushing posture.

"Everything is silent! Come to my hands! "


Cyber's roar made the surrounding space distorted. Hundreds of dark vortex appeared around Manhattan's body, based on the energy of the seven-color lantern ring , Those sharp light spears are like fragments of the world, hidden in the vortex, completely enclosing this space.

In front of Manhattan, behind Cyber ​​a black phantom of the black death emperor suddenly appeared. The flying corners of the dark clothes are beating among the stars, and the dark rays of light are shrouded in the world in front of them.

Cyber ​​holds the war sickle Oblivion in both hands, and his eyes are beating with indifferent rays of light:

"You are not maintaining balance at all, poor man, you are just defining the real order with your private thoughts. It dehumanizes you. The real Manhattan has long since died and survived. The quantum observer is just a meaningless body driven mad by the cold reality! "

" It's a pity, but your existence is meaningless to this world, so your existence is over! "

"Now, all creatures... "

The dark blade of the war sickle slashed across the void, and the lamp beast black death emperor roared and made the same action. The war sickle, which was completely reorganized by the symbol of death, swept across the stars in front of him, and the body of Manhattan Oblivion , And cut the surrounding barren planets into dust together.

This blade is not gorgeous, not as domineering as the Oblivion of all things once, it appears quietly, disappears quietly, but from death The symbolic aspect completely erased the existence of the Manhattan Academician. He is indeed non-living, but he is still alive. This is his fatal injury.

" about to strike..."

In the place where the Manhattan Academician disappeared, a reverberation reverberated constantly. It seemed to be the last symbol of Manhattan remaining in the world. Cyber ​​retracted its sharp edge and stood in the void, where it flashed continuously. The crack of extinguishment is being repaired quickly, but the Dark Aura that comes out of it makes Cyber ​​can’t help but frown.

He has never felt such a deep darkness in his timeline, as if it were Subverted existence, what is on the opposite side of this fissure? Cyber ​​extend the hand, I want to touch this fissure, but next moment, the fissure in front of me suddenly disappears, as if it had never appeared before.

Cyber ​​lifts the head, he looked at the boundless universe above, he closed his eyes slightly, and began to think about all of this.

The game of Heavenly Venerable and Barbatos has started, but so far, Cyber ​​is watching What we got was only a weak, but no problem world. As for the content of this bet, he was still kept in the dark. Should I destroy it or protect it?

It's like a For the newly opened maze, Cyber ​​has to find the exit step by step according to the design of the maze, or use a more effective method...

"Smash every wall in front of you directly! "

He took a deep breath and looked back at the distant sun behind him. Next moment, his silhouette disappeared into the eternal battlefield. He has made up his mind to start with Earth.

"This...what kind of monster is this? "

Gang Bone turned his head and looked at his fellow stunned: "Are we going to knock him down?" Just kidding! "

Even I was crying out to defeat Cyber's Wonder Woman before, and after seeing Cyber ​​wiped out the battle of the God-like Academician in Manhattan, I fell silent. In the stagnant air, Bruce said in a deep voice:

"As we said...we have to find more allies! No matter what he wants to do, he cannot be allowed to destroy our world wantonly! "

"Contact SHIELD, contact Mutant faction, contact Asgard, contact inhumans, contact Kamar-Taj, contact all the forces we can contact! "

"Evil has appeared, and has begun to conquer our world! "

"In the name of the Justice League, let the heroes gather together! Let the overlord look at the strength of our unity! "

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