Superhero Comic – Overlord’s Path Chapter 775

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Before the end of the world, the first wave of chaos must be caused by the inherent darkness.

Just as the revelation of the disasters suffered by Cyber's world, before the real enemies come, they will always find a way to put the local darkness in their camp, just like the evil gods. , Unite all the suppressed forces as a grassroots force established by their rule.

Darkness is always drawn to the same darkness. The evil flowing in their blood vessels makes them instinctively look for stronger attachments to darkness.

When the heroes do not accept Cyber's power, the first thing the Overlord has to do to transform the world is to eliminate the Power of Darkness entrenched in the world first, and attribute them to his own Under his command, lest they become accomplices in the coming dark age.

Well...give them a chance to reform.

Those from the Ancient Times in Romania, in the haze mountain range where dark legends have been circulated, there is a special organization. In the Dark World of Earth civilization, it is great and famous, in the Middle Ages and earlier In the age, it was the real Sovereigner on this land of Eastern Europe shrouded in superstition.

Vampire Holy See... a dark force established by ancient vampires and dark creatures. In Cyber's timeline, it has successfully whitewashed part of it, at least before the evil gods arrive, they accept The jurisdiction of Kamar-Taj is an indispensable part of the magical world under the normal world.

Of course, we all know that during the time when evil gods were raging, these guys took refuge in Spiritual God without shame and became one of the straws that overwhelmed European civilization, and after the evil gods retreated Except for some daywalker vampire who insisted on the weird justice, the entire vampire was pulled up by the roots by the overlord's dark Knight regiment.

In the mountains of Eastern Europe, the oldest rebels were tied to the cross and suffered ten days of the cruelest "day torture" for vampire. Their miserable wailing made At that time, the chaotic European magical world was shocked, and those hundreds of crosses represented the terrifying anger of the Human Survival Alliance. In the subsequent actions, these weak guys really became extremely cooperative.

In this timeline, the Vampire Vatican is still a real party leader. They regard themselves as blood nobles and are in charge of at least one-tenth of the business system of the human civilization Dark World. Because the Ancient One Master is in this The death of the world line five years earlier caused Kamar-Taj to also lose its jurisdiction over the Holy See.

Those oldest blood monsters are planning a big expansion in the dark! With the expansion of blood, they believe that the glorious era of Blood Race has arrived, this world, it is time to return to the rule of the Ancient Family.

But...Although the experiences are different, their final results should be similar.

"Boom boom boom"

In the hinterland of Romania's mountainous area, a small castle was forcibly broken through the gate by a sudden bomb storm. Hundreds of dark warriors wielded their double-edged swords to enter. In this vampire territory, this is just the castle of the little baron of vampire. Naturally, it is impossible to have too much defensive power. In less than 10 minutes, the baron of vampire, who was chopped over a dozen times, was thrown at the feet of the leading female warrior. .

Ra's .El. Gul’s daughter, powerful warrior, the new ninja Master Thalia lifted the pale face of vampire with a cold thunder-forged blade, beating in the blue arc In the process, the embarrassed vampire was paralyzed.

Don’t be misled by the vampires of Japanese comic style. No matter how beautiful and elegant the human form is, when the vampire really enters the fighting form, the blood vessels in their body shrink, causing face looks sinister. Reasonable people will not be willing to approach this kind of monster.

The same goes for Talia. The wine-red hair behind her shook her hair. She looked at this ugly monster with disgust. Dark power entangled and surged around her body, making her look Just like the messenger of darkness.

"Baron Eknarls, the pure descendant of the Thirteenth Secret Party, the glory of the overlord has arrived. Now tell me, facing the overlord’s enlistment, do you choose to bow down or die?"

"You will be crushed by the Holy See!!"

All the descendants transformed by hand were slaughtered. In this extreme anger, Baron Vampire moved towards Thalia revealed The sharp teeth at the corners of the mouth:

"No one can challenge the Vampire Holy See in Romania! God, neither can!"

"Answer wrong!"


The black blade light, accompanied by Thalia’s wrist flip, lit up in the air full of weird blood, the tall and slender silhouette of the Ninja Master walked towards the exit of the castle, the crispness of her high heels and the ground In the sound of the collision, her right hand waved backwards:

"It's so pitiful, the League of Shadows has found a new faith. The overlord we serve is stronger than your weak god! It's a pity, His glory does not shine on you monsters..."

"Burn this place! Go to the next castle!"

"All this is for the glory of the overlord!"

The same thing happened almost at the same time on the savage snowfields of Siberia. One after another werewolf tribes were slaughtered clean by the warrior wrapped in Power of Darkness, just because their leader was unwilling to accept the overlord. "Goodwill".

Given new powers, the League of Shadows, which has begun to go silent, burst out with unimaginable power. They are under the leadership of the new leader of vicious and merciless, the devil’s daughter Thalia. After sweeping the entire assassin world within 2 days, they expedition to the East, and after the unwilling big tengu ninja Shredder was beheaded by the dark Martial Goddess Grey, Thalia completed the first unity of the power of the overlord.

Now, the strong and powerful League of Shadows, as the hand of the overlord, has begun the second round to integrate the power of Dark World.

The Overlord didn’t have the mind to pay attention to these little things, and gave all the power to Thalia. The Devil’s daughter understood Cyber’s style of doing things as early as when she followed the Overlord to kill for the first time, so this time Integration, from the very beginning, is full of unimaginable brutality and destruction.

"You have violated the ancient covenant!"

The Werewolf’s High Priest was standing on the cliff of the blood-stained Holy Mountain, he almost desperately watched himself fighting The crazy compatriot was slaughtered by ten times the number of ninja warriors, and his voice was hoarse as if blood was oozing out.

"You will be punished! There will always be more cruel killings on you!"


A young werewolf warrior The broken corpse smashed at the feet of the werewolf priest like a cannonball. It received the dual blessing of darkness and magic. The body was as huge as a mountain. It also got rid of the Bane controlled by the breathing apparatus. He was covered with black scales and bone spurs, the bone wings on his back were burning with dark green flames, and his hideous claws were entwined with dark and corrosive magic.

On his devil-like head, the four crooked demon horns are so hideous.

He tilted his head and looked at the werewolf priest before him. He said in a deep voice:

"Who will punish us?"

"Who dares to challenge us ??!"

"We serve greater powers...your era is over long ago,, tell me! acknowledge allegiance, or die?"

Behind Bane, densely packed mephits and Knights occupy Siberia's cold wind that never winds up all the time. It is different from Cyber's Legion in this world. Alvitr's method of serving hell is rude. She uses the dark Space Power. The demons that infested hell turned them into the most obedient servants, using this snowballing method to allow their dark Knight group to occupy most of the hell's territory in less than 2 days.

It’s a pity that a demon named Sim could not be found in it. It may have died in the chaos of hell. This made Cyber's feel very bad, so that night, There are three hell princes whose heads fall to the ground.

The weak world also has the benefits of being weak. At least here, no one can stop him...

In the face of this uncontestable Power of Darkness, the werewolf’s High Priest was already desperate. He jumped off the ten thousand zhang cliff under the mad curse, while the succeeding priest, with the remnants of the people, knelt down in front of the overlord's Legion.

In this way, Bawang's transformation of the world has begun...

—————————————————————— ————————————————————

"dong dong dong"

In a certain shabby street on the edge of Gotham, Cyber He knocked on the door of a house that seemed nothing unique. He waited for a while at the door. The door was opened. A gentle woman with a big belly and long golden hair stretched out her face vigilantly, looking at it. he.

"Who are you looking for?"

In her other hand, holding a black pistol, the lady looked very nervous and alert.

It’s not to blame her. On the night two days ago, a towering mountain suddenly appeared in the center of the city. After completely changing the topography of the entire city, the city fell into madness.

Gotham's order is bad. Many criminals took advantage of this opportunity to looting, but before they could shoot evil bullets and make the city worse, a group of medieval Knights in black armors Appearing in the city, they do not target the civilians, but look for the criminals and bring them to justice. No criminals can escape their pursuit.

In this way, Gotham's order was re-stabilized overnight. Of course, many people fled this changed city. Those who could not escape were the civilians at the bottom. Can hide in their own home shiver coldly, praying helplessly.

However, the mayor of Gotham's soon came forward. Under the pressure of certain forces, the city hall began to calm the panic in the people’s hearts with great efficiency, and even provided enough for every household in the city free of charge. food.

Two days later, the city regained stability in this weird form, but to be honest, for the current citizens of Gotham, the danger has not passed yet.

Facing the vigilance of the lady in front of him, Cyber ​​laughed, his smile is very friendly, and he said softly:

"May I ask if this is the home of Mr. Jack Naples? I am his friend, let me see his situation."

"Jack never told me that he has friends like you...he has few friends."

The lady is still vigilant, Cyber ​​shrugged, his eyes are on the lady’s swollen belly, he said in a softer voice:

"Actually, I am a doctor , Mrs. Napole, I may not know your husband, but I can tell at a glance that Mr. Napole’s first child did not grow so healthy, and your physical condition is also very worrying... anyway , You can think of me as a messenger of God or something else, you see, you also want a child to be born healthy, and I can help you..."

With a hint of soul charm, So after a while, Cyber ​​entered Mr. Naples' home.

Thirty minutes later, wearing a shabby purple suit, Mr. Nepur walked off the bus, holding a piece of bread in his hand. This was his wife’s dinner. ...He is an engineer, but he was unemployed a long time ago because of the raging Gotham gang. Now he is a failed comedian. He could support himself and his pregnant wife with a natural sense of humor, but the disaster happened 2 days ago After that, Mr. Napole was unemployed again.

He could not find a job, so he could only earn a small salary as a part-time job, which was not enough to support his wife, but Naples didn’t find this kind of life unbearable. His first son is about to be born, and he is full of joy, even though he has only enough money to buy a piece of bread for his wife, and he hasn't eaten for a day.


The dilapidated door was pushed open, and Naples said in a gentle voice: "My dear, I'm back, I brought back dinner for you, let me I listen to my son’s voice..."

The voice stopped abruptly. Mr. Naples entered the living room and saw his wife, the sumptuous dinner full of the table, and a conversation with his wife. Joyful, well-dressed man in black safari suit and trench coat.

He didn’t understand what was going on, until his wife with a big belly came forward and introduced him:

"My dear, this is Dr. Hawk. He came to Gotham to find relatives. , But encountered the terrible situation 2 days ago..."

"Get out of my house!"

Mr. Naples, who has been behaving in a daze, is seeing Cyber When he turned his face and his gentle eyes, he suddenly jumped up and stood in front of his wife. Although the face was full of smiles, he could clearly feel the endless hidden behind that smile. The darkness, this is a monster...

"Leave! You are not welcome here!"

Nipple reached for his wife’s pistol and pointed at Cyber. He didn’t know himself. Why is he so excited, he is even a little hysterical, and the language is a little confused: "Don't come to disturb my life! I am very happy, leave me! Stay away from me and my wife! Villain! Leave!"

" Oh... Even if you are like this, can you still feel my existence?"

Cyber's expression has not changed because of Mr. Napier’s bad attitude, he just looked at the face in front of him playfully. Familiar, but lacking the iconic madness and desperate man, he said softly:

"I have always been curious about what made you what you were later..."

Cyber's gaze fell on Mrs. Naples, who was tightly protected by Naples. The man in front of him was as crazy as Beast. Although he had no power to bind a chicken, Cyber's believed that as long as he made a little threat Action, he will desperately fight with him in order to protect his wife.

"Ah, it turned out to be love."

Cyber ​​stood up. This action made Mr. Naples nervous and almost shot, but Cyber ​​is just dust that does not exist on the patched clothes. He glanced at Mr. Naples for the last time:

"It turned out to be love. The love in your heart made you fall. Losing love made you from a normal person to a madman. Losing love made you fall completely. Into the chaos...then good luck, Jack."

"Protect your wife...your son will be born safely, this is the lovely son I left for you Gift."

Cyber ​​threw down a pile of money that was not much, but enough to make the Naples live a better life. He reached out and picked up the cherries on the table, eating and walking out In this shabby room, the door closed fiercely behind him. He watched the sunset, and a warm smile appeared at the corner of his mouth: "I will let you live such a happy life. In exchange, stop jumping out and messing up with me, you poor bastard."


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