Superhero Comic – Overlord’s Path Chapter 776

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At the moment when Cyber ​​crushing dry weeds and smashing rotten wood killed the quantum observer, the whole universe echoed his dying warning. It seemed that when he died No pain, maybe for an absolutely rational material thinking existence, death is just a step that must be experienced, not worth investing in pain and despair, it is nothing more than a time advance.

But for the victim under this absolute power, there was another existence who showed extreme dissatisfaction.


In a special dimension, the chaos of all newly born things swings back and forth in disorderly time, so that every second in this narrow dimension A new creature is born, but it will be re-decomposed into the original chaos in the next second. This is the world where order has not yet existed before everything is born. A temporarily opened up dimension will soon be abandoned.

The advantage of the absence of order is that this dimension can accommodate two or more kinds of giving tit for tat at the same time, and allows them to achieve a weird balance in the chaos.

But note that this is not a cruel battlefield.

"You are cheating!"

A hazy and hoarse voice sounded in the darkness of dimensionality, accompanied by the sound of hitting something, he brought a hint of contempt and Said mockingly: "When did the Elders of the universe, who use gambling as a lifetime meaning, also learned to cheat? I thought it was a despicable trick that only dark people like me would use!"

"Barbatos, you are still like this. Every time you think about it, you start from the most disgusting point of view, and treat every existence as a mess like you!"

The one sitting on the other side of the dark round table is changing He wears a blue costume and rarely wears his own celestial crown in the universe. Elder, a high Heavenly Venerable who is addicted to gambling, faces the accusation of his gambling opponent at this time, Elder Barbatos from the dark multiverse. He doesn’t With a hint of fireworks, he sneered:

"On the day when the game was determined, you saw him personally! Don’t tell me you were blind that day! And for gamblers like us, it’s fair It is a quality that must be held, even more important than existence itself. I warn you, Barbatos!"

High Heavenly Venerable's voice became serious: "Apologize to me for your shameless slander!"


The voice of Barbatos not to be outdone also came from the darkness: "You said I defiled you! Open your eyes and have a look, dears Gambling participants, four months ago, the fighter Cyber ​​Hawk who represented Gao Heavenly Venerable was just a weak God, but now? Who can he hide from the rays of light that shines on him? That is a single body. The guy in the universe... shouldn’t be in this gambling game at all!"

His voice became sarcasm:

"High Heavenly Venerable, a mortal, 4 months , Across the shackles of life stages, if you are not cheating, then you are challenging our wisdom?"

"It makes sense!"

"High Heavenly Venerable, Explain!"

"If you cheat, Barbatos won this round!"

At the moment Barbatos’ voice fell, around the huge dark round table, several The breath that is not weaker than the high Heavenly Venerable and Barbatos also spoke. They were full of threats. For a while, public opinion became quite unfavorable to the high Heavenly Venerable.

But sitting next to the tall Heavenly Venerable, he also put on his most gorgeous clothes. The most famous Collector in the multiverse, Tanya Tiwan, was very concerned about his brother and the contestants he chose. Have absolute confidence.

He touched the pendant on his neck, which was incomparably gorgeous in the chaotic shining, and he said in a deep voice:

"Everyone, forgive me to speak bluntly, everyone here does not want to Losing, and any side of the gambling game wins, it will cause the other side to suffer losses. In this case, unfair accusations are unavoidable... Yes, I am talking about you, Barbatos, you are slandering us. "

His voice is elegant and acrid, pointing directly to the hearts of those yelling guys:

"The stories of the contestants, everyone in this room is familiar with them. , I also don’t believe that if our brother’s temporary cheating can be hidden from you, it’s nothing more than profit that drives you to lose your face. We are also surprised that Cyber ​​Hawk crosses the life stage within 4 months, but this There is always no shortage of true geniuses in the universe...If this explanation is not enough, I think we need to invite a true and fair witness..."

"Mengjin and his The Endless Library...There, every memorable story in the infinite universe is completely and fairly stored...Should we take a look at the story about Cyber ​​Hawk?"


tone barely fell, a man with a white radiance and a long robe appeared in the chaotic space. The most striking thing about him is that his eyes are covered with a layer of white. Gauze, he said softly:

"You don’t need to go to the endless library... too powerful existence is not welcome there. You always like to modify something casually, that will make my library become Not so fair, I have heard your dispute, so I brought this "Tracks of the Overlord"...This is his unfinished story. Would you like to listen to it? Everyone?"

"Oh, my dear Dream God, are you here to participate in this gambling game too?"

Gao Heavenly Venerable asked, and Barbatos was even more rude: "I don't want to hear any stories, you Tell us the answer directly, did they cheat?"

Faced with these two questions, Dream God hesitated and replied in a cold voice:

"I don’t like it. It’s a gamble, but I know that this big adventure about Cyber ​​Hawk will be a great heroic story. As for cheating... I can only say that Cunning’s high Heavenly Venerable hit a side ball, and Cyber ​​Hawk asked him to do He found something, and Gao Heavenly Venerable found a black lamp ring for him... This is not cheating, but it is obvious that his behavior is straightforward. This led to the Cyber ​​Hawk crossing the stage of life. "

"Wow! Really cunning! "

Barbatos' teasing voice sounded at the next moment: "It's just a "side ball", what do you want me to say, my gambler... It seems that you are not that fair..."

Gao Heavenly Venerable did not answer, he just spread his hands nonchalantly:

"Are your ears deaf? Barbatos, I did not cheat! "

"I don't care! If you can hit the side ball, it means I can too! "

The Sovereign of the dark multiverse is beating the gloomy rays of light with his fingertips like rotten bones, his eyes under the gray hood swept over the people at the gaming table, he was lightly coughed, and said :

"Then, I will slightly modify this game, no one has any comments? "

Gao Heavenly Venerable looked gloomy, he said:

"You can only modify the rules, Barbatos, my patience is limited! "

"Then what do you think I will modify? "

Sovereign snorted of the dark multiverse: "I will kill him directly?" No, no, no, that would be boring. "

"First of all, I stipulate that in the new timeline, all the infinite gems will fall into nothingness! "


As if by rules, the moment Barbatos's voice landed, he was standing in the empire of Kree people, reaching out to get the power gem in the new timeline Cyber’s surprisingly discovered that the cosmic spirit ball in front of him disappeared in the metal restraint in a strange way, as if it had never existed.

"Hahaha, really stupid! "

The Collector sitting next to the high Heavenly Venerable smiled forward and backward. He unceremoniously pointed to Barbatos and laughed: "You can only change the new timeline, my friend, the two that Cyber ​​has brought in the past. The gems belong to this world, you can't change it! "

"That's enough! "

Barbatos said coldly: "I just want to eliminate the existence of a bug, nothing more, I am different from you cheaters!" "

"The last modification...the victory conditions! "

Under the gray hood, a hint of cunning flashed in those dark red eyes: "Since your gladiators are already a single universe, it means that my carefully selected warriors are sure It's not his opponent. In that case, I want to modify the conditions of victory... I can see the darkness surging in this universe at a glance. No matter how hard your fighter tries, it can't change its extinguished fate. "

"If this world is ruined, then I win! "

"You are cheating! "

Tanlia Tiwan retorted loudly: "He was told that this was just a game, and he also regarded it as a game, but then you stipulated that he must be a part of the game to maintain this world. The completeness of are hard to come by, Barbatos! "

"So what? "

Barbatos sneered: "The single universe is already invincible in this weak timeline... Do I have to send more Dark Knights to kill him by numbers?" What is the appeal of such a killing gladiator? "

"Look, I just put the victory of the gambling game on Cyber ​​Hawk's own will. If he succumbs to the will of destruction and allows the universe to ignore the possible crisis, it means being He, whom you have high hopes for, is also only this...human emotions are always the most elusive. For such a bet, the final result is truly unknown before it is truly revealed! "


The dark wings behind Barbatos opened, and he shouted:

"This is the real game, this is the game The real meaning! Absolutely fair! "

"Then vote! "

Gao Heavenly Venerable stopped his brother's rebuttal. He said in a deep voice, "Vote, everyone who agrees to Barbatos' modification, raise their hands!" "

"Shuā shuā shuā 唰"

In an instant, there were more than a dozen raised arms on the gaming table, and even the dream god who was sitting and watching also raised. Hand, he held a quill in the other hand, and a peaceful smile appeared at the corner of his handsome mouth:

"This is interesting, and this kind of inner torture is enough to make this story. The kernel tends to be complete, even detached! I am starting to look forward to the ending of this story! "

"Okay! So just do it! "

Gao Heavenly Venerable's eyes also flashed a glimmer of light: "Any choice other than destruction... Then count me as winning!" "

"Ha... really cunning! "

Barbatos chuckled, the dark rays of light beating at his fingertips: "But you lose, high Heavenly Venerable, because in this world, all the roads...will lead back ...dark. "

Cyber ​​knows nothing about what happened outside the world, but he also clearly realized the deep meaning of what he had almost forgotten in the back of his head from the scene when the cosmic spiritual ball dissipated.

This is not a real world...This is just a game, and the rules of the game can be changed. The treasure of the universe, the mysterious disappearance of the infinite gems that existed in every multiverse, shows this time A certain rule of the line has just been revised.

This makes the darkness and fog surrounding him more unpredictable. Which way should I go to win the game?


He sits at the top of the lonely mountain range in downtown Gotham, allowing the mountain range to be completely submerged by cold snow and heavy frost. He is thinking, but every time he thinks, the result will be He feels at a loss.

When you are in a game, it is difficult to look at everything from a third-party perspective.

Because you don’t even know that After breaking a window and executing a criminal at will, does it mean that the game is completely over... This kind of shackled situation is really very, very uncomfortable!

But Cyber ​​believes that, A game that can be taken seriously by cosmic Elder like High Heavenly Venerable will definitely not arrange such a nonsensical ending, which must include the timeline of this new life, the ultimate fate of this new world.

He can feel that this destiny may be led by him and pushed forward by him.

And every choice he makes will pile up and ultimately determine the outcome of this game.

It is like a real card game, every choice is related to the final result!


Between the dark lights and shadows shine, bear the fairy blade fairy Sword’s dark female warrior, the new ninja Master Thalia appeared next to Cyber. She leaned down respectfully and said softly:

"Overlord, those "heroes" are united...they Marching towards Gotham! "


Cyber's contemplation was interrupted. He turned to look at his new subordinate of vicious and merciless. He asked in a deep voice:

"Why did they come? "

Thalia hesitated, and replied: "They came to expel and destroy your rule!" They came for their free will! "

"Stupid! "

Cyber ​​suddenly appeared in the hands of the oblivion warrior's hideous silhouette, he stood up from the throne, and the cold hunting wind blew away suddenly in this brief moment, like the cold majesty of the overlord, moved towards the entire world, moved towards all directions.

"Freedom cannot protect this world! "

"I want to put on Battle Armor for it, I want to put on fangs for it, I want to turn it into an invincible rare beast that runs across the stars...they are bound to the earth In their eyes, there is only a starry sky above their heads. They don’t understand this meaning at all..."


The shining blade of light flashed away in front of Cyber’s eyes. Out of his cold face:

"Stupid people will only waste precious resources..."

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