Superhero Comic – Overlord’s Path Chapter 778

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The moment Cyber ​​disappeared into the sky, because the old friend was badly injured, and the extremely angry Magneto Erik drove his body up and down. , The roaring huge magnetic force rose up into the sky in an instant, and the Gotham moved towards in the sky galloped away.

"Face me! Coward!"

His silhouette rushed into the sky, and was soon enveloped by the rolling clouds. The other heroes watched Magneto have rushed into the battlefield. They did not stop, those that could fly into the sky one after another, while those that could not fly planned to parachute down into Gotham's city under the load of a huge number of transport planes.

The 13 dark Martial Goddess that were originally regarded as a great threat, but weirdly did not attack. On the contrary, they used the power of darkness to build 13 roads of darkness that lead directly to the city. ladder.


The neighing sound of pegasus Rugen resounded across the sky, and it carried its own Knight before falling into the line of the Alliance of Civilizations. At the moment she landed, thousands Only the weapon was aimed at her, but Alvitr didn't even mention these weak challenges in her eyes. She just looked at the coalition forces in front of her with indifferent eyes, and her voice as cold as ice sounded on the ground:

"Challengers, this will be a Battle of Glory. Only those warriors who have shown their will in desperate situations can be favored by the overlord...become a member of Legion!"

"Any life that appears here can step on the raise upwards and the ladder. As long as you can overcome the fear in your heart, you can hold the life of self-glorification!"


A glass bottle smashed on the ground under Alvitrte’s feet, and a rough voice rang out from the crowd:

"Go back! Witch! Never want to seduce us with your dark voice! Let you King of Darkness is waiting, we will kick him in the ass sooner or later!"


Alvitr is particularly dismissive of such low-level provocations, she is like the highest Like the arrogant Knight, pulling the horse by the rein, she finally glanced at these ordinary soldiers who had been terrified. She said softly: "You don't understand... the overlord’s cause is just. Your cowardly and narrow-minded selves are nothing!"


The war horse flaps its wings and rises into the sky. Behind it, the ordinary soldiers, you Look at me and I see you, but in the end no one has stepped out of the 1st Step. After all, for an ordinary person, everything that exists in front of me is really too frightening.


Amidst the fog that entangles Gotham's, Super-man Clark’s silhouette stands on the ground. This city suspended in the sky is covered by a strange fog. It’s wrapped so that people can’t see its true colors, but when you look carefully, the city has been twisted by a powerful force into a maze-like ring-shaped land. Everyone who enters here will be thrown away. Into different areas.

"In other words, every area has a road leading to the city center..."

Super-man lifts the head, looking at the faintly discernible dark peak in the fog : "Unless the overlord is a coward who dare not face the challenge..."

"Barry! Find the shortest and most direct way!"

Super-man in the communication Shouted to his teammates, but only a quiet busy tone came from the microphone in his ears. Obviously, in this place shrouded by the power of the overlord, all these high-tech equipment have lost their effect.

"It seems that I can only rely on myself!"

Super-man clenched his fists, he has no doubt about the victory of the coalition forces, the heroes of the entire world are united , If you can’t win in this way, there is no hope for this world.

He stepped forward in the mist, but before taking a few steps, a tall, familiar shadow appeared in the mist in front of him, which made Super-man stop, his inner vigilance It is also improved.

"Who is there!"

While observing with super vision, he shouted: "Turn around! Let me see who you are!"

"Oh, my dear nephew Kal, don’t you recognize me?"

An obscure and low voice sounded in this misty world. When I heard this voice, Super -Man was shivered all over his body, and he looked at the dark silhouette slowly walking out of the mist in front of him incredible.

The short gray hair, the neat and tidy beard that was constructed, and the icy gaze that looked like a harrier and eagle.

"Zord! You... why are you here!"

Clark couldn’t help taking a step back. He looked at his opponent in black battle clothes and shouted To: "I obviously already..."

"You killed me personally in New York, Kal, don't doubt it!"

Zod raised his left hand and placed it on his ring finger , A black lamp ring was in sight. He looked at Clark, and he said softly:

"The overlord gave me a second life. He asked me to challenge you as a warrior. Kal."

"You swore before me that you will protect this weak world and protect it until eternity..."


Black Lantern Zod’s fists clenched, and he hit a sonic boom in the air with no difficulty. He looked at Clark in front of him, and he assumed a fighting stance:

"You betrayed your own Civilization, you killed your last relative, Kal, let us take a look at what kind of power your sacrifice has brought you! Unfortunately... if you lose, I will As you treat me, kill your hopes yourself!" On the other side, Batman drove his Fenrir Battle Armor and defeated a team with no difficulty in the crime alley familiar to Gotham. The attacking werewolves and vampire, in the fog, he vigilantly turned on the energy detector of Battle Armor. The city he was familiar with had become completely unrecognizable, depressing and dangerous, and he had to step by step.

Just as he stepped out of Crime Alley, a dark shadow appeared in front of him, making Bruce's eyes widened for an instant, becoming dangerous and alert.

The shadow turned around, he looked at Batman and his Fenrir Battle Armor, he shook the head:

"No, Bruce... your true power In the heart, not these steel armors, it will only make you weaker!"

"Overlord! Who are you!"

Bruce in Fenrir The Battle Armor shouted loudly: "Why do you know so well about our past!" Faced with this problem, Cyber ​​shook the head, his silhouette suddenly disappeared in place:

"This question, I will answer you when you appear in front of me again. Now, I want you to return to the challenge you should have!"


The left hand with the ring pressed on the surface of Fenrir's Battle Armor, and the flame of dim-blue penetrated all the cores of this Battle Armor in an instant.



Batman's body was thrown out arrogantly at the next moment by Fenrir's Battle Armor, who had his own life. Outside the cockpit, he rotated a few times in the air, stepped flexibly on the surrounding walls, and finally landed on the ground in the center of the fog. He watched the Overlord sitting on the shoulders of the "resurrected" Fenrir Battle Armor. Waved his hand, and then step by step disappeared into the mist in the sound of mechanical collision.

"Shuā shuā shuā 唰"

A dozen black shadows jumped out of the fog and surrounded Bruce in place. They were dressed in black combat uniforms. Just like the legendary assassin ninja.

The one headed is a tall lady with long hair intertwined with brown and wine. She is brandishing a lightning-flooded straight-bladed knife in her hand, under the devil’s faceplate, She stared at Batman closely.

"Bruce Wayne, you betrayed the League of Shadows and killed my father, in the name of the devil's daughter, now... it's time for you to pay the price!"

It is also in the fog of Gotham's. In a certain area on the outermost periphery of the challenge circle, Wonder Woman is holding her sword and shield vigilantly. She is like an experienced hunter, moving little by little forward in the fog, She is well aware of the threat of this kind of fog trap. In many Far Ancient Era stories, such fog is full of various toxins, which will make the warriors in the depths lose their fighting spirit silently, or Earlier, died of poisoning.

Although that overlord doesn't look like a guy who can use poison.

Diana has no special emotions for this overlord. Although Bruce has repeatedly warned her not to appear alone in front of the overlord, the pride of the daughter of Amazon makes Diana disagree with this.

"No one can beat the daughter of Amazon!"

She told herself that, however, the moment she stepped out of the fog-blocked alley, the silhouette suddenly appeared The square not far in front of her still made her heart beat wildly.

Overlord! It's him!

But before Diana approached with her excellent stealth and started a massacre, Cyber's voice sounded in the fog: "Diana, in another world, you Saved me, and we had a good heart... I will never forget the scene when I first met you, as I said, at that time, I admired you very much."

"I'm not her!"

Diana didn't want to believe the gentle voice of the Overlord. She would rather believe that it was a cunning trap.

"Yes, you are not her! I know this very well."

Cyber ​​turned around, he looked at the indistinguishable slender silhouette in front of him, he sighed and said softly :

"But I will still give you a chance...turned back, this is not your war, and you will not win."

With his voice, Behind Diana, the thick mist cleared a passage. As long as Diana turned her head back, she would be able to leave here unharmed, but how could the proud daughter of Amazon do such a cowardly behavior.


The long sword in her hand slapped on the shield, she put on the most brave warrior fighting posture, she shouted:

"Come on! Face me! Overlord!"

"Oh, wrong choice."

Cyber ​​shook the head, the misty channel suddenly closed, the gentleness in his eyes Also in this brief moment disappeared, becoming calm and indifferent:

"You have chosen a cruel destiny, Diana, the divine force in your body is boiling, I can smell it, but it is incomplete... .You may still be immersed in the victory in the past, but I want to still don’t know the truth of this world!"


The scythe in his hand was spotted on the ground, next moment, a silhouette wearing a ferocious Battle Armor that made Diana stunned to walk out of the mist, little by little.

The guy who looked like a brave warrior was kneeling respectfully behind Cyber, and the overlord looked away from Diana’s face, stretched out his hand and pulled a hand out of the air. The hideous black Warhammer handed it to the warrior behind him.

"That's... the scepter of war!"

Diana's gaze tightened in this brief moment, and the overlord's silhouette disappeared in the thicker and heavier fog .

"Daughter of Zeus, face your destined challenge, if you fail, as an ordinary person, live quietly in this world protected by me!"


"This is... the only special treatment!"


Black's war scepter is in the hands of the silent warrior, as if he possessed Like life, at the moment when the hideous armor piercing cone pops up, the red war divine force entangles and spreads on Warhammer, as if it has found its own master, cheering excitedly.

"Ah! My dear younger sister, it's time to return what you took!"

"Don't think about it! Ares!"

red's lightning gallops in the fog, his speed is so fast that even the wind full of death can't catch up with him,

The Flash Barry is doing what he does best, running, Continually running, in previous battles, he only needs to run to win. His speed is his greatest weapon.

But this time, it's different.

"With Gotham's area, I can search in less than 1 second, but now..."

Barry's eyes are constantly checking back and forth in the fog, a kind of difficult The frustration described took root in his heart: "I didn't find anything, where did they go?"

"My friends, where did they go?"

The negative and powerful speed force is one of the strongest people in the Justice League, but Barry is not a steel hero like Bruce and Clark. In the face of evil, he will always hesitate and pity. His heart is full of his immature thinking.

He is always used to following his trusted companions, saving the world again and again.

He is not a good hero, but he is definitely a reassuring teammate. Unfortunately, this time, no teammate can give him confidence.



The yellow flash suddenly appeared on the next street corner, and with a brutal gesture, the running Barry was removed from the speed force Expelled from the state.

The embarrassed Flash hit the ground. He lifts the head and saw the scariest opponent he had ever faced.

Yellow's battle clothes are now wrapped in black energy, and there is a black ring on the finger. The only constant is that evil gaze.

"Last time our race was interrupted by accident, Barry...but this time, like your poor mother, you are dead!"

"peng peng ”

This kind of simple mockery has achieved unimaginable success in Barry. He is like an enraged mad cow, waving his fist at the speed of light, moving towards the one who also carries the speed force in front of him. The guy smashed over.

"Reverse! Flash! Power!"

"I! Never forgive you!!"

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