Superhero Comic – Overlord’s Path Chapter 779

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Plan this thing, which is often reflected in writing perfectly, but only when you actually execute it, you will find that there will always be some problems in the plan, and they are all Very fatal problem.

So the really smart people almost never make detailed plans. A complete idea is enough. The more plans you have, the easier it is for opponents in the dark to seize opportunities.

For example, in the dark Gotham transformed into a super fighting arena, Cyber’s glory for the heroes of this world is better than the martial stage, and there are some...not very pleasant, But it was a pleasant surprise.

The source of the accident lies in a special character.

Arthur Curry, Aquaman, Aquaman, etc., in Cyber's timeline, he is just a small dispensable character, after the evil god descended, he was messed up. The Kingdom of Atlantis suffered a crisis of betrayal, and became a group with the Amazons of Paradise Island, and was rushed into the palace by the magic lion Hognis, and after the rebellious usurper king was imprisoned, he was on the verge of collapse A mixed-blood human with the Neptune bloodline found in the underwater kingdom.

He controls the Neptune Trident, which symbolizes the kingship of the sea, and married the great domestic aristocratic beauty of the sea, Mei Ra, to stabilize the kingship on the verge of collapse and bring Atlantis with him, Joining the Human Survival Alliance at the time of life and death crisis prevented the human civilization that was already red-eyed at that time from massacring the chaotic sea.

It is worth mentioning that in Cyber's timeline, Arthur Curry, who was just a youngster at the time, was noticed by Nine Headed Snake for a while and he was almost pulled in. In the organization of Nine Headed Snake.

In short, in another timeline, the reputation of Sea King Arthur is not obvious. He is just a very ordinary one of the endless heroes of mankind, but he and his beautiful wife live in Yate very happily. Landis, with a peaceful and harmonious life, can be regarded as having a perfect ending.

And on this timeline, Arthur Curry is a famous character. He began to be a hero in the ocean of Earth very early, and met Super-man in the process. Batman, Wonder Woman, Flash, etc., also helped them a lot, so when the Justice League was established, he became one of the veterans.

Known as King of the Seven Seas, he is a real ruthless character, at least in the ocean occupying the area of ​​Earth 2/3/2021, he is not afraid of anyone in the Justice League, but he is out of the sea After that, just something...well, weak.

He is walking in Gotham like his companions, but his course of action is somewhat weird...he is advancing in the water.

Cyber ​​lifts the entire Gotham into the sky. This action is rough and simple. Even the viewing lake and the huge ocean inside Gotham are pulled up together, and a similar form is formed in the periphery of Gotham. A magnificent landscape like a thousand-meter waterfall, as to why the water can circulate back and forth at an altitude of several thousand meters...Magic things, of course, cannot be explained by science.

In short, Gotham's water cycle has not been destroyed. In terms of area, Gotham suspended in the air, the area of ​​land and water flow is 2:3. Yes, the water area is more than that of the earth. This gave Sea King ample room for full play.

Among the demons and strange creatures that Cyber ​​attracts, there are also species that act in water, such as sea dragons that succumb to darkness, naga, and some aquatic demons. The line of defense in the current is not weaker than the line of defense on the earth. But the problem is that when Neptune appeared, an embarrassing situation also appeared.

Even the most powerful sea dragon, in the face of Neptune Trident who can call the power of the seven seas, appears so fragile that Arthur, the sea king, is almost a kind of crushing He moved towards the center of Gotham in a pressing stance, and his forward speed is definitely the fastest among the Justice League and other difficult heroes.

In the water, he has no natural enemies!


The aquatic demon of a sinister, like a Green Dragon, a 20-meter-long ferocious rare beast, was pierced into the heart by a sharp golden Trident with no difficulty, and then Was cut into several pieces again, the sea king stood calmly underwater, he looked at the naga and sea dragons who were fleeing in panic, he shook the head.

"Is this the overlord’s army?"

"...unable to withstand a single blow! It seems that the overlord’s strength is strong, but his subordinates are only this. .."

In a blink of an eye, a subtle flag was inserted behind him, but Sea King Arthur didn’t care. He continued to move forward, and the surrounding water flowed in a weird way according to Arthur’s will. , Driving him forward, his will is the will of the sea.

However, as he approached the lonely mountain peak in the center of Gotham, Aquaman stood up from under the water. He looked at the crazy current that descended from the peak of several kilometers in front of him, and he calculated He just rushed all the way, giving that arrogant overlord a real "surprise".

At the moment he was about to jump into the waterfall, behind him, strange dark cracks appeared, and the rays of light glowing in the water, next moment, were covered with seawater rust. The ash-gray Trident fiercely of some weird seabed creature remains stabbed into the heart of Neptune.


golden collided with ash-gray's Trident, and the huge force that came knocked the body of Sea King Arthur back several steps, he looked behind him The dark silhouette stepping out of the dark rift, his eyes became extremely strange.

"Who are you?! Are you also the dog leg of the overlord?"

"I am..."

The silhouette did not look up, use a The hoarse voice said: "I am the Destroyer of Atlantis...I am, your nightmare!"


The silhouette surrounded by dark water and light walked along the waves, as fast as a tumbling tide. The dark turbid current rolled behind her to form a nightmare phantom. This scene made Arthur hold the Trident in his hand tightly. I can see that this weird woman also has the ability to control the flow of water!

Not even weaker than him!

The bone Trident in her hand, which was covered with rust and debris, gave Arthur a weird feeling. It was like facing the Trident of Neptune... but it was even more gloomy. , Crazier, more tyrannical, like a sacred relic turned over by Nanami!

"peng~ peng~ peng~ peng~ bang"

In an instant, the two kings of the sea fought for several rounds, regardless of the outcome, Haiwangya Se Kuang roared and waved the battle halberd, and drove the weird woman back. He stood on the stream of anger that had already been set off, and he roared loudly:

"Who the hell are you!" ! What is the weapon in your hand!"

"Hehe, in the bright world, how can you know our existence..."

The woman above lifts the head, her hair is as dry as seaweed black, with skull pendants on it, she wears a corroded crown, red goggles on her left eye, and the other eye contains Dark anger and hatred, and her cheeks exposed to the outside world were covered with ugly scales like murlocs, and her lips were turned over and cracked, looking horrible to see.

She was wearing Gothic armor-style battle clothes, and the green cloak was flying in the turbid current. She looked at the sea king Arthur above, and she whispered in a very dark voice:


"I am a drowned soul, called Bruce...Bruce Wayne! I come from a world completely submerged by the lunatics of Atlantis, and my world has been ruined... .Why can your world exist?!"

"Success! The butcher of Atlantis! I am here to kill you all!"


The weapons of the two people collided again, and the two Nanami Saint Artifacts with completely different attributes bloomed with endless power, allowing the white and black tides to collide and dissipate from top to bottom. , Swept, this blow shook the entire Gotham, and even let Cyber, who sat on the throne and admired the heroes Final Struggle, was shocked.

His silhouette disappeared in place at the next moment, and when he reappeared, he saw the body of Sea King Arthur, pierced by the white Trident.

His eyes didn't stay on Arthur for long. He just stared at the dark silhouette. From the silhouette, he felt the familiar darkness again.

That was the darkness that appeared in the chaos after the quantum observer Manhattan was beheaded by him. It was the unique darkness he had never felt before, the darkness that reversed all existence and order.

It is a weird phenomenon peculiar to this timeline, at least in this world, he has never felt the taste of darkness.

"Who are you? Woman..."

Cyber ​​asked: "You are a Warrior of Barbatos, right?"

When Cyber ​​read it out, the body of the woman who was trying to completely cut off Aquaman’s head stagnated for a moment. She turned her head and looked at Cyber ​​with a face that could scare a child:

"You again Who is it? How did you know this name?"

"Wow, after playing for so long, I finally saw the information that belongs to him appeared..."

In Cyber's eyes The haze has dissipated a bit. For the invisible opponent, it always makes people feel depressed. The waiting process is always the most painful. Once the opponent appears, no matter how strong it is, the inner anxiety will always disappear.

He looked at Bruce Wayne in front of him, and he whispered:

"Why? Are you the only one? If so...Barbatos, I'm afraid, I'll lose. .."


From the extreme feminist world, Gotham King Bruce. Wayne is the most despised male, even more how is such an arrogant and frivolous guy, she not even Think's waved the bone white Trident in his hand, rolled up a turbid current that swallowed Heaven and Earth, moved towards Cyber ​​in front of him rushed over, holding Trident's tail section with both hands, fiercely's moved towards Cyber's head smashed down.


The Trident carrying a mighty force was held in the hand by Cyber ​​with no difficulty, and his body did not even move.


"ka ka ka"

At the moment when Cyber’s five fingers are tightened, the bony object wrapped on the surface of Trident cannot withstand this The pressure, little by little shattered, revealing the golden wrapped in it, which was exactly the same weapon as the Neptune Trident in the hands of Sea King Curry.

And Neptune Trident is the unique treasure of the seven seas in each world. The World Rule stipulates that there are two Tridents in a world impossible, that is to say...

" Like me, from another world?"

Cyber's eyes narrowed, he looked at Bruce in front of him with a smile on his mouth: "Ah, it's getting more and more interesting!"

The smile was gentle, but it fell in Bruce’s eyes, but it was so hideous. She already knew that she was not the opponent of the black clothed person in front of her. She gave up the weapon and planned to dive back underwater. , But with a wave of Cyber's wrist, the golden Trident in his hand swept across the gorgeous rays of light, like the first ray of light breaking through the darkness.


The blade penetrates into the body, blood is splashing everywhere.

Bruce’s exposed eyes were full of incredible rays of light, but at the next moment, her body fell from the shattered dark turbid current, as if she had lost her life. , Smashed into the stream below.

"Is this your warrior? Barbatos..."

Cyber ​​shook the head, with extreme dissatisfaction shining in his eyes: "You are a little bit...too despise me ."

next moment, his silhouette disappeared in the air, and when he reappeared, he had arrived at the crime lane on the edge of Gotham. This was supposed to be the battle scene between Batman and the ninja master of the League of Shadows under his command. , But now, there is only a corpse left here, there is nothing left.

Batman, you can’t kill...

Someone else came over, and they killed their subordinates!

The cold light in Cyber’s eyes flashed away, and he shouted:

"Bruce Wayne, where are you?"

"I'm here! "

A mad voice sounded in the mist. Cyber ​​looked back and saw a black tights with a metal spiked crown covering his face and eyes. The body was covered with various chains and spiked decorations, which looked like an abstinence pervert.

His hideous teeth are exposed at the corners of his mouth, and that ugly gesture reminds Cyber ​​of a very troublesome guy.

"I'm here!"

Another voice sounded on the left hand side of Cyber. It was a War wearing blue armor, holding a heavy sword in his hand, and wearing Ares on his head. The ruthless War God with the size of God and the steel bat badge painted on the chest.

"I'm here!"

Another voice sounded. He was 15 meters tall, covered with disgusting bone spikes, and his muscles were exposed on the broken skin. His whole body muscles were abnormally stretched, and it looked like a monster-shaped Hulk. Its twisted face had two black bat-like horns, which looked like an irritable ravager.

"I'm here!"

The fourth voice sounded, accompanied by the shining crimson rays of light, like a symbol of all death, when he stands in the dark At that moment, the steel mask on his face, the dark red leather armor that resembled the Flash, and the red bat logo in the center of the leather armor also represented his identity, just like a red dead bat.

"I'm here!"

The fifth voice came along with the sudden darkness of the whole Gotham's. It was a dim light, reflecting the wearing of the weird green uniform, A bat with awkward goggles on his eyes, and a bat whose whole body is shrouded in a non-black and white light, like a sly lamp at dawn.

"I'm here!"

The sixth voice followed closely. It was a weird sound filled with metal sounds, and he was constantly shining in the dark air. The rays of light of technological particles, like appear out of thin air, consist of those particles to form his weird blue body, just like Iron Man, but the energy battery in his chest is a bat rays of beating dark red. light, there are blue lines shining on the armors all over the body.

It's like a precision machine for killing.

"I...right here!"

The last one that sounded was a low-breathing voice. It was Bruce Wayne who climbed up from the water. Suppressing Aquaman’s genes makes her skin all over her body weird and terrifying, but it also gives her the ability to control the sea and quickly heal herself in the sea. She is like a drowned soul, obsessed with the light. world revenge.

"We... are all Bruce Wayne!"

"We are all Batman! We are the dark bat Knight group!"

"Point Scream, live! Fear, world!"


(Ten can get it together. , There will be a PY wave with each other...)

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