Superhero Comic – Overlord’s Path Chapter 780

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Barbatos and High Heavenly Venerable are superpowers from the two universes. The gambling battle between them has become a history.

In the past tens of thousands of years, both sides have won and lost. The dark and cunning Barbatos won more times, and for their existence, the bet to be conducted is also impossible to be instant, with both hands. Both have quite a long preparation time.

For example, high Heavenly Venerable will train Cyber, Barbatos has been training his own warriors from a long time ago.

The rich Dark Aura, the energy operation mode completely opposite to the real world, entwined with the seven grotesquely shaped guys in front of them, making them look very dangerous. Barbatos may be true for them. Put a lot of energy into it.

This is natural, after all, no one wants to lose.

The surrounding mist has been completely changed by the surging darkness. It has become closed, obscure, and full of offensive, blocking these seven people and the Cyber ​​surrounded by them. , It's like thrown into another time and space.

"I'm very curious..."

Cyber ​​points the tail section of the war sickle on the ground, his eyes swept across the seven surrounding guys, yong In the darkness of the moving substance, he whispered:

"You call yourself Batman Bruce Wayne, where do you come from? Other timelines? Or other world? Are you really real?"

"Of course not! How can we be so noble? Look at what we freaks look like!"

The first one to answer, seems to be the leader of the dark bats, the one with The sharp metal crown covers the face and eyes of the guy. When he speaks, the hideous and ugly teeth keep closing, as well as the disgusting tongue and the chain in his hand. The dog's chains, the shadows tied behind the chains, were dazzled in the mist.

It looks very scary, and he pointed to his face in a crazy tone, and replied to Cyber:

"We pitiful persons...just Bruce Wayne The different choices made by Mr. in different timelines, and the birth of different monsters, our world is only built on Mr. Wayne’s hatred and fear, we are just the embodiment of the evil he hides in his heart... We are monster!"


He opened his arms like a madman, and shouted with an untimely passionate feeling: "Look, we lunatics are finally standing in the bright world. On the earth, we want this arrogant world to taste everything that we and our world have suffered..."

He stretched out a finger and shook it in front of his eyes, and Barry's hideous mouth was exposed. A crazy smile:

"We are going to destroy it! We want this world to experience a nightmare day, let us see if it can withstand the madness in the end, and remove it from nothing. Complete release from the meaningless order! Let it fall into the final chaos! That is absolutely fair and absolutely beautiful future!"

"PA PA pop"

Facing this Cyber ​​is not hesitating to give applause for this kind of enthusiastic speech, even though the applause is so out of place in this environment, and the kind of crazy atmosphere constructed by this guy with a performance personality is also torn to pieces. .

"Good idea, good description...but the problem is..."

Cyber ​​curl one's lip, looked towards others: "He still didn't answer my question Isn't it? Come on, darlings, tell father, where are you from?"

He skipped a ray of light in his eyes, waited quietly for a few seconds, and the darkness around him became quieter and quieter. Cyber's fingers rubbed the handle of the war sickle:

"No one answered? You see, my time is precious. If you don’t say...I can only find it myself. Now!"


Cyber's silhouette disappeared in place, the sickle in his hand passed a cold rays of light, between the sharp blades shining, the surrounding darkness Being stirred and torn apart, the flying blade light slashed towards the largest muscle in the opponent's camp, rare beast. He looks the most bulky and perhaps the simplest thinking. Such a guy is best suited to ask some secrets.

And the monster who claimed to be the ravager saw the blade light bloom in front of him, he felt humiliated, just like a gorilla, roaring and waving his fists, with red rays in his eyes. The light surged, making his fists and arms harder and hideous, and he moved towards Cyber ​​without evading the blade light and rushed up.

"Suffer! The weak who shouldn't show up!"

The two collided together, and even the halo from the blade was surging, looking like a mess Time and space are the same.

"I bet he will be smashed into meat sauce by the ravaged!"

Batman, a killing machine that resembles Iron Man, turned to the ruthless War God Batman beside him and said: "The power of the ravaged He is the strongest, he must not be able to survive a single move!"

"Destroy the sun virus, conquer the strange creatures of death."

The ruthless War God Batman in the blue helmet He sneered: "It was the anger of slaughtering the entire world with pure brute force. Even Clark was unable to withstand a single blow before his eyes. The dark divine force of Barbatos blended into its body and only made him become More invincible."

"There is no need to bet at all!"


Two confident tone barely fell, Cyber's boots just Stepping on the cold ground, he looked intact, without any blood stains on his body, even the blade of the sickle in his hand was as white as ever.

He turned his head to look at the ruthless War God and the killing machine not far away, he asked softly:

"Sorry, what did you just say?"


The smelly blood is like a waterfall that has been chopped away. It bursts out in the darkness behind Cyber, rendering the entire thick darkness like hell of blood, imaginary Evenly matched did not appear. Behind him, the huge body of the ravager like the ancient Beast was like a smoothly sliced ​​watermelon, rubbing four different slices, and smashing it on the ground in a completely broken posture. .

The sharp scythe with no difficulty tore apart his muscles, cut off his bones, and completely cut off his deformed and ugly vitality.

The disgusting five tumbling pieces of flesh and blood are constantly surging on the ground, thinking that they have their own independent life, just like a horror movie, these pieces of flesh move and want to regroup together , This made Cyber's frown:

"Really pitiful and tenacious..."

With a wave of his finger, the dim-blue flame fell from the sky, tearing the darkness apart The Formation made by the Knight regiment wrapped the broken body of the ravaged in the flames, burning like firewood, and the flesh and blood was quickly burned out.

The Overlord moved his shoulders. He reached out and lifted the ravaged man’s head from under his feet. Even though there was only one head left, this guy hadn’t died yet, but was still alive. His crimson eyes sparkled. It was incredible, but Cyber ​​was no longer willing to give this ugly creature more time.

"Look into my eyes! Tell me all your secrets!"


The moment the eyes meet, the ravaged The remaining head also began to blaze from the inside out, but in an instant, the skull held by Cyber ​​was burned into an ash-gray skeleton.


Bone scum was tossed in Cyber’s hands, hitting the ground like a seed, and was engulfed by the surrounding flames. About 5 seconds later, The last bone of the ravaged was also completely reduced to ashes in the extinguished flame, and its existence itself was completely erased from reality in less than 30 seconds.

This separation of flesh and blood, crushing dry weeds and smashing rotten wood, made the hearts of the dark bat Knights who were full of confidence when they appeared on the stage cold, seeing their companions being so easily Killed, but they didn't even have the courage to step forward to help.

They are terrified...but they are not without chance!

"Look! He is infected with the Doomsday Virus!"

Batman, the daybreaking lamp suspended in the sky, yelled: "The virus will ruin him!"

Cyber ​​also raised the fingers of his left hand at this brief moment. A layer of ash-gray cuticle spreads between his five fingers, like an unscrupulous virus. It looks like it was cutting just now. When the body of the ravaged person was infected, he was infected by the disgusting virus on that guy, and with his current physical fitness, he could also be infiltrated by the virus. It seemed that this thing seemed like a very difficult to deal with.

"Day of Destruction? What is this?"

Cyber ​​has a hint of curiosity in his eyes, but next moment, purple flames flowed up to his palms along his arms, with no difficulty He burned the ash-gray horny material, leaving only a little bit of residual viral material. Cyber ​​threw it into a sealed test tube. He shook his hand with disgust. When the flame dissipated, The palm has been restored as before.

This...this is not the same as what was said! The Doomsday virus capable of infecting and assimilating everything... just like that...

The Dark Knight Batman felt that they were being tricked, and their Sovereign Barbatos told them that this opponent was only evenly matched with them, But now it seems that this opponent, no matter from every aspect, can easily crush them!

The most powerful ravager of life force failed to survive even one minute. The first member was declared dead less than 5 minutes after his debut. Imagine the role of hunter and prey, in this The brief moment is completely transferred.

"You are from the dark multiverse..."

Cyber ​​read the chaotic memory of the ravaged, he extended the hand and rubbed his forehead: "Sure enough, I should have thought of that place long ago... It's a pity that this simple-minded guy doesn't quite understand all of Barbatos' plans, so I have to find someone who looks very smart and looks like a leader."

As he spoke, his dangerous gaze fell on the laughing bat. This villain who obviously combined the characteristics of Batman and Joker immediately felt the panic of death, and his body quickly turned into dark green mist. Disappeared in place.


At an order, other members tried to escape from the city that has become hell in their own way, but next moment.


The crisp sound of finger snaps sounded behind them, just for an instant, the space around the six dark Knight Batman shattered, and five of them were used as cages. The form of, was imprisoned in place, and the fastest running Red Death was wearing a speed force, which was a speed beyond space. The endless collapse brought by the space gem brought a whole line behind him who was running fast. The tunnel collapsed and oblivion 1/4/2021 cities in an instant, but in the end he still failed to catch him.

"A guy ran away..."

Cyber ​​walked to the eyes of the laughing bat. He looked at the ascetic lunatic in front of him, and he tilted his head. , Showed a smile: "But it doesn't matter, you are all here, that's enough... It's just a mouse running away, can't turn the sky."

"Uh, how do you say it?"


Faced with the death threat from Cyber, the grinning face of the laughing bat imprisoned in the shatter space squeezed an embarrassing smile: "I think we can talk... you call Overlord, right, look, how domineering, what a nice name, you must be a kind person, give me a chance, I will tell you all the evil plans of Barbatos!"

"Yes Ah!"

Cyber ​​nodded, a dim-blue ring of ashes popped out of his eyes: "In the fire of judgment of confession, if you can survive, I will be happy to have a good chat with you. "

"Of course, if you die...that can only mean that you are only this."

And at the moment when the evil life of the Laughing Bat is dying, the whole Gotham Above, the dark mist that enveloped everything was suddenly torn apart!

Endless green rays of light fall from the sky, illuminating this hazy world completely!

"The day is bright, and the night is vast!"

"Demons and monsters, there is nowhere to hide!"

"The evil spirits treacherous the party, fear me divine light !"

"The green light is always bright, rays of light forever!"

The majestic green light oath in this brief moment gathered together, the willpower of 3,600 green lanterns gathered together It shrouded Cyber ​​in Gotham's special space and disperse it, and even Cyber ​​itself was imprisoned in place by the vast green light. Layers of seals were pressed on his shoulders like a mountain, and in that moment, his movements were stagnated. .

Obviously, they came for him!


The laughing bat in front of him broke away from the shackles of space gems in the green light. He moved towards Cyber ​​and made a grimace, and the next moment suddenly disappeared. In the city shrouded in rays of light, his rampant laughter rang in Cyber’s ears:

"Like what I said...Laughing bat, luck will not be too bad!"

"Look forward to seeing you next time, Overlord Cyber!"

Behind the imprisoned Cyber, the other 4 dark bats also flashed into the air, but the next second, the green light Legion blessed The imprisoned rays of light were completely smashed in the roar of Cyber's. The slowest running, the wounded drowned soul Batman Bruce Wayne was hit in the back by Cyber’s unceremonious punch. In desperate screams, her shattered body smashed into Gotham's floating waterfall.

In the blood flying all over the sky, the seven-color rays of light and the black white light band gleamed above the sky, and Cyber, which exuded the most icy breath, stood opposite the green light Legion that was all deployed.

"You broke my door and let go of my prisoners...stupid lantern men, my patience with you has reached the limit..."

"Go to hell!"

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