Superhero Comic – Overlord’s Path Chapter 782

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Gotham, who had been noisy for a whole day, finally recovered his calm at the moment when the sunset was shrouded, like the end of the most ordinary day.

The citizens who were sent to asylum in the hell dimension were informed that they could go home. After being frightened, they finally got a good news, so they just waited in line to enter the hell before. Under the escort of the demons, once again stepped out of the Transmission Gate and returned to Gotham in the sunset.

At the moment when they crossed the Transmission Gate, the citizens were pleasantly surprised to find that Gotham, whose terrain had been altered, was restored to its original appearance. In the sunset, the entire city seemed to be covered. The layer of light yarn looks so beautiful, and this always noisy city has never been so quiet.

Mr. Naples carefully helped his pregnant wife back to his dilapidated but cozy home, everything was as they were when they left.

"Jack, there is no flour, can you buy some?"

Mrs. Naples wants to cook a meal to comfort the two people who are frightened this day, but The kitchen ran out of flour, so she yelled to her husband, who laughed softly to her and walked out of the room with the money.

At this time, darkness has fallen. Originally, at this moment, no one would go out in Gotham. The city’s law and order is really too bad, but Mr. Naples walked in the vicinity of the streets. But I was surprised to see a lot of people who had eaten, walked out, and some parents took their children to play in the park dotted with light green rays of light.

This scene made Mr. Naples feel a little bit. Although being ruled by an unknown person is an unfortunate thing or not knowing about the nebula, the needs of ordinary people living in the city are very high. Simply, what they want is a peaceful life. After a tiring day, they can walk safely in the city at night, without worrying about a robber who jumps out of the dark, stealing the money they and their family depend on for their livelihood, or even taking them away. Life.

On the way home carrying a small bag of flour, Mr. Naples saw two dark knights on dark horses and silent patrolling. He knew that this was arranged by the mysterious adult. The "police" of China, at first, people always looked at these things that didn't look like living creatures in horror, but no one was banned. The city was still running, even better than before.

The citizens have witnessed how the Overlord’s Knights punish crimes, protect the people, and how they risked to rescue people from various places, they gradually got used to these Knights. The existence, especially the civilians who were rescued, is very grateful to these Knights, and some children even begin to worship them.

They will not blackmail or neglect their duties, as long as someone needs them, they will appear immediately... After 10 days of running-in, they seem to have become a part of the city, and Yesterday, the factory that was forced to shut down due to the riots also resumed production, and Mr. Naples got a job again.

For such an efficient city operation, there is even a kind of joy in Napier's heart. His wife whispered more than once that this kind of life is much better than the previous days of fear and fear.

In fact, as long as you know that a peaceful and safe life can continue, people’s inner dissatisfaction will always be smoothed by little by little, and a ruler who can quickly restore social order is both a qualified Ruler.

From this point of view, although people still have fears and doubts about the overlord who lives on the mountain in the center of the city, no one has publicly stood up against him. Of course, stability is only the appearance, calm. The undercurrent under the current never stops, only a fire star is needed, and this quiet city will boil again, but if the external stimulus is as impossible to withstand a single blow as this time, then the city will sooner or later. Will fall into the hands of the overlord.

Like what he did in another world.

"cough cough...cough"

The deadly darkness was torn apart by a series of strong coughs. The woman placed in the water violently under the attack of Endless Nightmare He opened his eyes, but the cold water was not as harsh as it treated other people. On the contrary, its soft acknowledge allegiance was by the woman's side, so as to soothe her exhaustion and the fear of death in her body.

At the moment when she opened her eyes, Bruce felt a little uncomfortable...

Her left eye, because she had risked transplanting the genes of the sea king, And the completely ruined eyes regained their light. This made her accustomed to monocular vision, and she had a strange feeling. Her cold fingers touched her eyes, the kind of thing that had been taken away. Returning again, made her somewhat delighted.

But the instinct derived from the warrior made her regain her mind at the next moment, because she is still not out of danger.

She hasn't forgotten how she was punched in the back by the fierce and cruel overlord while she was escaping. At that moment, she swears that she clearly felt that body was torn apart. Pain, at the moment she fell into the water, her consciousness fell into a coma under the extreme torture.

"Here...Where is this?"

She looked at everything in the sky through the cold water, seems to be a palace, stone , Rough, without any murals, above her head, only a tall dome shrouded in darkness.


Bruce sat up from the cold water, her keen senses felt the dead silence in the palace, and a trace of coldness, which is very rare and transplanted After Aquaman's genes, the concept of cold has disappeared from her senses for a long time.

It was only then that Bruce realized that he was being placed in a stone, similar to a coffin, in a naked posture.

She became more and more confused by everything in front of her, she did not put down her vigilance, but at the moment when she raised her hand and tried to leave the sarcophagus, Bruce's body was as if was struck by lightning.

She tremblingly raised her left hand and placed it in front of her eyes.

Darkness can't stop her gaze. She can clearly see the pale but broken skin on her left hand, the natural skin texture, and the complete and beautiful nails...just Like the fingers of the beautiful and noble Queen Gotham in my memory.

But...but this is not true! This shouldn't exist!

Bruce knows very well that the transplantation of the Neptune gene she received was not completely successful. Although the gene gave her the ability to move freely in the water and manipulate the stagnant water, but at the expense of her beauty And nobleness was taken away, only a body covered with scales and ugly scars, flesh and blood turned out, although strong enough to win her the revenge and victory she longed for, but lost the most as a woman Important things.

"This is...this is..."

She was shaking and gently brushing her finger on her cheek, she could feel the warm touch , It really existed, even with her cheeks that had been eroded by sea rust, she had restored that softness, her lips were full, and her skin was no longer the dry nightmare.

"I'm dreaming! It must be... a boring dream!"

Bruce's body couldn't stop shaking, she gritted her teeth, unwilling to believe it all It is true, although tears of unknown emotion have been welled up in the eyes.

She stood up from the water-filled sarcophagus, and stood on the ground with some difficulty. The pain in her body was still reverberating, like a kind of awakened Beast roaring in her body, and On the other side, Beast was fighting for control of her body, so that she could feel the tearing pain coming from her body.

She gritted her teeth and walked towards the exit of the palace in the dark. On the stone table beside her, there was a robe. She put it on and touched her hair again. At that moment, Bruce's fingers couldn't help staying on the wet long hair for an extra second.

Even if this is a dream... let it stay for a while.


The gate of the palace was pushed open, and the bright rays of light shone on Bruce’s cheeks, making her raise her hand and cover it The oncoming light, this kind of light, used to be her favorite, but after her world was submerged by the ocean tide, there was only dimness left in that world, and there was no hope of the deadly rays of light.

In order to prevent the rays of light from flowing away from her memory, she set up a special bat lamp on the submerged ruins. It was the only dazzling one in the ruined world. rays of light.

"Oh, it looks like you are recovering well, the rejection has completely disappeared, and the internal organs are being repaired quickly...Congratulations, you will be fully restored to the original state soon."

A gentle voice interrupted Bruce’s dark memories. She turned her head and saw the overlord sitting at the dining table eating in the center of this imperfect palace. For an instant, Bruce assumed a fighting posture subconsciously, but as the robe slipped from her body, she quickly tied her robe on her body.

The kind of cross-arm movement is like an ordinary girl, but it doesn't have the domineering power of the King of the Dead Waters of the Seven Seas.

"This is not a dream!"

Cyber ​​put a piece of beef into his mouth. He looked at Bruce with an inexplicable smile: "I have to tell You, this is true, you are my captive, so I modify your body without your consent, Ms. Bruce... I have to say, your body is great!"

Ms. Bruce's figure does not need to be said. The long-term battle and training keep her body in this perfect state at all times, and the ability to control the flow of water also keeps her body alive.

She has long hair that falls to her waist. It is natural curly hair and looks very beautiful. Her cheeks are like Bruce's face in Cyber ​​memory, but they tend to be softer. The masculine perseverance and the feminine femininity are almost perfectly combined, and her eyes are brown, like an amber gem, matched with a tall nose and plump lips, she is absolutely worthy of it The word "beauty without dead ends".


At this brief moment, Bruce was so angry that her cheeks were flushed and her whole body trembling, but for some reason, when she heard the overlord personally confirm that this was not a dream, There was a joy of joy in her least before she died, she had restored her former nobility and beauty, and she would die as a human being...Isn't this enough for joy?

"Do you think I will kill you?"

Next moment, Cyber's voice interrupted Bruce's thinking, causing her to suddenly look up and look at Cyber ​​warily:

"Can you feel my thinking?"

"Do you still feel it?"

Cyber ​​picked up the tablecloth and wiped his mouth: "You The thoughts of are all engraved on your face...Come on, come and sit down, madam, I am very interested in your story and the dark secrets of Barbatos, don’t try to resist my will... you To understand, Barbatos is my enemy. As for you? You are not worthy of this title!"


Between the flames, the mellow tobacco breath is on the cloth Rising from the sunny palace, Cyber's eyes are a little fuzzy in the rising smoke envelope: "Maybe, the word interesting very suitable for you."

After realizing that the power gap between the two has broken through Yunxiao, Bruce, who has been nervous and vigilant, seems to be relaxed, just like Cyber ​​said, he can crush her with one punch, just like Ants are the same as humans. Under the circumstance that the power gap cannot be measured, life and death are already not in their own hands. After accepting this situation, the whole person also relaxes strangely.

She grabbed the loose robe and wandered to the other section of the tablecloth. She looked at the food respectfully placed in front of her by several succubus maids who behaved respectfully, her throat moved. But she didn't taste it immediately, but looked at Cyber, and finally extended the hand:

"Give me a cigar...and another glass of red wine. I haven't experienced that taste for a long time."


Cyber ​​snapped his fingers, and soon, the very good succubus maids specially trained by Alvitr gave them what Bruce needed. Cyber ​​looked at the weird female Batman's expression of depression in tobacco, he whispered:

"It looks like your world, the environment is terrible..."

"Oops? No"

Bruce Wayne shook the head, picked up the glass and drank the red wine in it. After a while, she turned her head and looked at the warm sunlight outside the window, she whispered softly Say:

"That's not bad enough to describe it, it's a disaster...a total disaster."

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