Superhero Comic – Overlord’s Path Chapter 783

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"The signs of disaster began with an unspecial invasion."

Bruce sat at the table, elegantly using her hand Knife and fork cut open the steak in front of her, matched with the bright green side dishes, and put the food into her mouth. After slight chewing, it was sent to the stomach. The long-lost delicious taste made her appetite wide, while talking about her own. The story speeds up eating.

However, this lady has obviously undergone absolutely excellent aristocratic etiquette training. Although she eats quickly, she doesn’t feel gobbled up. On the contrary, her movements are full of special elegance. With the face illuminated in the sun, it forms a perfect picture.

Just watching is enough to be pleasing to the eye.

"My world, in your words, it is a feminist world. From the moment it was born, it has developed a unique civilization. The leader of every country is a wise and brave woman , And I... I am the heir of the Gotham Empire, Gotham's Queen, and the last queen of human civilization."

Bruce tasted the sourness of the red wine in her mouth, she stopped and continued Said:

"Our world does not have these messy heroes, nor too many disputes. Generally speaking, we are in a medieval regime, but science is not worse than your world... "

"Wait, it's their world!"

Cyber ​​picked up the wine glass and shook it in his hand. He whispered, "I might as well say that I am not this world. People...this world, it sucks!"

"Yes, from my eyes, it really sucks!"

Bruce is rare She agreed with Cyber's opinion, she put the last steak into her mouth, and said to the succubus maid beside her:

"Serve the soup for me!"

The succubus quickly After serving the soup for Bruce, she picked up the soup spoon and began to taste the big pot of soup. After a comfortable taste, she continued to tell her story: "In my world, the biggest The threat is the ocean... The kingdom of Atlantis is hidden deep under the seven seas. They don’t have much thoughts about the human world, but their inner desire to conquer makes every king of them. , Will launch a war on the land. Unfortunately, for the last war, they chose my Gotham Kingdom as the breakthrough point."

A pot of soup soon bottomed out in Bruce’s drink. , She touched her belly, still feeling not full, she looked at Cyber ​​a little sorry, the latter shrugged:

"One more lunch for the lady...a warrior should have peace Her appetite for martial power matches, this is not a shameful thing, in short, continue to tell your story, I am listening."

"Okay, then I will continue."


Bruce sighed: "There is nothing to say in the course of the war. The seabed people's offensive continues, but my country is not vegetarian. We have been fighting for 3 months, and both sides are a little unable to hold on. So the seabed’s new king, the female sea king named Arthur, asked for peace talks with me. The place was off Gotham's... I knew she didn’t want to fail like this, she must have arranged some tricks."

"The moment I set foot on the beach, her guard surrounded me. These despicable seabed people never Knowing what credibility is, they tried to assassinate me. They have always been so crazy, so cruel, and so disgusting! "


The soup spoon in Bruce's hand was crushed into a ball of metal waste, her beautiful face flashed with a hideous horrible to see, she Looking at Cyber, he whispered:

"So, in that battle, I redefined... cruelty for them! "

"With the Battle Armor and superb martial arts left by my ancestors, I killed them all! Including their horrified new king, I used her weapon, the Trident symbol of King of the Seven Seas, to pierce her heart! That is a victory! "

"At least, I think it was a victory..."

A warm and aromatic main meal, a roasted turkey just right, and an aroma The tangy Imperial Family pizza was delivered to tell her own story. Some Bruce who was in the mood no longer maintained that elegant style. She took the knife at hand and quickly took the turkey in front of her with her superb skills. Cut into slices, while continuing to lunch, Bruce also finished the second half of the story.

"With the loss of the new king, the flames of war in Atlantis finally set on a prairie fire. They attacked every country madly, but the dispersion of power ushered in the end of the war for them. Our world is not weak, we are very strong... But those scumbags see that the war cannot continue, so they do it. Outrageous evil! "

Bruce snapped the ka ka he bit the chicken bone in his mouth, as if biting through the painful memories of the past:

"They stake all on one Throwing started a great flood... it was a disaster, the howling ocean completely submerged the world, and the first one to be submerged... was my country, and the wailing of my people before drowning made me Despair makes me miserable, but I cannot help them, I cannot save them... All I can do is revenge for them! "


The fork fiercely pierced into the stone table, Bruce was left with a turkey skeleton in front of her eyes, she reached out and took the plate Pizza, with weird rays of light beating in my eyes:

"I know that human beings in the water are impossible against those in the sea, so I modified myself...for revenge! I extracted the genes of their female sea king, Arthur who was killed by me, and fuse together with my genes. Although I lost a lot, in the end, I became the new revenge bat... The black bats inscribed in my family crest, I use their treasures as weapons..."

"I will gather the humans who survived the flood, and I will inject them with the same genes, Transform them into my stagnant Legion...The world has been flooded and everything is gone. The despicable seabed man took everything and only left us with revenge..."

"There is nothing to say about the next thing..."

Bruce took the last piece of pizza into her mouth. She picked up the tablecloth and wiped the corners of her mouth, officially ending her story:

"We killed them all, all seabed people...not one left! In the ruins of the world and their bones, we have rebuilt a humble civilization, and I am the last queen of that civilization... I call myself a drowned soul, I know that the end of the world is coming, mine The country and I will be the last signs of civilization in that world. We are struggling on whilst at death's door in the silent seabed. I thought that would be the end of everything. "

She glanced at the only grilled fish left on the table, and a trace of disgust appeared on her face:

"I hate fish! "

"So, Barbatos appeared? On the eve of your world annihilation? "

Cyber ​​was indeed attracted by this story, but he was not intoxicated by Bruce’s revenge, but a faintly discernable truth behind the story. He felt that he was far from the truth of this weird world. , Only one step away.

"He didn't show up in person, you know, we are just a nobody..."

Bruce holds a cup Dessert, while tasting the dessert, said: "It was dusk, um, maybe it was midnight. There is no light in our world, no one knows the specific time, and no one cares about it. In short, I set up for the arrival of the end of the world. There was a problem with the Bat Lighthouse, it stopped functioning, so I went to repair it myself. "

"As a result, when I surfaced, I saw the laughing bat, yes, that disgusting pervert... He came from another world, where he killed Joker as Batman , But was infected by Joker’s laughter virus, and eventually became a mixture of the two. He was a complete lunatic. He was sitting next to my lighthouse. He told me that I was called up. We Batman of Dark World, will As a group, go on a mission of destruction. "

Bruce put down the empty dessert cup, she wiped her unswollen belly with satisfaction, she said in a deep voice:

"The lunatic promised me, As long as we can subvert this bright world, my world will usher in a new life, in the name of Barbatos. "

"Then, did he tell you, what is the relationship between this so-called bright world and your Dark World? "

Cyber ​​asked, Bruce hesitated for a moment, and then said:

"The Laughing Bat doesn’t say much, he just told me that our world is not Real existence is just an extension of a certain choice made by Batman of the bright world. We represent Batman’s sin hidden in his heart... and the dark multiverse is the embodiment of the two sides of the light multiverse. We are attached to Bright and existing... That's why I hate this world so much. "

"Its stability is based on countless dark and diverse world annihilation. It is like fire and fuelwood. Only when the fuelwood continues, the flame will burn... What? Why should my world be sacrificed? "

Bruce walked to the edge of Cyber's Palace. She looked at Gotham, which was shrouded in sunlight, thousands of meters below. A cold tear fell from the corner of her eyes and hit her finger:

"This is not fair! I tried desperately to protect my world from being destroyed, and I took revenge for my world. In the end, why did they enjoy all this with peace of mind, and why do they wantonly sway all of this... Is it just because they were born like this? "

"How ironic it is... We tried so hard to live... Destiny, this damn destiny! "

Her painful struggle was not noticed by Cyber. The latter's eyes were squinted, and his thoughts were running fast. The truth of this world has appeared before his eyes, darkness and light, one and two. On the other hand, Barbatos sent a warrior to subvert the light world...that is, as long as he protects this world, or, defeats the darkness, he will win!

This is the answer! It sounds simple...

Cyber's frowned. Although everything was explained, he could feel that the problem may not be so simple...

"My story is over.. ."

Bruce turned around and looked at Cyber ​​calmly:

"Come on, execute me...Thank you for asking me before I die. I have warmed up the beauty of being a human... and thank you for allowing me to die as a human..."

"Wait! "

Cyber ​​opened his eyes and looked at Bruce: "Things don't seem to be right... Barbatos wants to subvert the civilized world, did you only send these seven wastes?" You see, I only need a breath to kill you easily. If he is so cunning as the legend, I am afraid, he still has a back hand, right? "

"All the actions of the Laughing Bat Sovereign, I don't know what he thinks, but he mentioned a word many times...metal. "

Bruce said softly: "He seems to be looking for a certain special metal to open the barrier between light and darkness, and put those dark fragments that have been destroyed and are full of hatred for the light. This world, in the end, completely subverted the order... It was the darkness of an entire multiverse, I think, this is probably his back hand. "

"Very good! Thank you for your knowledge, Ms. Bruce. "

Cyber ​​nodded, he breathed a sigh of relief, his gaze stayed on Bruce’s body for a moment: "But it’s not enough, I need you to do something for me, Batman, my cell is in you Growing in the body, Aquaman’s genes can no longer affect your thinking, you will be a good spy...Yes, I can be sure of this! "

"But why? Why should I be your spy? "

Bruce also has an indifferent smile: "I have nothing to lose." "

"But you still have hope, little girl...this is a gambling game. Your world existence is based on an illusory foundation. The truth is something you can never only I need to know that if I win, even Barbatos must fulfill my wish..."

Cyber ​​leaned on his seat with the winning ticket, he looked at Bruce:

"Do you know what this means? Little girl... and, do you think I have to lie to you? "

"Look, the only path of hope has been opened before your eyes... I just doubt now, if you really are like you said, then love your world and be willing to do it If you give everything, what can you give to me in exchange for the only hope? "

Struggling, struggling emotions rippled through Bruce's mind. She gritted her teeth and looked at Cyber's face, trying to distinguish even a hint of joking from it, but no... from Batman Her unique instinct is telling her that what Cyber ​​said is true.

After a while, she took a deep breath, her neck raised up high like a swan, revealing her beautiful collarbone:


"Well, if so..."


The robe on her body slipped from her body, and the perfect body is so unabashed Exposed in front of Cyber, she looked at the expressionless Overlord, and she kneeled on the ground respectfully:

"I am willing to give everything to me...all everything! "

Cyber's put her finger on her chin, lifting her head, he looked at these eyes, looked at this face, looked at this perfect body, he was playful Said softly:

"Oh? Really? "

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