Superhero Comic – Overlord’s Path Chapter 784

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Every world has many secrets. These secrets are often hidden in the dust of history. In many cases, there are traces of outsider participation in the development trajectory of human civilization. Most of them have touched their whereabouts cleanly, but in the eyes of real people, many things are not that simple.


Cyber's voice echoed in the dark hall. It looked empty here. He was holding a piece of silver weapon shard in his hand and going back and forth. Playing, he said in a deep voice:

"Someone told me that the real key to darkness and light is "metal", and the key to breaking the game is also metal...but I can’t understand it. I don’t know the history of this world. What kind of interest, so I prefer to get what I need from real experts...My old friend, even if I tell you all the facts about me, do you still choose to be silent?"

In Cyber's will control, the darkness of the palace in front of you is like a curtain, which is pulled apart. The warm rays of light shines in the hall of the huge stone, and it shines on the opposite side of Cyber. On that person's body, the long-term darkness was dissipated, and he was bound in a chain of black rays of light, his extremely tired eyes slowly opened.

This gentle rays of light also seemed so dazzling in this brief moment.

"cough cough...Why didn't you kill me?"

The man's voice was old and hoarse, and it seemed that he had been locked up here for a long time.

Faced with his question, Cyber ​​stood up from the stone seat and walked to the weak opponent. He looked at his familiar red robe and the one that was put aside. Dark red helmet.

"Erik, I have said that many times, in another world, we are friends, I believe that in this world, we will also become friends!"

The picture is flipped, bound by the rays of light on the stone wall, it is Magneto Erik who has been determined to be dead...the Master who manipulates the magnetic field and controls all metals.

"People like you and I will not be friends!"

Erik lifts the head hard, with a trace of sarcasm on his old face, looking at Cyber: "In When I was young, another dictator and tyrant tried to control me and let me play under his ***. Guess what happened to him?"

"Look, your temper is still that bad !"

Cyber ​​shrugged, he turned around and walked back to his seat. He propped up his cheek with his left hand and looked at the die-hard Magneto. He said in a deep voice:

"I'm sorry, Erik, I don't have much time to persuade you slowly, so I can only use some rough methods...but after everything is over, you will eventually find that I am not here to destroy your world. On the contrary...I'm here to save it."


The sound of snapping fingers echoed in the stone temple, and a picture appeared on the big screen in front of Erik's eyes. Before his eyes.

It was a deserted area, with hundreds of skin tones, expressions and races have nothing common with each other youngster was forced to kneel on the ground, behind each of them, stood a A black clothed ninja holding a sharp blade.

"This is the hundreds of Mutant youngsters and children I rescued from the US government's "Weapon X" program, Erik...I originally intended to set them free..."


Cyber's indifferent voice came into Magneto's ears. Magneto, who had experienced too many things, didn't need Cyber ​​to speak about the next threat. He already knew what Cyber ​​wanted to do.


Erik struggled madly, but was locked in with the power in his body, he was just like an ordinary old man, he could only watch what was in front of him. The massacre was about to begin. He cursed at Cyber, who was sitting across from him frantically. He shouted:

"You are also a Mutant, I can feel that you are also one of us... Why do you want Do this!"


Cyber's fingers dropped suddenly in the air, and the indifference in his eyes jumped more and more compelling: "I should know when I'm here, like you It’s meaningless for the guys to discuss salvation, I know every weakness of yours, Erik, this is just the beginning! What is the name of your sons and daughters fostered in Sokovia? Poor Maximoff Wanda Maximoff, and that impulsive one Boy... Quicksilver, right?"

"Two new stars who grow up and are likely to step into the ranks of Omega Mutant...That's your direct bloodline!"

The smile at the corner of Cyber’s mouth has become more dangerous:

"Guess, Erik, how long will it take me to get from Gotham to Sokovia?"

This sentence made Erik's look Crunch, his heart began to shake, but he still didn't want to bow his head.

"You lunatic! Butcher! I don't know what metal you are talking about!"

"It's a shame! The answer is wrong!"

Cyber's silhouette Suddenly disappeared from the throne. Two seconds later, with the help of the space tunnel opened by the space gem, he returned to the original seat. This time, there was a sleeping girl in his arms. The scarlet hair made Erik's. His eyes widened.

"Look, what a cute girl..."

Cyber's fingers slowly stroked little Wanda Maximoff's cheek, as if he were treating his own relatives, but His other hand was tightly clasped on the little girl's neck, just a slight pinch, and a lively life would be completely dissipated.

He looked up at Magneto, who was angry like a lion. He said softly:

"My thoughts can’t enter your mind, Erik. Obviously, you use a certain method. Covered it... and you told me that you don’t know anything about what I’m asking... Erik, do you think I’m the kind of fool who can be easily deceived?"

With his fingers in the air, on the screen in front of him, the sharp blades in the hands of the ninjas were also raised high, and his voice became calmer:

"The last time, Erik, your relatives, and you Swear to give everything for them and protect their compatriots...The other side is the secret you try to hide...Tell me the answer, or just watch them die."

Cyber ​​waits After 5 seconds, Erik, who was tied to the wall, remained silent. This finally made Cyber ​​lose his confidence. His fingers slid from the air and blood splashed all over the screen. Erik let out a desperate roar, but in Cyber At the moment when Wanda Maximoff’s tightened fingers were about to gather, the tired and desperate voice finally sounded:

"Well, you won, you butcher...tell me, you What do you want to know?"


Cyber ​​threw the silver white metal in his hand at the feet of Magneto, and he said in a deep voice: "In this world, no one is better than you Know more about these damn metals that I have never seen...I want to know all the secrets of among which is included!"


"The metal in your hand, that is the eighth metal!"

The silver metal kept circling in the weak Magneto's hands, his broken and weak eyes watched the hands decompose little by little He said softly:

"This thing is called God’s Metal. According to legend, it is a fragment left on Earth when the Spiritual God was created. It can be used to make weapons. You have also seen it. Extremely hard and good at guiding demons, it is the strongest metal that can be found in the world, but it is not least relative to the secrets you are pursuing, it is not uncommon."

Cyber ​​nodded , He did not speak, he was waiting for Erik's to continue to explain, Magneto of this timeline was silent for a moment, and then said again:

"As for the implant in my body, it is N metal, the ninth metal , It is it that hinders your will to observe my soul."

Magneto's fingers are beating in the air, and the amber liquid metal is lifted from his body by his powerful magnetic force. After pulling them out, they finally converged into a round shape. The surface was shining endlessly shiny metal particles in the rays of light. He placed it on the stone table in front of him. The moment he touched the stone, the quantity The amber liquid metal, the size of a thumb, quickly covered the huge stone table, just like turning it into a metal table.

"It is a truly incredible existence. It denies physics. It is above the world. It is said that as long as there are enough, it can realize all the arrogant ambitions of users. It is the heroes of history. Weapon, but it is extremely rare... In my research on it, I have discovered countless wonderful effects about it, and in our history, N metal and the ninth metal occupy an extremely important space."

"The lance used by Spartak to set off the slave uprising contained N metal, and Napoleon's command knife for conquering Europe also contained N metal. Even in the ruins of Olympus in Greece, I still found the remnants The traces of N metal, the Divine Item of the Nordic myth, Gunger nir and Thor's Hammer are also mixed with it. To put it in an exaggeration, our history is actually the history recorded by N metal."

Erik looked at Cyber:

"In ancient legends, it was called a divine object, which has strong restraint against all evil, and it is said that this metal itself carries despair and hope Common carrier, don’t ask me what this means, I don’t know, I just know that there is such a saying, maybe the mages know more..."

Cyber ​​rubs his chin, he Reaching out on the metal stone table in front of him, the amber liquid metal was quickly extracted by him. He looked at the amber metal ball floating in the palm of his hand, and he said:

" Someone told me that consuming enough N metal can directly break the boundary between darkness and light, and even push the entire world into eternal darkness. Do you think this is possible?"

"It is theoretically feasible, N metal has a magical effect, maybe it can do it, but I don’t know it. It took me several decades to find such a little bit of material from the corners of history. For the understanding of it, I can only achieve this. Whether you are satisfied or not..."

Magneto hugged his sleeping daughter, he lowered his voice:

"But if you really want to know more ...I recommend you to find another person. To be precise, it was a couple who lived in seclusion. It is said that they have survived from the Ancient Times to this day, and this is also a miracle brought about by the magical N metal."

"Carter Hall and Shiara Saunders, maybe in them, you can find the final answer, besides, what I must tell you is that the ninth metal is not the ultimate metal in the universe. I have experienced another metal reaction that is not inferior to it. It is a purer and more hopeful metal reaction, but unfortunately, I don’t know its source."

"But according to My understanding, what is the problem of metal impossible The key, you have to understand that no matter how powerful metal is, it is only a tool. How can a tool become the key to the problem? Only their users are the key! "

Erik hugged his daughter. He stood up and glanced at Cyber:

"Can I go now?" "

"Of course! You can leave at any time! "

Cyber ​​spread out his hands and unceremoniously took the small group of N metal as his own. He looked at the indifferent Magneto, and he whispered:

" You'd better live incognito, at least until I solve everything, and don't try to cause me trouble again, I have enough trouble... And, if it is convenient, when you leave, stop by Gotham Airport, Take away the poor children who were rescued. They are the future of Mutant with great potential. I think you won't want to miss it. "


Magneto's gaze suddenly turned back, he looked at Cyber:

"You didn't kill them? ! "

"Of course not, my friend! "

Cyber ​​shrugged, he said without looking back:

"As you said, I am also a Mutant, although in your eyes I am a real villain , But believe me, killing those children will not make me feel even a little bit happy... As for the scene just now, it was just a small "magic". "

"If you cooperate enough, I think, I don't need to use it... By the way, don't forget to say hello to Charles for me, and tell him by the way, I will dare to help those ignorants next time You fools take the side of the evil-doer, I won’t show mercy again! "

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