Superhero Comic – Overlord’s Path Chapter 785

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Although Cyber ​​keep on saying said that he was unwilling to learn more about this weird timeline civilization, as more and more mysteries appeared before his eyes, he also had to Begin to learn more about these things.

After reading some secret history books in Batman Bruce's private library, Cyber ​​suddenly discovered that he might have really touched some truths hidden in this weird history.

About Barbatos and his dark multiverse...and, that cunning guy, left behind a "back door" in this gambling world!

This special timeline of human civilization evolved from, four original tribes. In those obscure and inexplicable descriptions, Cyber’s view of this messy world The truth has been further understood. Apart from the tribal wars that are no longer known, he learned one thing from a private diary that Bruce had hidden.

Bruce Wayne, this is not the first encounter with Barbatos...In one of his previous adventures, he seemed to be sent back to Far Ancient Era, and there, he and Barbatos had an intersection, although At that time, Barbatos had been defeated by the original Hawkman.

Leave aside the significance of Mr. Wayne’s horrifying adventures this time. Cyber, which does not belong to this world, smelled something wrong from it. The description in Bruce’s diary is not clear. He himself didn't seem to want to recall the incident, but he overlooked a problem.

"He thought that Barbatos was just an ordinary Evil God?"

Cyber ​​put Bruce's diary aside, his thinking started to spin, and his fingers were in Batcave Beat on the table:

"Barbatos is the Sovereign of the multiverse. No matter how weak his power is, he is impossible to be defeated by trifling mortals. So... the most suitable explanation for this situation is: Bruce and him My hero friends have been fooled! Or say..."

His gaze turned to the other side, where there was a set of bat suits. He looked at the black armor and sneered:

"Barbatos wants you to know the news of his defeat, so that you can get in touch with him, and finally send you from Ancient Times back to Hyundai... Then within a month, the gambling will begin. "

"Cut! Those bastards who like to cheat at the gaming table... I knew it, it's not that simple... So, the hell metal is not important! What really matters... is You! My friend Bruce!"

Cyber ​​breathed a sigh of relief, knowing so much is enough for now.

As far as he knows, this timeline is jointly completed by Gao Heavenly Venerable and Barbatos, dedicated to the world of gambling, but obviously, the cunning dark multiverse Sovereignist uses a In an ingenious way, he was trying to cheat without concealing the carelessly high Heavenly Venerable. His goal was simple, to win this gambling game.

I just don’t know, what method will he use to interfere with the gambling?

Another mystery has been solved, but the next one is a new problem. This kind of endless decryption operations is Cyber’s least favorite. He closed Bruce’s private log. , He recalled the things Magneto Erik told him, and finally, he set his sights on the two photos at hand.

"Eagle...Carter Hall, claimed to be the only hero who defeated Barbatos, what surprise can you bring to me?"

————— ——————————


Located in the center of the universe, the gate of the sacred falling star Eternal Rock was shattered by a mechanical punch and placed in The ancient guardians here saw all this. They tried to resist these damn invaders, but in front of the ruthless War God, the dark Batman's, holding the War God blade and carrying the War God divine force and using it for brutal massacre. The resistance is so weak.

In less than 3 minutes, these ancient and powerful Guardians were dismantled by the flying sharp blades. After all this was done, the tall warrior, who covered his entire body in armor, put away the knife, Behind him, a sneaky laughing bat came out of the darkness. He stood among the guardian's broken stone bodies. He reached out and picked up a metal core emitting weird rays of light, and held it in his hand. I turned upside down and said happily:

"Look! The advantage of knowing the secret is that the key items to break the game are always like this only to return and find it easily!"

The ruthless War God stepped forward. The heavy armor on his body collided with the sound of ka ka while walking. While collecting the metal cores, he asked in a low, muffled voice:

"Should we use these N-metal summon Barbatos?"

This question made the Laughing Bat stunned, and then he laughed like he heard some of the most fun jokes. Non-stop:

"Ah, Bruce ah Bruce, how did your muscle-filled brain jump out of this weird idea? Do you really think that guys like Barbatos will kindly help us realize our Is the ideal for you? No, no, are wrong!"


The N metal core in the hands of the Laughing Bat was crushed and turned into a kind The weird liquid was wrapped in his hand, and at the moment of contact, the palm of the laughing bat emitted a scorching aura like a flame on his body. This thing really had a fatal suppression on their dark creatures.

"We are Bruce Wayne! My War God, we are proud bats, we are here to rebuild our own world, although after the reconstruction, we are likely to destroy it again, but we Not a Barbatos dog! Please remember this..."


His arms are open, his savage mouth full of sharp teeth, Barry There was a hint of arrogant laughter:

"Barbatos will never really gain our loyalty...yes, we are indeed helping him destroy the universe, but it does not mean that our ideals depend on He realized it, look at these metals, War God, when its quantity is large enough, it can reverse everything! We have done what we promised him, the hidden door in poor Bruce's body has been opened, and the rest We don’t need to care about things anymore!"

"No one knows us better than us. With Bruce's character in this world, he will open it himself sooner or later!"

The laughing bat rubbed his hands in excitement:

"Now, we should do our own thing, collect N metal, break through the wall of the universe, let this ridiculous world truly belong to the pluralism, let it get rid of Destroy the fate, and then rebuild our world on its ruins...Barbatos will get the victory he wants, and we will get what we want, I call this a win-win!"

He was snorted and folded his hands on his chest:

"Heroes think they are saving the world? No, no, is us villains who really save the world! Hahahahaha, although we save It’s just to destroy it better... but it’s okay, this game sounds very exciting, doesn’t it?"

"Speaking of which, our friend, my dear killing machine does it Is it your own business?"

The laughing bat turned his head and asked, the ruthless bat War God took out a communicator from his waist. After a while, the metal-rich voice of the bat killing machine sounded in the communication:

"I have taken over the Justice League space station... and I have found something you will definitely be interested in, the Laughing Bat..."

Wearing blue The killing machine of the high-tech Battle Armor stands in the command hall of the Justice League space station. Behind him, a dozen Alfred's silhouettes composed entirely of special nano-robots are busy dismantling a robot.

Accurately speaking, a life composed of a large half machine and a small half flesh and blood, the last member of the Justice League left in the sky station, the machine life-steel bone.

Steel Bone is a special hero, he has never appeared in Cyber's timeline, and in this timeline, he is famous.

This guy used to be an excellent rugby player, but unfortunately he almost lost his life in an accident. The body fuse together with a weird mechanical Mother Box, and absorbed a lot of high-tech, reorganized into a special life.

His strength is not that strong. He served as a think tank and backup support in the Justice League, but the problem is that Steel Bone himself, for his new Source of Life, that weird machine He didn't know much about Mother Box. He didn't even know that there was actually a big secret hidden in his Mother Box.

And now, this secret that has been neglected has fallen into the hands of the dark bats that have been fragmented, with only 4 members left.

"weng weng"

When the killing machine was studying this special Mother Box that could not be disassembled from the steel body, a special communication signal was in his Ringing in the ears.

"si si... can you hear me? Killing si, where have you been?... asshole, come pick me up!"

" en? ”

The killing machine Batman froze. He confirmed the source of this signal. After a while, he once again connected to the leader of the dark bats, the laughing bat with evil wisdom and chaotic thinking. :

"I received a signal from Bruce... Isn’t she dead? Do we want to pick her up?"

This sudden question made me laugh The bats also hesitated. Bruce reappeared at this time. Obviously something is not quite right, but now there are only 4 dark bats left. If they can appear a, it will be of great significance to their secret adventure, so in a few seconds After the clock, the Laughing Bat replied:

"Prepare the tools first, and wait for us to pass."

"A traitor can terrifying more than an opponent... although with ours Standpoint, I don’t think Bruce will do stupid things."

The Laughing Bat said softly: "If the lovely Bruce really betrayed us..."


A blade light appeared behind him, ruthless War God snorted: "Then I will hack her to death!"

One hour later, a ship The spacecraft, which was always in hiding, fell silently into the sea of ​​Earth. The dark bats also came at the extreme risk. They had already seen the formidable power of the overlord, the breaking of dawn and the tragic death of the ravaged. It is enough to sound the alarm for them, that is, absolutely don't attract the attention of the overlord!

This is very important!

"Get ready! Welcome to our lovely Bruce..."

Waving a hand to curl up a trace of darkness, the laughing bat that has given itself the ability to breathe underwater is tilted With his head and hands raised, each holding a modified pistol, he walked out of the spaceship. Behind him, the killing machine moved his fingers. The killing nanomachine produced by the faintly discernible Alfred agreement was behind him. Emerging in the water, and the merciless War God's steel hand armor rubbed back and forth on his war knife, splashing out a few ferocious sparks.

The Red Death is hidden in the spacecraft. As a back-up for any emergencies, facts have proved that if it is really discovered by the Overlord, maybe the Red Death is the savior that can save everyone.

While they waited for them, the bloody drowned soul Bruce. Wayne soon appeared in the dark seabed, she walked to her previous companions, and she stood 10 meters away from them. , Stopped, there was a trace of suspicion in her hideous face and the only remaining eyes:

"I felt your killing intent...what are you doing?! "

"I'm sorry, Bruce, we only care about your disappearance in the past few know, it’s too dangerous for a beauty like you to leave alone Now, especially the story about your escape from Gotham, we are really really...very curious!"

The tongue of the laughing bat scarlet licked his hideous teeth and mouth, facing With this kind of naked questioning, Bruce was coldly snorted, and threw something from behind with his hand.

"You want to know what I did? It's very simple... I did what I should do!"


in In the water, the thing hit the feet of the laughing bat. It was a head still stained with blood. The expression was full of anger and panic. On his chopped neck, there were still golden scales and a head. Golden hair that is blood dyed red.


The laughing bat made a sound that I don't know if it was emotional or other meaning. He reached out his hand to lift the head, and looked in front of him:

"Sea King Arthur Curry, it seems that when he was killed, he must be very painful...very hopeless..."


A handful of dim Trident stuck in front of the dark bats, and the drowned soul Bruce showed a smirk on his face covered with sea rust and scars: "I personally cut off his head with their Saint Artifact. , Killed all the people in the entire court in front of him...just like what I did in my world, I want to lift the stagnant water and drown this sad world...all!"


Along with Bruce’s hand-directed dance, a huge, hideous, and ugly sea giant beast slowly rises from the deep trench, floating on the cloth. Behind Lucy, with twisted muscles and nightmare tentacles waving in the water, Bruce pulled up the dim Trident in front of her eyes and held it with her own sea bone Trident. She jumped and stood on the head of this Sea Beast. superior.

She reached out for the twisted skin of the Patted Sea Beast and proudly said to her companions:

"Do you like the new look of the most beautiful Queen Mela in Atlantis? ”

The smile was filled with malice that made people have one's hair stand on end. The bat of the wild laugh cast its obscure gaze on the ugly Sea Beast under Bruce. After a while, he was The bottom full of stagnant water laughed wildly:

"Hahaha, I am glad to see you still so evil, my friend Bruce, I really admire you more and more. It seems that you have lived up to your name and avenged your world again in the new world... But it still cannot explain why your communication has been silent for 4 days!"

"Come with me! The ridiculous doubters..."

Bruce snorts, reaches out and takes the head of Sea King Arthur, she beckons to the companions behind her: "Waiting for you to see You won’t doubt what I found, besides... Laughing Bat, wait to see my new treasure... You want you to kneel on the ground and apologize to me because of your stupid doubts!"

"I am different from you who are accustomed to failure. I don't allow myself to suffer even one failure!"

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